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The Hidden Wiki
The Hidden Wiki.png

The Hidden Wiki logo.
Type: Internet directory • Open wiki
Registration: Optional; anonymous editing.
Accessibility: Private; can only be accessed through the Tor hidden service.
Location: On the Internet
Language: English
Current Status: Forked; original wiki shut down.

The Hidden Wiki is a place where pedophiles, serial killers, distributors of CP, l33t h4x0rz, cyber criminals, and trolls post their .onion links with the hopes of getting internet traffic on their shitty sites. As the Hidden Wiki is part of the deep web, you need a special kind of browser to access it, namely Tor. Like most wikis, the Hidden Wiki uses an old version of the MediaWiki software that hasn't been updated in ages. Most of the important shit is found on the main page, which is filled with several dead-end links and links to another page of more links. The Hidden Wiki is the epicenter of the deep web, a place where all newfags to the dark Internet go the minute they install Tor, a place of such confusion and faggotry that no normal person would ever want to visit it.

Content and Services

These are services that you pay for with bitcoin. Most of them are scams used by Nigerian scammers to cheat you out of all your bitcoin. Should you be curious enough to venture into this shithole, these are some of the things you are likely to find.

Editor's Picks

A few links that nobody cares to read, unless you are extremely bored.


How you can help out the Hidden Wiki. Nobody cares about this, as they are too fascinated with all the links to the deep web.

"Exciting" Stuff

  • Drugs - If you don't know what these are, these are liquids, powders, pills, plants, etc. that you "consume" and make you do all kinds of crazy shit.
  • CP - You know what this is. You might want to install Tails if you plan on viewing or using this, or you can go take a seat over there.
  • Hitman Network - Tired of that schoolyard bully? Want him out of your life forever? Want to get rid of that ex you hate? If so, then this is the place for you. As it turns out, most of these so called "hitman services" are petty scams, as the real hitman services are much more encrypted.
  • Hire a Hacker - If you're too much of a pussy to consult with the option above, then you can hire a hacker to ruin someone's life. See, the Internet is your personal army after all. As is the case with the hitman networks, these hire a hacker sites are also bitcoin scams.
  • Silk Road (seized) - Where you go to buy the aforementioned drugs, weapons, gardening supplies, dildos for your mom etc. This site got seized by the FBI and is no longer online; however, you may find a forked version somewhere. It was one of the legitimate web sources and/or online stores that you could buy from.
  • Bomb making - Either you want to join ISIS or want an excuse to skip school.
  • Sex trade - They're over 18, we promise.
  • Fake IDs - Want to become a "citizen" of any country you want? Get a fake ID here. You cal also get credit cards, passports, drivers licenses and even a new face.
  • Erotica - If you don't want to see this, you might be gay.
  • Live murder - Only a sick fuck would condone this, unless, of course, the person being murdered is a feminist, in which case, we'd all cheer it on.
  • Cannibal Cafe a now defunct forum website for retards with a cannibal fetish.
  • Firearms sales
  • Black market - Presumably a place where you can buy niggers.
  • Human experiments
  • Forums and chans

Boring Stuff

  • Links that lead to another page of links
  • Cults - Cults are boring and should all drink the Kool-Aid.
  • Web hosting - Stuff nobody cares about.
  • Financial services
  • Commercial services
  • Politics

Censor Mode

There is a setting for the Hidden Wiki, known as the "censor mode" that blocks out and eliminates any links to CP, gore, cruelty, etc. However, this takes the fun out of the experience and most people don't care to use it. If you use it, you are a pussy and shouldn't even be on the deep web in the first place.

The Fall of the Original Hidden Wiki

2014: The Hidden Wiki Gets Hacked

The original Hidden Wiki is down, this wiki is its replacement.


—The Hidden Wiki fork notification.

On March 11, 2014 the Hidden Wiki gets hacked by doxbin, and as a result, is redirect to the doxbin .onion web domain. One of the sysops on the Hidden Wiki posted a headline message detailing how they got their asses kicked by doxbin. According to the message, doxbin would restore the original Hidden Wiki if the sysops purge all the links that contain CP from it. This will be a hard, lengthy task to do, considering that the Hidden Wiki is filled to the brim with CP links and anyone can add more CP links in at any given time, due to anonymous editing. Even if the HW achieved this, it is unlikely that doxbin would "give" them their site back, as this is likely a massive troll on doxbin's part.

UPDATED Message from the Admin

Dear Users!

As you may have noticed, the original Hidden Wiki has been taken over by Doxbin. They have the private keys of the address, and the KPVZ Wiki's server was also compromised and teared apart, so right now there is no way for it to operate again in the near future. :(

Since yesterday, I tried to reach the Doxbin team to see if we can resolve this situation somehow, as I felt this was not right, as they literally beheaded the Tor Network. I was confident that this wasn't their primary goal. Fortunately, I was right.

I eventually made a deal with them: if we purge out all the Child Porn content from here, they will allow the Hidden Wiki to continue. And because of the original server is nonfunctional, they agreed to let US continue the Wiki.

So right now, I had two choices: One is to refuse the offer, and basically let the idea of the Hidden Wiki die forever... or accept the offer by banishing Child Porn from here.

I chose the latter.

So, basically from today THIS IS the new 'Official' Hidden Wiki - with only one added rule: Child Porn (or linking to sites with Child Porn on them) will not be tolerated from now on.

Before you get mad, PLEASE consider this: this is the only way we can save the Hidden Wiki. If we refuse the offer, Doxbin will just pull the plug from the kpvz address, and that's it, HW is gone! And I think a CP-free wiki is much better than no wiki at all!

I am very sorry for those who see this as a setback right now... but this is the only way it can be at this point. Please try to understand it. All the sites you 'like' will still be there, nothing closes... it's just that we won't index them here anymore.

Anyway... welcome to the new home of the Hidden Wiki!

You can talk about the situation on the Talk Pages freely!

Admin (talk) 18:17, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

The original message.

Forked Versions

Upon the downfall of the original Hidden Wiki, several mirrors and forks have been put up since. Some of these forks are hoax sites, and are not actually affiliated with the Hidden Wiki whatsoever. In the screenshot above, the "Hidden Wiki" shown there is a forked version; however, the legitimacy of this version being linked to the original Hidden Wiki is debatable.

Hidden Wiki Videos

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