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Most homophobes run away in fright when they see this guy.
Captain Faggo, sworn nemesis of homophobes everywhere. Please note the man behind him is also highly feared.
Boy, Lorne Greene sure hated fags!
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Typically unfunny cartoon created by limp-wristed liberals.

Homophobia (also known as Heterosexuality) refers to the belief that homosexuals are inferior to heterosexuals and that such belief is awwright. Homophobia is a word invented by sexual deviants to describe men who refuse to take it up the ass. Homophobes are quite low down the list of internet coolness (just below the xX_Sparkle_Blood_RazoRainbows_Xx and furries). But that's just because everybody on the internet is gay. Homophobes were, of course, invented by Faggots as a malignant term because of the amount of butthurt they get from society, but not as much as from each other. Being a homophobe is completely and utterly unjustified because, of course, Evolution, God, Allah, Spongebob, and Chris Crocker put uteruses inside each and every man's asscrack, thereby making homosexuality completely natural and ok.

The Homophobe

A homophobe is:

  1. Anyone who doesn't like it in the ass (read: most women)
  2. Anyone who doesn't like it in the mouth
  3. Anyone who doesn't like synthetikmisery
  4. Anyone who doesn't like Gravitation
  5. Anyone who doesn't like Celine Dion
  6. Anyone who doesn't agree with GoddessMillenia
  7. Anyone who is an Encyclopedia Dramatica Sysop
  8. Anyone who is a neoconservative
  9. Anyone who doesn't suck the LGBT community's puny red cock 24/7
  10. Anyone who doesn't think that gay culture should be part of elementary school sex education
  11. Anyone who is or has ever been a Christian or Muslim
  12. Anyone who likes the opposite gender
  13. Anyone who is secretly gay
  14. Anyone who is not a liberal is homophobic by default, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary
  15. Anyone who regards that and doesn't suck cocks


Little is known about the history of homophobia. Early forms of homophobia include running away and screaming like a pussy when you see a homosexual, hiding like a pussy when you see a homosexual, dying of fear when you see a homosexual, concentrating and exterminating homosexuals, and more recently buying their CDs.

One of the greatest fears of breeders is the all powerful homosexual agenda. Homos clearly want to take over the world and enslave all breeder kind to a lifetime of rooting the same sex. That is why scientists are seeing a decline in the number of breeders, and if breeders continue to decline at this rate within 10 years they will be extinct.


Due to the potential of homophobia to cause butthurt amongst queers and libtards (and not the kind they crave), it is powerful trolling weapon when appropriately rammed into the interbutts. Additionally, accusations of homophobia is a great way to turn homophobes into drama-generating machines. Homophobia may either be used as a tool of accusation or expressed by the troll him/herself; apply liberally for optimal results to:

  • Liberal fora and chatrooms
    • Accuse them all of backing the "homosexual agenda" and accepting the lies of the liberal media
  • Atheist fora and chatrooms
    • Accuse them all of being Christ-hating homosexuals
  • Heterosexual fora and chatrooms
    • Accuse them all of being closeted homosexuals
  • Homosexual fora and chatrooms
    • Accuse them all of being sinners
  • Christian fora and chatrooms
    • The biggest closet on the internet! Accuse them of being Christ-hating closeted homosexual sinners who back the "homosexual agenda" by accepting the lies of the liberal media

Homophobia & Religion

Irrefutable logic follows:

  1. All religious individuals are homophobes
  2. Homophobia is the fear, hatred and rejection of homosexuality
  3. Fearing, hating and rejecting homosexuality is the product of sexual insecurity
  4. Sexual insecurity is caused by sexual confusion
  5. Sexual confusion is caused by latent homosexuality
    THEREFORE all religious individuals are latent homosexuals.

Famous Homophobes

We just don't approve!!!1


Homophobic niggers don't appreciate irony.
Top Ten Reasons to Make Gay Marriage Illegal.jpg

NOT HOMOPHOBIC (women wont be sucking his dick)

Not to be Confused With

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