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The Faggot spelling of "hot." The extra "t" indicates that, without any fucking doubt, the subject matter at hand must be totally and undeniably hot. Sincere use of said spelling is an indicator said user has never experienced any sexual gratification with anything "HOTT" in real life. See also: totally retarded.

It should be noted that the only ways real men measure the worth of a woman is by her "hott"ness, and her sammich making ability. Like all Netspeak, escalation has created variants attempting to equate further levels of hotness/hotitude with increasing numbers of "t"s: c.f. NOES!!!!1!!11

If you're hawt enough, you may win a prize. People who use the term "HOTT" are clearly pedophiles who like CP, raep, buttsecks with small children and various other forms of kiddy-fiddling.


You either came to this page to masturbate to some nude or semi-nude tail, meaning you are in the healthy majority of males (or the favored minority of bisexual females!) who enjoy the female form, or you were directed here out of some kind of misplaced pity.

Or, quite possibly, you were directed here because some loser in another topic thought something was "hott", you were enough of a loser to click the internal link, and here we all are.

Most likely, you yourself are not hot.

In any case, all contributors to this page simply wanted an excuse to post a picture of a hot female (note the rush they were in with their sloppy spelling and odd grammar!), so stop reading and get to it.


Regional variant: hawt

Scene variant: hottt

Japanese variant: awt

German: haught

Paris Hilton: hhhhhhott

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