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Think he doesn't know what his name means? Oh, he knows.
Cleanse you of your heterosexual ways.
The Ambassador's receptions are noted in society for their host's exquisite taste, that captivates his guests
Maybe it's the catwalk, maybe it's the scarf. Ghey either way.
The worlds most famoust incest gay couple!
Shut up, faggot!
Yeop! Gay!

A comprehensive list of words to pwn teh Homosexuals. Go forth with them and spread the word of hatred. It is often said that these epithets are offensive and wrong to use, however, fags love to be called these names, just ask them.

  • gay.com—A one track minded website where the shadiest, lowest, greasy and skanky oldfag queers hook up for sex.
  • anal astronaut—One on a mission to the deepest reaches of the anus. Implies activity beyond the run-of-the-mill assfucking.
  • ass pirate—one who digs for buried treasure by inserting his penis inside his partners' anuses and prodding around (aka: plundering booty). See Maddox.
  • bender—British slang, where "bent" means homosexual (because it's literally "not straight"). This is why "Futurama" isn't more popular in the UK. Not really, the only like white faggots there, not Mexican ones.
  • bone smuggler—One who hides penises in their ass, in the same way drug smugglers hide balloons full of cocaine.
  • booty bandit— Landlubbin variant of ass pirate.
  • bottom—the fuckee, also called a "catcher"
  • chubby-chaser—gay blokes who think fatasses are sexy. Obviously borrowed from straight Feeder fans.
  • bug-chaser—a man who openly seeks people with AIDS; rumored to be funded by big pharma.
  • catamite—a very committed buttslut, one who bottoms exclusively and doesn't even like their dick getting touched.
  • chubby—fat gay blokes who think they are sexy
  • chupavergas— A spic with a rapacious appetite for delicious, turgid, throbbing cock ("verga" is Mexican Spanish for cock.)
  • poofter— simple homo. Etymology is allegedly from the "puuf" emitted by a freshly fucked and nutted ass once the dick is removed. A fuckfart.
  • Clay Aiken—'Nuff said.
  • cocksmoker—a variant of "cocksucker", possibly derived from the idiom smoke a pole, "to fellate".
  • cocksucker—obviously, this also refers to fellatio. Strictly speaking, it only refers to homosexuality when applied to a male.
  • confirmed bachelor—a Victorian euphemism still sometimes encountered. Confirmed Bachelors quite often have "roommates".
  • Daniel Moseley—a boy who has sex on his first date and uses lubrication.
  • doughnut-puncher—akin to ring pirate, this refers to penetration of the anal sphincter.
  • faggot—it derives not from the bundle of sticks of the same name, but from an archaic, contemptuous insult for an old woman that derived from said bundle.
  • fairy—implies ebullient, effeminate behaviour rather than scarcity or magical powers.
  • flame—the use of fire terms to describe gays probably comes from flamboyant, "elaborate, ornate", which ultimately comes from the French flamboyer, to blaze, and flambe, flame.
  • flamer—one who flames, and thus also derived from flamboyant.
  • friend of Dorothy—Judy Garland, the actress who played Dorothy in the film The Wizard of Oz was noted as having a major gay following. Today, her daughter Liza Minnelli fills the same role (having gone so far as to marry one) and friend of Liza is not an unknown term.
  • fruit—originally referred to a loose woman; eventually applied instead to male homosexuals since all of them are gratuitous sluts. This is a common pattern; c.f. queen. Fruits are also an important part of the food pyramid.
  • fudgepacker—refers to the practice of anal sodomy. Here the fudge in question is feces; it is compression-packed by the repeated, thrusting intromission of the partner's penis.
  • GAY? —Got AIDS Yet?
  • Gift giver —A partner that gives the gift of AIDS. Srsly.
  • gooley Local Australian slang for a man who has a tendency towards young boys
  • homo—contracted from "homosexual", a Greek/Latin combo term meaning "the same sex" (and not, as is often believed "man sex").
  • Half-Bisexual—Where a homosexual only conducts sex acts with a woman that is only allowed to perform dildo sex on the man and does not perform any vaginal sex whatsoever. Also refers to males who engage in copulation with other males with the foolish idea that performing oral sex on dudes will get the chicks. The latter has been adopted by most teenage males who follow the emo subculture- or, any male with a MySpace, for that matter.
  • invert—a former scientific term. One who felt an "abnormal" sexual attraction was believed to be an invert—that is, their desire was turned inside-out, or was converse to that which was perceived to be normal.
  • jameth—LOL, so gay.
  • Bgob—Same as above.
  • knobshiner—refers to eager and exuberant fellatio.
  • lavender—a perceived feminine color; alternately, the use of lavender to denote gays may come from the pink (sometimes lavender) triangle used to denote homosexual prisoners in concentration camps. (Other symbols used included the Star of David for Jews, red triangles for political dissidents, and black triangles for Gypsies.) Furthermore, in the early days of feminism, Betty Friedan referred to lesbians, by whom she somehow felt very threatened, as "The Lavender Menace," which has helped continue to propagate "lavender" as a hint toward anything vaguely queer - but it's usually only used by vague people.
  • metrosexuals—men who usually derive from metropolitan city areas that live as part of a gay culture but do not perform homosexual perverse acts. They remain sexually straight and they especially enjoy chai almond latte's and pink silk shirts.
  • Peri-metrosexuals—Men from regions away from metropolitan areas that are also referred to as country bumpkins that also adopt a metrosexual gay style culture. They usually enjoy Brokeback Mountain due to its rugged homosexual cowboy fashion. Common peri-metrosexuals will appear to have an 80's style trendy mullet, pink shirts, tight denim and do not live near a gay culture, but are influenced by media easily.
  • malesbians—two drunk bottoms trying to have sex with each other.
  • mo—a further contraction of homo.
  • nancy—from the woman's name. Since ’mos want to be women so badly, they generally appreciate being called by a woman’s name.
  • nelly—from the woman's name, a nickname of Helen. Someone please tell the rapper of the same name that his name is 1980's slang for a girly faggot.
  • nice young man who sells antiques—from Noel Coward's version of Cole Porter's classic "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)". It just doesn't get any gayer than Noel covering Cole.
  • pillow biter—A male who while being anally rewarded, takes to biting down on the pillow in an attempt to muffle the keening of horrific gay pleasure.
  • pinocchio—Not a "real boy".
  • poo stabber—What a top becomes if his bitch is a sloppy, shitty slut.
  • poofter—an Australian version of the English "poof", probably a corruption of "puff", meaning soft, fluffy, or insubstantial.
  • potato queen—An azn fag who prefers the white cock.
  • queen—like other terms originally applied to women, this term came to be applied first to homosexuals who took a passive sexual role, and then to all homosexuals by extension. It's actually a corrupted spelling of quean, a disreputable woman, and has nothing to do with royalty. See also queening. This explains the naming of the band Queen, whose lead singer Freddie Mercury was gayer than eight guys fucking nine guys. It is rumored that Mercury's asshole was bigger than an African bull elephant's asshole.
  • queer—from a German word meaning "perverse", this originally merely had the sense of "not right" or "abnormal", but came to be applied to fags in the 1920s. The word today is used to describe people who don't like being labeled but are probably gay, bisexual, lesbian, or some variant but don't want to admit it or think that their sexuality "transcends" said labels. They speciously believe they are special. They're not.
  • Rice Queen — A (usually white) male who prefers the taste of azn genitals.
  • ring pirate—the "ring" here is the sphincter. Compare doughnut-puncher.
  • rumpranger—probably an analogue to "Landranger", the vehicle.
  • Rectum Ranger—refers to someone fixated on the male rectum for sexual purposes.
  • Rinser —one who graciously rinses out another man's anus whith his semen.
  • shirt-flap-lifter—i.e. lifting a mate's shirt to expose his anus for anal sex or to expose his dick that you're drooling after while kneeling.
  • sissy—a pet form of sister. Again, based on perceived effeminacy; in fact, it is occasionally still used to describe effeminate men who are not perceived to be gay.
  • sod—clipped from sodomite.
  • sodomite—one who engages in sodomy, an ill-defined term used in this connotation to denote male-male penetrative anal sex. Contemporary theories hold that this is a bit of a misnomer based on (you guessed it) a bad Biblical translation. The theory goes that the sin of the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah was not buggery, but violating the obligation of hospitality through mugging and burglary. Thus when Lot offers his daughters to the crowd, he is doing so because the 'sin' arose not from what was done to the guests, but from the fact that they were owed protection as guests.
  • swish—probably onomatopoetic in origin, it referred first to the sound of a flowing dress, and is thus akin to the many other terms which equate gay men with women to the disparagement of both.
  • swisher—one who swishes, duh.
  • top—the fucker, also called a "pitcher". The butch to the bitch.
  • Turkey Slapper—Where one guy slaps his balls in motion into a victim's face; see more; Turkey Slapping
  • turd burglar—someone who endeavours to steal shits from a bottom's cuntbutt with their penis "
  • versatile—someone who claims online that they like to take it in the ass just as much as they like to give it in the ass
  • light on his feet, first on the dancefloor — because only fags enjoy dancing, the rest of us do it only to get pussy.

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