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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

Info non-talk.png Don't accept inferior imitations. There's a far more famous fan of underage sex who goes by the same name.

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Harrison Digfoot (John Harrison King irl) is a bumbling NAMBLA member and Tamias the Chipmunk impersonator from Georgia who once had high hopes of being a country singer. When poor Harrison couldn't find that one venue that would skyrocket him to country music fame (on account of being batshit insane and looking like Homer Simpson on meth), he retreated to the armpit of online gaming that is Second Life where he hoped he could somehow salvage his failure of a music career. Harrison of course got more than he bargained for. Have a seat right over there now, dear reader, and bear witness the next guest star of Hansen vs Predator.

Attempted Incest

John King's life took a bad turn one day when he was arrested for the attempted rape of his sister Jenny Lynn King in Rome Georgia. When Secondlife Residents found his mugshot online it was pretty much over for Harrison Digfoot.

The Failed Musician turned Pedophile

Harrison initially came to Second Life in a last ditch effort to revive is previously failed dream of becoming a country music singer. He unfortunatly began spending time in a drama-laden sim called Violet and like other would be "entertainers", he soon succumbed to the environment and found himself deep in drama. Due to his inability to resist fighting with people on the internet and his clumsiness with keeping his personal information guarded, Harrison's true colors were revealed and he was quickly ousted as the deranged pedophile that he is. Harrison's infamy finally hit a breaking point when it was discovered that his sister had him arrested for making threats of violence against her and her family.

"Have a Seat Right over There"

In what looks as though it was lifted straight from an episode of To Catch a Predator, Harrison was literally caught with his pants down. As it turns out, one of Harrison's favorite past time is luring young girls into skype calls with him and then getting on camera and showing them his hideous micropenis. One such victim managed to catch Harrison in the act and took a screenshot of his tiny dick.

(destineeray): funny harrison says he never fapped on cam when he did it to me without even asking me if it was cool

(destineeray): he turned on cam and started wacking his shit not caring that my 5 year old daughter was there
(destineeray): i had to turn of cam



—A helpless victim of horny Harrison

"High School Girls"

Harrison has a distinct preference for High School girls. Recently the police contacted him about harassment of a 13 year old girl. The next day, a Junior in High School came forward to admit she addd him to KIK a year ago and he sent her a horrifying photo of his penis. [1]

John Harrison King's lust for children knows no end. Recently he fell in love with a frightened and unwilling sixteen year old girl from Secondlife named Ellie Smith.

Digfoot went so far as to send her some very unfortunate nude photos of himself, [followed by partner requests and other professions of his love] on Secondlife, leaving Smith with no choice but to contact her High School guidance councilor for help on how to force this online predator to stop contacting her.

|Pedophile John Harrison King Professes His Love For A 16 Year Old High School Girl

Harrison attempts damage control (Threatening teenage girls who reject him)

[22:02] HarriHoudinii: ok its up
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: i reported u to the police also they have ur video
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: and youa re on a cyberbullying campaign
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: website
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: rambling about stalking someone
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: like ur big bully
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: nice job
[22:02] HarriHoudinii: got to be known for somthing right?
[22:03] Teen girl: noone cares you sister rapist
[22:04] Second Life: HarriHoudinii is offline.
[22:05] Second Life: HarriHoudinii is online.
[22:06] HarriHoudinii: yeh u say that alot on that cyberbully site
[22:07] HarriHoudinii: real spokesperson
[22:07] Teen girl: leave me alone
[22:07] HarriHoudinii: u have one to now
[22:07] Teen girl: [[GTFO|fuck off]]'''

Financial Problems

Harrison's behavior problems make it impossible for him to hold any kind of normal job. The lack of work over the past fourteen years has left him utterly penniless. He lives in a welfare flophouse called "Willow Way" where his rent is less than $200 a month. His mother pays for his phone and Internet and most of his meals come from EBT.

He tries to claim that he once worked as a musician, but none of the legitimate musicians or music venues in the Rome Georgia area have ever heard of him, other than "that weird fat guy at open-mike night"

At one point, Harrison lived in a trailer in his mother's back yard. One night, he threatened to kill his sister and her children (who also lived in his mother's house) and was arrested. His sister agreed to drop the charges if he moved out of the family home into a nearby welfare hotel, which is how he ended up living in Willow Way.


Angry Sim Crasher

Recently, John King has become so angry at the other chatters on Secondlife that he's taken to crashing the entire server when their taunts start getting to him.



Second Life Accounts

John Harrison King has now been banned from Secondlife more than 300 times

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