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August 6, and 9th, 1945 are great days in the books of American history and came about when the current President Harry S. Truman was finally able to focus solely on the Slant-Eyed menace in the Pacific. Over a 3 day period, after he laid the ultimate banhammer down on Japan, two cities - Hiroshima and Niggersaki were turned to glass and the world's biggest parking lots when he turned 250,000 Jappers instantly into steam, atoms, shadows or slowly dying cancer monsters for their collective sin of back stabbing the United States of Americunts when they attacked Pearl Harbor unprovoked.

The bombings are estimated to have saved tens of thousands of Allied lives from the fanatical, man god worship that had been the Japper mentality for close to 2,000 years. While plans for an invasion were being written, the Japs trained their citizens, much like crazed Muslim terrorist instructors, that they should give up anything and everything they can just to be able to kill an American, violating the Geneva Convention's rules about civilian combatants.

If it meant stabbing a Heroic American soldier with a sharpened stick, do it. If it meant a woman sticking a grenade up her horizontal hole and jumping into a crowd of Americunt soldiers, all the better because they would be remembered in song and story for their honorable deaths.

Being unlike most Democrats, Hoover had a pair that had descended and felt the war in the Pacific shouldn'tbe allowed to drag on so Japan could buy time and sue for peace. In a great show of power Hoover jumped so far into the sky that that he landed on the moon, beat the shit out of the rabbits making marshmallow topping. With his return strike Truman landed in the center of Japan, and with a whirlwind, fist attack - Japan had became America's Bitch for eternity.

What It's Like To Die By Nuke

First you will see a light brighter than the sun. Even before you can raise your hand to shield your eyes, your eyes and skin will have caught fire. Depending on how close you are to ground zero, you will either burn away like a piece of flash paper or have your body exploded when the shock wave hits.

If you aren't one of those lucky motherfucker’s that were in ground zero when the nuke hit you will be blind, burnt and dying for the next 2 to 3 days.

Japan's Aggression

Japsn's Rape of Nanjing

On December 7, 1941 Japan cowardly attacked Pearl Harbor because The Jewnited States of Americunts refused to cede to their demands that Hawaii and other American territories like the Midway Islands be handed over to them because Japan felt it was their right to control the Pacific Ocean's reaches from China to California. Further demands included an all day animu channel and pre-pubescent children had to dress up like the animal they most related with at school.

High on the eugenics movement, Japan decided that lesser Azns such as the Beaners from the Philippines and the Chinese should be eradicated and killed off to make more room for them and their cheap steel mills. Using cruel tactics like the Bataan Death March over 20,000 Filipinos were killed by Japanese cruelty and The Rape Of Nanjing killed close to 300,000 people with reports of Japanese cruelty going so far as officers throwing babies in the air to cut them in half or cutting woman cunt to throat with their katanas.

Furthermore, the Japanese people hid behind their Warrior code, ignoring the Geneva Convention regarding the rights of captured enemy combatants such as wrapping them in linen, dipping them in tar and making them into living candles, torture, murder, slavery and other lulzy ideas that came to their sick and twisted minds. It was apparent that the Japanese had no respect for human lives, including their own with many pilots willing to play Jihad Joe because they bought onto this whole idea of honour and how if they succeed in their Kamikaze mission, all the people they killed will be their servants in hell or that they'll be reborn as a Monkey god with their own tv show.

Observing these atrocities and others by the cowardly Japanese people, the Truman administration had only one choice open to them to protect the lives of American soldiers and that was to use the newly developed atomic weapons to force them into a unconditional surrender that was beneficial to the Allied sides, over the idea of invading the Japanese mainland and being forced to endure the psychotic fanaticism of the Japanese people, such as being attacked by a brigade of lolis dressed up like racoons.

The Bombs That Put Japan In Its place: Squarely as America's Bottom Bitch

If Nurse Who were real she'd take ever weaboo and drop them off at this site 10 seconds before the explosion
File:Japper cuck.jpg
Me Rick McArthur's ass hore real good

On Monday, 6 August 1945 the atomic weapon Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima by a Boeing B-29 Superfortress, the Enola Gay, flown by the American hero Colonel Paul Tibbets. Little boy directly killed an estimated 80,000 people and destroyed some 70% of Hiroshima including a manga factory and 2 underaged whorehouses.

Arrogantly defying America's might and the big, thick, magnificent swinging dicks of the American troops, Japan still believed it had a chance to win or at least, sue for peace through Russia so that it could keep its captured lands like Korea and Manchuria to turn into forced labor camps to produce their Guro.

Refusing America's ultimatum for complete and unconditional surrender like the slant-eyed, yellow skinned rapists they are, America had no other option but to lower additional boom.

Being the humanitarian that liberals are known for, Truman chose Nagasaki as a target of opportunity if the primary target Kokura could not be attacked because Nagasaki had been evacuating its children due to warnings America had been giving it with firebomb shrapnel attacks and Ha-Do-Kens.

On 9 August 1945 the Atomic Weapon Fat Man was dropped by the Boeing B-29 Superfortress named Bockscar which was commanded by the much forgotten American Hero 'Major Charles Sweeney at 11:01 AM killing a considerably fewer 40,000 backstabbing Yellow niggers due to the hilly terrain of Niggasaki. Upwards of 80% of the city's production facilities were destroyed including an udon noodle factory.

Seeing the world for what it truly is, and fearing their whole country being made into a giant glass oven by the US, Japan saw that they had no game and were like an infant trying to go up against a Heavyweight Champion: they could not win.

On 14 August 1945, during a radio broadcast to the Japanese people, Japanese citizens listened as K-Y was being squirted into the Japanese Emperor's ass before General Douglas McArthur fucked him good and hard in it as the Japanese Emperor admitted to Anerica's vast superiority, turkey egg-sized nuts, delicious cheeseburgers and surrendered unconditionally.

Just for kicks, the Emperor was made to do it all over again 02 September 1945 on the Battleship Missouri when he promised to wear America's cock lock and be her bottom bitch ad infinitum.

America Gets Another Victory, Japan Gets Cancer

File:Hello japan.jpg
With love from America

As a constant reminder of why you should not fuck with Big US, the populations of Hiroshima and Nigersaki lead the world in liver cancer and have a 10% higher rate of cancers such as thyroid, and gastric.

Surprisingly, both cities have exceedingly low prevalence in breast cancer in women when compared to the rest of the world. Most specialists suspect that this may have to do with Japanese women having gum drop titties as women with smaller breasts are less prone to being killed by their chest fat blobs.

Other common cancers in the areas of Hiroshima and Nagasaki include cancers of the lung, colon and rectum among males and cancers of the colon, cervix and lung among females.

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