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I-Dosing is an internet-induced form of self-delusion oligophrenic kiddies resort to believe they're getting high. Pretty much like smoking construction paper in middle school.

In theory "I-Dosing" works by downloading a disturbing soundtrack, plugging the inner ear with invasive earphones and bumping up the volume until the pain is so intense the subject begins to delude him- or herself into believing she's getting high, much like being anally penetrated.

I-doses use something called binaural beats, which supposedly can have an effect on your brain waves. There is little research or proof that this is true. Most people who are I-dosing may be experiencing a placebo effect.

Stuart Miller, from the fine city of Shebogyan, Wisconsin reports:

When I started I-Dosing a year ago it was just for fun. I had an otherwise normal life. Fast forward to now... I've been layed off, I lost my car, and I I-Dose every chance I can get. To pay for my fix I black person and a couple of times prostituted myself, just for the iTunes money. I'm probably losing my apartment soon, but I don't care, all I need is my iPod and my headphones. Can't wait to iDose again...


—said prostitute1


I-dosing has caused moral outrage from clueless parents, and bizarre behavior from equally clueless teenagers. Below is a small gallery of these reactions.

I-Dosing: Downloading Digital Drugs?

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Warning Parents About I-Dosing

Justin on I-doser

I-Doser, Gates of Hades

Alex on I-doser, Nitrous

How to Troll I-Dosers

  1. Download I-Dose .mp3
  2. Edit the file, turn the volume down so the listener has to turn the volume up
  3. Add Chris-Chan shouting "JULAY" at a random part near the end of the file at maximum volume
  4. Spread the file to faggots who actually believe this shit





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