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Daddy's Favorite Honor Roll Student
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Thug Life

Hunter Biden is Joe Biden's crack-addicted son. Recently the sordid contents of Hunter's personal laptop were leaked to the media, specifically New York Post at first; Thus revealing a treason trove of emails that allege "The Big Guy" was using Hunter as an unauthorized diplomat/in-between-shill for pay-for-play/quid-pro-quo activities during Joe's tenure as Barack Obummer's side-bitch/VP. Also on the laptop were hundreds of pictures of CP, including pictures of Hunter with his dead brother's daughter.

The Boy With the Golden Crack Pipe

Robert Hunter Biden, born February 4, 1970, was handed everything his entire life because his dad was The JOE BIDEN; Because of that, he is a colossal fuck-up. Joe ("probably") killed Hunter's mom in 1972 when Hunter was 2, the official story is "car crash" however. Joe then got remarried 5 years later; According to Sleepy Joe, it was then-7-year-old Hunter who pushed him to remarry. Hunter went to college at Georgetown where he was a Jesuit, he went to law school at Yale. No doubt that he got accepted to and graduated from these schools because of academic merit and competency and not because of his last name. He got a job at a bank after graduating - this bank was a major contributor to Joe Biden, but we don't see a connection. In 2006 George Bush put him on the Amtrack board of advisors because Hunter was so very amazingly smart.

Love Me Tender

Hunter's love-life deserves an article of its own, honestly. His first marriage ended in 2015 - it produced 3 children. His brother died of brain cancer and to honor his memory he started fucking his wife, then "probably" his underaged daughter. After fucking his dead brother's wife, and fathered a bastard child in 2018. Next, Hunter married a fine woman of South African descent, and they had a kid in 2020. There are "unconfirmed" rumors that he has other bastard kids.


Hunter was given a job on the board of Ukraine's largest natural gas producer, Burisma on a salary of $83,000 dollars a month on the merits of his character and ability to help run a foreign natural gas company it didn't matter that he didn't speak the language or know anything about the production, exploration, or even the sale of natural gas. Just kidding it was because of his dad. Also while Hunter was in Ukraine he was getting his fuck on and paid a shit load of money to human traffickers unfortunately he got caught, fortunately, his dad is Joe Biden and all this was quickly swept under the rug by the media. The more I write about Hunter Biden the more I realize I want to be Hunter Biden.

The Laptop

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Hunter sent his laptop to a compooter repair shop in Delaware and forgot about it - on it were emails implicating him and his daddy in pay for play schemes with China and the Ukraine. It also had child porn on it that the media refuses to talk about because the Jews that run our media and politics are all devil-worshiping pedophiles, and in order to get into the higher echelons of our society you need to fuck kids. Since he never paid his bill and never picked up his laptop the contents were ultimately posted online when some nerd saw he could recoup his business costs by selling them to the media.

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Russian Conspiracy?

Due to the sheer amount of leaked shit Twitter and Qanon started drawing their own investagative conclusions into the Hunter Biden scandal.

Joe's Reaction To Allegations Against Hunter


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