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Deviantart-favicon.png Hayakain, real name Joshua Benefield, is a 25 year-old furfag on deviantART who is going to TAKE DOWN ED AND ANONYMOUS!!! Like all other furfaggots he has an interestingly abnormal habit of bawwing about shit nobody cares about. It is common knowledge that furries and fanboys go hand-in-hand, and when one snaps, it is usually due to someone simply voicing their opinion on a furry's fetishes, lifestyle and/or an artist they are a fan of. And in this case, the setting off was done by some haters who were trolling a cancerous inflation fetishist that goes by the name of Tom Preston. Hayakain obviously sees Preston as being a God among men, and goes as far as to defend him through a shitty dA journal. He was obviously trying to take an internet tough guy approach. Fortunately, this failed tremendously which resulted in more negative attention towards Tom Preston and himself. It can also be noted that Hayakain is a closet gay, in that a majority of his art consists of furry whores parading around naked, but when you visit his E621 gallery, you'll see shotacon furry dongs scattered about.

Hatred of ED and War Against EDF2

I just read some Encyclopedia Dramatica entries, specifically the ones about dA and FurAffinity.


His journal, A few months ago.

It's ED, it's not worth reading.


—Refusing to read ED articles, Hayakain: Master of consistency.

Hayakain has made his hatred of ED known through all means available. By complaining about the site over and over and over again before anyone even knew who he is, while at the same time defending Preston. At some point someone briefly mentioned him on the TP article and his war with us began. It started with saying how he is immune to ED and trolling through dA comments, he'll be sure to have you know that he is in no way butthurt, and that we're just a bunch of faggots who have nothing better to do than fuck around with people. He seems to believe that as long as he doesn't write in ALL CAPS or finishes posts with Oneoneone people will be fooled into thinking he isn't mad. This is obviously not true, since he takes the time to write about this site in the first place, and doesn't just go on with his life just as anyone else would.

After that he posted his "'Final' thoughts on Tom Preston"... Only they were not really final since he went on to cry about it some more again soon after. When he STILL didn't get the attention he wanted he posted "Tom Preston haters come at me bro". He ended up editing that journal 4 more times to try and backpedal when everyone easily refuted all his points, hoping that if he says he won enough times people will believe him.

When he found out no one on EDF2 gave a fuck he made ANOTHER JOURNAL, this time daring them to come "debate" him, citing that "the trolls are too proud and won't be able to resist the bait". When he realized no one on the forum did anything but lol at him, he did the exact same thing that he accused the trolls of, and made an account to try and argue with them on the forum iself.

When confronted with this fact and with how pathetic and desperate for attention that is, he claimed that it was an old account that he had made two years ago.

Joined: Yesterday

Forgetting for a moment the forum was up for less than a year at the time, it exposed Joshua as a liar whose entire debating technique consists of telling obvious lies, which he does his best to cover with as many details as he can so that they can't be disproved, and then insisting you have to believe him no matter how obvious the lie is. When shown evidence that he is lying he changes his story or pretends he didn't see your comment.

After his short fight with EDF ended with everyone ripping him a new one, he went back to DA to declare victory. But when he saw everyone laughed at this statement, he went back to the forum only to be told that if he doesn't fuck off his gay porn will be Emailed to all his friends and family. Soon after he left again and still continues repeating that he won over and over in hopes that people might think it's true.

Hayakain's Victories Against The Internet Include:

  • Having to delete all his gay porn a day after it was found by EDF2.
  • Having copies of his gay porn that are uploaded to sites he has no control over thrown in his face.
  • Having his gay porn (which he claims is not gay) featured on the front page of a furry porn site.
  • Having his DA page flooded with hate comments.
  • Having to block people he keeps loosing arguments to.
  • Having hate art uploaded to DA which he reports when he can and rages at when he can't.
  • Getting mocked on a number of sites and blogs.
  • Having to end his webcomic.
  • Making hate art about ED, hiding it in his DA scrap like a coward, only to have it found anyway.
  • Getting exposed as a homosexual.
  • Getting exposed as a furry.
  • Getting exposed as someone who is probably in a gay relationship with his own brother.
  • Getting his porn posted on his job's facebook.

Joshua will soon be gearing up for the Big Win. You should help by supporting him.

Artistic Skills

Making art by tracing the ass of Jessica Elwood (he's her fanboy).

Hayakain is a an amazingly bad artist who shamelessly tries to copy the art style of Jessica Elwood to whom he regularly faps. Joshua holds some real innovative opinions regarding every topic in art.

Hayakain On Art: According to Hayakain there is nothing wrong with the anatomy in his drawings. Things like skeletal structure, perspective, men not having child bearing hips and women's tit's not defying gravity are all nit-picking. Coping and pasting and tracing are okay. So is using pictures he found on google as backgrounds.

Hayakain On Criticism: All criticism directed at Hayakain must be sugar coated. Any comment that does not compliment his art is trolling. All explanations of flaws must have instructions on how to fix them... I mean, it's not like HE should just figure it out because he is the artist. Criticism should include a tutorial. When he gets the comments he wants he thanks the person that posted it but never takes his advice. When it doesn't, he tells the person he will not reply to trolls... but then argues with them anyway. No matter how precise and helpful the criticism is, if it has even a slight hint of not being nice to him he will write off everything in it as trolling. If you argue with him about it for too long he will just block you and then claim that he didn't and you are lying.

Hayakain On Improvement: Hayakain HAS improved! Only he doesn't post any of his improved works on DA. He says that he took all the advice and implemented it, but he refuses to post any proof and says you are not important enough to show his secret good drawings too. Apparently he goes out of the way to continue to draw poorly for his DA gallery.

Three years of work, two months worth of improvement.

Hayakain On Tom Preston: Tom Preston is an awesome artist. Everyone who hates him is jealous. The fact that no one wants to hire him is not important. The idea that his art does not meet industry standards is irrelevant because standers are not a real thing anyway.

Hayakain On Pornography: It's not porn as long as you don't see penetration. The fact his own definition is not the same as that of a dictionary is not important. The fact he has drawn two male furries fucking is also not important because they were not fucking each other in the ass, they were doing stretches together naked, and they were not sucking each others dicks, they were playing the flute into one another's crotch (he seriously implied that). The "not porn" is not gay because all the male characters are girls with flat tits and dicks. His character's being 16 does not make it pedophilia because they only have the body of 16 year old, but they are really 100+ years old like in twilight. The character's being siblings is not incest because it's not really porn.

Hayakain On Professionalism: If he gets paid for drawing something then he is a pro. The fact he was paid by some kids who just wanted him to draw "not porn" so they can "not fap" to it is not important. The fact that to be an artist he needs to be recognized as one by someone with the authority to do that is also not important. By his definition David Gonterman is also a professional.

Hayakain On Plagiarism: Teo from his webcomic is not a ripoff of the character Dongwa. So what if they look the same?

Debating Skills


Joshua prides himself in being a master debater, which makes him impervious to trolls. All this despite having horrible grammar. But a closer look reveals a different story.

Hayakain's Irrefutable Claims

  • The Accusation: He is not a furry, despite drawing furry porn.
    • His Response: He never explains this.
  • The Accusation: He is not gay, despite drawing gay porn.
    • His Response: Either because it's not porn as long as you don't see a penis, or because the male character is just a female with a dick. Which makes it totally not gay.
  • The Accusation: He has won the fight against ED, Despite the fact the site was unharmed, while he got the reputation of a closeted homo.
    He's gonna put you and all of the other trolls into the ground.
    • His Response: He won by default.
  • The Accusation: He is not into incest, even though he draws incest and gay porn with his brother.
    • His Response: He doesn't help his brother with his gay drawings (even though they are titled "Collaboration with Hayakain").
  • The Accusation: There is nothing wrong with his art, despite obvious anatomy flaws.
    • His Response:He demands people show him proof of artistic flaws, but when they do he stops responding.
  • The Accusation: He is a PROFESSIONAL artist, despite working at a fast food joint for the past few years.
    • His Response: Refuses to explain this.
  • The Accusation: Tom Preston is a good artist, despite all evidence to the contrary.
    • His Response: We are all just jealous haters.

It's also worth noting that he is an evolution denier who says that the theory of evolution should be called the hypothesis of evolution, clearly not fucking getting what the hell a theory is or how evolution IS actually a theory. He's very much a typical Christian who tries to square the circle and uses fallacies on top of fallacies when trying to debate. Also lurvs circular logic.

The Webcomic

The only comic he recommends is his own.
Typical page of Ryugou.
Don't know if you guys follow the story, but she's sort of an exploited character. Must not make same mistake in Ryugou. ^^


—On why the "Fairy Tale" manga is bad... it's like he doesn't know what irony is.

Besides making shitty art Joshua also makes a shitty webcomic called "Ryugou". With this turd of a comic he proves that he not only fails at drawing, but also at writing. The story is about his obvious Dongwa & Sagwa rip offs who look exactly like them but with tits. What makes it even more obvious is that in his old DA account he faved a bunch of drawings of them.

The story is a generic flood of anime tropes. The hero is a Mary Sue who has a secret "Chosen One" destiny and the hips of a teenage girl for some reason. He is joined by his co-star, a furry, jailbait cat-whore who can't go two minutes without getting her tits out. But more strangly, the guy keeps getting naked too, proving again that Hayakain is gay. The lazy cock was able to vomit out about 60 pages in about two years, with the plot going both absolutely nowhere and everywhere at once at the same time.

The comic finally ended soon after a bad review was written about it on The Bad Webcomic Wiki. Hayakain pretends he ended the comic because he was not happy with it (even though at first he argued with everyone who told him it was bad) and that it was in no way connected to people saying it was shit. Just like him deleting his gay porn a day after it was found had nothing to do with one another.

After everyone laughed at him for being e-bullied into ending his comic he added another page and wrote on his DA journal to let everyone know that "OMG STOP SAYING I DIDN'T WIN BECAUSE I SO DID!!! I WON! STOP TELLING ME THAT I DIDN'T!!!!" and inform everyone that he will remake to comic again in one year (hoping that people will forget), To which the website in question responded by pretty much saying "lol".

In the end everyone knows he ended his comic because everyone was hurting his little feelings.

The Brother

His bro's amazing art.

It is important to point out that Joshua is probably in some sort of gay relationship with his brother.

They have been known to both draw pictures of naked men and color each other's gay porn drawings. Also, being rednecks who are also home-schooled it seems obvious. Another clue is that, despite insisting on commenting on literally everything else posted on his DA profile, whenever Joshua is confronted with allegations of incest he either ignores the question or skillfully avoids it.

However it is also important to point out that being in an incestuous relationship counts as wincest, therefore +1, Joshua. Even though you are a sick fuck and deserve to be held down in a sink full of bleach, you're OK in our book!

Ways to Troll

He can't even trace right... real professional.

Just comment on his DA profile and art. Don't bother trying to argue with him. He will insist his obvious lies ARE the truth, and if you prove him wrong he will just ignore you. The best thing to do is simply reply with anything you find on his profile. He does not take criticism well and will respond to any negative comments in a superior manner, ignorantly assuming this means he has won. This is a nearly inexhaustible source of lulz, so please visit his page and critique his "work." He will continue responding for as long as you keep replying. When he realizes he has been defeated yet again, and that ending every reply with "I won" convinces no one, he will block you. At which point you can make a new account and keep going.

At this point he is already spending hours a day replying to dozens of comments that were obviously left for no other reason but to troll him (even though he will soon respond to this article by saying he doesn't.)

Got mad and is now just blocking everyone and deleting posts. But don't dispair! Trolling him is now eve more easy because he still responds to really obvious trolls. He probably thinks he can win the argument if the person he is fighting is really stupid, but fails to realize that those stupid people are just more trolls pretending to be retarded to see how he will respond.


Joshua's Art Collection

Joshua's "Art" Joshua IRL Joshua's Inept Debates Creepy Brother Art Hate Art Red Lines

Everything he draws is fetish porn of people with broken spines. So far he has drawn all these fetishes: tickle fetish, bondage, femdom, an entire vore comic, sleep rape, oversized tits, shotacon, trannys, an unhealthy obsession with "Sally" from Sonic and gay porn.

Cancerous fap material About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Come gaze at the face of horror.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Here is a gallery of poorly constructed arguments and poorly disguised lies. Note poor grammar. When he can't win an argument he just blocks you like a bitch.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

His brother is the most creepy fucker ever, and possibly his gay lover.

Joshua and Emanuel's collaborations About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Every single artist here is better than he is.

Hayakain "fan" art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Despite originally daring people to find flaws in his work, when people actually make try to help him he ignores the. Some have even gone so far as to draw redlines for him. But instead of thanking them, he ignores them and reports them if they post it on DA. Thereby proving they are wrong and his art is PERFECT!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]



I have several friends I would love to get to know better, but so far I've been shot down to earth again. Will I EVER have a gf? sniff.. Ah well, that's why God gave me artistic ability... Oh wait, now I'm even more sad. Never mind.

Wonder when I'll know for sure


— On "dat feel when no GF" and God blessing his art.

I don't even know what yiffing is.

I have never pretended to be an animal person. What I draw does not reflect on me as a person in any way.


—He's not a furry, as the galleries above clearly show

Personally I'm all but immune to trolling so it doesn't bug me, I just wonder why the waste of time posting there.


Well it doesn't piss me off, it just makes me wonder if they don't have something better to do.


—ED totally does not offend Hayakain.


1: I draw it because I want to. It's become quite a thing and I'd like to continue it, it'll be good experience. 2: I do not. Those things in real life would be terrifying. 3: I disagree with 'disgusting.' I do not pander to anybody, as you can see with my disregarding the insults to my subject matter of choice.


—He continues to deny his obvious fetish.


I do not despise ED, or any of you. I do think many of you have taken leave of rational thought and the space occupied by a Sailor's Guide to Insults, but there's no hatred here. It's fun to take each angry patron down a peg or two.


Just came to chat. I didn't need to come here for attention, you guys lurk on my dA page every day regardless. Hell, you all gave me 100 new watchers and about 2k pageviews in about a week, I don't need ED for attention.


Failing to defend his case.


No idea what that's about. And I'm no 'furry' of any sort. Drawing anthropomorphic characters no more makes me a 'furry' than drawing cars makes me a mechanic.


—Still trying to defend his case.


My mother thinks nothing one way or the other of my work, as she has seen every bit of it. I don't help my brother's work. I'm not sure where you get the idea of borderline incest? And I'd ask your own question back to you, as your own ED site has all that and then some.


—Denying his "collab" with his brother


  • Name: Joshua Benefield
  • DOB: May 19, 1987
  • Location: Atlanta, GA



  • Hayakain


  • Chick-Fil-A at North Lake Festival
  • 3967 Lavista Rd
  • Tucker, GA. 30084
  • 770-939-9001

Fb-favicon.png northlakecfa - Employer's Profile: An excellent venue to exhibit his pornography (see below):

Familial Associates

Parents' address:

  • 4544 S Hope Springs Rd
  • Stone Mountain, GA 30083-5130
  • (404) 294-6958
  • Photograph


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