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Troll Art', also referred to as Hate art by some is art drawn by devoted fans of certain people that are used to created drama. Most troll art usually consists of the victim's Mary Sue character or the person him/herself doing zany antics such as being raped, killed, maimed, beaten or just made fun of in any way possible. Troll art is at its funniest when it targets a popular DeviantART or e-lebrity, as you can expect many fantards BAWWWWWWING and flaming you out of desperation to leave their idol alone.

Creating hate art is not that hard and takes little to no effort:

  1. Open up MSPaint
  2. Draw your drama llama being abused in many hilarious ways
  3. Save
  4. Post it on /b/ or /i/ (if posted on /i/, include a link to the person's MySpace, DeviantART, LiveJournal, or website to avoid sagebombs).
  5. Send to victim in the form of a Fifty Hitler Post.
  6. Enjoy the fireworks!

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