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Furry Porno

Deviantart-favicon.png Hinauchi, also known as Deviantart-favicon.png CyanBirdDog, Deviantart-favicon.png Yiptrip, Deviantart-favicon.png littleAussie or (CURRENT ACCOUNT) LittleRedAussie on Twitter, (jfc how many names can you possibly need???), or known as by her IRL name Samantha Dunlop, is a fat, over-hyper-sexual, lonely, abusive furfag who has claimed to be lesbian but is currently fucking a older man. In her past she has dated far too many people, that range from older men, girls, underage girls, and trannies, all which have been over the internet until 2017, where she got an irl boyfriend to sponge off. Like most furry artists of deviant art, to prove her “love” to her partners, she shows them in a ton of furry artwork, and porn, while her commission queue grows and grows more each day.

She had over 15,000 watchers on her dA, before closing to down from being too butthurt after being called out multiple times, and has more than more than 24,000 subscribers on youtube.. She has fantastic fantastic anatomy skills, and using them well to draw nudes of furries.

Samm goes on record of being, THE MOST drama indulging furfag on the internet. She is forever string up bullshit and drama, which she then cries about in journals, tweets and posts on Tumblr just to alert ass-licking fans to pity her. And she wonders why everyone has a disliking to her c: She has been banned from many different sites, multiple times for many reasons, most similar to each other (like cyber sexting and harassing the haters), yet she never seems to get it through her thick, greasy head on what she does is wrong. Some people just never learn.

Samm owes over 10,000 dollars in commissions, that are never finished and uses the money to buy pot instead of paying for her rent or her apparent phone bill, yet if you call her out on this you will instantly get BLOCKED! She refused to finish a request, because in her own words, she “doesn't want to draw a cat” then proceed to draw a cat right after, she refuses to do refunds for commissions she never intended to finish, and if you do manage to get your commission from badgering her to point she has a crying fit, it is finished with amazing quality, clearly not rushed at all.



Rena a.k.a Bird Dog

oregenal carecter guiz

HinaUchi has a creative fursona named Rena, but it was recently changed to Bird Dog, and goes by the nickname "Bird Poop" because shes LOL su funy!!1. She is a sparkledog, who can apparently defy physics, and grow taller when standing up as well as shorter when being a normal animal.

Hina changed Rena's name to Bird Dog and her design, ending with a huge shit storm from overly involved fans. She posted a journal in response to the bad responses she received over this change.


why is everyone making such a big deal about me changing rena??? it wasnt even that big of a change omg

i just changed my username because it was too animu for me and i changed renas name to bird because rena kindve pisses me off idk??

and the only changes i made to her design are lighter colors and i took away her obnoxious grey spots aaaaaaaa thats aLL

now im happy because it all makes sense and feels better to me

gosh its really not that big of a change o k


—Hina's journal

Seriously tho, who names a dog "Bird"? That's like naming a horse "Hay."


Why do people dislike her so much?

HinaUchi does not feel remorse and does not intend to change or apologize for her harmful actions. Being nice and drawing cute dogs does not make a good person.

She has not even once sincerely apologized (and made excuses instead) for:

1. Tracing, auctioning, and selling art for over a thousand USD. outdated link

2. Scamming around 600usd off a 14 year old girl.

3. Misgendering transgender people (she said she was ok with calling his boyfriend a ‘she’ because he still had his female genitalia) (please note the part when she says “I prefer manly dressed women anyways”, as it that’s what transgender people are. Just “people dressing as the opposite sex”) broken/deleted image link

4. Killing her animals; a pet rabbit and a rat on purpose, and others for neglect.

5. Sold somebody’s pet without their consent. Needs a password for access

6. Faked rape twice: first time. second time. outdated/deleted links

7. She badmouths other artists herself and tries to excuse it as “it’s only natural for humans to hate others” (which makes trying to defend her… kind of… um. you know.) also deleted

8. Artists_Beware journal entries.

9. Customer reviews by other Deviant Art artists.

Not to mention that all of this stuff are just the first things that come out of my head. There’s also faking cancer and using a dog’s illness to get money. There are far more and it’s honestly disturbing how she does not see the wrong in what she’s doing, misgendering transgender people, killing the animals she’s supposed to care for, and scamming minors.


HinaUchi has a fuckload of asslickers. Most of them are pretty damn funny due to the lack of reasoning to back up anything that they say.

She has a very large collection of these whiteknights and ass patters, as well as the occasional ass licker. You see, this is why you stay as far away from furfags as possible.

I'm surprised she still has friends.

Hmmm.... it seems someone has represented the furry fandom.... AGAIN. ALL furries are immature drama queens who draw porn. Hinauchi has given us an accurate name by making outsiders see that we're skanks and perverts.


This is a section dedicated to all of the people that Hina's vagina grasps onto for short periods of time, as well as other lovey-dovey bullshit. Hina's sexuality is constantly changing. When she was dating Deviantart-favicon.png Ten-Days-Till-Sunday, in the description of their last speedpaint video or 1 year anniversary, Hina says she "doesnt want a dick in me boohoo." But when she started talking about her DOGE SEX ADVENTURS with Deviantart-favicon.png coykin or Ethan on her tumblr, she said "Ethan has a pretty nice dick if you ask me ;)" when Hina made a journal before that calling Ethan a GIRL the whole time.

TL;DR Samm just forgets all her exes/friends without a word bc of her new love 5evr.


Way back when HinaUchi fell in love with another girl named Patience. She was also known as patie9. It was over the internet. They didn't start dating until the 1st of December though, god knows why.

Before you guys ask, yes, we are BOTH girls, and NO we are NOT dating.

If you have a problem with us both being BISEXUAL girls, and being in love, then don't comment, and go to another fucking picture.


— HinaUchi

Despite her saying she's bisexual, she apparently decided to convert to just pussy instead of pussy and dicks. This lasted until she dated a Transgender, Deviantart-favicon.png coykin or Ethan. Hina claims that Ethan has a REAL PENIS on her tumblr, but weeks before that she called Ethan a girl several times.

HinaUchi made slideshows of their fursonas together to celebrate their "Monthly Anniversaries."

Monthly anniversary video

All of a sudden, Patience began cheating on HinaUchi with someone IRL. HinaUchi began acting sad- Even before Patience told her. Guess she knew Patience was gonna come to her senses SOMEDAY.A few days before their 6 month Anniversary, Patience dumped her. HinaUchi got sad, then fuckloads of fantards came. They were all supporting HinaUchi, and therefore, began attacking Patience. Then, HinaUchi had to go and tell people to leave Patience alone. This caused everyone to say the same.


At first I didn't think I should tell you all this, but fuck it, I am. First of all, because Samm and Kitmit won't shut up about it, I'm just going to copy-paste the response I've been giving everyone that notes me. I cheated on Samm. That's the short story. A boy charmed me, made me feel loved, and I went with it, and, instead of telling Samm, I took measures to hide it from her. She started finding out little things, and I kept coming up with excuses, until Kitmit knocked some sense into me. She knew what was going on- she could see it. I told Samm, and left her, for Ryan. Because I fell in love with him, and I won't stay with Samm when I love someone else.

Why did I cheat? I have no excuses for my actions. I could say hormones, or I was young and naive, or I was afraid of commitment. I could have been any of those, and you all would just back off. The real reason? Because I fell in love. Because he was a complete stranger, my best friend's guy, and he came up and put his arm around me, and was a shoulder for me to cry on when things were bad. He texted me all night, and talked to me all the next day, and helped me, and then left his girlfriend for me. We broke up. We had a thing, but we were not officially dating. He took my best friend back, and I was fine with it because he was happy. I left him alone. They broke up again, and he came back after me. We again had a thing, but weren't dating. I was certain we would date again, but he found his latest girlfriend, and boy, was she a story to tell. All of this went on when I was dating Samm, behind her back. I'm not proud of it, but I can't change it.

She was psychopathic. She was paranoid. She would make him tell her his Facebook password, and then delete or block people that he used to date, or that he was friends with that were girls. Including me. She would take his phone and delete numbers from it, and has sent nasty messages to me, pretending to be him. (I knew it wasn't him, because he types like I do, in complete sentences, with punctuation, etc, and the nasty texts were sent all.. text-talky.) They were together about three weeks, and he left her. She kept sending him lovey-dovey posts on his wall on Facebook, and left her Relationship status as in a relationship with him, even though his wasn't. She posted a picture last Wednesday of them kissing, from almost two weeks ago, with "I look to the heavens, the sky and the rest, I looked inside myself, I felt my heart in my chest." Written under it, with a heart around them. After they were broken up, even though he no longer speaks to her.

So yes, I cheated. I had a complete dramatic relationship going on for three months now, behind Samm's back. I still told her I loved her- I did still love her, then... But not like I did. Like I told Voodoo Mama, In February or March, I would never have thought of doing anything to hurt her, never gone out with anyone else, I would have proudly said I was with Samantha Dunlop, who lives all the way in Nevada. I loved her, with all of my heart. But it started to fade, I know it did, because, when Ryan showed up, I said, "Yes" When he asked me to be his. As if there were no one else. Something I never even dreamed I could do to her. So I hid it, because I loved him, and I thought I loved her, and I didn't want to hurt her. I cared about her- still do. I never wanted to see any harm come to her, especially at my hand.

Now I am not dating Ryan. You're all probably going to freak out at this- but it's the truth. I'm not with him, in fact, I'm helping him to get with the girl he loves, because it will make him happy. I'd rather him be friends with me and be with the one that makes him happy, than be with me, and be happy with someone else behind my back, y'know? He deserves happiness. He's had more shit in his life than anyone of fifteen should have to go through. He's told only three people his past, me being one of them. He told me, because he knew I cared, probably more than anyone else out there. He told his best friend in the world, because he could trust him completely not to tell anyone. He told his psycho ex, while they were dating, because she guilted him into it. I know more about him than most other people outside of his family, and I know he deserves happiness.

Now I'm not keeping any secrets from anyone. I'm tired of my life being a lie. It's exhausting, and I'm sick of it. I used to always tell people, "I am a lot of things, but not a liar." And it was true. No longer can I say that, without it, in itself, being a lie.

I'm sorry to all of you who I lied to, when I said Samm and I would be together forever. We are fourteen and sixteen years old. We have yet to even meet. We should have known at the beginning it wouldn't last forever. I, honestly, do not WANT to meet the person I'm going to marry yet. I want to be able to have relationships, to make mistakes, to learn things. Honestly, had none of this ever happened, I might have married Samm. If I married Samm, I would have grown restless. I would have been with her most of my life, save the thirteen before we dated. I would have cheated on her. I know that now, because, I don't love Samm like I thought I did. Samm is not my soulmate, and I'm sorry we ever fooled ourselves to think we were soulmates.

Now you know the whole story, the complete story.

So, in conclusion, she's allowed to cheat on Hinafag by moving on to another boy (a week later) to only break his heart ,because, she needed a void filled from her recent boytoy( whom she cheated on Fagatron with). Hinafag on the other hand, isn't allowed to do any of this apparently.


Then finally after 100 years, people started settling down.


That poor dog. The bone connects to the spine. How painful, I'm crying IRL because I feel so bad for it..

About 2 days after Samm and Patience's breakup, Samm decided to fall in love with another girl named "Dani". Literally. Two. Fucking. Days. After. Just shows how "in love" Samm was with Patience.

But get this; she fell in love with her WHILE SHE WAS FUCKING 12. Yeah. She's 13 now, but they "fell in love" while Dani was 12. Aaaand Samm is 16. Samm has earned pedobear's seal of approval. Samm did the same thing she did with Patience on their anniversary. Made a retarded slide-show to a crappy love song with pictures of their fursonas.

After writing several nauseating journals of her unconditional,pedophile,adult-rated love; HinaUchi split from her little grooming pet, 'Dani' the 13 year old girl. Give it a month or so before she runs off with the next piece of lesbian jailbait and smothers dA with her TL;DR paragraphs of how she wants to grow old with thee and be their soul mate 5eva.

After a whole month of being pedophilia with her 13-year-old girlfriend, and posting OMG WE'RE GO1NG TO BE TOGETHYUR 4EVUR, they split and the bawwing continued. And did I mention furry lesbian relationships are so srs?


Out of the blue, Rena has suddenly decided that she's in love with this 19 year old who never gave two shits about her before now! Hina fell for an asexual genderfluid named Kyuu (now Ibee) or popularly known as Deviantart-favicon.png Ten-Days-Till-Sunday for A WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR! HINAS LONGEST RELATIONSHIP! Ten-Days was obviously more mature than Hina would ever be, but hey, AT LEAST SHE GOT POPULAR! Hina was known for harassing Ibee and being rude to her, causing their OH SO DRAMATIC breakup after 1 year. Samm harassed her to the point where Ibee had to block her.

Hina's behavior after their breakup cause some people to think they had hate for each other. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! The WHOLE BREAKUP was because of Samm's harassment, said Ibee on her tumblr sticky-fingers-the-evil-bum.

Samm was SU MADD!!1 that she deleted all of her drawings and speedpaints she did for Ten-Days except for the very last one.

On Ten-Days' tumblr, she regards what being with Samm was like.

So much for "forever"

So, after a year and a bit of dating and constantly saying "We will be together, forever", Ten-Days and Hinafag broke up. Due to some people bawwing and being emo, Ten-Days wrote a informative journal explaining it all. Oh, don't be sad guys, Hinafag will find a new lover soon... but did you think shed find another lover IN TWO FUCKING DAYS! That's right! Samm loved Ten-Days SO MUCH!

New sexuality and ETHAN!!1

As recently announced, HinaUchi is now dating a transexual! Her-- or should I say HIS, name is "Ethan" or more commonly known as Shibutts, or by Samm as "Meagan". Despite their claim of being transexual, they don't wish to go through any sort of surgery because penises are NASTY. In a different manner of speaking, she has simply confused the word "transsexual" with crossdresser.

Samm, and her fuckbuddy Catlyn Deviantart-favicon.png dallymally or Deviantart-favicon.png st00pidpuppy are the only ones that can call her a "her", and will proceed with flipping their shit on anyone that does the same. Apparently, after meeting in person, Samm now refers to Ethan as a boy. It took her damn near enough time. Along with Meagan's switch over to the MANLY side, HinaUchi has now settled for being a "genderfluid female", a claim which is even more riddled with bullshit than her also recent claim of being a "Demisexual lesbian". Demisexual, a word that isn't even in the dictionary, stands for "A person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they build a deep and emotional bond with someone". {Cue manic laughter}

In the event that Samm is confronted about this, she'll violently fling Urban Dictionary links at you, being that she is a person of pride and respect and backs up her allegations with only the utmost reliable sources.

Samm, in an attempt to be supportive of her new sitting duck of a girlfriend, has formed herself to fit Meagans image as a genderfluid male, and draws Meagans fursona, Fen, violently jamming his dog penis up her gaping lesbian va-j-j. So much for PROUD LESBIAN, right??

According to her Tumblr, they had hot lesbian sex in her parents house, which her Mom was ok about. Right, because any self-respecting mother would approve of a tranny Canadian who they've never met come stay at their home and sleep in their daughters bed and hope that they don't infect her gaping vaj with moar STDs.

So on the 26th March 2013, It turns out Ethan and HinaUchi broke up after only 4 months of dating. How sad? Nope! As it turns out Ethan gave Samm a dose of her own medicine. How you may ask? Simple. It turns out on Samm's birthday, Ethan went out on a 'date' with his ex and only kissed them, which of course made Samm very upset. Samm went so far as to say that Ethan "had been cheating on her for 3/4ths of their relationship" and to also say that "Ethan wanted to fuck his ex in the bathroom". Which, in Ethan's response, was a joke...

This break-up, however, caused more drama than normal as many flames were given out. Whiteknights and trolls fought head to head, some just watched from the sidelines but, the big shitstorm of all was the leakage of the nudes. Yes, that's right, in news it turns out one of Ethan's buddies ,known as Casper, sent nudes of Samm to another person who decided to posted them on tumblr out of rage. This caused a lot of shit to happen. Samm responded to the leaked nudes of herself by in return uploading Ethan's nudes for revenge before removing them after. Too bad the damage is done, no?

This ,ladies and gents, shows us that anyone can do children porn as both Samm and Ethan were 17 years old at the time.

Anyway, we now sit and wait now for Hina to find someone new.

Furs, why so dramatic?!

I were Rape!!1

Samm has claimed that her "friend" Catlyn Deviantart-favicon.png dallymally (or her secret account, Deviantart-favicon.png st00pidpuppy raped her. This is the second time that Samm has been "raped". Despite this being the second time, her girlfriend, or should I say BOYFRIEND, believes her fat lying ass. We all know Samm WOULD NEVER TELL A LIE!

Catlyn posted screenshots on her Tumblr about her "raping" Sam. According to the screenshots, Samm cheated on her sex slave "because it felt good." In the screenshot Samm blatantly says they did everything lesbian except for strap-ons. So, because Samm doesn't want to be dumped, she blames Catlyn so she gets away with her cheating ass, and Catlyn gets spit on. Seems logical?

After deleting her DA she writes, again, that she slept with Deviantart-favicon.png DallyMally out of guilt. Yeah, believable.

Looks like it is 45VA TOGETHER

Even though, we thought the whole "5EVA I LOVE YOU ETHUNG", was over it, they gave the world a huge middle finger and decided to get back together on the 1st of April. Must be true love, if they can forgive each other from spreading nudes and cheating on each other like it was nothing.. What faggots! It;s not like this was much a surprise either, since Hinafag was writing "I love Ethan" and "I liked my ex", all over her tumblr. No joke ALL OVER HER TUMBLR. Oh well, let's sit back and watch this fatal movie of BAWSSS, rants and Drama all over again... Also did anyone else notice that since Ethan returned on the scene we get no mention of Casper or that Zoe person, these two kept bringing up? Hm. Same here. Poor suckers.


SO After the whole getting back together shit Samm and Ethan pulled out of their ass, they continued to scam people off and make shitty commissions until Ethan returned to Samm's shithole of a house. He has been there since mid-summer and during the time him being there he has only adapted to Samm's mind controlling ways, such as being a dick to people when he use to be nice and doing her commissions for her. BUT HOLD ON IT GETS BETTER! After selling a fursuit head of a Shibe, for $300, it came to people attention from Samm's tumblr that the two of them got married on the 4th November 2013. THATS RIGHT! THESE TWO SHITZ GOT MARRIED! Turns out Samm and Ethan traveled to Florida to get a same-sex marriage with their 'savings', to get hitched so Ethan can stay longer.

And has anyone heard from that Shibe head since.. NOPE!!!11 Wonder how long it will take for that to be ship out.... 100000 years most likely.


Samm was found out to be abusing Fen (formerly known as Ethna) which surprised fucking no one. Some of the things she has done apparently is punching holes through doors, and forcing her cuntlicker to work for her because she was too god damn lazy. They broke up around September of 2017 and Fen fled to Canada in fear of being swallowed by the moldy vagina queen. To add to this entire debacle, Samm still had Fen's dog Quill when Fen left, who she was apparently starving to death and had to be rescued by a third party. BUT NO WORRIES, Samm was already openly cheating on Fen with a BRAND NEW ASSLICKER, (This time a male!) named Austin. Since Fen ran away from her, and Samm owing $5,000 in unpaid rent she now lives with him. He is apparently rich enough to take her on vacations but not enough to pay off her increasingly owing debt. Did we mention he's a greasy cuck with one testicle who doesn't use soap? yeah. This relationship seems based on money alone, and once Hina is done sucking him and his dick dry of any cash and semen he has left we expect she'll be onto her next victim.


A whole section of the article made just for Hina's Drama.

Fucking with Commissions and Art Trades

New drama has been stirred up on Hinauchi's page. Someone request an art trade around a year ago and still hasn't received it. Another person wanted a commission and never received their commissions. The people have been trying to get Hina to do their things since it's been such a long time with no word on them.

[-+]The conversation

(ART TRADE PERSON) Since it feels like you're ignoring my note again, though whether intentional or not, I will ask here. What is the progress on our trade? I'm sorry that it might seem like I'm nagging you, but I've become worried that it may not come after waiting for over a year.

(COMMISSIONER) I'm glad that I'm not the only one feeling the same here. I sent her a note regarding my commission and she hasn't replied..

(ART TRADE PERSON) Sorry to hear that bro. Yeah, noting doesn't seem to help or gain you priority in her book. "i had more important things to do that draw a kittycat. i apologize. it's not like you paid for it, it isnt a my top priority, of course ill get to it, but its not as important as my commissions." If she's not responding to you about your commission, then I worry about my trade. Well, worry more than I am now.

(COMMISSIONER) Yeah, I can see that. I noted her because I don't want to cause drama by commenting. But it seems that this is the only way to actually get her attention. :/Yeah, I read that. I cannot believe she said that. I hope she notices soom or else I'll comment here about it.

(ART TRADE PERSON) Yeah that seems fair enough.So hey bro, I hope you get that taken care of soon, I should probably stop talking about this stuff on her page, so I'll have to bring this to an end. If you wanna discuss more about your problem, just shoot me a note.

(COMMISSIONER) Okay then :3

(CyanBirdDog) dude you'll get your trade, im just not in the mood for drawing a cat right now sorry. and no, it wasnt intentional, im rather sloppy when it comes to notes. so many girls in here where do i begin

(ART TRADE PERSON) If you'd like, I could change it to a canine character, or even an anthro one? It honestly doesn't matter to which you draw. xP But honestly, that's a rather bad excuse to keep me waiting a year+.

(CyanBirdDog) I'd prefer not to do anthro, since that isnt what I got in return.i had more important things to do that draw a kittycat. i apologize.it's not like you paid for it, it isnt a my top priority, of course ill get to it, but its not as important as my commissions. so many girls in here where do i begin

(ART TRADE PERSON) Though you never got money directly, you got a piece of art and my time. In my eyes, trades are equivalent to commissions in that respect, but I don't expect you to share my views. It seems like I never got any kind of priority in the time I've been waiting. Even when it seemed you were long finished with a batch of commissions, you took on more and more? I mean, I understand that it's a form of income for you, but you shouldn't have taken my offer if you didn't expect to get it done in a month or so.And I'd appreciate it if you cut the sass. Like I said, I could change the character if that'd help.

(CyanBirdDog) sorry my attitude doesn't suit your fancy, i wasnt set here to please people.i dont recall opening for more coms during my backlog, the only time i took more coms was a day or so ago because my bank was in negative balance from 3 overdraft fees of 35$ each, making me -105, but that was via FA, and all I had to do was auctions, a feral, and pwyw.i dont really care be it dog or cat, dog isn't going to make me get to it any faster, besides i should practice cat anatomy anyway.and no, trades aren't an equivalent to commissions to me, sorry.so many girls in here where do i begin

(ART TRADE PERSON) I understand that, but don't expect to be treated nicely in return if you're not pleasant to those you speak to. You always say that you treat others how they treat you, but I don't recall ever being harsh to you without reason, if at all. I really can't prove or disprove that since I'm not involved in the process, but you have posted journals about the iron artist challenge, and, like you said, you took commissions on FA while you were still backlogged. Again, I can't prove that you actually took any on on here, especially if you never keep any kind of to-do list visible for your customers and fans. That always did confuse me, though. Why do you not have one on your page?

(CyanBirdDog) I'm not even being harsh to you, so I don't see what youre going on about.I talk about upcoming commission events for myself, such as, iron artist. I don't keep a list on my page because it makes it look messy and unorganized, and un-needingly long. I star my commission notes to keep track. so many girls in here where do i begin

(ART TRADE PERSON) I didn't say you were harsh, I was just referring to our earlier problem where I said I didn't appreciate your sass in this situation and you responded with more sass and how you basically implied that you didn't have to reply with decency since you "aren't here to please people". At least that's what I took from it.That's understandable, though you said yourself your notes are jumbled and stuff. I'm trying to find a good format for a list myself. It's definitely a learning process.I really don't want to have a big argument here, so could we cut some sort of deal to wrap this convo up? Like set a date two or three months from now that you think you could get it done by? Just so I can stop nagging you about this? It'd make me feel a lot better, and I think it sounds reasonable after over a year of wait for just a trade.

(CyanBirdDog) Not my fault you're taking what I say as sass, kind of hard to portray emotion through a screen. No, I said I'm rather sloppy with keeping up to my notes, meaning I usually forget to reply or will get distracted and lose tract, I star my commissioner notes after payment is sent and they are kept in the starred tab, not that hard. I'm not the one who wanted to comment on my portrayed attitude. Sure, give me 3 months or more likely less. so many girls in here where do i begin

(ART TRADE PERSON) That's true, but it's hard to read it else ways. Maybe it was just the typing format? Like the way you're typing now seems a bit more clear to me. Oh whatevs, it doesn't matter.I might have to try that at some point...I don't believe the argument was primarily about your attitude? I mean, yeah it made me uncomfortable the way you typed what you were trying to say, but I thought we were mostly talking about the trade business. Okie doke. I'll keep tabs on this for a later date. I hope to have this conflict completely resolved soon.

Shit nobody cares about

HinaUchi denying the truth.

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, HinaUchi has officially proclaimed her everlasting love for some irrelevant whore (Number five in the past few months?). Despite having said that she won't announce her business on the internet anymore, she has once again let everyone and their grandmother know that they're dating. Because everyone gives a shit that this fat, greasy, cow is shlicking to erotic pictures of their tongues photoshopped together.

Break-up count-down: 5... 4... 3.... 2.. BAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!

OMG RENA GOT BANNED?!>1?!!.!?.1/1./

After the upload of a questionable picture, HinaUchi finally got what her nasty ass had coming –– the good ole' b& and v&. HinaUchi is a dumbass and harassed people apparently. No one knows, no one really cares.


After a long time of being banned, HinaUcheyz is back. Her fantards keep flooding her with gifts to earn respect from their idol. Her cancer has vanished. Wow. MINDFUCK. Thu Mar 1, 2012, 10:04 PM, Hinauchi posted a journal after coming back from such a long ban

Scam Artist

People who have bought commissions from Samm are coming out and are stating that they have not received their commission yet. When confronted about this,Samm shits out some bullshit excuse or story. She usually spends the money before finishing her masterpieces, so that in the case of a refund, she can't give them their money back!

Actually, the way you type usually says a lot about how you act, and it's proving that point very well in your case. This is your reputation, I'm surprised you're not conducting yourself in a more professional way, going so far as to use unclever memes. I think if you actually found this whole thing funny you wouldn't be posting here.

It doesn't matter if you're telling the truth or not when it comes to your real-life issues, the blunt point is that no one wants to hear them. Maybe some people do, but it just comes off as really unprofessional. Again, no one pays to get art and hear your life story at the same time. It's a business transaction, treat it as such. You don't order a product off of a website and expect a "Sorry, can't ship your package, the owner of this company had a relative pass away," they'd just apologize for the inconvenience, which is what you should have done.

So Stop. Doing it. You're guilt tripping.


Upon going to her deviantART, you'll be greeted with a big 'ol deactivated notice. Apparently she couldn't take the 'drama' that she made anymore. After becoming suicidal and writing a sad journal she deactivated and left. Let's just hope she decided to come back late and can't get her account back. Or you know, she could stay off the Internet forever and do us a great favor.


So after the long battle of Rena refusing to finish the owed fursuit commission or refund the poor girl, she has finally decided to take legal action!! If Rena doesn't give her 600$ by her 18th birthday she's getting a big fat ol' lawsuit plastered in her fat greasy face. Her tranny girlfriend decided she would take matters into her own hands and try to raise 600$ by saying she doesn't want donations, but instead wants people to work for her and give her all the money. because that's any better. We all know without the help Of DallyMally Rena and her tranny won't be getting that money. Let's sit back and relax and watch this beautiful lawsuit unfold. According to her "boyfriend", she has paid back one commission of 600$. We later discovered that Samm had, in fact, NOT finished the fursuit and has once again lied! Surprise Surprise. After scamming user Azeska out of her money for the fursuit she continued to ignore her and make excuses.

Comment screen shot one
Comment screen shot two


Keeping with her atypical hipster style, Rena moved to taxidermy or what she thinks is taxidermy. She loves to over price usually cheap fur just because she knows her fans will buy anything that they believed she has touched with her greasy hands. Despite claiming to be a legit Taxidermist, people have said otherwise about her skills in the hobby. Rumors float around about Hina buying illegal pelts from various place.

Taxidermy profile

She also has a taxidermy.net account

On the account, she tries selling her plushies. The buyers are typically kids who think they are top shits and are looking for 'cheap mountable rare pelts' to have a good first experience with fur plushies. If Samm isn't making any sales, she will drop the prices extremely low just to make money.


Some horny bastard by the name of Acid-Chan went to a porn site and typed in 'HinaUchi' and found porn images she has drawn. Which caused fans to go into a riot shouting 'EWWW SHE DRAWS PORN I DONT LIKE HUR ANYMOARRR' or 'OH MY GOD WHO THE HELL CARES' and everyone was just rioting again. The whiteknights and the trolls were once again back. But then it just died eventually. Haha retards.


Yes what about Dani's dog? Or your cancer Rena? You lost the KOW contest what happens now?

Whenever someone confronts her apparent "illness" or why her mom refuses to take her to the doctors on dA or Youtube, she either ignores you, hides or flags comment as spam, gives you a poorly thought of excuse or goes into rage bitch mode. Why would someone who could be seriously sick deep within (as she claims its internal) act this way? O right because she isn't sick at all and the only hospital she can go to is the one in Imaginary World. Keep on confronting her on if she's been to the doctors yet, if she's had blood tests, checkups etc, it's been SEVERAL WEEKS since she claimed to be sick, by now she should have gotten all the necessary testing done. But as we all know there isn't anything wrong with her, she's even running for a new King of Web contest which she claims will help towards 'bills, food and refunds for commissions'.

Our bullshit meter is at boiling point right now.


Some trololol apparently "hacked into her DeviantArt account" and deactivated it, causing mass butthurt while in reality it was just her whoring for attention. BUTNAO SHE HAS NEW ACCOUNT LOLOLOL Once Rena got her account back, she completely ignored every comment asking about it and only replied to hate mail with things she thought were witty at the time.

Best. Journal. Ever.

After Rena spewed so much hatred across her page but also sickened the minds of so many young fans, one user named *Deviantart-favicon.png LightlyLexi (fuckin' gone) finally took a stand and wrote a journal that even Rena couldn't flame over properly. You can see this right here: same journal as above, though interestingly enough, LightlyLexi had previously covered for HinaUchi's fake suicide months before...???

This changed the minds of more than thought fantards of Rena, but some still remained true whiteknights to their master.

but its her money if she wants to cast it on fire and dance naked around it so be it. what ever she does with it wont effect u in any way



I'm not even gonna try and convince anyone that Rena isn't a bad person or anything, cause they're no point. You don't win with people like this. But, I will say one thing. I still love Samm. This doesn't change how I feel about her at all. To me, she's a great person and always will be.



Now when did she fake suicide? SEE now you making shit up.



LightlyLexi ended up removing the journal when fans of Rena, whiteknights, and Rena disguised as a fan all told LightlyLexi that she would be deactivated if she didn't destroy such an untruthful fake journal!


Explain this.

And DON'T give me the "ITS JUST A BAWW JOURNAL OH BAWBAWBAW" shit. I think people deserve to know what's really going on.


—Ciyasaur, I think you all really need to stay out of my business for one o.O and, for the record, Lexi just made that cause she got upset over me blocking her. c: I'll be going to the hospital sometimes this week or next. Till then, mind your own.

It's kind of hard to mind our own business when all you ever do is publicly post about your business EVERYWHERE.


King of the web is an online competition where lucky the winner with the most votes will take home $4,500.00 Rena decided to join this competition under the cosplay category and posted a journal on her deviantART to gain votes quickly. In the journal see says;

I guess you win 4,500$ if you get the most votes, if I win I'd make refunds, help my family with bills, maybe see Danielle and what ever is left give it to a friend in need, and maybe I'll make a fursuit head, paws, and tail, and I'll auction it off for free, I'll draw names into a hat or jar or something and on a certain date I'll pull a name and who ever wins get's the suit xD Funn!



After a few days pass Rena realizes that she can't win on her popularity alone, so out of nowhere she claims she might have cancer, and after people started calling bullshit she dragged her current girlfriends dog into it, who actually has a tumor on his eye. She claims she wants to give some of the winning to her girlfriend to she can get the tumor removed, making it sound like Danielle can't afford the surgery when in fact, she already has the money for it. Rena is merely trying to get pity votes. HinaUchi began losing on KOW, for the main contest title she aimed for, due to another furfag artist who can't accept criticism on her badly drawn yiff animations. This artist is beating HinaUchi by over 9000 votes thanks to more knighting furfags. But Miss Full Of Bullshit still has a chance at winning the Cosplay King award of $450. Don't let it happen.


Rena's way of answering
Only people guilty of bullshitting get this defensive. BAAAW UR A FUCKING RETARD FUCK OFF BAAAW!!111

Section for Hina's Lies.


Hina decided to tell all of her fans that she had a 50-50 chance of having cancer or internal bleeding BEFORE going to the doctor! :D Her excuse for not going to the doctor was that she lived too far out, but OH, SHE LIVES IN LAS VEGAS!

Some people think that her "pooper hole blood" was from using anal beads or dildos, as she admits to have bought a dildo around that time. There is also a screenshot of Hina telling her ex gf Deviantart-favicon.png Ten-Days-Till-Sunday Ten-Days about her "masturbation adventure with anal beads, shit was so tight"

Hina says her mother won't take her to the hospital. But but it's been several weeks! Surely a concerned mother, relative or friend would go out their way to help this poor child see a doctor for her internal bleeding? Nope, apparently they all live "too far away". lolbullshittingmebro.

I lied about suicide and rape! :D

In b4 comments are hidden. So it's true, she DID lie about her suicide and rape. Isn't that wonderful? Doesn't that make her a great person? Proof! Oh and her fans still insist that even after she lied, she's still a good person! Normal people make mistakes right? Normal people lie about rape and suicide right? AWWRITE!

Lying about being raped and committing suicide is awwwrite!


Hina decided to change her story as to what the money is for on her Youtube channel, her girlfriend's dog who has a eye tumor that is OBVVVVVIOUSLY not photoshopped.

"BAAAAAW I WANT TO HELP MY FRIEND PLEASE VOTE FOR ME PLEASE BAAAAAW!!!111one". So "i has a sick dog", "cancur" and "i got hackd!1" are Hina's 3 glorious stories to win asspats from her shitloads of fans!


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Rawrgimmeahug.

Deviantart-favicon.png rawrgimmeahug (deactivated), Deviantart-favicon.png bugfuck or Deviantart-favicon.png mcchickensweetheart (bawleeted) is Beka, Hina's most notorious tracer and copyer, which she doesn't do anymore, but it's still fun to laugh at. Beka told everybody she never traced, she even made a whole fucking stamp about how much she hated Hina. LIAR MUCH? Beka's fursona, whose last name was fucking Hersheybutt, was AN EXACT COPY of Rena, but the brown spots were gold instead. Hersheyass had the same bandana as Rena and basically everything else that was Rena. Beka is a 15 year old emo girl/guy who tells everybody about herself cutting and being suicidal, which also helped her gain as much popularity as Samm.


As of 2018 it is known that Hinauchi / Samm / LittleRedAsshole or whatever currently owes her commissioners over 5,000 fucking dollars in owed commissions, holy shit. Instead of facing her fucking debt, she posted a shitty apology to her twitter and disappeared, only to come back retweeting random things and ignoring all her customers, which is evidential if you go into her twitter tag. Everyone is waiting for her to make an actual post right now so they can jump on her greasy ass about refunds because her asslicking commissioners have disappeared completely and are all pissed off that they got scammed. (we fucking warned you idiots) She currently hides on her locked AD twitter and does commissions for the few whiteknights she has left. We only wonder how long it will be until they all leave her too, but considering that some old friends went back to her to get shitty drawings of their characters and are coddling and asspatting her for completing a total of 3 chibi commissions since 2016, only time will tell. Funnily enough, many of her ex friends had been trash talking her and calling her an awful person previously only to turn around and be BFFS FUR EVAR!!!! one of these people even ran the infamous Samm-Logic blog which is now BAWLETTED. Turns out the person running it was Dani, the then-13 year old she had dated for a grand total of 2 weeks several years ago and was SO TRAUMATISED BAWWWW that she dedicated 4+ years into harassing Samm and documenting it all.

Samm to this day has not gotten her shit together, and probably never will, she'll forever remain a shitstain on the internet waiting to snatch up her next luv victim for moar money milking and vagina licking.

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