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The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you.


TJ Lane

You thought it was one pathetic boy's life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenceless people.


Cho Seung Hui

God told me to eat Leung's colon.


Lam Kor Wan

Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie.


Brenton Tarrant

This is payback day!


George Hennard

There will be a day when one Jew will take revenge on the Arabs.


Baruch Goldstein

On the gun licence [sic] application form I stated: “hunting deer”. It would have been tempting to just write the truth; “executing category A and B cultural Marxists/multiculturalist traitors” just to see their reaction:P


Anders Behring Breivik

I understand what they felt... I have no sympathy for them.


Timothy McVeigh

Screw your optics, I'm going in.


Robert Bowers

Meme magic is real. May the LORD Christ be with you all.


John Earnest

I'm still waiting for a mass shooter who eschews 9mm pistols and instead buys an AK-47 pistol, 30 30-round magazines, and 1000 hollow points.


Adam Lanza

You will die next.


Mr. Saari

If you're going to do something, do it well.


Charles Manson

I feel Manson was possessed by demons and I think I was possessed by the same spirit that Charles Manson was possessed by. The psychiatrists called it shared madness. That is, we were all in one devil and we did what the devil said do. I am not blaming what I did on him, or evil spirits. I yielded myself to it, so I take the blame.


Tex Watson

About 26.5 hours from now the judgement will begin. Difficult but not impossible, necessary, nervewracking & fun. What fun is life without a little death? It's interesting, when i'm in my human form, knowing i'm going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it.


Dylan Klebold

Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, and how fucking weak I am and shit. Well, I will get you all back, ultimate fucking revenge here. You people should have showed me more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like a senior, and maybe I wouldn't have been as ready to tear your fucking heads off.


Eric Harris

Behold, the most treasured and infamous of all rankings in human civilization. From depressed loners to religious extremists, below are the names of the individuals who have achieved the most kills in modern history. They are proof of how depraved and batshit crazy humanity can become, and they will forever be etched into the annals of bad memories. Oh, and for fuck's sake, don't try to get yourself on this list, retard.

FPS, Single Player

The VIP club of the 21st century gold standard of murder. These 50 persons hold the highest number of kills by a single gunman. Every year, a new inductee vies for a place in the club and must oust one member. This constant struggle for membership guarantees a virtuous cycle of lulz that appears to have no end in sight.

Please note that as of now, the club is comprised entirely of men, so if there's one glass ceiling that feminists should strive to break, it's this one.

1 MiniflagNorway.png Anders Behring BreivikEd high score platinum medal.png 69 (67 by Breivik) 110 (32 by Breivik) N 2011
2 MiniflagUSA.png Stephen PaddockEd high score gold medal.png 60 867 Y 2017
3 MiniflagSKorea.png Woo Bum-konEd high score silver medal.png 56 35 Y 1982
4 MiniflagAustralia.png Brenton TarrantEd high score bronze medal.png 51 49 (40 by Tarrant) N 2019
5 MiniflagUSA.png Omar Mateen 49 58 N* 2016
6 Miniflag Turkey.png Abdulkadir Masharipov 39 70 N 2017
7 Tunisia miniflag.png Seifeddine Rezgiui Yacoubi 38 39 N 2015
8 Democratic Republic of the Congo William Unek 36 30+ N 1957
9 MiniflagAustralia.png Martin Bryant 35 24 (23 by Bryant) N 1996
10 MiniflagRussia.png Ahmed Ibragimov 35 20+ N** 1999
11 MiniflagUSA.png Cho Seung-Hui 32 25 (17 by Cho) Y 2007
12 MiniflagJapan.png Mutsuo Toi 30 3 Y 1938
13 MiniflagThailand.png Jakrapanth Thomma 30 58 N* 2020
14 MiniflagIsrael.png Baruch Goldstein 29 125 N** 1994
15 Flag of Colombia.png Campo Elías Delgado 29 12 N* 1986
16 MiniflagChina.png Tian Mingjian 28 47 N* 1994
17 MiniflagUSA.png Adam Lanza 27 2 Y 2012
18 MiniflagUSA.png Devin Patrick Kelley 26 20 Y 2017
19 MiniflagUganda.png Richard Komakech 26 13 N** 1994
20 MiniflagUSA.png George Hennard 23 27 Y 1991
21 MiniflagUSA.png Patrick Crusius 23 23 N 2019
22 Sudan Abbas al-Baqir Abbas 22-27 31 N* 2000
23 MiniflagCanada.png Gabriel Wortman 22 3 N* 2020
24 MiniflagYemen.png Unknown 22 ? N* 1994
25 MiniflagUSA.png James Huberty 21 19 N* 1984
26 United States Salvador Ramos 21 13 N* 2022
27 MiniflagUganda.png Unknown 21 ? Y 1983
28 MiniflagRussia.png Vladislav Roslyakov 21 70 Y 2018
29 MiniFlagFrance.png Giuseppe Marco Fieschi 18 22 N 1835
30 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Whitman 17 31 N* 1966
31 MiniflagUSA.png Nikolas Cruz 17 17 N 2018
32 MiniflagUK.png Thomas Hamilton 17 15 Y 1996
33 MiniflagRussia.png Peter Grachev 17 3 N 1925
34 Laos Unknown 16 60 ? 1978
35 MiniflagUK.png Michael Ryan 16 15 Y 1987
36 MiniflagIndonesia.png Sanurip 16 11 N 1996
37 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Bales 16 6 N 2012
38 MiniflagUSA.png Ronald Simmons 16 4 N 1987
39 MiniflagGermany.png Robert Steinhäuser 16 1 Y 2002
40 MiniflagGermany.png Tim Kretschmer 15 9 Y 2009
41 MiniFlagFrance.png Abd el Maleck 15 9 N 1945
42 MiniFlagFrance.png Éric Borel 15 4 Y 1995
43 MiniflagChina.png Taian Gong 15 (12 by Gong) 0 N 1999
44 MiniflagRussia.png Vladislav Chelah 15 0 N 2012
45 MiniflagAfghanistan.png Mohammad Zaman 15-16 ? Y 2009
46 MiniflagEgypt.png Omar Abdul Razeq Abdullah Rifai 15 ? N* 2013
47 Democratic Republic of the Congo Unknown 14-17 19 Y 1995
48 Switzerland Friedrich Leibacher 14 18 Y 2001
49 MiniflagCanada.png Marc Lépine 14 14 Y 1989
50 MiniflagIran.png Siavash Rahmani-Aqdam 14 11 N* 1998

*Killed by cops
**Killed by civilian
***Weighted Rank (1 kill = 3 injuries = 1 point)
****Efficiency Rank ( (kills / (kills+injuries) ) * 100 )

FPS, Co-Op Mode

Teamwork, fuck yeah! These death squads send a positive message that collaboration, communication, and cooperation are key components in any group-oriented mission.

1 MiniflagRussia.png Team Riyad-us Saliheen 385+ 783 N*** 2004
2 MiniflagEgypt.png Team IS 311 122+ N 2017
3 Indiaminiflag.gif Team Lashkar-e-Taiba 175 600+ N**** 2008
4 MiniFlagFrance.png Team IS 130 368 Y 2015
5 Somalia.jpg Team Al-Shabaab 67 175 N 2013
6 MiniflagMexico.jpg Team Los Zetas 53 10 N 2011
7 MiniflagChina.png Jiang Liming, Feng Wanhai 32 16 Y, N 1995
8 MiniflagEgypt.png Team IS 28 22 N 2017
9 MiniflagBelgium.png Team Brabant 28 22 N 1981-1985
10 MiniflagChina.png Wang Mingfang, Wang Mingchao 21 5 N, N 1981
11 MiniflagMexico.jpg Unknown 18 0 N 2017
12 MiniflagUSA.png John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo 17 10 N**,N 2002
13 MiniflagGermany.png Team Black September 15 0 N 1972
14 MiniflagUSA.png Team San Bernardino 14 17 N*,N* 2015
15 MiniflagMexico.jpg Team Barrio Azteca 14 8 N 2017
16 MiniFlagFrance.png Jean-Pierre Lardanchet, André Friedli  14 0 Y, Y 1995
17 MiniflagUSA.png Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold 13 24 Y,Y 1999
18 MiniFlagFrance.png Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi (Team IS) 12 11 N*,N* 2015
19 MiniflagJapan.png Kumatarō Kido, Yagorō Tani 11 0 Y, Y 1893
20 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Starkweather, Caril Ann Fugate 11 0 N, N 1957-1958
21 MiniflagUSA.png Team Marseille 10 0 N 1978
22 MiniflagSpain.png Antonio Izquierdo, Emilio Izquierdo 9 12 N, N 1990
23 MiniflagRussia.png Almaz Shageev, Mikhail Sukhorukov 9 2 Y, Y********* 2002
24 Flag of Brazil.png Marcos Taverna, Marcos Proceke 9 0 N, N 2003
25 Flag of Brazil.png Emival Menezes Lima, Carlos Roberto Ximenes 9 0 N, N 1984
26 MiniflagUK.png Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane, Youssef Zaghba 8 47 N*, N*, N* 2017
27 MiniflagUSA.png Dale Hausner, Samuel Dietman 8 19 Y**********, N 2005-2006
28 MiniflagUSA.png Walter Jones, William Jones 8 14 N, N 1913
29 Flag of Brazil.png Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, Luiz Henrique de Castro 8 11 Y, Y 2019
30 MiniflagUSA.png John Michael Legg, Frederic Rogers 7 0 N,N 2020
31 MiniflagFrance.png Team Sofitel 7 0 N 1983
32 MiniflagRussia.png Dmitry Belkov, Andrey Bogdashin 6 3 N,N 1994
33 MiniflagRussia.png Denis Smyshlyaev, Yevgeny Samoilov  6 1 N,N 2001
34 MiniflagUSA.png Mitchell Johnson, Andrew Golden 5 10 N,N 1998
35 MiniflagUSA.png David Anderson, Francine Graham (Team Black Hebrew Israelite) 5 3 N*, N* 2019
36 MiniflagEgypt.png Unknown 5 0 N,N 2017
37 MiniflagRussia.png Aleksandr Zhidkov, Michael Veretel'nik 4 14 N,N 1975
38 MiniflagIsrael.png Khalid al-Mahmara, Muhammad Mahmara 4 7 N,N 2016
39 MiniflagAustralia.png Badsha Mahommed Gool, Mullah Abdullah 4 7 N,N 1915
40 MiniflagRussia.png Sergey Khrushch, Konstantin Krylov 4 0 N,N 1996
41 MiniflagUSA.png Team Hialeah 3 20 N 2021
42 MiniflagPoland.png Stanisław Ławrynowicz, Janusz Obrąpalski 3 10 Y,Y 1925
43 MiniflagGermany.png Hans-Jürgen Rösner, Dieter Degowski 3 4 N, N 1988
44 MiniflagCanada.png Kam McLeod, Bryer Schmegelsky 3 0 Y, Y 2019
45 MiniflagUSA.png Jerad and Amanda Miller 3 0 N,Y 2014
46 MiniflagUK.png Team Braybrook 3 0 N 1966
47 MiniflagUK.png Robert Mone, Thomas McCulloch 3***** 0 N,N 1976
48 MiniflagUK.png Paul Helfeld, Jacob Lepidus 2 21 Y, Y 1910
49 MiniflagSweden.png Team Gothenburg 2 15 N 2015
50 MiniflagUSA.png Steven Carrillo, Robert Justus 2 3 N, N 2020
51 MiniflagUK.png Team Linwood 2 1 N 1969
52 MiniflagUSA.png Team Central Arkansas 2 1 N 2008
53 MiniflagUSA.png Benjamin Matthew Williams, James Tyler Williams 2 0 N, N 1999
54 MiniflagRussia.png Yuri Dovgan, Alexander Kochetkov 2 0 N,N********* 1996
55 MiniflagUSA.png Larry Phillips Jr, Emil Mătăsăreanu 1 21 Y, N 1997
56 MiniflagUSA.png Terry Brown, Devondre Phillips. 1 14 N, N 2021
57 MiniflagUSA.png Columbus Jones Jr, Braylon Rogers 1 11 N 2011
58 MiniflagRussia.png Sergey Taboritsky, Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork 1 9 N 1922
59 MiniflagUSA.png Team Norco 1 9 N 1980
60 MiniflagUSA.png Michael Sanon, James Echols 1 8 N, N 2017
61 MiniflagIndia.png Team Bangalore 1 4 N 2005
62 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Harless, Jason McCoy 1 3 N,N 1988
63 Miniflag Belgium.png Kevin Lapeire, Dietwin Hægeman 1 3****** N,N******* 2018
64 MiniflagIreland.png Team Regency 1 2 N 2016
65 MiniflagIreland.png Tadgh O'Sullivan, Diarmuid O'Sullivan 1 0 Y, Y 2020
66 MiniflagUSA.png The Order 1 0 N******** 1984
67 MiniflagUSA.png Anthony Rutherford, Jonathan Moore, Joseph Burris 1 0 N 1986
68 MiniflagIndia.png Akash Yadav, Vikas Yadav 1 0 N, N 2007

*Killed by police.

**Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in 2009.

*** "From 34 attackers, 32 of which entered, 31 died.[1]" One was lynched by civilians.

****All but one of the 10 attackers were killed by police. The other one was captured and then executed in 2012.

*****Robert Mone was also a school shooter, however the person he killed in his shooting was not included here.

****** Mentally injured due to trauma of seeing their mother slaughtered in front of them.

******* Dietwin fled to Gent, was later caught by the police.

******** The Order's leader, Bob Mathews, died in a shootout with police a few weeks later. Other members would later die in prison, as well.

********* Yuri Dovgan and Alexander Kochetkov were both shot dead by a fellow soldier after committing the double murders.

********** An heroed in prison.


Proof that "basement dweller" is not necessarily an insult, especially if they're making bombs inside them. Whether it's for religious vocation or political activism, these guys figured out how to get the biggest bang for their buck.

1 Somalia.jpg Al-Shabaab 587+ 316 N 2017
2 Canada Babbar Khalsa 329 0 N 1985
2 Canada Retarded Slavs 298 0 N 2014
3 Sri Lanka National Thowheeth Jama'ath, Team IS 269 500+ Y 2019
4 MiniflagIndonesia.png Jemaah Islamiyah members, Al Qaeda 202 209 N 2002
5 MiniflagSpain.png Al Qaeda 192 2050 Y 2004
6 MiniflagAfghanistan.png Team ISIS-K 183+ 150+ Y 2021
7 MiniflagUSA.png Timothy McVeigh 168 680+ N* 1995
8 MiniflagChina.png Lai Sanyang 134 28 Y 1978
9 MiniflagChina.png Jin Ruchao 108 38 N 2001
10 Palestine Yahya Ayyash 101 338 N** 1993-1996
11 MiniflagChina.png Ma Hongqing 89+ 98+ N 2001
12 MiniflagChina.png Xu Fenghao and Xu Fengde 86 222 N 1979
13 Argentina Team Hezbollah 85 300 Y 1994
14 MiniflagAfghanistan.png Team IS 80 260 N 2016
15 MiniflagRussia.png Sergey Alekseychik 58 0 N 2004
16 MiniflagUK.png Hasib Hussain,Mohammad King,Germaine Lindsay,Shezad Tanweer 56 700 Y 2005
17 MiniflagEgypt.png Team IS 45 126 Y 2017
18 MiniflagUSA.png Andrew Kehoe 44 58 Y 1927
19 MiniflagUSA.png Jack Gilbert Graham 44 0 N 1955
20 Flag of Turkey.png Team IS 43 230 Y 2016
21 Miniflag Belgium.png Team IS 31 260 Y 2016
22 MiniflagEgypt.png Team IS 25 49 Y 2016
23 MiniflagUK.png Salman Ramadan Abedi 23 250 Y 2017
24 MiniflagCanada.png Albert Guay 23 0 N 1949
25 MiniflagUSA.png John McNamara & James McNamara 21 100+ N 1910
26 MiniflagRussia.png Akbarzhon Jalilov 14 64 N 2017
27 MiniflagAustralia.png Pero Raecivich 14 15 Y 1942
28 MiniflagRussia.png Peter Kuzmich Volynsky 10 90 N 1971
29 MiniflagCanada.png Rodger Warren 9 0 N 1992
30 MiniflagNorway.png Anders Behring Breivik 8 209 N 2011
31 MiniflagUSA.png Ramzi Yousef 6 1042 N 1993
32 MiniflagFinland.png Petri Erkki Tapio Gerdt 6 166 Y 2002
33 MiniflagUSA.png Paul Harold Orgeron 5 18 Y 1959
34 MiniflagUSA.png Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 4 264*** N 2013
35 MiniflagItaly.png Gianfranco Bertoli 4 45 N 1971
36 MiniflagUK.png David Copeland 3 140 N 1999
37 MiniflagUSA.png Eric Rudolph 3 120 N 1996-1998
38 MiniflagCanada.png Thomas Bernard Brigham 3 70 N 1984
39 MiniflagUSA.png Unabomber 3 23 N 1978-1995
40 MiniflagGermany.png Ernst-Robert Grawitz 3 0 Y 1945
41 MiniflagDenmark.png Niels Poulsen 2 19 N 1996
42 MiniflagGermany.png Heidrun-Erika Jung 2 13 Y 1996
43 MiniflagUSA.png Mark Anthony Conditt 2 6 Y 2018
44 MiniflagUSA.png Ahmad Khan Rahami 0 29 N 2016
45**** MiniflagUK.png Ahmed Hassan 0 30 N 2017
46 MiniflagUSA.png Akayed Ullah 0 3 N***** 2017
47 MiniflagUK.png Emad Al Swealmeen 0 1 Y 2021

*McVeigh was executed by lethal injection in 2001, he was quoted as saying before his execution "it's still 168 to 1 so I still win".

**Ayyash was assassinated when a booby-trapped cellphone blew off his head.

***14 people required immediate amputations.

****Ahmed's "bomb," despite injuring more people than Ahmad, only set people's hair on fire.

*****The retard attempted a suicide bombing, killing no one, not even himself.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The human desire to soar the skies blue has been present in all of recorded history. So has the desire to pwn others. These daring aces have ingeniously combined the two.

1 MiniflagAlQaeda.png (((Al-Qaeda))) 2,977 6,000+ Y 2001
2 MiniflagEgypt.png Gameel Al-Batouti**** 216 0 Y 1999
3 MiniflagGermany.png Andreas Lubitz* 150 0 Y 2015
4 MiniflagChina.png Jiang Xiaofeng 127 53 Y 1990
5 MiniflagChina.png Zhang Pilin***** 111 0 Y 2002
6 MiniflagIndonesia.png Tsu Way Ming**** 103 0 Y 1997
7 MiniflagPoland.png Arkadiusz Protasiuk 98 0 Y 2010
8 MiniflagUSA.png Francisco Paula Gonzales 44 0 Y 1964
9 MiniFlagMorocco.png Younes Khayati**** 43 0 Y 1994
10 MiniflagUSA.png David Burke 42 0 Y 1987
11 MiniFlagNamibia.png Herminio dos Santos Fernandes 32 0 Y 2013
12 MiniflagJapan.png Seiji Katagiri 24 ? N 1982
13 MiniflagUSA.png Joe Stack 1 13 Y 2010
14 MiniflagAustralia.png David Mark Robinson 0 3 N 2003
15 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Bishop 0 0 Y 2002
16 MiniflagUSA.png Frank Eugene Corder** 0 0 Y 1994
17 MiniflagUSA.png Auburn Calloway*** 0 4 N 1994

*Lubitz became the first German pilot in 70 years to kill 150 people.

**Corder was butthurt about his life being shit, so he decided to go out in style by getting drunk, stealing a plane, and crashing it into the White House. Instead, he faceplanted his Cessna on the South Lawn, missing the White House completely. Even if he did pwn the White House, the President was out since the White House was being renovated at the time.

***Calloway inflicted more injuries than Bishop, but somehow managed to drop the ball and got restrained by the very same flight crew he had just brutally beaten with a hammer and thus survived his attempt to become An Hero.

****Some experts disagree on these being done on purpose.

*****Zhang poured gasoline and set fire to his passenger cabin, causing the crash. He purchased seven air insurance policies worth $170,000 before boarding.


Sedans, SUVs, trucks, bulldozers, or excavators—you name it, they've tried it. These gearheads have proven themselves worthy behind the wheel on any public track.

1 Tunisia miniflag.png Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel‎ 86 434 N - Killed by police 2016
2 MiniflagChina.png Uyghur Force Five 39 90+ Y - 4, N - 1 apprehended 2014
3 Romania Eugen Grigore 24 ~50 N* 1974
4 MiniflagChina.png Zhang Baogang 20 16 Y 2020
5 MiniflagChina.png Li Xianliang 17 20-30 N 2010
6 MiniflagCanada.png Jasikrat Singh-Sidhu 16 13 N 2018
7 Miniflagspain.png Younes Abouyaaqoub 15 131 N - Killed by police 2017
8 MiniflagGermany.png Anis Amri 12 56 N - Killed by police 2016
9 MiniflagCanada.png Alek Minassian 10 15 N 2018
10 Czech Republic Olga Hepnarova 8 12 N - Executed 1973
11 Flag of Uzbekistan.png Sayfullo Saipov 8 11 N 2017
12 MiniflagUSA.png Priscilla Ford 7 22 N - Died on Death Row 1980
13 MiniflagJapan.png Tomohiro Katō 7 10 N 2008
14 MiniflagNetherlands.png Karst Roeland Tates 7 10 N - Died later in hospital 2009
15 MiniflagUSA.png Darrell Brooks 6 62 N 2021
16 MiniflagAustralia.png Dimitrious Gargasoulas 6 36 N 2017
17 MiniflagUK.png Khalid Masood 5 49 N - Killed by police 2017
18 MiniflagGermany.png Bernd Walter 5 24 N 2020
19 Flag of Uzbekistan.png Rakhmat Akilov 5 15 N 2017
20 MiniflagUSA.png David Edward Attias 5** 0 N 2001
21 Palestine Hussam Taysir Duwait 4 30+ N - Killed by off-duty soldier 2008
22 MiniflagUSA.png Adacia Chambers 4 46 N 2015
23 MiniflagGermany.png Jens Alexander Rüther 4 20+ Y 2018
24 MiniflagCanada.png Nathaniel Veltman 4 1 N 2021
25 MiniflagAustria.gif Alen Rizvan Rizvanović 3 36 N 2015
26 MiniflagUSA.png Trevor J. Heitmann 2 8 Y 2018
27 MiniflagUSA.png Richard Rojas 1 22 N 2017
28 MiniflagPalestine.png Qassem Mughrabi 1 19 N - Killed by off-duty soldier 2008
29 MiniflagAfghanistan.png Omeed Aziz Popal 1 18 N 2006
30 MiniflagUK.png Darren Osborne 1 10 N 2017
31 MiniflagPalestine.png Muhammed Naif El-Ja'abis 1 5 N - Killed by police 2014
32 MiniflagGermany.png Anonymous 1 2-3 N 2017
33 MiniflagCanada.png Martin Couture-Rouleau 1 1 N - Killed by police 2014
34 Somalia.jpg Abdul Razak Ali Artan 0 11 N - Killed by police 2016
35 MiniFlagFrance.png Anonymous 0 11 N 2014
36 MiniflagIran.png Mohammed Reza Taheri-aza 0 9 N 2006
37 MiniflagUSA.png James Alex Fields 1 20 N 2017
38 MiniflagUSA.png Mikese Morse 1 2 N 2018
39 MiniflagUSA.png Killdozer 0 0 Y 2004

*He was released in 2001, and ultimately died in 2009 from the same method that he scored with; being hit by a truck.
**The lone surviving victim had seizures from the damage and died in 2016.

Sid Meier's Civilization

The Supermen of history, the Gods among mortals. These are the spirits of immensely powerful celestial beings who have committed the most egregious atrocities on the planet via their possessed human hosts. Their names shall forever stain the sands of time with blood.

1 FlagofNaziGermany.png Adolf Hitler ~34 Million* 12 Years
2 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Joseph Stalin ~20 Million 25 Years
3 MiniflagChina.png Mao Zedong ~40 Million 31 Years
4 Democratic Republic of the Congo Leopold II of Belgium ~10 Million**** 44 Years
5 MiniflagJapan.png Hideki Tojo ~6 Million 3 Years
6 Cambodia Pol Pot ~3 Million 4 Years
7 Turkey Enver Pasha ~1.6 Million 5 Years
8 NKorea Flag.jpg Kim Il-sung >1 Million 45 Years
8 Ng.gif Yakubu Gowon >1 Million 9 Years
9 Vn.gif Ho Chi Minh ~900,000 24 Years
9 Rwanda Jean Kambanda ~900,000 -1 Year
10 Et.gif Mengistu Haile Mariam ~700,000 14 Years
10 Iq.gif Saddam Hussein ~700,000 24 Years
11 MiniflagIndonesia.png Sukarno >500,000 22 Years
11 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Vladimir Lenin >500,000 7 Years
11 Pk.gif Yahya Khan >500,000 2 Years
11 Syria-Flag-icon.png Bashar al-Assad >500,000 2,5 Years
12 MiniflagUSA.png Harry S. Truman >250,000*** Seconds
90s MiniflagSerbia.png Radovan Karadžić ~20,000* 3 Years
90s MiniflagRussia.png Vladimir Putin ~15,000 16 Years
100s MiniflagDominican.png Rafael Trujillo ~5,000* 5 Days!
100s Cl.gif Augusto Pinochet ~4,000** 17 Years

*Disputed. Der Fuhrer's inclusion in this list does not imply that he did anything wrong.
**Plus 38,254 tortured people in prison[citation needed]

***Not including untold numbers of Japanese citizens and American Servicemen stationed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki who died years later from cancer. Number is an estimate of those who were instantly killed or died within days of Nuclear Attack.
****Disputed. Unconfirmed source. This number seems to make up 150% of Congo's then population.

Great Prophet(s)

Here be the Enlightened Ones, they who sought the Truth and shared it with their brothers and sisters.

1 MiniflagUSA.png Jim Jones The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ 918 35 Mass Self-Sacrifice Y 1978 Self-proclaimed socialist-God commanded that his followers drink cyanide-flavored Kool-Aid after realizing that pwning a congressman on a friendly visit to his humble town was bad PR.
2 MiniflagUganda.png Joseph Kibweteere, Credonia Mwerinde Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God 778 0 Mass Sacrifice Unknown, Unknown 2000 Promised the apocalypse at the turn of the millennium; locked their followers in a church during service and then blew it up after being exposed. Directed by Michael Bay.
3 MiniflagGreece.png Mariam Soulakiotis The Old Calendarist Pefkovounogiatrissas Monastery 177+ 0 Conquest N 1939-50 Upset over changes being made to the calendar, a bunch of naughty nuns went and started their own renegade convent, where their nubile young novices were kept in chains when not being beat, whipped, and flogged. Like all greasy Greeks, they also insisted that everyone hand their monies over to them.
4 MiniflagMexico.jpg Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin People of Aztlan 100+ 1 Conquest Y 1502-20 In fear of the world ending in 2012 and the calamity caused by Spanish Jews trying to find El Dorado, he did what is nowadays often referred to as the first Holocaust ever by no one, only to get stoned by his own people and becoming an hero by refusing to eat or have his wounds dressed.
5 MiniflagUSA.png David Koresh Branch Davidians 86 50 Disputed Y 1993 See: Waco
6 MiniFlagFrance.pngMiniflag Belgium.png Joseph Di Mambro, Luc Jouret Order of the Solar Temple 75 3 Mass Self-Sacrifice/Conquest Y,Y 1994-97 Prophetically deemed a newborn the Antichrist and commanded for it to be stabbed. Subsequently a mass suicide was ordered by the prophet and his followers, dressed in ceremonial robes with plastic bags on their heads.
7 MiniflagUSA.png Marshall Applewhite Heaven's Gate 39 1 Mass Self-Sacrifice Y 1997 Castrated self to prevent earthly desires. Had his followers dress aesthetically and wrap plastic bags on their heads when Comet Hale-Bopp came near Earth so that the alien spaceship hiding behind it would beam them up to their salvation.
8 MiniflagUSA.png Clementine Barnabet The Church of Sacrifice 35+ 0 Conquest N 1909-11 'Murrica's first Negress serial killer and the mammy of a coon quintet that hacked up other jiggaboos for bad juju rituals that would make them immortal and invisible to the poh-leece. Lawdy.
9 MiniflagMexico.jpg Ervil LeBaron Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God 35+ 0 Conquest N 1972-81 Instructed the rightful killings of many false prophets and pharisees, including his heretic of a brother and Rulon Allred.
10 MiniflagSKorea.png Park Soon-ja Odaeyang Trading Co. 33 0 Mass Self-Sacrifice Y 1987 Trading company that acted as a religious sect. The leader committed mass suicide with others members because of doomsday shit, also the leader has being investigated for fraud, so convienent that that doomsday was approaching, right?
11 MiniflagUSA.pngMiniflagMexico.jpg Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo, Sara Aldrete Los Narco-satanicos 25+ 1 Conquest Y,N 1986-89 Found favor with the dark Voodoo gods and ensured a bountiful drug trade by sacrificing Spic street trash, but then went and fucked it all up and drew attention to themselves by offing a Gringo.
12 MiniflagUSA.png Yahweh ben Yahweh Nation of Yahweh 23 2 Conquest N 1979-90 Black Hebrew Israelite whom had his disciples deliver holy judgment to defectors, Edomites, and so-called Jews. DAS RITE!!!!
13 MiniflagJapan.png Shoko Asahara Aum Shinrikyo 20 5200+ Conquest N 1994-95 The second coming of Christ unleashing his wrath on this sinful world via gassing.
14 MiniflagUSA.png Robin Gecht The Ripper Crew 18+ 4 Conquest N 1981-82 A breast-fetishizing Satanist had his flock help him rape whores, who were then given mastectomies so that their precious mammaries could be stored for later use as snacks and sex toys.
15 MiniflagUSA.png J.C.X. Simon Death Angels 15-270 10 Conquest Y 1973-74 Nigger Mudslimes (is there a worse combination?) popped caps in honky asses, and occasionally honored their dual heritages by groping and/or cutting the heads off of cracker women.
16 MiniflagCanada.png Charlie Ouyerack, Peter Sala The Belcher Islands Cult 9 0 Conquest N, N 1941 A pair of ice niggers, presumably out of it on fire water, decided to become the Eskimo Jesus and God, and clubbed anyone who objected like baby seals when not locking them outside naked in the snow to be the Injun-cicle welcome wagon for OG white Jesus.
17 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Manson The Manson Family 9 2 Conquest N 1969 See: The Manson Family.
18 MiniflagMexico.jpg Magdalena Solís The High Priests of Blood 8+ 0 Sacrifice/Conquest N 1962-63 Brought the Incan ways back in style with sex, drugs, and good old-fashioned Blood for the Blood Gods.
19 MiniflagUSA.png Immanuel David (formely known as Charles Bruce Longo) Family of David 8 1 Mass sacrifice Y 1978 Guy who believed that he was Jesus and whatnot, that thought he could destroy the world, if he concentrate hard enough, saying that the star of David didn't belong to the dirty Jews and actually belong to him. Two days after killing himself, her wife become a hero by throwing herself off a window, along her seven children, one of the children survived.
20 MiniflagSKorea.png Woo Jong-min Youngsang Church 7+ 0 Conquest (before his leadership, during his leadership it is unknown)/Mass self-sacrifice Y 1998 Standard suicide Korean cult that 7 members committed suicide in 1998 for doomsday, also the cult killed a person in 1984, if don't more.
21 MiniflagJapan.png Miyamoto Shinji The Church of the Friends of the Truth 7 0 Mass sacrifice N 1989 After his death, his wife, daughter and five unmarried woman or the “Bride’s of God”, killed themselves to join him, and possibly have sex with him in the afterlife
22 MiniflagSouthAfrica.png Mancoba brothers Seven Angels Ministry 6 0 Conquest N (3 were killed by police) 2018 Sex cult run by seven brothers, being all the women there giving sex to them to satisfy God, and their mother. Due to problems, killed five cops and one off-duty officer. After that, police pwned seven people, three were the Mancoba brothers, and the rest was arrested.
23 MiniflagCanada.png Roch Thériault The Ant Hill Kids 5 0 Penitence/Prayer N 1977-89 Moses risen to spread free love to all of God's children, when not beating the sin out of them, or attempting to cure their afflictions through a combination of faith and games of Operation.
24 MiniflagUSA.png Glenn Taylor Helzer The Children of Thunder 5 0 Conquest N 2000 Extorted and murdered their brokerage firm clients as the first step in their plan to train Brazilian orphans to assassinate the heads of the Mormon Church, allowing them to take it over and use it to hasten the Second Coming of Jesus.
25 MiniflagBrazil.png Valentina de Andrade Superior Universal Alignment 3-19+ 5 Conquest N 1989-93 Convinced that boys born after 1981 were corrupted by evil, they hacked the cocks off of random shota in the hope that it would appease their alien overlords, who would then save them from an upcoming Judgment Day.
26 MiniflagUSA.png Carl H. Drew, Robin Murphy The Fall River Cult 3 0 Conquest N,N 1979-80 Pimps and hoes doin' the usual Satanism thang, and butchering anyone who got sick of all of the schlock horror flick-inspired animal mutilation and ominous latin chanting.
27 MiniflagItaly.png Nicola Sapone Beasts of Satan 3 0 Conquest N 1998-2004 A gang of dumbass teenage metalheads, still thinking that it was the 1980s, went out and slaughtered three of their friends for the Prince of the Darkness.
28 MiniflagMexico.jpg Silvia Meraz The Human Sacrifices Sect of Nacozari 3 0 Conquest N 2009-12 Encouraged family fun in the form of axings committed in the name of Santa Muerte.
29 MiniflagUSA.png Rod Ferell Vampire Clan 2 0 Conquest N 1996 Edgy teen that thought of himself as a vampire named Vesago. Decided to kill the parents of the girl she liked, because she described being miserable in her house, so he killed them for the girl he loved. Then they escaped and travelled to other states, before ruining out of money and then thinking that it was a good idea to ask money for the grandma of one of the members, it wasn´t, and they were arrested.
30 MiniFlagFrance.png Arnaud Mussy Néo-Phare 1 2 Sacrifice N 2001 Saying that he was Jesus and that the world would end and that flying saucers would lead them to Venus. This lead to one being a hero and two tried to but failed.
31 MiniflagJapan.png Koji Takahashi Life Space Movement 1 0 Prayer N 1999 A healer that tried helping one of his followers after he hit his head and got it fucked. The follower left the hospital trusting him. Sadly for him, he would get more fucked, dying shortly after and his body being treated like it was alive. The healer made excuses that he was still alive, like how actually blood isn't what keep people alive but, it was the air circulating in the body (of course that was the truth). The body would stay there for four months before being later found and the healer being arrested.
32 Indiaminiflag.gif Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Rajneeshee Movement 0 751 Conquest N 1984 Contaminated salad bars in the hope that the disease would cause low voter turnout in an upcoming local election and in turn help their shills win the oh-so honorable prestige of county council.
33 MiniflagAustralia.png Anne Hamilton-Byrne Santiniketan Park Association 0 14 Conquest N 1968-75 Would take care of 14 children of adult cult members, telling that she was their mother, giving them drugs, beatings and making them wearing matching clothes and having the hair blonde.

Fire Emblem

The dudes who never outgrew their twisted childhood obsession with fire, because lighting up bushes just wouldn't cut it anymore.

1 MiniflagSKorea.png Kim Dae-han 192 151 2003 Dead Set fire to a stopped subway train, which then spread to another nearby train. Police couldn't find him for 10 hours.
2 MiniflagCuba.png Julio González 87 6 1990 Dead Got so mad at his girlfriend that he burnt down the club she worked at. The peaceful refugee didn't even manage to kill her, but he at least removed almost 90 spics from the gene pool.
3 MiniflagKuwait.png Nassra Yussef al-Enzi 57 90 2009 Incarcerated Mudslime woman that was jealous of her ex getting married again. Poured petrol on a tent where friends and family were partying, trapping them inside and sealing their fate.
4 MiniflagChina.png Chen Shuizong 46 34 2013 Dead Suicidal IRL oldfag who set fire to a bus, causing it to explode. Died in the flames.
5 MiniflagCanada.png Louis Chiasson 40 2 1969 Dead Quebec man who was totally one of the only survivors of a tragic fire at a retirement home. Kept coming back to the scene of the crime and was convicted almost a month later.
6 MiniflagPhilippines.png Jessie Javier Carlos 38 70 2017 Dead (Suicide) He set casino tables on fire, stole chips, and spammed bullets at objects before becoming an hero.
7 MiniflagUK.png John Thompson 37 23 1980 Dead Poured petrol into the letterbox of a bar, dropped some paper inside, and watched the fireworks. Died in prison on the 28th anniversary of the attack.
8 MiniflagDenmark.png Erik Solbakke Hansen 35 17 1973 Institutionalized Set fire to a hotel in Copenhagen, got away with it, and wasn't caught until 14 years later when he fucked up and tried to relive the glory days by lighting up a neighborhood.
9 MiniflagItaly.png Team Black September 34 21 1973 Released Attacked an airport in Rome, and firebombed a plane about to take off. Hijacked another flight and went to Kuwait, where they were captured and later released to Palestine.
10 Flag of Turkey.png Kadir Çal 34 7 1991 Dead Killed a group of Greek tourists by torching their bus. Died in the flames.
11 MiniflagChina.png Zhang Yunliang 27 73 2009 Dead Lone wolf attack on a bus. Told his kids he wanted to "die differently."
12 MiniflagUK.png Bruce George Peter Lee 26 30 1973-79 Incarcerated Took a novel approach to serial killing by using fire instead of weapons or his bare hands. Up until his arrest, all of the blazes were believed by investigators to have been either natural or accidental.
13 MiniflagUSA.png Humberto Diaz de la Torre 24 32 1981 Incarcerated Angsty teen that tried to kill his uncle by setting fire to his apartment, but ended up burning down the entire building. Also killed an unborn child, so it could be 25 depending on your outlook.
14 MiniflagHungary.jpg Szilveszter Matuska 22 120+ 1930-31 Dead? Dapper engineer that literally got off on burning bridges and causing train derailments. Was captured and sentenced to death, but escaped from prison and was never seen again.
15 MiniflagChina.png Ma Yongping 17 32 2016 Incarcerated Another Chinese bus arsonist, but this time he actually escaped only to be captured hours later.
16 MiniflagBrazil.png Damião Soares dos Santos 13 37 2017 Dead (Suicide) Old pedo torched a daycare and himself in the process.
17 MiniflagGermany.png Team Roach Removers 5 14 1993 Incarcerated* Four Neo-Nazis that burned down a large Turkish family's house.
18 MiniflagUSA.png John Leonard Orr 4 0 1984-91 Incarcerated An arson investigator who would set small fires on the outskirts of LA, distracting firefighters from the bigger ones that he would then start in stores. After his arrest, he wrote a novel about a fireman who moonlights as an arsonist, and whose name is an anagram of "I set L.A. arson."
19 MiniflagUSA.png Paul Kenneth Keller 3 0 1992-93 Incarcerated Drove around in a company car looking for places to burn, and was eventually caught after a fire that he had set at a retirement home incinerated three of the residents.

*Two of them were released early on good behavior.

Tactical Espionage Action

Remember when your mother warned you as a child to not talk to strangers? These people are the absolute worst examples of who you might encounter if you do.

1 MiniFlagFrance.png Gilles De Rais 150 800+ 1432 or 1433-1440 Executed Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
2 Flag of Colombia.png Luis Garavito 138 172-400+ 1990s In prison Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
3 Flag of Colombia.png Pedro Alonso Lopez 110 310-350+ 1969-1980 Free, lol Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
4 MiniflagHungary.jpg Elizabeth Báthory 80 600+ 1590-1690 Executed Killed women to bathe in their blood to help her skin.
5 Flag of Colombia.png Daniel Camargo 72 150 1974-1986 Killed in jail Raped children, tortured children, killed children.
6 Flag of Brazil.png Pedro Rodrigues Filho 71 100+ 1967-2003 In prison Killer of criminals. Avenged the death of his mother by killing his father and eating his heart. Killed 47 inmates in prison.
7 Flag of China.png Yang Xinhai 67 67 2000-2003 Executed (alias the "Monster Killer") Would go into random Chink houses at night, armed to the teeth. After entering, he would proceed to pwn every-fucking-thing in sight.
8 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Andrei Chikatilo 53 56 1978-1990 Executed Murdered wimmins and children in the forest, raped their corpses, ate their flesh and organs (he especially liked to eat vaginas and wombs). Three people were previously convicted and executed for his crimes.
9 MiniflagUSA.png Gary Ridgway 49 71-90+ 1982-2000 Jailed Trucker who strangled prostitutes, dumped them in the Green River, and returned to the bodies later for some sweet necrophilia.
10 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg Alexander Pichushkin 48 61+ 1992-2006 In prison Beat hobos with a hammer then stabbed them with a broken vodka bottle. Wanted to kill 64 people to fill a chessboard.
11 MiniflagUSA.png Ted Bundy 35 36+ 1974-1978 Executed Escaped from prison twice, strangled and raped 35 girls over 4 years.
12 MiniflagUSA.png John Wayne Gacy 33 34+ 1972-1978 Executed Killed and raped little boys, often dressed up as a clown. Hid bodies in his crawlspace.
13 MiniflagUSA.png Dean Corll 28 42+ 1970-1973 Killed by his accomplice Raped, tortured, and killed at least 28 boys in Houston. Shot to death by his accomplice after flipping his shit about the accomplice bringing a girl to his house.
14 MiniflagUSA.png Rodney James Alcala 8 130+ 1971-1979 Died in prison Brutally raped and slaughtered several girls, appearing on the Dating Game while on the run, and evading the death sentence several times.
15 MiniflagCanada.png Robert Pickton 6 49 1983-2002 In prison Kidnapped and stabbed at least six women in and around his pig farm.
16 MiniflagHKColony.png Lam Kor Wan 4 15 1982 In prison Strangled bitches that he would pick up in his taxi, then would eat their vaginas and wombs. He even committed necrophilia with one of his victim's bodies!

Trauma Center

The Hippocratic Oath is taken by a physician to promise that they will act compassionately and not harm their patients. The following were laughing inside when they took it.

1 MiniflagUK.png Harold Shipman 218 250+ 1975-1998 Hanged himself in prison Would inject diamorphine into his patients and then falsify the medical records, reporting that his patient had been in poor health.
2 Flag of China.png Hu Wanlin 146 150+ 1997-1999 In prison Ran hospitals in three different cities, all while administering "miracle cures" with a suspicious amount of the shit that goes in laundry detergent.
3 MiniflagJapan.png Miyuki Ishikawa 103+ 169 1940's Free (Pussy Pass Bonus) Carried out "extra-late"-term abortions of infants born to parents unwilling to care for them.
4 MiniflagUSA.png Steven Massof 100 100+ 2003-2008 In prison Snipped the spines of babies the second they showed signs of life.
5 MiniflagItaly.png Daniela Poggiali 38 96 2013-2014 In prison Would insert a shitload of potassium into patients she found annoying then take selfies with their dead bodies.
6 MiniflagUSA.png Jane Toppan 31 31 1885–1901 Institutionalized (Pussy Pass Bonus) Got her rocks off by injecting patients with morphine and then spooning them as they dipped in and out of consciousness.
7 MiniflagNorway.png Arnfinn Nesset 22 138 1977-1981 Released in 2004 Injected patients at the nursing home he managed with curacit.
8 MiniflagPoland.png Skin Hunters 14 50+ 1998-2002 In prison Injected elderly patients with Pavulon to get money from funeral homes for information about deaths.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Trust these parks with your children's lives.

1 MiniflagUSA.png Walt Disney World 46 1964 -
2 MiniflagUSA.png Ride the Ducks 24 1977 - 2017 Drowned 19 guests and killed 5 people on a bus.
3 MiniflagUSA.png Disneyland 23 1955 -
4 MiniflagUSA.png King's Island 9 1972 -
5 MiniflagAustralia.png Luna Park 7 1979 - Burned 7 guests alive in a tunnel coaster.
6 MiniflagUSA.png Coney Island 6 1895 -
7 China Overseas Chinese Town 6 2010 A rocket ride's seats detatched and 6 kids fell to their death.
8 MiniflagUSA.png Playland 6 1928 -
8 MiniflagUSA.png Action Park 6 1978 - 1996 The most autistic park ever designed.
9 MiniflagUSA.png Six Flags Georgia 5 1967 -
9 MiniflagUSA.png Six Flags Texas 5 1961 -
10 MiniflagUK.png Battersea Fun Fair 5 1951 - 1974 A chain lift broke and sent kids tumbling back to the station platform.
10 MiniflagUSA.png California's Great America 5 1980 -
11 MiniflagAustralia.png Dreamworld (brutal) 4 2016 - Shredded a family into pieces on a raft conveyor.
12 MiniflagUSA.png Six Flags St. Louis 4 1971 -
13 MiniflagUSA.png King's Dominion 4 1971 -
14 MiniflagUSA.png Knott's Berry Farm 4 1983 -
15 MiniflagUSA.png Kennywood 4 1899 -
16 MiniflagUSA.png Krug Park 4 1895 - 1940
17 MiniflagUSA.png Lagoon Amusement Park 4 1886 -
18 MiniflagUSA.png Lake Compounce 4 1846 -
19 MiniflagUSA.png Dorney Park 3 1926 -
20 MiniflagCanada.png West Edmonton Mall 3 1986 - Car fell off a rail & slammed into a concrete pillar.
21 MiniflagCanada.png Canada's Wonderland 2 1986 -
22 MiniflagUSA.png Worlds of Fun 2 1995 -
23 MiniflagUSA.png Elitch Gardens 2 1997 -
24 MiniflagUSA.png Six Flags Darien Lake 2 2009 -
25 MiniflagUSA.png Silver Dollar City 1 1980 -
26 MiniflagUSA.png Carowinds 1 1987 -
27 MiniflagUSA.png Waterworld California 1 1997 -
28 MiniflagUSA.png Wild Waves 1 2016 -

Plague Inc.: Evolved

1 FlagEU.png Black Death 200,000,000+ 1975-1998 Bubonic plague
2 MiniflagUSA.png Smallpox 56,000,000+ 1520–1600s Infectious disease
3 Spain mini.png Spanish Flu 40,000,000+ 1347-1351 Influenza (Infectious disease)
4 Africa mini.png HIV/AIDS 25,000,000+ 1981-2022 Infectuous disease
5 MiniflagChina.png COVID-19 6,000,000 and counting 2019-Ongoing Infectious disease
6 Africa mini.png Ebola 27,000+ 1976-2022 Infectious disease


"Do you wanna know why I use a knife? Because guns are too quick. You can't savor all the little emotions." In an era of firearms and explosives, going old-school from time to time isn't so bad.

1 Democratic Republic of the Congo William Unek 21 30+ 1954 Escaped A Police Soldier. Went on two killing sprees. His first one consisted of him massacring people with an axe for less than 90 minutes before escaping.
2 MiniflagIndonesia.png Wirjo 20 12 April 15th, 1987 Hanged himself An alcoholic gambling farmer. Beat his son and beat, stabbed, and killed his friend before going around stabbing and hitting more people.
3 Pk.gif Abdul Waheed 20 4 April 1st, 2017 Incarcerated A janitor. Pulled off the ultimate April Fools' prank by calling pilgrims to his shrine so he could trick them into eating drugged food before going to work on them with bludgeons, blades, and sticks.
4 MiniflagJapan.png Satoshi Uematsu 19 26 July 25th, 2016 Incarcerated A noble eugenicist who removed 19 disabled people from the gene pool at a facility near Tokyo. Turned himself in an hour later.
5 MiniflagChina.png Yang Qingpei 19 0 September 29th, 2016 Incarcerated A chink. Went Hitman and managed to kill nearly 20 people - with no survivors. All of this with a shitty knife, too!
6 MiniflagChina.png Huang Guozhen 16-17 1-2 March 19th, 1989 Sentenced to death After fighting with his brother, he decided to kill him and his wife and burn his house down before going around town stabbing people while drunk.
7 MiniflagChina.png Sun Fuji 16 1 September 24th/25th, 1979 V& by pigs After not being allowed to work at a job in his hometown, he killed people with various weapons.
8 MiniflagPhilippines.png Domingo Salazar 16 1 October 11th, 1956 Sentenced to death A revenge-seeker. Killed his wife and nephew before attacking people.
9 Indiaminiflag.gif Asnain Anwar Warekar 14 1 February 28th, 2016 Hanged himself A sandnigger. Sedated his family members and slit their throats before hanging himself.
10 Democratic Republic of the Congo Lazaro Obwara 12 0 July 28th, 1950 V& by pigs Being pissed about his son dying, he decided to go around and stab people before getting V&.
11 Democratic Republic of the Congo Mogo 12 1 May 12th, 1929 Sentenced to death After getting kicked out of a farm, this former farmer nigger stabbed people with a spear before getting arrested.
12 Flag of Colombia.png Gregorio Caceres 11 4 February 18th, 1942 Shot by pigs A farmer. Hacked and stabbed people with a hatchet and knife before being shot by the pigs.
13 MiniflagJapan.png Mamoru Takuma 8 15 June 8th, 2001 Hanged A suicidal janitor. Went to the private Ikeda Elementary School and killed rich kids. Only used a kitchen knife.
14 MiniflagChina.png Zheng Minsheng 8 5 March 23rd, 2010 Incarcerated Bonus points for using a machete to end the lives of schoolchildren.
15 MiniflagUSA.png Richard Speck 8 1 July 13th, 1966 Dead Went into a Chicago townhouse dorm for female college nursing students and raped, beat, tortured, stabbed and strangled all 8 women to death.
16 MiniflagUSA.png Ramon Salcido 5 (+2 by gunfire) 1 (+1 by gunfire) April 14th, 1989 Incarcerated After a fun night of binge drinking and doing coke, he drove his three young daughters to have fun at an isolated dumping site, but wanted to show his daughters how much he really loved them. After having sex with his young daughters like how any great father would, he decided to cut their throats and leave them there to play by themselves, while he went to run a few errands. Two of his daughters later mysteriously died while the other was found in a trash can (wtf?). He then drove to visit his mother-in-law, but was violently attacked for no good reason, prompting him to justifiably stab her and her two kids to death in self-defense. He then returned home, where he shot his bitch wife for refusing to make sandwiches. His next stop on his errands was Grand Cru Vineyard, where he decided to get even with his supervisors after they had made fun of him for being overweight and having a small dick, shooting both of them, killing one, wounding the other.
17 MiniflagHKColony.png Lee Chi Hang 6 38 June 3rd, 1982 Incarcerated Dual wielding knives and chisels, he killed his mom and sister, then entered the nearby kindergarten.
18 MiniflagUSA.png Julian Marcelino 6 13 November 24th, 1932 Dead Filipino immigrant who ran amok through the streets of Seattle and stabbed people for half an hour before surrendering to police.
19 MiniflagChina.png Yang Jia 6 4 July 1st, 2008 Executed Was arrested some time before the stabbing for riding a bike and was beaten and interrogated when brought to the police station. When he failed to sue them he decided to deal with it himself using molotovs and a knife.
20 MiniflagUK.png Jack the Ripper 5 (11?) 0 1888-1891 Haunting the streets of London Did like GTA and killed the whores to get the money back.
21 MiniflagIsrael.png Elias Abuelazam 5 13 Summer of 2010 Incarcerated A good Jew, believe it or not, who did his part by thinning out the black.
22 MiniflagNorway.png Espen Andersen Bråthen 5 3 October 13th, 2021 Imprisoned Insane islamic convert that went amok in true Skyrim style wielding a knife and the bow and arrow. He did relatively good, even hitting a pig and some others with arrows, but ultimately used his knife to rack up his score.
23 MiniflagUSA.png John Murphy 5 3 July 5th, 1901 Dead Made PETA proud by killing slaughterhouse workers.
24 MiniflagNiger.png Unknown 5 1 January 10th, 1994 Incarcerated? Clubbed 4 children like baby seals, then killed a bitch trying to stop him before getting beaten by mob.
25 MiniflagCanada.png Matthew de Grood 5 1 April 15th, 2014 Incarcerated Matthew went Hitman on people with a kitchen knife before being V& not too long after he left the house.
26 MiniflagMexico.jpg Isabel Martinez 5 1 July 6th, 2017 Incarcerated An illegal immigrant who decided to clean house (and not in the maid way) by eviscerating her husband and four of their children while rambling about how they were going to "see Jesus."
27 Flag of Brazil.png Fabiano K. Mai 5 1 May 4th, 2021 At hospital (attempted an hero) Stabbed babies in a daycare in a feeble attempt to copycat Sandy Hook. Was attacked by an angry mob after attempting to kill himself.
28 MiniflagUSA.png Dexter Lewis, Lynell Hill and Joseph Hill 5 0 October 17th, 2012 Incarcerated 3 apes and one FBI informant had robbed a bar for $170, but Dexter had stabbed the bar owner and four patrons to death, while Joseph Hill had held up the cashier at gunpoint. Joseph's brutha, Lynell Hill, had blocked the door. They set fire to the bar afterwards before fleeing. All three were charged except for the undercover agent.
29 MiniflagUSA.png Maksim Gelman 4 5 February 11th-12th, 2011 Incarcerated Druggie delusional wannabe gangster from some fucked up Slavic country who tried to take down "rats" who had wronged him by stabbing his stepdaddy, a girl who rejected him, her mom and running over a fuckton of people before trying to hijack a train, failing and then trying to kill some guy who tackled him. Said guy who tackled him got trolled by the pigs who acted like they subdued him without any help when in reality they hid like pussies in the driver's cab of the train until the guy had tackled him.
30 MiniflagUK.png Daniel Gonzalez 4 2 September 15th-17th, 2004 Institutionalized, commit suicide in prison. Stabbed some people to imitate horror movies.
31 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Abbott 4 1 March 25th, 2008 Incarcerated Killed his aunt, uncle and grandparents and wounded another aunt with a hunting knife after his mother threatened to call the police on him because he was yelling about orange and red being "evil colors".
32 MiniflagDenmark.png Peter Lundin 4 0 April 1991 and 2000 Incarcerated Strangled his mother in 1991, before he was released from the US to Denmark. Here, he stabbed the female owner of a brothel and her two sons. He used an ax and a grinder to remove all the body parts, before putting them into separate trash bins.
33 MiniflagCanada.png Illutak Anautak 3 2 June 11th, 2017 Shot by cops Broke into 3 houses and stabbed 5 people before getting killed by police.
34 MiniflagSweden.png Anton Lundin Pettersson 3 1 October 22nd, 2015 Shot by cops Anton used the force to cut through Mudslime students while blaring the shit out of Suicide Commando before getting raped to death by bullets.
35 MiniflagEgypt.png Unknown 2 4 2017 V& A guy that stabbed 6 people in a hotel before getting V&.
36 MiniflagUSA.png Jeremy Joseph Christian 2 1 2017 V& A white supremacist. Stabbed 3 people, killing 2, on a train as people tried to stop his rant on Muslims.
37 MiniflagUSA.png Kendrex White 1 4 May 1st, 2017 V& Replaying an over 50-years-old map, a Christfag Nigger stabbed people with a bowie knife before getting V&.
38 MiniFlagFrance.png Adel Kermiche 1 3 July 26th, 2016 Shot by cops Pwned some Christfags in the Normandy church in France.
39 MiniflagJapan.png Neomugicha 1 2 May 4th, 2000 Incarcerated A 17-year-old anon who hijacked a bus, stabbed some people and had a little road trip before his bus got blocked and was stormed on May 5th. Posted a warning on 2channel using the name "Neomugicha".
40 MiniflagUSA.png Alex Hribal 0 25 April 9th, 2014 Incarcerated An Eric Harris cucksmoking pizza-faced retard, dual-wielding mommie's unsharpened kitchen knives and randomly stabbing people before getting his ass v&.
41 MiniflagCanada.gif Unknown 18 year old 0 16 February 19th, 1968 Incarcerated Stabbed some girls in Montreal with a pen knife. Stabbed them in the legs and failed horribly. His shitty rampage lasted 3 hours and he still didn't kill anyone.
42 MiniflagUSA.png Dylan Quick 0 14 April 9th, 2013 Incarcerated Some deaf guy who failed horribly at his plot to go on a "stabbing rampage," likely due to the fact that this loser had used a knife that was used to shave paper and a surgical knife (wtf)? Could've easily went on a shooting instead because he lived in fucking Texas but didn't for some reason. Got tackled and shackled which he deserved for being so shit.
43 MiniflagUSA.png Abdul Razak Ali Artan 0 11 November 28th, 2016 Shot by cops A mudslime nigger rapefugee from Somalia. Got sympathy from SJWs because "muh oppression".
44 MiniflagCanada.gif 14 year old Tumblrite 0 9 February 23rd, 2016 Incarcerated None of them even had life-threatening injuries, she was so shit.
45 MiniflagChina.png Xie Zhongcai 0 8 March 7th, 2003 Incarcerated Rejected by a teacher. Went on to rightfully stab children and teachers/staff.
46 MiniflagChina.png 30 year old woman 0 8 August 29th, 2011 Incarcerated Used a box cutter to slash 8 people. Only injured one severely.
47 MiniflagUK.png Horrett Campbell 0 7 July 8th, 1996 Institutionalized Invaded a picnic. Probably pretended to be Ant Man. Owned a Volvo and used a machete.
48 MiniflagGermany.png Riaz Ahmadzai 0 5 (+14 shock victims) July 18th, 2016 Shot by pigs Mudslime ISIS cucksmoker who tried to attack a train but failed on account of axing people in the forebrain. Only managed to hurt some Chinese tourists.
49 MiniflagUK.png Ben Moynihan 0 3 2014 Incarcerated Shanked 3 old ladies because girls didn't want him.
50 Unknown 0 2 July 15th, 2017 Shot by pigs A guy that stabbed 2 people in a Metro station before being shot.
50 MiniflagNorway.png Rustam Louis Foss 0 1 November 9th, 2021 Shot by cops Former small-time actor went bananas with a knife VS a cop car, got rammed twice, got back up and stabbed one of the officers in the foot before being shot dead. The same officer had also been shot in the foot.
51 MiniflagUSA.png Kali J. Bookey 0 1 July 29th, 2016 Incarcerated Cute jailbait broad stabs her brother's GF to near-death. Sauce
4330 MiniflagUSA.png Nicholas John Miller 0 0 October 17th, 2013 Incarcerated Played Grand Theft Schoolbus. Took a detour. Was arrested. Completely useless.
99999 MiniflagUSA.png Logan Clark 0 0 December 8th, 2016 Rehab Some kid, who was mad as hell and wasn't going to take the bullying anymore, decided to pull out a knife and not use it. He got shot by a cop and was hospitalized.

Kerbal Space Program

The rarest and most expensive way to attempt high scores.

1 MiniflagUSA.png NASA 15 1958-2022
2 MiniflagSovietRussia.jpg СССР 4 1957-1991

Difficulty Levels

Easy: This level includes slow-moving targets, easy-to-navigate locations and a pretty much nonexistent chance of victims being armed or able to fight back in any meaningful way. It also has limited respawning NPC's and police response is slow. Common places include:

  • Libraries
  • Nursing homes
  • Any liberal's house
  • Public parks
  • Schools
  • Swimming pools
  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • New England, Northeast, Pacific (US Servers)
  • Oregon, USA

Medium: Although more difficult than easy, this level is still fairly easy for the experienced high-scorer. This level has faster police response time and more people with faster reflexes. Also, the locations are harder to navigate, may have light security already present and (depending on location and jurisdiction) a small to medium chance of encountering armed victims. Several people have played on this level including James Holmes and Charles Whitman. Places include:

  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Rooftops
  • Colleges
  • Theatres
  • Train stations
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Australia (after 2017 national firearms amnesty)
  • Midwest (US Servers)

Nightmare Mode: Without a doubt, the most difficult level. It has infinitely respawning NPC's, an almost immediate police response, high security, confusing and small maps and a medium-to-high chance of victims being armed and/or fighting back. The only known people to have a good score on this mode were Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who went 13/30 on the map Fort Hood, and 2nd Lt. Sanurip who went 16/11 in an Indonesian airport. Locations include:

  • Airports
  • Government offices
  • Gun stores / shows
  • Shooting ranges
  • International borders
  • Military bases
  • Police stations (as well as Doughnut shops by extension)
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Israel
  • Alabama
  • Wyoming
  • Syria
  • Walmart
  • Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Southeast (US Servers)

How to Get The High Score

  1. Be from somewhere where murder isn't an everyday occurrence and people actually care when you go on a shooting rampage. If you speak English and are white, you probably have this covered.
  2. Take some cues from Charles Whitman and start at home. By killing your mom and dad, you're guaranteed at least 2 easy kills, three if you have a wife, but this is you we're talking about.
  3. Play violent video games (Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, and Manhunt series and FPS games like Doom, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc) and listen to metal (Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Debauchery, etc). They will train you to kill better and will ensure that after the murder and harm is over you can continue the lulz by ensuring that misguided idiots everywhere will be wiped up into a rage of fascism and will push for censorship laws.
  4. It is preferable, but not necessary, that all firearms, ammunition and other weapons used and/or any ingredients used to make explosives are acquired legally so that, like in section 2, retards will call for stricter gun/weapon laws, demand 1984 style security at schools, airports, etc and attempt to demonize anyone who has an interest or hobby in firearms and the like afterwards. This has the doubly lulzy effect that if stricter gun laws are passed, and anyone decides to follows in your footsteps, their victims will be even more disarmed and helpless than they were before, leading to higher body counts, less personal freedom for everyone and greater amounts of lulz.
  5. Leave behind lulzy, dramawhore-esque statements and media, also remember to take a photo of yourself just beforehand, preferably with a big shit-eating grin on your face as well as a trollface, for the papers and news sites to splash all over their front pages and send a clear signal to all the other limp-dicked social rejects who cram their faces with anti-depressants to numb the pain of their worthless existence out there that all they need to do to make everyone pay attention to them and make their name and face nationally or internationally known is go for the high score. This point is essential for weapons-grade lulz, nobody cares about a vanilla killer.
  6. Ensure all, or at least the vast majority, of the people you kill are complete strangers and have absolutely nothing to do with any problem you have or any real or perceived injustice against you or society as a whole. They still deserve it, for some reason.
  7. It is customary, when you've satisfied your bloodlust/run low on ammo/been cornered by police or some other armed individual/gotten bored, to off yourself. This does not count as a kill, but it does make you an hero.
  8. DON'T USE A .22
  9. In addition to buying your weapons legally, buy a bunch of armor, such as bulletproof vests, gloves, masks and other shit so that people will want to ban those as well.
  10. Shoot and/or stab people in the brainstem. Not the forebrain, nor anywhere else. Kill little kids, animals, and women as opposed to adults and teenagers.
  11. If you plan on committing arson, make sure you use propane gas. If you plan on going on a mass stabbing, use a long bladed knife or a machete that's been sharpened. If you plan on doing a vehicle attack, make sure you use a truck. If you plan on strangling people, use a garrote or a dildo.
  12. If you want to not get caught with mass murder or serial killing, use latex gloves, wear booties over your shoes, wear a balaclava with cool 80's shades, wear a black coat, and wear long black pants.
  13. If a wannabe hero or pig draws a weapon, make sure that you aim for the lower bridge of the nose or the ear so that way they die instantly.
  14. Leave a note on you saying you have planted a bomb somewhere that will go off in a certain amount of time at a certain place to cause more drama.
  15. Don't tell anyone about your plans and hide your manifesto on a thumb drive.
  16. Wear an Encyclopedia Dramatica t-shirt/tabard to promote our website. You will gain 2500+ rep with our faction.


Instead of making a stub article on a loser, post about him here.

Notable Losers

FPS players who couldn't break into the top 25 list (again fat Americans everywhere). Typically under 13 kills. However, we extend our appreciation for the top 10 in this list for their exceptional skills at PvP combat. Notice the extreme abundance of Amerifags.

1 MiniflagGermany.png Ernst Wagner 14 11 N 1913 Insane kraut who killed his entire family before shooting random people and setting things on fire until some civilian bludgeoned him. Somehow avoided getting B& IRL because of said insanity.
2 MiniflagFrance.png Christian Dornier 14 8 N 1989 Schizo grabbed a double barrel shotgun and got a pretty good score, before being wounded and arrested. Bonus points for killing his mom.
3 MiniflagUSA.png Howard Unruh 13 3 N 1949 WW2 vet went for a morning stroll and ended up killing 13 of his neighbors, including a 2 year old named Thomas Hamilton.
4 MiniflagSerbia.png Ljubiša Bogdanovi 13 1 Y 2013 Serb went postal shooting his mom and wife before going house to house killing people.
5 MiniflagUSA.png James Eagan Holmes 12 70 N 2012 Schizo retard edgelord put on tactical gear and shot up a theatre during the film The Dark Knight Rises, causing a lot of damage and butthurt.
6 MiniflagUK.png Derrick Bird 12 25 Y 2010 Went GTA in Cumbria, England with a .22 Caliber bolt-action rifle and a 12 Gauge double barrel shotgun and did pretty decent.
7 MiniflagUSA.png Mark Barton 12 13 Y 1999 Some delusional Mormon. Clubbed his family like a baby seal with a hammer before spewing a few one-liners and shooting people in both good and shitty areas.
8 MiniflagBrazil.png Wellington Menezes de Oliveira 12 12 Y 2011 Brazilian that continued Cho's legacy with a cowboy-style massacre at a local school using only revolvers.
9 MiniflagUSA.png Aaron Alexis 12 8 N (Shot by cops) 2013 Some schizophrenic nigger who went for the high score armed with a sawed-off shotgun. Straight outta doom.
10 MiniflagUSA.png James Pough 11 6 Y 1990 A nigger who went on an epic spree killing adventure. Before that, he murdered a friend of his in a fit of negronic rage. Had a fierce history of mental illness but was known as an extremely reliable worker. The latter aspect is almost unheard of among black people.
11 MiniflagUSA.png James Urban Ruppert 11 0 N 1975 Decided to spend Easter Sunday killing his 11 family members in rapid succession before calling the cops on himself. He told arriving officers :"My mother drove me crazy by always combing my hair, talked to me like I was a baby, and tried to make me into a homosexual".
12 MiniflagUSA.png Dimitrios Pagourtzis 10 13 N 2018 17-Year Old White Gangsta rap artist who went on a killing spree pwning noobs at Santa Fe High School.
13 MiniflagUSA.png Michael McLendon 10 6 Y 2009 A hillbilly living in a very small town in the deep south. Wiped out several family members, went on a driving rampage, got into a shootout with the pigs and systematically became an hero, leaving his quiet little village with PTSD.
14 MiniflagGermany.png Tobias Rathjen 10 5 Y 2020 German schizo followed by secret agents and guided by the voice in his head shot up 2 shisha bars, before going home to kill his mom and himself. He also did not like azns
15 MiniflagUSA.png Payton Gendron 10 3 N 2022 Savior of the white race (and furfag) streamed shooting up a supermarket in Niggersville, NY.
16 MiniflagFinland.png Mr. Saari 10 1 Y 2008 An unoriginal faggot who copycatted Pekka's 2007 school shooting a year later and managed an extra two kills.
17 MiniflagGermany.png Ali David Sonboly 9 36 (4 were shot by Ali) Y 2016 An Iranian-German who was fed up with the filthy turkroach infestation of Deutschland and decided to take matters into his own hands.
18 MiniflagUSA.png Connor Stephen Betts 9 17 N (Shot by cops) 2019 Schizo antifa warrior druggie retard went ballistic at a bar, doing quite some damage before being killed by the cops.
19 MiniflagUSA.png Mark Essex 9 13 N (Shot by cops) 1973 This motherfucker shot up a police station and took out nearly a dozen filthy pigs. God bless this man's soul!
20 MiniflagPhilippines.png Ronald Bae 9 11 N (Shot by cops) 2013 Killed some fags. His maid was v& for assisting in his shooting spree.
21 MiniflagUSA.png Chris Harper-Mercer 9 8 Y 2015 "Do you believe in god?"
22 MiniflagUSA.png Jeff Weise 9 5 Y 2005 A traumatized goth Injun fatass. Slaughtered his family, crashed into his former school, and came close to surpassing Columbine if not for a surprisingly fast police reaction time, especially for a Native American reservation. Like Chris Mercer and the Columbine fags, Jeff asked his victims if they believed in God.
23 MiniflagUSA.png Satan Claus 9 3 Y 2008 Gave us the lulziest christmas evar!
24 MiniflagUSA.png Dylann Storm Roof 9 1 N 2015 An ugly, traumatized, retarded-sounding crusader in the southern USA. He killed Christfag niggers at a church before being V& by the pigs.
25 MiniflagPoland.png Leonardas Zavistonovičius 9 1 N (Killed by civilians) 1998 Polish schizo shot dead 9 Lithuanians before being beaten to death.
26 MiniflagFrance.png Richard Durn 8 19 Y 2002 Got sick of life so he decided to go for the high score. He initially got arrested after the shooting, but jumped out of a window during questioning and died.
27 MiniflagFinland.png Pekka-Eric Auvinen 8 12 (1 by Pekka) Y 2007 Some retarded, delusional Eric Harris wannabe that killed 8 people as well as firing rounds at inanimate objects for an hour before becoming An Hero.
28 MiniflagIsrael.png Alaa Abu Dhaim 8 11 N (Shot by civilian) 2008 Palestinian who tried to play on Nightmare mode at an Israeli school. Did pretty decent, going 8/11 before his spree got cut short. AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A HIGHER SCORE IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU MEDDLING JEWS!!
29 MiniflagPhilippines.png Rolando Mendoza 8 9 N (Shot by cops) 2010 Cop who got fired and decided that the best way to get his job back was to take a bus hostage and threaten to murder them. Eventually shot up the bus and got sniped.
30 MiniflagUSA.png Brandon Hole 8 7 Y 2021 A retarded brony who shot up FedEx in honour of his beloved animated horse waifu, Applejack
31 MiniflagUSA.png Gian Luigi Ferri 8 6 Y 1993 Some wop who caused massive amounts of butthurt by getting 8 noobs rekt 34 stories up
32 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Hawkins 8 4 Y 2007 Some emo-looking faggot. Stole his daddy's AK and shot a couple of magazines worth of ammo at people before becoming An Hero.
33 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Steward 8 3 N 2009 Extra credit for doing it at a nursing home.
34 MiniflagSouthAfrica.png David "Chippa" Mateane 8 3 N (Shot by cops) 2006 Nigger shot up his girlfriend's house, then shot up the police station he worked at. Nobody even heard of it because it happened in Africa.
35 MiniflagUSA.png Scott Dekraai 8 1 N 2011 Shot his ex-wife because she was a bitch, then pwned 7 more noobs at a hair salon before getting V& by the pigs.
36 MiniflagUSA.png Willie Godbolt 8 0 N 2017 A man that wasn't fit to live. Shot and killed a pig and 7 others before he was shot and apprehended after being treated for his wound.
37 MiniflagUSA.png Jennifer San Marco 8 0 Y 2006 The only woman man enough to kill more than 3 people in a shooting, probably because she targeted azns, darkies and spics.
38 MiniflagNetherlands.png Tristan van der Vlis 7 15 Y 2011 God-hating bitch that went an hero with 2 pistols and a .22 rifle. He drew guns and was inspired by Columbine.
39 MiniflagFrance.png Guy Martel 7 5 N 1985 Another French schizo went on a shooting rampage before getting arrested
40 MiniflagSerbia.png Dragan Čedić 7 4 Y 2002 Serb that fucking snapped and killed some of his friends and family.
41 MiniflagSweden.png Mattias Flink 7 3 N 1994 Military man got drunk and set out for a killing spree. Got sentenced to life, but ended up being released in 2014.
42 MiniflagBelgium.png Michel Van Wijnendaele 7 3 Y 1987 Shot up two farms before shooting himself after a car chase.
43 MiniflagCroatia.png Antun Mataić 7 1 Y 1998 Guy went postal at a cafe, drove to another cafe to order a cognac and say "I just killed eight people", then drove to a shooting range and blew himself up in his car.
44 MiniflagSpain.png Ángel Campo Solana 7 1 Y 1980 Stuck it to the man by shooting a few of his neighbors.
45 MiniflagBelgium.png Nordine Amrani 6 125 Y 2011 Some Belgian guy who sprayed bullets from a rooftop onto shoppers with a FN FAL before an heoring. Also tried to rape and then killed a maid at his flat before going amok.
46 MiniflagRussia.png Timur Bekmansurov 6 47 N 2021 Russian Farquaad looking edgelord school shooter who ended up getting his leg amputated after being shot by cops.
47 MiniflagUSA.png Jared Lee Loughner 6 14 N 2011 A schizo. Tried to assassinate a person that didn't answer his question by shooting her in the head but failing hard due to him using FMJ and aiming for the Forebrain before getting what he deserved which was getting apprehended by various people while trying to reload.
48 MiniflagUSA.png Elliot Rodger 6 13 Y 2014 A tiny dick Brit-Azn butthurt because he was still a virgin at 22.
49 MiniflagCanada.gif Alexandre Bissonnette 6 8 Y 2017 Canadian gamer that leveled up.
50 MiniflagUSA.png Wade Michael Page 6 3 Y 2012 A Neo-Nazi retard that tried to kill Jews - by shooting up a Sikh church.
51 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Dalton 6 2 N 2016 A fatass Uber driver that did some drive-bys.
52 MiniflagUSA.png Kyle Huff 6 2 Y 2006 Goth fatass who filled degenerate ravers with buckshot before an heroing.
53 MiniflagRussia.png Dmitry Vinogradov 6 1 N 2012 One of the few Russian shooters.
54 MiniflagCroatia.png Josip Capan 6 0 Y 1995 Coomer who decided to kill a family, because he was arrested for fapping in front of their house, the day before.
55 MiniflagSerbia.png Drago Miličić 6 0 N 1992 Yugoslavian soldier got drunk, went to his barracks and killed some of his comrades, threw grenades at security posts, stole a car and killed his girlfriends family before surrendering to police.
56 MiniflagUSA.png Patrick Purdy 5 32 Y 1989 80s version of Adam Lanza.
57 MiniflagUSA.png Stephen Kazmierczak 5 23 Y 2008 A severely depressed bisexual faggot with shitty taste in women as well as shot placement. Tried to copy Cho but wasn't Azn enough.
58 MiniflagGermany.png Karel Charva 5 14 Y 1983 Czechoslovakian native got drunk and shot up a school in Germany.
59 MiniflagUSA.png Micah Xavier Johnson 5 9 N (Blown the fuck up by cops) 2016 A Black Lives Matter acolyte. Set out to kill white cops, and succeeded.
60 MiniflagUSA.png Esteban Santiago 5 6 N 2017 A Spic schizo. Played on Nightmare Mode in a Fort Lauderdale airport, but ran out of ammo and got V&.
61 MiniflagUSA.png Charles Roberts 5 5 Y 2006 Extra credit for doing it at an Amish schoolhouse.
62 MiniflagUSA.png Sulejman Talović 5 4 N (Shot by cops) 2007 Some Bosnian guy who put on a trenchcoat and used a cheap shotgun (using birdshot) and a .38 revolver to shoot a few people in a mall before getting shot by pigs. Family was Muslim. However, the police said he wasn't motivated by Terrorism.
63 MiniflagUSA.png Jarrod Ramos 5 2 N 2018 Some angry mutt who rekt 5 journalists with a shotgun. Bonus points for causing massive amounts of butthurt among liberals.
64 MiniflagUSA.png John Robert Neumann Jr. 5 0 Y 2017 A discharged soldier. Shot people in the head at Fiamma days prior to the 1 year anniversary of Pulse.
65 MiniflagUSA.png Arcan Cetin 5 0 N 2016 A Leftist turkroach used his Call Of Duty MLG Noscope Skillz to rek 5 noobz in the makeup department of a mall in Washington with a Ruger 10/22, sparked a manhunt. Evaded police for almost a day before being caught.
66 MiniflagUSA.png Kip Kinkel 4 25 N 1998 Some retarded-looking crybaby schizo. Killed his mommy and daddy, then managed to kill 2 people before getting tackled while reloading after spamming shit at people which resulted in him being dog-piled and thrown into the slammer for life which finally led to him getting sausage up his ass.
67 MiniflagGermany.png Martin Peyerl 4 7 Y 1999 The closest we will ever get to a German Charles Whitman, some 16 year old kraut fucker shot at people from his bedroom with his daddy's firearms before an'heroing in a bathtub
68 MiniflagCanada.png Randan Fontaine 4 7 N 2016 Kid who chimped-out at La Loche Community School.
69 MiniflagUSA.png Ethan Crumbley 4 7 N 2021 Edgelord who shot up his high school.
70 MiniflagUSA.png Matthew Murray 4 5 Y 2007 A guy who had 2 pistols and an AR15 clone but only got 4 kills.
71 MiniflagUSA.png Jaylen Fryberg 4 3 Y 2014 A butthurt drama queen Injun normie jock. Stole his daddy's .40 and shot people at a table before some cunt tried to stop his ass which led to him shooting himself in the neck.
72 MiniflagRussia.png Daniil Monakhov 4 2 Y 2020 Ruskie who pwned his own grandmother & a nosey neighbour before shooting up a bus stop and becoming An Hero
73 MiniflagUSA.png Travis Reinking 4 2 N 2018 Schizo retard who shot up a Waffle House with an AR15 wearing only a jacket. Some dude took the rifle from him which made him take off the jacket and run away completely naked.
74 MiniflagRussia.png Ruslan Akhtyamov 4 1 Y 2022 Russian Adam Lanza shot up a kindergarten and himself. He also killed the owner of the gun that was used.
75 MiniflagUSA.png Kori Ali Muhammad 4 0 N 2017 A hater of white people. Shot people in multiple places with a revolver before getting V&.
76 MiniflagUSA.png Thomas Hartless 4 0 Y 2017 A woman-beater with a long criminal record. Shot up a nursing home. One of the victims was a pig.
77 MiniflagUSA.png Ivan Lopez 3 16 Y 2014 FUCKING FORT HOOD AGAIN! SERIOUSLY!
78 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Lewis Dear 3 9 N 2015 Bonus points for targeting a Planned Parenthood clinic.
79 MiniflagUSA.png George Sodini 3 9 Y 2009 A guy desperate to have a woman in his life decided to shoot up a Gold's Gym while Latin dance music played.
80 MiniflagUSA.png Luke Woodham 3 7 N 1997 16 year old killed his mom and shot up his school before being subdued by an armed teacher. When the teacher asked Woodham of his motive, he replied "Life has wronged me, sir".
81 MiniflagUSA.png Timothy Hendron 3 5 Y 2010 Another workplace shooter that failed to take Patrick Sherril's score
82 MiniflagUSA.png Michael Carneal 3 5 N 1997 14 year old that shot up his school because he got bullied, brought a small arsenal of weapons but surrendered immediately after unloading his Ruger MK II.
83 MiniflagUSA.png Snochia Moseley 3 3 Y 2018 The first black tranny player, clearly added to the game to meet the diversity quotas of The Current Year.
84 MiniflagUSA.png TJ Lane 3 2 N 2012 One of the lulziest failures around. Broke out of jail in 2014 only to be recaptured.
85 MiniflagUSA.png Cedric Anderson 3 1 Y 2017 A Navy veteran with a criminal history. Shot his special ED teacher wife and two students before becoming an hero.
86 MiniflagUSA.png Allen Christopher Ivanov 3 1 N (Tried to flee to Oregon but was arrested) 2016 A spoiled butthurt teen decided to shoot up a house party after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man.
87 MiniflagUSA.png Noah Jacob Harpham 3 1 N (Shot by cops) 2015 A Christfag. Shot up a street in Colorado, then got pwnt by cops.
88 MiniflagUSA.png Barry Dale Loukaitis 3 1 N 1996 14 year old depressed kid shot his algebra teacher and 3 students before being subdued by his gym coach.
89 MiniflagIreland.png Brendan O’Donnell 3 0 No (Committed suicide in 1997) 1996 Pwned some bitch and her 3 year old son as well as some random priest. One of Ireland's few spree killers
90 MiniflagUSA.png Randy Robert Stair 3 0 Y 2017 A retarded Columbiner tranny. Shot up a grocery store with two sawed-off shotguns when the store closed.
91 MiniflagUSA.png Jerad and Amanda Miller 3 0 Jerad: No (Cops) Amanda: Yes 2014 Two retarded paranoid government-and-police-hating Eric & Dylan Wannabe druggies. Killed 2 pigs at a pizza buffet and 1 guy who tried to stop one of the shooters.
92 MiniflagNorway.png Helge Høvik 3 0 Y 2021 Dad of the year shot his family and himself then burned down the house.
93 MiniflagUSA.png Anonymous 2 14-17 N 2016 Pulled off a shitty sequel to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre.
94 MiniflagUSA.png Gabe Parker 2 14 N 2018 Broke up with his tuba.
95 MiniflagCanada.gif Faisal Hussain 2 13 Y 2018 Some schizo muzzie who failed miserably at going GTA, only scoring 2 kills before becoming An hero.
96 MiniflagUSA.png Brenda Ann Spencer 2 9 N 1979 Lesbian teen who pulled off a shitty massacre from her house because she hated Mondays.
97 MiniflagUSA.png John Russel Houser 2 9 Y 2015 Another generic mentally-ill faggot who went postal at a movie theater which caused the unfunny fatass Amy Schumer to get triggered and spout ignorant and stupid-ass gun control shit.
98 MiniflagUSA.png Erik Salvador Ayala 2 7 Y 2009 An Hero who just wanted to take some preppy bitches in an nightclub with him before pwning himself.
99 MiniflagAustralia.png Huan Yun Xiang 2 5 N 2002 V-Tech Massacre: Ausfailian Edition.
100 MiniflagAustralia.png Man Haron Monis 2 4 N (Shot by cops) 2014 Attacked a chocolate cafe and terrorized hostages for 16 hours before getting owned by the pigs.
101 MiniflagUSA.png Hesham Mohamed Hadayet 2 4 N (Shot by cops) 2002 Shot dead by airport security.
102 MiniflagUSA.png Wayne Lo 2 4 N 1992 Azn that shot up his school before it was cool.
103 MiniflagUSA.png Nathaniel Jouett 2 4 N 2017 Gen-Z teenaged faggot. Shot up a random library for no reason and surrendered immediately to the police. Later gets torn to shreds in jail. Good riddance.
104 MiniflagUSA.png Jesse Osborne 2 3 N 2016 Killed his dad and attempted to pull off a sequel to Sandy Hook, failed miserably.
105 MiniflagUSA.png James Paul Diaz 2 3 N 2014 Another California man attempting to out-score Cho.
106 MiniflagUSA.png Jeremy Patterson 2 2 Y 2017 A revenge-seeker. Rammed his vehicle into his ex-girlfriend's vehicle and began shooting her and her kids before becoming an hero.
107 MiniflagUSA.png Larry Gordon 2 2 N (Shot by cops) 2016 Michigan convict going to a court appearance when he broke free and killed two bailiffs. Tried to take hostages but bailed for no reason and was shot by the piggies while escaping.
108 MiniflagUSA.png Evan Ramsey 2 2 N 1997 16 year old that was so angry at life, he decided to shoot up his school. Killed the principal and another student, and wounded 2 others. Some students were aware of his intention to shoot up the school, bringing cameras to the school on the day of the shooting and watching from an overlooking balcony.
109 MiniflagUSA.png Keith Luke 2 1 Y (After conviction) 2013 Attempted to purify his town of Brockton, but failed miserably.
110 MiniflagRussia.png Sergey Gordeyev 2 1 N 2014 Russian school shooter.
111 MiniflagItaly.png Angelo Grasso 1 32 N 1983 Wop who opened fire on a crowd of unruly faggots at a football match with an automatic shotgun.
112 MiniflagCanada.gif Kimveer Gill 1 19 Y 2006 An Indian Eric Harris wannabe gothfag. Went to a college and shot people randomly with a shitty hangfire carbine before taking someone hostage which resulted in him accidentally shooting himself in the arm which made him become an hero.
113 MiniflagGreece.png Albert Bako 1 15 N 2014 Albanian doing Albanian things AKA shooting up a Greek bar. Also shot up three other bars which led him to get a frag and nearly pwn a bitch.
114 MiniflagUK.png James Griffiths 1 12 N 1969 Scottish thug who had a shootout with the pigs before painting the town red á la Derrick Bird before getting pwned by the cops.
115 MiniflagUSA.png Ronald Gay 1 6 N 2000 Shot up up a gay bar, because he was always mocked by his last name. Also wanted to end AIDS, by making all the fags go to San Francisco.
116 MiniflagUSA.png Henry Bello 1 6 Y 2017 A revenge-seeking nigger. Shot 7 people at a hospital before shooting himself.
117 MiniflagUSA.png Jason Rodriguez 1 5 N 2009 Follow-up of the Fort Hood shooting.
118 MiniflagUSA.png David Wenwei Chou 1 5 N 2022 Boomer chink went Dylann Roof on some other chinks before getting fucking hogtied. Nobody cared because of what happened the day before.
119 MiniflagMexico.jpg Federico Guevara Elizondo 1 3 Y 2017 Spic who got a .22 revolver and tried to kill people with headshots, but only killed 1 person. Was also so shit that he missed when attempting suicide. Watch the shitty gameplay footage here!
120 MiniflagCanada.gif Michael Zehaf-Bibeau 1 3 N (Shot by cops) 2014 Typical muslim that tried to assassinate the Canadian prime minister with somebody's grandpa's lever rifle. Got owned by some RCMP officer who is then promoted to an ambassador.
121 MiniflagUSA.png Caleb Sharpe 1 3 N 2017 Edgy, notable young school shooter. Got pwn'd by a school security guard and later V&'d.
122 MiniflagUK.png Raoul Moat 1 2 (1 later committed suicide) Y 2010 Chav who shot his ex, her boyfriend and a cop because she said her boyfriend was a cop to scare him even though she knew he hated the cops.
123 MiniflagUSA.png Larry Rosenberg 1 2 Y 2016 77-year-old nursing home resident that had issues with the "damn poker gambling" others were participating in.
124 MiniflagUSA.png Alvaro Castillo 1 2 N (Got V& by the piggies) 2006 Yet another degenerate loser who jacked off to the Columbine killers and failed miserably to surpass their legacy. Blasted his abusive dad and went to his old school where he set off some firecrackers and shot at objects before getting tackled.
125 MiniflagUSA.png Adam Purinton 1 2 N 2017 An Injun hater. Got triggered by the sight of them and decided to shoot them while yelling "Get outta my country".
126 MiniflagUSA.png Jose Reyes 1 2 Y 2013 Some 12 year old autistic spic that attempted to pull a Columbine at his middle school
127 MiniflagIreland.png Adrian Crevan Mackin 1 1 Y 2011 Irish republican who pwned the fuck out of a Guard and wounded his own girlfriend before becoming An Hero
128 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Butler Jr. 1 1 Y 2011 Some nigger who shot his principal.
129 MiniflagUK.png Peter Reeve 1 1 Y 2012 Wannabe Derrick Bird. Tried shooting his neighbors, failed and shot an off-duty pig before becoming An Hero in a graveyard.
130 MiniflagNorway.png Philip Manshaus 1 1 N 2019 Killed his chink adoptive sister then tried to shoot up a mosque but ended up being beaten and manhandled by some old mudslime before doing any considerable damage.
131 MiniflagUSA.png Alec Baldwin 1 1 N 2021 Unfunny liberal actor who "accidentally" killed an assistant producer and wounded the director while filming a shitty indie western film. Obviously failed Gun Safety 101.
132 MiniflagIreland.png Stephen Silver 1 0 N 2020 Schizo who put some holes into a pig's chest with his own gun after being pulled over.
133 MiniflagUSA.png Steve Stephens 1 0 Y 2017 Got mad after being bankrupt and losing his girlfriend and went on a "rampage", only killing a elderly man of the same race on Facebook. After being spotted in Pennsylvania, he an hero'd after a brief chase that only lasted 2 miles. Can you say Joy Lane?
134 MiniflagUSA.png Anthony Powell‎ 1 0 Y 2009 Decided to shoot some nigger bitch who was on YouTube, in the name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
135 MiniflagUK.png Robert Mone 1 0 N 1967 Took a classroom hostage with a shotgun at his old school and molested some girls. When the teacher told him to stop, he shot her in the face. Later broke out of a mental hospital with another inmate and increased his kill count.

Absolute Fucking Failures

These assclowns couldn't even manage to get a single kill! They are the Polygon of real life. (Again fat Amerifags everywhere).

1 MiniflagUSA.png David Young and Doris Young 79 N 1986 Tried to bomb Cokeville Elementary School in middle of nowhere Wyoming.
2 MiniflagGermany.png Sebastian Bosse 37 Y 2006 An Eric Harris wannabe. Tried to shoot up his school with pirate guns and various other weapons which didn't go well at all.
3 MiniflagUSA.png Frank James 33 N 2022 Schizo nigger who shot up a subway because of "muh evil whiteys!".
4 MiniflagUSA.png Unknown 28+ (25 by the perpetrator) N 2017 A person tried to yet again replicate Pulse and failed profusely.
5 MiniflagUSA.png Alex Hribal 21 N 2014 A pimple-faced retard. Went around stabbing and slashing people in shitty places before being apprehended.
6 MiniflagCanada.png Unknown 18 year old 16 N 1968 Some 18 year old Canadian who stabbed 16 girls' legs with a pen knife that had a 2 inch blade.
7 MiniflagGermany.png Georg R. 15 N (Injured by Polizei) 2009 Some faggot who threw 2 molotovs in a classroom and sliced some bitch up with an axe before trying to commit suicide by cop and failing.
8 MiniflagRussia.png Lev Bidjakov and Aleksandr Buslidze 15 N (Stabbed each other but didn't die) 2018 Two Ruskie gay lovers who tried to recreate Columbine at a school in Russia and stabbed 14 kiddies and a teacher, then getting into an argument and stabbing each other.
9 MiniflagUSA.png Abdul Razak Ali Artan 11 N 2016 Some ISIS Cock-smoking mudslime. Went on a stabbing and vehicle-ramming spree at Ohio State University, stabbed people in unbelievably shitty places like in the arm, and because of this, he was the only casualty in the attack.
10 MiniflagRussia.png Natasha K. and the other two girls 7 N 2018 13 year old girl shot with a pneumatic revolver in school. Russian female Columbine copycats.
11 MiniflagUSA.png Dominick Maldonado 6 N 2005 A methhead who wanted the world to "feel his anger". Shot up a mall with a Chinese AK-47 and a pistol, taking people hostage before getting V&. He tried taking a pig hostage with scissors but failed.
12 MiniflagUSA.png Anthony "T.J." Solomon 6 N 1999 A month after the lulzy attack at Columbine, Anthony brought a .22 rifle to his school and shot 6 students in shitty parts of the body. While trying to bring himself to suicide, a principal talked him out of it and he turned himself to the pigs.
13 MiniflagUSA.png James Hodgkinson 6 N 2017 Jared Lee Loughner wannabe, tried to assassinate House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and kill as many Republicans as he could, but failed miserably.
14 Switzerland Aleksandrs I. 6 N (Injured by Polizei) 2017 Swiss nazi-obsessed faggot who attacked some people with an axe, did GTA IRL and attacked some moar people in a gas station before getting shot.
15 MiniflagRussia.png Anton Bichivin 6 N (Attempted) 2018 Some Columbine-obsessed Ruskie who threw a molotov in a class and tried to an hero with an axe but failed. Wore a KMFDM t-shirt during the attack.
16 MiniflagUSA.png Seth Trickey 5 N 1999 Seth shot people and pussied out in front of a teacher who commanded his stupid ass to drop his gun.
17 MiniflagUSA.png Lamar Moore 4 N (Shot by cops) 2011 Died bravely in a line of fire by police inside a police station after he brought a shotgun in the building and wounded 4 officers, none of them critically, even at point-blank range. He was falsely accused by The Man of kidnapping and raping a 13 year old girl, when she probably deserved it anyways. So that was when he heroically stepped into the office and amazed the whole world of how much of an incredibly amazing man he truly is.
18 MiniflagUSA.png Asa Coon 4 Y 2007 He was punched by a nigger, shot people in really shitty places, and became An Hero. To add insult to injury, the cops leaked photos of his corpse. Here is the shitty gameplay footage.
19 MiniflagUSA.png Jacob Robida 4 Y 2006 Neo-Nazi juggalo who injured 1 person with a hatchet and 3 people with a gun at a gay bar before becoming an hero.
20 Miniflag Greece.png Dimitris Patmanidis 3 Y 2009 A bullied, human-hating revenge-seeker. Went to his school and shot people in shitty places like the legs, arms, hand, and chest before becoming an hero.
21 MiniflagIran.png Nasim Aghdam 3 Y 2018 Some dirty vegan towelhead that decided that YouTube's shitty policies couldn't be changed by peaceable means and started shooting in the corporate offices in California. She didn't manage to kill anyone but herself.
22 MiniflagUSA.png Edgar Robles 2 N 2014 A revenge-seeker. Wounded 2 people on a fucking packed bus.
23 MiniflagUSA.png Marissa Wallen 2 N 2017 21-year-old hooker who somehow failed to kill her john with two headshots after giving her bad oral sex.
24 MiniflagUSA.png Mason Campbell 2 N 2014 Some 12-year old-loser who tried to go Cho. He sawed off daddy's shotgun and used birdshot, randomly firing everywhere, before being tackled and shackled.
25 MiniflagUSA.png Neil MacInnis 2 N 2013 4chan Post
26 MiniflagUSA.png Austin Wayne Rollins 2 N (Shot by cops) 2018 Some nerd shot his ugly oneitis and some other kid before getting shot by a pig.
27 MiniflagRussia.png Artem Tagirov 2 N (Allegedly attempted suicide by slitting own throat) 2018 Russian kid that stabbed a couple people and set his teacher on fire. All in all, another normal day in Russia.
28 MiniflagUSA.png Floyd Lee Corkins II 1 N 2012 Inspired by the SPLC, he tried to shoot up an anti-fag group, but, like most libtard gunmen, he couldn't even hit the broad side of a barn, and was thus unable to go through with his plan to smear Chick-fil-A on the victims' faces.
29 MiniflagRussia.png Mikhail Pivnev (alias: Mike Klebold 1 (3 others were injured by jumping out of windows) N 2017 Some Columbiner Ruskie who shot a teacher with an air rifle and set off some smoke bombs. Shouted that he'd come there to die, yet was arrested.
30 MiniflagUSA.png Robert Gladden Jr. 1 N 2012 An Emofag. Shot a student in the back before being tackled by various people in the cafeteria.
31 MiniflagUSA.png Jon Romano 1 N 2004 A bullied outcast fascinated by Columbine. Brought a shotgun and shot a teacher in the leg like a dumbshit. He pussied out and surrendered to the staff, and agreed to a plea deal for 20 years in prison.
32 MiniflagRussia.png Ilya Ivanistov 1 Y 2018
33 MiniflagGermany.png Florian Klein 1 Y 2003 A 16-year-old Satanist who shot at his teacher, missed and accidentally shot another teacher (who tried to disarm him) in the thigh before committing suicide.
34 MiniflagUSA.png Mikese Morse 1 N 2018 Former Olympic Track Star goes Bat Shit Insane and tries to run down a family of 3 in his car.
35 MiniflagCanada.png Lindsay Souvannarath 0 N 2015 Planned to shoot up a Halifax mall with two of her cuntbuddies, but got arrested due to posting about her plan on tumblr, and is now in jail getting grabbed by the pussy in the shower.
36 MiniflagUK.png Liam Lyburd 0 N 2014 Nearly committed a mass shooting at Newcastle College with a Glock he bought on the Deep Web but was stopped hours before he was going to do it due to posting threats on Facebook.
37 MiniflagUK.png Lloyd Gunton 0 N 2017 Another Britfag who tried to commit mass murder, this time for ISIS at a Justin Bieber concert with a car, a hammer and a knife in some Westminster-inspired attack. Was arrested hours before he was going to, though, because he posted about it on social media, just like Liam Lyburd and Ethan Stables.
38 MiniflagUK.png Ethan Stables 0 N 2017 Faggot who was so ashamed of being bisexual that he tried to commit a machete attack at a gay bar. Was apparently arrested just as he was walking to the bar and was in Cumbria, where more successful attacker Travis Bickle committed his shootings.
39 MiniflagUSA.png Dylan Schumaker 0 (A child died.) N 2013 He bricked a poor 23-month old toddler to death. Now he's suffering the same fate as the above, the only difference being he doesn't have a pussy. He's turned into one!

King of all losers

7,687,633,792 MiniflagUSA.png William Atchison 2 0 Y 2017 Our own ED admin AlGore spent literal years obsessing over this very page, updating it every time someone so much as shot a stray cat and participating in an act of worship for school shooters like an edgy teenager, only to have his own shooting spree stopped by a sofa.

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