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Hir is a fabricated, "gender-neutral" pseudo-pronoun-substitute for "his" or "her" and "their". It is popular among attention whores attempting to be gender-inclusive with their pronouns, but do not actually know the English language. These diseased individuals have also been observed using an equally fantastic pseudo-pronoun "se".

Proper usage dictates that "he" and "she" be used in reference to singular persons; "he" if the gender is unknown and "they" for multiple persons. The purpose of hir is, therefore, an attempt to combine "his" and "her" and "their" into a single malignant, pseudo-politically correct grammar-dysfunction that serves only to pollute and pervert the English language.

The rationale for using these non-words is that his/her and he/she are sexist (why "their" and "they" get lumped into this is beyond reason), especially to those who claim to exist outside biological norms. Such people comprise, but are not limited to, insane liberalists, hairy feminists, and retarded individuals. More often than not, the latter.

Contrary to unpopular belief, hir, sie, shi, and se are not actual words, and degenerates using non-words such as as this should be spared no form of ridicule.

Alternate Definition

Furries fucking the language.

Welcome to the weirdo bin.

This definition is used furfags, transexuals, asexuals and hermaphrodites to mean that not only do they have a cock, they also have a vagoo to match. The fake word coined by liberals in an attempt to be gender-neutral, has been hijacked by failtards looking for new words for their fetish.

Especially far-gone fags and otherkin use this pronoun as they no longer know what gender they are for the former, or, in the case of the latter, are so insane that they think that they have a "real body" elsewhere that is the opposite gender of their own.

Such people will often use sie, instead of it, to avoid confusion with the word se, even though they would mean the same thing if they were actually words. They then become incredibly defensive if you use "sie" when they prefer "se" or even downright hostile if you dare to call them an it.

Protip: For maximum lulz go into a forum full of these people and ask which is the "correct pronoun" or refer to a "herm" as an "it".

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