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Suddenly dead? Chances are you've been Headshot'd.

A universal indication of pwnage, a headshot remains a lulzy and popular way of expressing your dislike for someone. Originating from FPS games like Counter-Strike, the head was the target that caused the most damage. Anon, being the special kid that he is, found great lulz in the idea that this fact held true IRL.

This particular shot is a special and precious thing because the head in most cases, but definitely not in the case of Argent009, presents a smaller and hence harder target to hit than the body. To truly qualify for the "Headshot" accolade, a shot therefore needs

  1. to be to the head, and
  2. to be taken from a distance of at least one yard.
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!

Many believe that "BOOM HEADSHOT" warcry originated from FPS Doug, co-star of the interweb show Pure Pwnage

Also good for taking care of your dumb narcoleptic dog:

Famous headshots

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • JFK, obviously
  • RFK
  • Budd Dwyer, though this doesn't actually count as he did it himself from point blank range, thus failing to qualify for point 2 above
  • That fat hunting buddy of Dick Cheney, though that guy survived. (omg hax!)
  • King Harold with an arrow in 1066, perhaps the earliest recorded headshot
  • Pablo Escobar American forces claim that the shot that killed him was so accurate it went in his left ear and out the right ear.
  • Monica Lewinski
  • Anyone living in the Middle East
  • Stuart Scott, after getting pwnd in the eye by a robotic QB with a football; he survived, but lost an eye
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Osama Bin Laden
  • Jim Brady - took him 33 years to fucking die, but it did kill him


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