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A cow, an animal that is much more intelligent than Heed My Warning

HEED MY WARNING, an aspergic wart festering on the herpes infected ass that is the Lionsgate Saw III and Saw IV forums, is a troll's dream come true. Once insulted, he will keep fighting back in his aspie rage, even after the troll has gotten bored using him as a punching bag and moved on to the next aspie piece of shit in the forum, as there are several. In response to being used as trollbait, Heed is comfortable with counter-trolling badly with "A B C" insults. And god forbid you criticize scientology or some other belief system. The poor aspie can't seem to understand that just because people believe something doesn't make that thing worthy of respect. But in fact this irony makes perfect sense. HEED MY WARNING is a mindless slave to authority, even coveting the worthless, made up and self appointed and non existent title of "leader" in this worthless turd of an official movie company forum. He covets authority and demands that everyone bow to it, but fails to realize that his pathetic fantasy will forever remain an aspie wet dream as he remains forever one of the owned.

If you want the long version of the story, click here for the lulzy transcript of the ridiculous week long (and counting!) flamewar over two chanology links being posted in the forum!!!


Prove we're ret.arded. I'm not playing games with you any more because you're too stupid to do them. Four time loser. I'll just wait and see what stupidity you type in response to this. The ED cameras are rolling my trained clown bit.ch. Action!


—RLJ, setting Heed up like bowling pins

i gotcho a.ss in chekk ma dude....you still little girrl


—What Heed chose to type as his argument that RLJ and ED are retarded

Excellent that is going into the article. Good performance, my aspie clown. Your master is pleased with your stupidity.



Some background

A paramecium, another animal that is much more intelligent than Heed My Warning

The lionsgate saw forum is utterly unmoderated. This makes it a great place to troll. Posts that would get you ip banned from any reasonably modded forum go totally unpunished here. Which means that the fun never ends. And to make it even better, almost all of the population of the forum (which is rather low) is unbelievably stupid and also obsessed with saw. Winning combination, no?

Here are some protips for trolling lionsgate:

1)Curses and bad words need a dot in the middle or they will be censored, like this : fu.ck.

2)Heed is a desperate aspie who will keep fighting back no matter how much abuse you give him. So after you're bored of owning the retard and private messaging him chanology links, nimp links and goatse, just tell him you used him like a whore now you're moving on to his mother.

3)You can upload images there. And since there's no mods they can be the worst rotten.com has to offer. Hey, it's a saw forum, what's wrong with a little gore?


Heed's trolling strategy is simple, in the sense that a down syndrome sufferer is simple. Here it is:
1)Say "I'm the leader thanks for choosing me" every post.
2)Steal the trolling techniques used by everybody else in the forum.
3)Make random insults about incest etc and keep doing it after the real troll has gotten bored with this faggot and moved on.
4)Claim to be the troll instead of the victim and prolong an idiotic flamewar over two chanology links and being told "fuck you" for a week and a half and counting, being a butthurt fag this is typical aspergers behavior for Heed.

Being trolled by Heed is slightly less offensive than your grandad's stories about his time at seminary.

Here's some illustrative Heed quotes.

thank you for choosing me as your leader, moron. who really thinks i really giva s.hit about some artical about me posted in ED.com or encyclopediadramatica LOL I dont even go to those sites nor do I care what you put there. keep up the good work dumba.ss. you puppet, i pull your strings. and once again; thank you for accepting me as your master. LOL wacky r.etard


—Heed, misunderstanding the situation as autistic people tend to do

thats your opinion and you are free to think that. but im not the problem in this world. its judgmental anger driven unfair people like yourself who looks down on me for trying to do something positive with my life. ive established that you and other are the madness thats driving this world straight to hell. you all should consider a more fair and positive lifestyle change. but i wont judge you if choose not to. its not my place. im not judging you RLJ. its your freedom to do and say as you wish. and its my freedom to speak against negativity.


—Heed, on why I'm evil for daring to post chanology links

thats right. give into your anger and give me full control of you.

your post reflect your true colors and thats of the ranks of stupidity. keep up the bad work; im laughing at you, you little cry baby sissy


—Heed's primary (and ineffective) defense to being trolled, pretend he thinks it's funny, and that you're a pussy for trolling him. Don't ask me. I've been dealing with this guy for over a week and I don't understand it either

HEED MY WARNING is a wonderful addition to this forum. and his leadership skills are like no other. he or she has successfully bought life back to this forum again. thank god he or she is here to save us from our evil ways. there you have it darkhunter. I've just spoke for the rest of this forum. im the leader of this place now so your gonna either love it, or leave it.


—Heed, assuming the role of self appointed "leader" of the saw forum. In other words, head faggot

thank you for taking time out to address how much you love having me as your leader. hopefully your stupidity will have a special place here soon. but dont give up. keep trying. I enjoy the entertainment. you still have a ways to go to be considered intelligent. but for now, just keep worshiping me and knowing your place, idiot. thanks for supporting me as your leader. I hope you continue to amuse, entertain, and worship me until your STD kills you. now carry on peasant.


—Ok, now picture this post. Times 1,000. Now you get an idea of what flaming Heed is like. Lulz. What a retarded aspergic piece of dog shit he is

man, I hope somebody "kills" you.


—Heed My Warning, finally starting to crack under over a week of trolling. Lulz. Successful troll is successful

hahaha!!! idiot.... my buddy says your just mad because your some fat ugly guy who cant get laid. I disagree though. everyone knows that your daddy gives it to you up the b.utt everynight LOL


—Heed, showing he's still butthurt and fighting (and losing) the same fight since 03-07-2008

Only in your imagination. Let's review, class 1)I beat you in an argument over chanology links. 2)I browbeat you into a flamewar on purpose which you've obediently kept up for over a week, being as intended a lolcow. 3)I abused you terribly so I could write ED articles about you which I have done and am still doing. 4)You've lost two games because you are so amazingly stupid. You are OWNED and the ownage is continuing. Fap to that nice story your buttertroll butt buddy made up about me little wh.ore. You are only leader and winning this in your ret.ard imagination. Fu.ck you. Been awhile since I said that. Fondest regards, RLJ


—RLJ, showing that Heed is outgunned in this battle of the wits

haha!! what a moron. what kind of lawyer are you??? a peodphile defense attorney???? so you think that this world needs pedophiles eh?? your a sick pile of garbach


—Heed, setting up the ownage again

Why, do you need one?


—RLJ, delivering requested ownage

Iam f.ucking your mom right now. do not disturb.


—Heed, thinking he is winning

And my dad is buttfu.cking you. Thanks for pleasuring my parents


—RLJ, showing otherwise

until you die from your STD that your daddy gave you. I already told you that moron.


—Heed, misunderstanding the question

I asked you how bad you wanted to lose you fa.ggot, not how long this would take. Jesus, just when I don't think you could get any stupider, you do. The depth of your stupidity rivals the challenger deep or the dead sea. I'm glad I'm here to witness it. It's like seeing some incredible force of nature, like a lava flow or avalanche. Sad loser. Owned.



hahahhahaha!!!! shove ED.com up your as.s


—Heed, ready for another fall

I can't, it's already up your as.s. How does it feel?


—Not so good I would imagine

naw ima keep being amused by "hrodulf typing monkey" who enjoys pulling rabbits out of his a.ss.



I like my article about you. Dumber than a paramecium. It's true you know. The only person here who likes pulling things out of his as.s is you. Every night you have to reach in and pull out all the condoms that built up in there. From your time with the rest of your downlow homeys. And you're my typing monkey fool because I'm the one getting something out of this and you aren't getting sh.it except owned. The funniest thing about this is that you fa.ggots all have aids, but you use condoms anyway because you think they will cure it.



*pulls strings* and look at the little puppet gooooooooo!!!!!!!!



You are the puppet because I tricked you into this fight from the beginning for my own purposes. How are you going to end it, fa.ggot? I sure don't want it to end. You're more fun than forumwarz and over 9000 times gayer. So thanks again. And fu.ck you. That's how this all started, did you remember that? You were arguing with me stupidly but compared to now, rationally, and all I had to do was say "tl;dr, fu.ck you" and you turned into an outraged owned aspie bit.ch slave. Thanks for allowing me to own you. I'm very excited to have you as my personal property.



HEED MY WARNING'S Magical Aspie Circus of Funn! (The Extra N Is For Extra Fun!)

HEED MY WARNING has found a new career! Deciding being leader wasn't right for his fun-loving, wacky personality, he has become RLJ's personal clown! And he is such a good clown, his antics are the wildest, wackiest and most outrageous ever in the history of clowning! If you want to see the show click here, don't worry, it's free. Heed doesn't even work for peanuts. He does it for nothing. He truly is a natural clown.


I would like to announce that as of tonight, I am the first American to legally own a slave in over 150 years.
Heed My Warning is my slave. I tricked him into this flamewar for lulz, and now he is trapped in it like the tar baby, unable to win and unable to stop. So he continues it for my amusement, willingly. He stupidly thinks that he is controlling me. But I am the one who manipulated him into this situation deliberately, and am gaining the rewards of learning how to be a better troll, getting material for ed.com, and laughing at his stupidity.
Heed is actually worse than a slave, as no actual legal bonds of servitude exist. He continues doing this of his own free will, because he is extremely stupid.
Thanks for all the hard work Heed. You're a good slave.

yaaaay yaaaaay yaaaaay yuuuuuuu suuuuuuck LOL!!!!
dont be tryn 2 fukk up my buzzz mang..
dis coke and lquor got me good rite now son!!!
i'm so fukkin hyped up dat i wanna rape your mom and serve my c..um alll doun her throat...then i can mix some of da ashes from darkhunters mom in wit my cocaine ans snort dat shhhiit and follow up wit a shot ov remy martin1738.
cuz das how i do in da 08 ma n.gga

Keep the one man minstrel show up for your master. Owned. Literally.

i sniff so much coke that if it were snow I cud build 30 snowmen wit it. i cant believe u dont do coke mang. wut R u a square or sumthin???? **** near all lawyerz do coke son!!!!

Whatever. Hope you od.

odin iz 4 suckaz... ima real n.igga wit a high tollerance 4 drugz and alcohol unlike u ya lill f.aggot a.ss p.ussy

Then you better take moar.

i stick 2 coke weed and drink... wut u do?????

Lately Gin and Polish grain alcohol.

ok ok ma n.igga.
wha kinda drugs u do ????
ur a lawyer so i kno u do something.
every lawyer i kno iz on something. mostly coke..

Alcohol is a drug.

street drugs or prescription drugs modafukaahhhhh

I don't do those. Not everyone is a worthless sack of sh.it like you.

Heed is A N.igger
An apology to HEED MY WARNING
I want to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. Over the last few weeks in this forum I have accused you of being autistic. This was wrong, and I hope you accept my apology.
Recently, it came to light that you live in Washington DC, drink grey goose vodka, use terms like "4life" and are involved in some sort of street gang.
You aren't autistic.
You're just black.
Sincerely sorry for the mixup. You can understand how I could confuse the similar symptoms of those two disorders over the internet.
Hope we can be friends from now on since I said I'm sorry.
Heed Is A N.igger

yeahhhh1!!!! sssson!!!!!!!
u gotta luv da feeling he put in dat my nigg.
ay ma nigg, we can beee frnds but u must accept me as [email protected] first ma n.igga...

dis real ***** talk son s0 sta outta thiss u lill b itch....
where ma ***** heed iz ***** at????
ps: hrodulf iz super g.ay...he aint real ***** like me son!!!!

That's a good joke slave you know your master is straight as he fu.cks your wife nightly. Keep the jokes coming your master demands it.

no wife here ma n.igga...
i fukk otha poeples wives and then send them back 2 their husbands feelin like a million bucks... maybe ur wife need sum treatment too ma n.igga.

Yeah I know she's gone. I sold her last week for fifty dollars.

shuda put her on dem cornaz n.igga!!!!
pimping iz easy!!! look how ezy im pimping U

I don't truck with that kind of business. Pimping? You apparently don't know the meaning of the word. But in any event, I do like your minstrel show. Please keep up with the banjo playing and burlesque. And its all for free. From my willing slave.

suck my n.igga ballz ya lill b.itch.
where yo mom at???

That rendition of Swanee Ribber almost made me cry. Thank you so much.
Now get into the sambo makeup its time for the next act.

where yo mom at???
ima rape her

Thank you for serving your master.
And what are you so mad about, the guy apologized.

yall hate me and wanna kill me but nobody wanna do s.hit cuz my address in c.ockhunters sig and nobody step up yet....
wut tha deal???
who wonn bring it 2 deez street solderz...
we be real n.iggaz

I'm only into mental violence, not physical violence, thanks.

sound lik a geek 2 me

Thank you for serving your master.

Hi, Heed, my friends would like to meet you.
Please go to this irc:
server irc.encyclopediadramatica.com
channel #ed

send them peasants ova here ma *****.
and eat a homeless mans d.ick while ur at it b.itch

Thank you for serving your master.

Thank you for serving your master.

RLJ MISREPRESENTED QUOTE BY HEED:"Please don't whip me no more massa."
Stealing trolls again. Well I understand. Since you have blackspergers syndrome you can't think of your own.
Thank you for serving your master.
Oh and Heed is there any way I can change your mind about ed irc?
We have fried chicken dipped in grape soda.


Heed my warning is a pathetic coward. Insecure in his own retarded view of life, he thinks he can be better than everyone else by saying all belief should be respected regardless of how stupid or harmful it is. But when he is called on his cowardice, he goes into "attack" (not very effective) mode, and likes calling you a pussy. This is not an irony. His passivity and refusal to take a principled stand against things that any free thinking man would reject as mental slavery, obscurantism, and sheer fail (e.g. scientology) is motivated by the same reason as his pussified and pathetic "attack;" the quest of an essentially mentally weak and inferior turd to feel better about himself, specifically, better than other people. This in turn reflects his greatest fear, that because of his own cowardice, passivity and spinelessness, rendering him unable take a stand against shit like scientology, he is a pussy, so he instead makes himself feel like an internet tough guy, who can impose his cowardice and, yes, pussyness on the entire saw iv forum by saying the word pussy a lot. As has been said, with great wisdom, those who hide under beds look under beds.

Other happenings

Fou-Lu ended up making several attack accounts, such as HEED IS AN ASPIE, HEED IS A NIGGER, and HEED IS THE NIGGER TRAVIS ROBINSON (with a signature including his dox.) Fou-Lu used these accounts to post all sorts of shit, including scat porn, tubgirl, goatse, the pain series, furry porn, gay porn, bestiality, dickgirls, shitting dick nipples, links to Last measure, rickroll videos, and other shit.


Around 3:25 pm April 16th 2008, Lionsgate Films shut down the forums.
Heed my warning posted a picture of his shit on march 30th HrodulfShit.JPG showing immense amounts of butthurt.


Lionsgate Troll of 2006 (a must read)

Einsteinaspie.jpg Heed My Warning is part of a series on Aspies. [Back to your happy placeSperg out]

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