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Original unmolested Happycat picture
So fucking goony


Happycat is one of the older SA memes, dating back to early 2003 when it was discovered by Fancycat and a truckload of other goons, launching it into meme status by posting it and Photoshopping it all over the fucking place. The cat itself is a British Shorthair with an amusing grin, thus receiving the dub of Happycat. It was used by a Russian cat food company as a mascot, but apparently it was a shitty choice because they've been out of business for at least 100 years. It managed to surpass the more-bannable Fiestacat in popularity, but even now Happycat is usually bannable because goons mostly deny the existence of their own memes. He made a slight comeback when a goon with a few bux to spare decided to make an ad in the a college newspaper featuring the cat of happy.

Happycat: Reloaded
Happycat burning the fail of YTMND


Although Happycat has ran his course on SA, YTMND has adopted him as their next giant meme. Years ago, when a video on Ogrish was found showing a cat in a box being torched, YTMND white-knighted their way to the top to get the video and creator destroyed, while ignoring the other less-important videos of human torture and death. Along the lines someone made a YTMND site featuring a play-by-play of the video, complete with Doom music in the background. An outraged catlady claimed that not even Doom music made this funny. NEDM. Thus, the new YTMND flavor of the month was born. Various cats were used in sites, but once the exploitable Happycat entered the arena, it was a whole new fad. Happycat is now the official NEDM mascot to this day, with the theme 'We Interrupt this Program' by Coburn. Chap stick is somehow involved

3rd-party Happycat, notice the severe lack of lulz

Rude Kitty

On Myspace, someone attempted to profit off of Happycat with the Rude Kitty line of crap. It involved slapping Happycat on shirts, bags, stickers, and other things with captions worthy of Gaia. Once found, YTMND rushed to the scene once again and managed to get Rude Kitty off the face of the earth. It was a time of grief for Happycat, but he pulled through with help from his gay husband Tom.


Like any other cat, Happycat will usually show up on Caturday or any other thread about cats. He shares his stardom with friends Longcat, Limecat, Speedycat, Ceilingcat, Zippocat, and the other cats with numbers totaling over 9000

Everywhere else

For some reason, people thought slapping the phrase I CAN HAS CHEESEBURGER? on Happycat was comedy gold, when in reality, is a load of comedy pyrite at the least. With Lolcats gaining notoriety, we can only hope the general populace doesn't destroy Happycat, lest he ends up losing meme status to fags who act like they're the first ever to find it

Destruction of Happycat

MySpace, the much hated social networking website populated by emos and fags is soon to be invaded by newfags all thanks to Tom Anderson's idea to incorporate Happycat into his shitty excuse for a social life.

http://www.myspace.com/icanhascheezburger The page that killed the meme for good.

R.I.P Happycat meme



He lived a quiet life in some random suburb you've never heard of with his daughter under the assumed name Frank until November 16, 2007. Rest in piece Happycat.

Happycat's Nine Lives

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