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This idiot is now homeless, lol. YouTube Favicon.png Got kicked out by his mom after he had a sperg and roid rage
You should be in the dirt right now


YouTube Favicon.png Even 10 year olds know how to defeat this bald autistic fuck

His e-persona
How he sees himself
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Harmful OpinionsFedora icon.png(Powerword: Tim Jordan Morrison), also known as Sargon 2: Electric Boogaloo, is a fake British JewTube vlogger and an up-and-coming member of the “skeptic community” on YouTube. He has gained his fame by riding on the coattails of more successful youtubers such as Sargon of Akkad and Bearing, instantly discrediting everything he says merely by being associated with these two clowns. When he’s not busy making deliberately offensive and inflammatory video blogs, he’s livestreaming shitty SJW text-based adventure games to pinch every last shekel from his viewers. He suffers from a terrible case of unwarranted self-importance, going so far as to get the CEO of BeCandid, Dindu Reddy, to call him God on video (which he shoehorns into every other video he posts to expand his e-penis).

He constantly tries to commentate on US politics even though he lived in The New Caliphate of Britinistan most of his life. You see he wants to be American so bad, but he is American so bad.

Before YouTube/Mr. Strings

Back before the biggest sperg-out of all time (GamerGate) happened, Morrison was struggling to become a real musician. He even thought he could teach people how to play instruments, when all he can play is the victim, whenever someone fires back at him. He used to pretend to play the ukulele to a point where he actually was inducted ArchiveToday-favicon.pnginto Ukefarms, which is like a Kiwi Farms for musicians playing the only instrument worse than bagpipes. So when Goobergob happened Mr. Strings saw an opportunity to rake in some dosh, by writing one of the worst articles ever. In an autistic sperg he tried to outline how Hatred isn't violent enough to be banned.

HarmfulOpinions Real Life.jpg
I used to paint my nails black


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTim Morrison

His actual voice

It's almost like HarmfulOpinions is just a character..

His YouTube Content

What he actually looks like

Most of Timothy's content is the worst kind of trash tier: YouTube Poops. Yes, this bald fuck actually believes it to be a good idea to make unfunny YouTube poops in 2022. Besides making outdated videos, Tim is a high-functioning autist(no, for real), so he uses that supernatural talent to find and focus his attention on stupid shit nobody cares about. Examples include going on a seven minute rant about a person who stuffs pills down their throat, shaves their head, and slathers themselves in Vaseline as a ploy for attention. Unfortunately, Tim is too fucking stupid to realize this and went so far as to feature said Vaseline man in an interview on his channel, presumably because another bald person sexually aroused him.

Stream content

When he’s not making videos, he wastes his time live-streaming shitty text adventure games or Overwatch. Nothing of value happens during these streams, as they mostly consist of him laughing like the mongoloid he is.


BeCandid Logo.png BeCandid - Speak your mind freely and get data mined

CandidCEOCodeCompaniesCabalistsContractsCheesePizzaShoe0nHeadArmouredSkepticHarmful Opinions

He has an Asperger’s-tier obsession with the social media platform BeCandid, making over 9000 different videos about it. He fears that if nothing is done to stop BeCandid, Skynet will take over the world and not allow him to pick on liberal retards on his free time. No one is sure where his fear of machines comes from, but many speculate that it may have something to do with a traumatizing childhood experience involving a vacuum cleaner and his pindick.

The best way to troll Tim is to advertise Candid on your youtube channel. He’ll sniff you out and make a 40 minute rant about it.

Channel Hacking

Early in the month of February, 2017, lulz ensued a heroic anon managed to break into his Youtube, Facebook, and Vid.me accounts(since apparently he uses the same fucking password for everything) and baleeted all of his videos for great justice. Unfortunately, someone had most of his videos archived on a separate youtube account after all of this happened. Shortly after the happening, Tim registered a new account under the same moniker and continued posting videos.

The Amazing Atheist Feud

This is all Tim wanted.

As mentioned before, Harmful Opinions is known to bawww at the first mention of BeCandid. One notorious JewTuber to shill themselves out to Candid is TJ Kirk, aka TheAmazingAtheist. In an attempt to solicit n00dz from TJ, Harmful offered to pay him for a tit pic. Since TJ wanted payment up front before sending him a picture of his supple breasts, Harmful told him to get bent. TJ, upset at the loss of his next McDonalds trip budget, kicked up a stink on Twitter(even though TJ has over a million subs more than Harmful Opinions). TJ then proceeded to make a video complaining about Harmful depriving him of his nugget budget and calling TJ out for shilling to BeCandid. In response, Harmful decided it was appropriate to make a 40 minute response video to this, where he autistically picked apart every one of TJs points to generate as much ad revenue as possible.

Next Step For Harmful

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