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The sound of a retarded person attempting to lol. A term used frequently on the Something Awful forums to denote and emphasize stupidity in the sentence preceeding it, particularly old/stupid humor and the overuse of memes. It may be drawn out with as many rs as desired, or capitalized for added effect. The word does pop up occasionally in normal IRL usage for similar purposes, but has gained "offical" status as SA lingo due to widespread use there.

Example Usage

Overused meme: "Slapping Happycat onto images is so funny HURR."

Shitty humor: "George Dubya=George DUMBya HURRRRR!!!"

Advanced theology: "Gawd created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve HURR DURR!"

General use: "I'm really still a virgin if I've only been fucked in the ass HURR!"

Joke to Truth: "Larry the Cable Guy is HILARIOUS HURRRRR HURRRR HURRR!"

Tony Abbott: "Stubb-stubb-stubble, fuck"


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