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And that is why I joke. It is never ever to hurt. Just me attempt to deal with my own traumas or express my love of something.

For example, I don't joke about pedophilia because while I have friends and family who's been thought it, I haven't and I don't feel like I understand it at all.


Humon, the artist of the above picture: a man molesting his daughter who was born as a result of him raping her mother. She said she was doing this to remind people that the character was actually a bad guy. This is what Humon thinks fixing a mistake in characterisation looks like. This is the artist you look to for "Scandinavia and the World" comics.

What Humon actually looks like
GobbleDGook humonz112.jpg

Deviantart-favicon.png humon(guous whale), (Powerword - Vicki Veng), is a Danish DA "artist" with a large fanbase in spite of her technical incompetence. Humon obsesses over alternative gender/sexuality and has an ignorant enthusiasm for British culture, mostly to compensate for her own lack of culture or personality. Ultimately Humon's comics betray the fact that it's all really just a cover for her various fetishes including male-on-male rape, female-on-male rape, incest, and all of her characters having the same face.

Femdom Fetish

I just realized that there are a ton of things about my Amazon, shield maiden, rich guy "story" that people have no way of knowing. Didn't really occur to me before people started asking questions.

1) The rich guy was one of those asshole'ish rich people who did whatever the hell he wanted, such as torture, r.ape , and death. That's why he has the classic "evil dude" hair and moustache. It's very likely that it was some of his employees who let the Amazon capture him.

2) The Amazon and the shield maiden are supposed to be traveling back to the Amazon's home town.

3) The shield maiden is married to one of the "naked warriors" (who aren't quite naked) from that older picture of mine (I'll draw them together later). She's not needed at home though because her people have slaves to do most of the work. Neither is she expected to stay faithful to her husband because their culture is inspired Viking culture where neither husband or wife were expected to be faithful, and where all children they had with other people were still considered legitimate.

4) Shield maiden would never have sex with a slave because, like in Viking culture, in her culture women are considered to be of "higher class" than men, and should therefore never have sex with a man of much lower class then her, only of higher status. Only men can have sex with slaves, but not with women of higher status than them.

5) The whole thing takes place in a fantasy universe, so while I use as much as I can from old myths, the Amazon is not Greek (Greece doesn't even exist in this universe) and the shield maiden is not a Viking, nor is her husband.

That's the main questions I can remember right now



It's okay that the guy is being held against his will and treated like a sex slave cause he's an evil rapist. Never mind the first time she mentioned this was in her journal.

These comics - deprived of background, panels and context - fail to convey the "historical context" that Humon uses to justify producing and publishing her drawings. This "historical context" comes as a wall of text uploaded to explain what the hell is going on in the comic itself. This textual band-aid demonstrates Humon's poor grasp on conveyance, but that's only a minor offense compared to her trivialization of rape - as long as it's happening to men, it's clearly A-OK! In Humon's comics and drawings countless numbers of men are forcibly tied down, abused, or heavily implied to be abused later on.

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Double Standards

It's pretty disturbing to consider, but you might think it's no big deal. Isn't this just charming and harmless fun? If you find this degrading or offensive, men, I think you just have a real problem with your own sexuality! All men secretly want this! Teehee! Let's try swapping the genders around, then.

Swapping Genders About missing Pics
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Not so cute anymore, is it?

Wait, hang on, false alarm everyone. Torture of people is meant to be sexy, you guys! SO KAWAII

Homosexual Misrepresentation/Generalisation

Humon's Artstyle Tutorial

It's not unusual for Humon to display these fetishes under the guise of obscure historical facts, like she's a perverted bizarro-world Kate Beaton or something. Like this lovely series about Germans having to prostitute themselves after WW2. It's supposed to be clearly empty justification to draw Spirograph-sempai about to violently cornhole Circlehead-kohai serious and sad you guys. Super serious, guys.

These 'comics' are actually something of a break from the norm for Humon - her fetish for shipping homosexual couples is generally drenched in rainbows and sunshines, misrepresenting same-sex couples as a sex-obsessed, yaoi-wowwy conglomerate with no issues or social conflict or character - flying in the face of modern homosexuality and lesbian culture, let alone the "historical context" Humon often uses as empty justification. On top of that Humon keeps drawing most of her characters to look the same, chibified or otherwise - it's a really sickeningly cloy artstyle - and she seems to have a very limited frame of reference for human emotions. Here we have examples of Smug, Self-Satisfied, Egotistic, Conceited, and occasionally Il me fait du baratin, or "My Anus Is In Immediate Peril".

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Scandinavia And The World

Scandinavia And The World is the most famous and original of Humon's productions(Which isn't saying much.), a webcomic series about the personifications of different countries that relies upon overused stereotypes, historical inaccuracies, and sex.

The comic is racist, stupid and features a collection of same-faced insulting stereotypes with sausages for arms. Since no one actually knows or cares about anything related to Scandinavia, no one understands any of the jokes in the comic and prefer to pretend they get it and that it's funny than to admit they don't get this and be called stupid. But people who actually know shit about this say that Humon is an inept political commentator.

In essence, every political event, be it war, peace, diplomatic disputes or anything else are all represented in SATW by gay sex/rape.

Love and Tentacles

Another webcomic in the loosest sense of the word. Ostensibly it's set in an alternate universe populated with humans and tentacle monsters, with the focus of the series being the trials and tribulations that a closet bisexual male and a female Urotsukidoji reject go through together - like a painful allegory for white people and non-white people where the white people are humans and the non-white people are subhuman monsters. In practice it's what you get when you draw more implied pornography and then say "teehee it's satire don't you get it, it's [f]ART".

'Love and Tentacles' does display a staggering level of technical competence for Humon in that some of the comics have backgrounds and/or frames for the panels. Unfortunately it's still the same misguided, ignorance-masquerading-as-enlightenment loaded, pandering bullshit that can't tackle serious subject matter very well even without drawing everything with chibis and a weird plastic/gummy texture.

Manala Next Door

A charming story about a giant demon and a Japanese kappa who live together, fuck and rape other people.

Humon, showing her usual dedication to the authenticity in the portrayal of mythology, completely fucks these characters up. Changing the Kappa from a classic, ugly, japanese monster that hides in ponds and kidnaps children to drown them and suck out their intestines through their anuses, to a cutsey anime girl who likes butts.


Humon's only comic with black people in it. Niels is a blond-haired blue-eyed sociopathic hitman or something who puts his dick in all the black people. Actually all the characters have swathes of backstory, but Humon's storytelling format strips all that out of the comic and just puts in gay joke after gay joke instead. Every strip starts in media res, which is cinematography slang for "right in the middle of a situation with no fucking context whatever", and the result is lots of strips about diminutive characters having sex or implied sex or implied rape or implied facial structure or implied story in general. And by 'implied' I mean either 'read the fucking manual' or 'psychically guess what Humon's intentions were'.

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Duncan always had troubles with the law, and had been in prison a few times, but he mostly did “harmless” robberies and were the kind of burglar who would just run off if the owners of a house came home or woke up.

Natalie simply worked as dishwasher at a hotel. In other words, neither of them made a whole lot of money.

So when it turned out Natalie was pregnant, everything went down the shitter. All of a sudden they needed a lot of money, but when Natalie’s boss found out, she fired her for “various reasons”. Duncan wanted the child to have a nice childhood so he tried to get a steady job, but no one would hire him with his criminal record. They started to get desperate, and that was when Duncan made one of the biggest mistakes of his life and lend money from “Johnny”. When he couldn’t pay the money back, Duncan got the choice between loosing all his fingers, or come work for Johnny. Suddenly Duncan’s crimes weren’t so harmless anymore. Without going into too much detail, he was forced to do some bad things. To make matters worse Natalie had a miscarriage. Now they had an apartment full of baby stuff they didn’t need, and all their problems with Johnny seemed to be for nothing, but Duncan couldn’t get out.

It was around this time Niels met Duncan. At this point Niles had become Johnny’s right hand man, and spend an awful lot of time at Johnny’s place. One day when he went out to get some air while Johnny talked with some of his “employees”, he met Duncan who was still so low in the hierarchy that he hadn’t been allowed to come inside. Duncan knew who Niels was and got rather nervous, both because Niels was technically his boss, but also because he had heard of the things Niels was capable of, and was convinced that he was a complete psycho. Therefore he got rather surprised when Niels turned out to be quite pleasant company. Over the next month they started running into each other more and more often. At first Duncan didn’t think much of it, until he realized Niels was stalking him. They then spent about two weeks playing an unspoken game of “I see you! No you don’t!”

It all culminated when one day Duncan came home to his apartment, and found Niels sitting on the couch, talking with Natalie. He went absolutely berserk and started shouting all the thoughts he had had about Niels for last couple of weeks, until Natalie stopped him, and told Duncan that Niels wanted to help them. Niels then explained that he was following Duncan to see what kind of people he hang around with and if he was trust worthy, because Niels was just as sick and tired of Johnny as everybody else and was working on “separating” himself from him. If Duncan would come and work for him, Niels would cancel Duncan’s depth. That was of course very risky business, but Duncan decided to take Niels’ offer.

It was from here the real seduction of the couple started.


So basically he saved two black people from a life of petty crime, debt, and out-of-wedlock pregnancy... and they reward him with sex. Oh Humon.

You see Niels, a blond-haired, blue-eyed man from Denmark, helps the black community of [insert US city Humon's probably never been to here]. He helps them by... offering them jobs as criminals. Not only that but he's invited himself into the relationship and family of a black married couple and seems to be the leader of a black gang. Obviously he helps these people, and they wouldn't be where they are now without him, they need him, sort of like that time Denmark and other European nations established all those colonies in Africa amirite? And while Niels is the bad guy in the comic, all the people trying to catch him and his black gang are white. All of them. All the cops. All the agents.

I mean it's not like she could have written about a black mafia leader with a black family and a black gang, that would be silly! (Also there are more racial demographics than just black and white in the US you dipshit)

The titular character is clearly supposed to be a sex-obsessed sociopath. He's is drawn in chibi-form (along with the rest of the comic and 80% of Humon's work) and passed off as 'adorable' and 'quirky' because he makes silly rape jokes. The characterisation that explains his behavior is passed off in large walls of text, so as a result lots of people failed to realise this character was supposed to be a villain. A sane person might have attempted to fix this by adding some of the actual plot into the comic. Humon?

The sun is coming up by humon.jpg
"The sun is coming up, Linda. Why aren’t you here yet? Yes, your daughter is fine. Listen Linda, this is very important. I hate hurting children and I have never killed one before, but if you don’t show up within three hours, I’ll have to shoot her. I’ll never forgive you for that"

Don’t you just hate when people blame you for the crap they do?

A little reminder that Niels is not a good guy. Don't worry though. Linda shows up in time, so the girl lives. But he would have done it. Yes, apparently I really want you to hate him.



Want a cheap, quick way to make people realise your character is evil? Have him kill children threaten to kill children! But it's alright because her mother is FORCING him to do it! He doesn't REALLY want to! He's just so dark and misunderstood and oh my fucking God

Want another cheap, quick way to make people realise your character is evil? Have him rape a woman until she kills herself, and molest her daughter that was born as a result of that rape.

And it's not a comic. It's a series of pictures. Neither does it have a real story. A lot of things are left out so people can make up their own mind. You seem to be taking these pictures way too seriously.


—Humon telling people off for trying to find context in her comics series of pictures, after having to draw extra pictures for people who couldn't find the context in her comics series of pictures.


Year and years and YEARS ago she used to have a site called The Daemon & The Zombie which was a Gorillaz fansite packed full of smutty yaoi pictures of Murdoc and 2D. She also used to type like some ghetto chick and had a huge crush on Russel (the big black guy of Gorillaz). The website is dead now but the pictures were saved.

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Other Dumb Shit

Dumb Shit Humon Does About missing Pics
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Dumb Shit Her Fans Do About missing Pics
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See Also

  • Denmark - Her proud homeland which she personifies as a bisexual sex-pest.
  • Sweden - She's not a 90-60-90 blonde with huge tits, so it's obvious that she has failed her species.
  • Feminism - Holding purchaseable male sexslaves is probably her biggest fetish-dream.
  • Cancer - Barely worse than her.
  • Tom Preston - Her "ally" from "Fresh Epics".
  • Hetalia - What she plagiarized SATW from.
  • DeviantArt - The digital equivalent of hell.

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