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Hypnosis is some kind of Sleep Technique which provides you to do or to tell something you dont want while you´re sleeping ,so you can save energy for the rest of the Day. Hypnosis or Persuasion is an Invention of Scientology´s very own Psychiatrists Team (RTC) and is a part of Auditing.


Influence is the Beginning of Hypnotizing some one to join $cientology, later to pay untill financial Ruin for Courses, to disconnect from their relatives,friends and Family and finally to Sign teh Contract to join teh Sea Org for a billion Years, and even to commit suicide/\kill an supposed enemy (SP) or destroying critics lives.

Principles of persuasion

According to Robert Cialdini in his book on persuasion, he defined six "weapons of influence":

  • Liking: people like those who like them
  • Reciprocity: people repay in kind
  • Social proof: people follow the lead of similar others
  • Consistency: people align with their clear commitments
  • Authority: people defer to experts
  • Scarcity: people want more of what they can have less of

Methods of persuasion

By appeal to reason:

  • Logical argument
  • Logic
  • Rhetoric
  • Scientific method
  • Proof

By appeal to emotion:

  • Advertising
  • Faith
  • Presentation and Imagination
  • Propaganda
  • Seduction
  • Tradition
Words are sometimes stronger than Force



Exemples of Mass Hypnosis

  1. A complete Nation and even moar.

  • $cientology and other Sects/Cults:
  1. Spiritual Seekers.
  2. Lonely, weak people with family problems seeking for some place in a community.
  3. people who wanna became better humans.
  4. People who feel exploited by their Governments.
  5. From Common World Religions Disappointed People seeking for an Alternative.

  1. How to hypnotize fish

  • Casanova
  1. How to seduce Women through Hypnosis

  • Comedians:
  1. You

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