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Stop-snitching.jpg Hal Turner is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.

The lives of a lot of your ilk are going to be turned upside down and I will be the one making it happen.


—Actual Hal Turner quote from a threatening e-mail

My client was trained by the FBI as an agent provocateur. He was told where the line was — what he could say. His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest


—Hal Turner's lawyer Orozco in court [1]

I want you to understand how ridiculous it was for me to even be accused of being an FBI informant, and how hurtful and devastating it was for me when people on my own side actually believed that bullshit.


— Hal Turner's response to accusation on VNNforum

Old plans for a raid

Harold Charles Turner (born March 15, 1962) is a 5'2" 180 pound white supremacist and internet tough guy, known for his conspiracy theorist tendencies and constant lying on his Internet radio program, the Hal Turner Show. Typical of white supremacists, Hal is also a closet furry whose wife wears the pants in the relationship. His politics are entirely a matter of BAWWW over being pwnt at the polls by a spic, although to be fair to him he does genuinely seem to possess the low IQ and emotional problems characteristic of a real good old boy.

He has appeared on Fox News calling on people to assassinate judges who bagged a neo-Nazi, and frequently gets into fights with local politicians and anti-racist organizations. For some reason, however, nobody seems able to cause him as much trouble as Legion.

Now the Truth is known

It turns out that Hal Turner was a highly trained intelligence operative for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) from 2003 through 2008 and actually contributed to the FBI’s mission starting back in 1993.

In that role, Turner was highly trained as to exactly what speech was lawful and what was not. He was “tasked” by the JTTF to use fiery rhetoric so as to flush-out crazies before they attacked. It was a very successful intelligence operation that netted more than 100 federal subjects, averted at least ten acts of violence and resulted in numerous arrests.

The defense plans to introduce memos from the United States Attorney Generals John Ashcroft, McClusky and later Alberto Gonzales which laid out the relationship between Turner and the government. They will also produce FBI memos, pay sheets showing the FBI budgeted $100,000 or more per year for Turner, and correspondence between the FBI and then-U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Christopher Christie detailing the training, pay and operating parameters of the intelligence operation code named “Valhalla.”

TL:DR In other words, he was a government trained troll who was paid to incite retards to do bad things, leading to their arrest.

The Turner Chronicle

A rare photo of Hal showing his true colors

On December 20th 2006, Hal Turner was supposed to air his final talk show (allegedly due to a lack of funding). As such, a massive 7chan/4chan/YTMND/Ebaumsworld raid was planned to show Hal what the world really thought of him. During the course of this three-hour show, almost 150 prank calls were made. Since Hal has an on-air delay of 30-60 seconds, most of the calls did not make it on the air. They did, however, clog the lines so badly that his "Legitimate" (lol) caller base could not get through.

The Aftermath of the Show

Hal felt butthurt after the show and cried in his hugbox for several hours. He then decided to do the intelligent, adult thing and post all the prank callers' phone numbers on his website, encouraging his fan base to strike back. Since many of the calls were made using CID-spoofing techniques with Linux technology, most of the numbers were invalid. The few that were too dumb to shield their home phone numbers turned out, naturally, to be minors. Undaunted, Hal's Merry Band of Retards translated a few of the phone numbers into addresses in the comments section of his website.

Since this was not within the accepted norms of the Internet Community, the channers called upon Bantown ruin legends to compile and deploy Hal Turner's documents. This included his criminal record, housing details, former locations of residence, etc. Among these details was Hal's real home phone number, culled from public records.

A channer then phoned Mr. Turner to inform him of this and deliver Anon's terms.

Icon External Link MP3.png HalTurder.mp3

. During this call, it was determined that Hal's wife (Phyllis) had more of a spine than he did, and definitely wore the pants in the relationship. When Hal actually got on the line he did not speak, instead simply listening before hanging up.

As Hal did not comply with Anon's request to remove the phone numbers, his detailed documentation was released to the channers and posted to full-disclosure (as per Bantown Standard Operating Procedure). Allegedly, after this information was released, over 150 calls were made to Hal thanks to the miracles of Linux, BSD and the Wget God. Hal quickly folded, and removed the offending dox.

While this would usually mean victory for the channers, one must understand ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE; viz. the point had to be driven home. Calls to his residence continued until Hal and his wife stopped picking up the phone. During this time all content was removed from Hal's website and replaced with the text "Merry Christmas." Additionally, the dox given to CHAN ENTERPRISES LLC. were posted to several White Power forums, leading to much ridicule of Hal and initiating the undermining of his credibility within his own supposed fan base.

Speaking of Christmas, Anon determined in the course of their duties that Hal had decided to spend Christmas with his father. Dad's dox were quickly obtained and deployed. Some details are unclear at this time; however some argue that Hal's wife kicked him out of his own house.


The 4chanian Hal claimed to have beat down. Page 2 Google result for 'bloody face'

Finally flipping the fuck out, Hal began foaming death threats against the people involved in his ruining. He then replaced his index page with a fake error message called "FBI REDIRECT" and a meta redirect to the FBI's website. Hal basically claims that the FBI did the equivalent of putting up police tape barriers all over his server in order to investigate the attacks of Anonymous.

Hal's display to the world that his knowledge of how cybercrime works is culled entirely from CSI would be funny enough. However, Anonymous decided to put the last nails in the coffin by calling the FBI themselves, who told them that he was "Full of shit." Naturally this didn't stop him from repeating the lie on his next radio show.

Icon External Link MP3.png HalturnerFBI.mp3

Official Raid Loli

13 year old girl Rebecca ("Frecka" on IRC) then called Hal's home and recorded her talk with the great one. She proclaimed she was 14 years old, and when he asked why she was recording this phone call, proudly announced "I'm recording it for the lulz!" After making further threats of violence, he said he was sorry he "Wasted his time on a child," before making erotic suggestions involving her being "slapped around." She now resides on IRC as the official Hal Turner Raid Loli. Listen here.

Icon External Link MP3.png Raidloli.mp3

Seven Days Later

After a massive loss of credibility with his grassroots supporters on boards like VNN, Hal decided he was going to return to his regularly scheduled show (but one hour less). The new show was full of lulz. We repeat, stand by for lulz.

At 9:41PM, on the East Coast of the United States, it looks like they have succeeded.


—Hal, shortly before Gin B 2 HB

  • Opened strongly by bringing his alleged "Mom" on the air, who then used the n-word live on the radio.
  • Tried to evoke sympathy and portray Anonymous as the wrongdoer, saying that his dox were pulled for no reason (no mention of his death threats against them for some reason).
  • 9:34 EST: Announced that if he did not get more donations he would be forced to turn off the show, as he has been "Broken." Anonymous immediately declared victory and danced naked chanting YHBT!
  • 10:03PM EST: Referred to the broadcast as "Quite possibly the last show."
  • Hal's friend Artie Wheeler called TOW a "Fag Encyclopedia."
According to Artie Wheeler, TOW is a Faggery Daggery Doo Encyclopedia Company
  • A /b/tard snuck in via the phone lines undetected, and spouted various /b/tard memes, such as "shoop da whoop", "cockmongler", and "chargin mah lazer. In the last few seconds of the audio clip he can be heard pulling the pin on a Rickroll.

    Icon External Link MP3.png Btard.mp3

  • 10:36PM EST: Claimed he had received an "Extortion" threat, saying unless he apologized to the pranksters, his friend Yankee Jim would be next. Jim said that he is a "Big boy" and was ready for it. Hal exercised his legal expertise and started talking about extortion lawsuits.
  • Invited anyone who is generous to mail cash, check, or money order on this show, lol. No, hang on, that's actually a really good idea. Please send everything you think Hal deserves to:

Hal Turner
1906 Patterson Plank Road.
North Bergen, NJ 07047

The Moar Hal Of The Story

After making a habit of publishing the personal contact details of judges, state officials and even local officials who make decisions he doesn't agree with (especially in cases of White Supremacists), Hal Turner spectacularly vindicated what everyone already suspected knew; that when given a dose of his own medicine he immediately cries foul, runs to his hugbox and then mewls endlessly. His loyal buttplug-wielding army of black skinheads apply copious amounts of love and lube to him, before engaging in a fierce gay orgy punctuated by shrieking orgasms and culminating in spontaneous combustion (known as Firebombing or Flame On among homosexual bigots). The fire department have stopped answering the phone to him.


Hal Declares Victory Again

On January 1st 2007 Hal claimed to have tracked down two channers; a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old. According to Hal, the 15-year-old was GROUNDED BY HIS DAD! Not from going out or anything, but from USING THE INTERNET! For A WHILE! OMG VICTORY!

These claims have yet to be verified because they are false. Actually quite true, confirmed recently by an anon who knew said 15 year old who was indeed grounded from the internet for a while.

Meanwhile, white nationalist ally Von Bluven claimed on his blog that "Chan7.org" was down. This was entirely true, since no such website had ever existed. He also identified ED as one of the sites used to "Harass" Turner, although he did not specify whether or not he believed ED to be a faggery daggery doo encyclopedia company. At any rate, Von Bluven's sites were later targeted for attack.

January 3rd radio show

Hal's show on the 3rd was entirely made of fail. The stream repeatedly went down until about a third of the way through the show when it went out back for a cigarette and never came back. A reliable source from a reputable background claims that this is because a hacker named Slogh had a personal grudge against Hal Turner and launched a botnet attack against him. As a result, his ISP dropped him completely for excess bandwidth usage and he found himself e-homeless. However, he promised he would upload his show to his web site for the people who couldn't hear it.

Oh good.

Secondary Targets

The Vanguard News Network, another white nationalist site, also had its forums attacked. Members responded with characteristic impotence and alleged that some of the attacks were coming from the Jew. "I think a group of assassins has already headed in that direction to take care of the ADL problem," wrote one VNN member. "Of course, anywhere where the ADL is situated is fair game." It was unclear whether or not any members of the Anti-Defamation League were actually killed by leet redneck ninjas, or whether people just said mean thing about them on some internets.

Meanwhile (in a spectacular broadcast of too much information the world at large), VNN member and boytaur Yankee Jim expressed his desire to "Go to YouTube one day and see a couple of these jackasses getting beaten repeatedly, over and over and over again with oil soaked oak table legs."

On January 5, 2007, 7chan briefly redirected either to the FBI's site or that of the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice in a parody of Turner's earlier adorable attempts at subterfuge. When 7chan's home page came back up, the following message was stickied on /b/:

"As many of you know, a certain "raid" that was started here has gained lots of attention over the past few weeks. This "raid", targeted at Hal Turner of Hal Turner Radio, was actually a plan that was devised by Buri-chwan, former 7chan admin, and Hal Turner himself. The details of the plan are that 7chan offered Hal Turner notoriety with the *chan communities [as most of them are filled with white supremacists anyway], and, unknown to us, donations, in exchange for an extra server to ease the pressure on our current, overtaxed servers.

As the community is open to pretty much any type of discussion, we couldn't exactly stop this so-called raid from happening, so we decided to play along. Couldn't hurt, right?

What we didn't count on was the few "out of the loop" raiders attacking other sites, such as Bill White's [aka overthrow.com owner]. Apparently, Bill White took offense and ordered his own fans [ps3 hueg numbers] to take down our site, which, as you know, has happened.

Apologies to all parties unintentionally harmed by this mixup. We are no longer in this with Hal [since, apparently, this is a scam on his part, since he received over $1,000 in donations].

- Matt"

TLDR: Hal was out of money. 7chan got a new meme. Overthrow.com circulated it that Hal Turner conned donations from his fans. Any remaining support he still retained was sent to the briny depths with torpedoes of lulz. And we learned what gullible means.

Once it was too late, Hal Turner responded:

"Bill White is once again simply making things up. He has quite a track record of doing exactly that.

There isn't one iota of truth to what Bill has written in his claiming the DDoS was setup in any way by me.

I do not know anyone at any of the web sites that perpetrated this series of attacks. I did not talk to anyone about doing the attacks.

Bill White simply doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. He is a has- been who is trying to weasel some publicity for himself and his pathetic web site out of the issue involving me.

Hal Turner"

Since this announcement, Hal Turner has reported on his website that he has received over 9000 dollars in donations, which he will use to pwn everybody who partook in his ruin. He will report said donations to the IRS in at least 100 years from now. The sauce is not linked to because Hal blocks at least 100 percent of all traffic to his site.

Apropos of nothing (apart from teh funny), some argue that the arrest of sick fuck Kevin Strom for CP was directly caused by the lulz ensuing on Hal Turner's show. Argument for this theory goes thusly:

  1. Kevin Strom decides to investigate the Jews attacking his white brother Hal Turner.
  2. Kevin Strom winds up on not4chan and sees "a questionable picture on that message board."
  3. Kevin went on just one pedo site and his wife got scared, and said, "You're movin' with Bubba in a prison near Bel-Air."
  4. His wife whistled for a van and when it came near, The license plate said B& and it had hammers on the mirror. If anything we could say that this van was rare but we said "Why don't you have a seat, right over there."

The Lolsuit


Immensely butthurt, Hal tried to file a hilarious failsuit against 4chan, 7chan, anyone else who was taking credit for the lulz by this point. In the documents for the suit he referred to:

  • IP addresses as "Internet Presence Addresses"
  • Anonymous' unique ability to travel through time with a flux capacitor and 1.21 jiggawatts to harass him in the future on December 23, 2007.
  • How he was "BANDIWDTH RAPE[d]" over Christmas.

Hal's 25 page crayon screed of a complaint was read by a judge, revealing that the cause of action for the lolsuit was COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. That's right, a copyright case - not "Bandiwidth Rape" or his dead mother or father. Top attorneys at LOL suggest that the suit was entered as "Copyright infringement" on the mercy of a judge who was giving his "Pro se" litigant charge some benefit of the doubt.


Hal also filed a motion for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against all of the websites named as defendants. That's right. A restraining order against Anonymous from posting on 4chan. This motion for the court officials to go to Anonymous' house and serve them with the order was presented to the District Judge, pictured right.

Delete fucking everything

The victory.

On Monday 22nd, Hal did the natural thing for a supervillain (we're being generous) whose evil plan has been thwarted: He pussied out, completely failing to appreciate that when something has been posted on the internet, it stays on the internet.

In order to protect himself from criminal charges for threatening to bomb the White House with a jet, saying he was going to crush people's windpipes, dropping dox on Anonymous, and more, Hal deleted all content on his site. Not realizing that websites get cached. And that he is A CRIMINAL WHO MAKES DEATH THREATS AND FATUOUS LEGAL THREATS THEN ATTEMPTS TO COVER UP THE EVIDENCE.

By this point the human race, irrespective of color or creed, had already reached the conclusion that Hal should either be in prison or in an insane asylum. It was at this point it was revealed that instead of the thousands of dollars he claimed he had suffered in bandwidth rape, his site traffic crossreferenced with his provider's rates would have run him a few hundred at most.

God 1, 7chan Nil

On January 24th, ex-7chan czar Ian received an email from his datacenter about the content hosted on /i/. He looked over their TOS (something the faggot probably should've done when he first signed up with them) and realized that "Every thread in /i/" was breaking their TOS, so he killed /i/ with fire.

The day after, like the fist of a just God, VNNForum reported that the data center hosting HalTurdnerShow.com kicked him out due to continued DDoS. Choking back the tears of hatred, Hal promised to find a new DC and be back up by Monday. Thanks to Anon's sterling efforts, however, this new provider kicked him to the curb in less than a day since the contents of his show and site broke their Acceptable Use Policy...and he CRASHED HIS MOTHERFUCKING CAR ON THE WAY HOME.

In summary: I think The Bible is a pretty cool guy. Eh helps Anonymous and doesn't afraid of anything.

Hal Just Gives Up Again for the Last Time

On February 1st, 2007 Hal Turner made a post on his Blog stating that he would "No longer be talking about this issue, in the hopes that it will die down" No one believed him.

Looks like Hal won't be buying those spinners for his Lexus!

A week later he posted on his blog again, this time showing even more fraying around the seams. He claimed that nobody loved him, his listeners were wimps, nobody sent him money, and ultimately that the only solution was to quit the internet forever.

The Game's Afoot, Halmes!

Suddenly, a turnabout! Hal claimed the New York Times contacted him twice regarding an interview about his decision to terminate his online presence. Why the New York Times would give a shit about this is a puzzle for the sages, but the search for a new provider was on!

He then claimed $680 followed by $415 came in the mail from listeners and that "There is still hope." By this point it had become painfully obvious that he was afflicting the internet with a Chinese water torture slow-drip "Quitting Forever" in order to milk as much sympathy as possible. Kind of like Cher's continual goodbye tours. Uncomfortable. REALLY uncomfortable. Remember that episode of South Park where Cartman is whining and acting up at his grandmother's funeral because he had to give up his Saturday to come? Pretty much that.

He went on to complain about how 1,300 people download his show every week (most of whom are obviously legion) and that only "20 people donated" LEECHES!

Hijackery Dackery Doo

On Saturday, February 10th, Hal brought forth his most absurd claim yet: The infamous KKKanadian KKKommunist KKKirtaner had hacked into his websites in the name of pedophilia, changed his registration, and forced the domains to redirect to 420chan.org. As usual, Hal was shown quite quickly to be full of shit: a quick WHOIS search revealed that, quite on the contrary to his claims, that Kirtaner had not changed his registration to anything similar to "420CHANENTERPRIZES".

Since his host claims that their database was last updated on February 10th, this also casts severe doubt on Hal's other claim: namely, that the restoration of the nonexistent theft would take three to five days.

On February 12th he posted an update on his blog stating that his hijacked sites were RECOVERED. (Hal likes to use BIG capital LETTERS for words that DON'T require THEM. NOBODY knows WHY.) Furthermore, his hosting company had forwarded detailed logs to "The appropriate authorities for legal action."

Hal declares victory yet again

On February 18th Hal re-enabled his site temporarily, but refused to balance a ball on his nose and catch a fish in his mouth for the peanut gallery. He also will not be removed call-in numbers for his 'Satellite Radio Shows', and the ability to download his content - even for money.

Hal was butthurt. SRSLY. He also claimed EVERY SINGLE ISP has released subscriber info without any attempt at resistance whatsoever. The Gospel According To Hal explains that a whole range of ISPs turned over the details of thousands of customers on a no-questions-asked basis to someone who can't even use a spellcheck, but that he won't be releasing them so nobody can claim that HE initiated any drama. Sorry, Hal. The loaves and fishes and the flying dude getting nailed to a cross we can swallow, but this?

He also claims he's preparing a lawsuit in Canada, presumably against Kirtaner even though 420chan was already ownd hard by Perverted Justice. PROTIP for /i/: Learn who you can fuck with and who you cannot. Wget doesn't bring down everything under the sun, so stop trying to raid Google you fucking idiots!

Kill it with Fire!

On February 21st Hal posted an entry on his website claiming a HOUSE FIRE WRECKED HIS MOMS HOME. Her beautiful little home suffered CATASTROPHIC damage. Hal rocked the internet to its very foundations by presenting absolutely no claims of arson or foul play whatsoever. Realizing that this was either a spy sent by the Dominion to impersonate our beloved Hal or a steaming pile of crap, Anonymous quickly unearthed the real story. Quelle surprise.

Another story can be found Here

Moot did it

Moot » Remember how you said you were gonna burn down the houses of the e-attackers? Payback's a bitch, eh? 

02.21.07 - 8:52 pm

Hal Turner says:
"Moot" is the owner of one of the web sites being sued by me over the attacks against my web site.  
The e-mail address is also correct for that person.  I suspect the federal court and Jury will be 
hugely interested when this is introduced as evidence of the malice of that site and its owner.  


The email address was admin @ 4chan.org.

IRL Raid


Some Anonymous decided that it would be fun to have an IRL raid on Hal on 4/21, right after An Hero Day. However, in order to avoid getting FBI, fun things such as guns, bombs, and anything that goes "BOOM" are prohibited. Instead, it will at best be a bunch of nigras eating fried chickens and shouting "DESU," or at worst, a couple of embarrassed /b/tards not quite knowing how to be social. Hal, in his victim mentality, claims that this protest will be violent and called for his redneck friends to defend him because he is scared shitless. This will provide lulz because Hal has even fewer friends than the average /b/tard. Some responsible Anons are getting Eye on Hate and One People's Project to make the event larger and filing requests with the North Bergen police. A forum has been established for discussion of the real life raid here.

March 7th Lulzfest

More of a circus than anything. To see the TLDR version, click here.

During the show, Hal focused mostly on the planned 4/21 protest. He talked about his plans, including joining the crowd and wearing the nigra garb. The truly lulzy portion of the evening, however, was when Hal took calls. He listed to all the calls, including a call from Kirtaner of 420chan, The Shining, Shiahgo, Yankee Jim on how much he loved pool's closed, someone claiming to be moot and many other legendary japesters.

An archived copy (small size, 22mb) can be downloaded here. NEVER MIND LINK'S DOWN Disregard, HTS-03-07-07.mp3 can be found here.

Hal's IRL Raid Plans

Jamie Vazquez, in his wheelchair, beat-up Hal Turner

According to a post on Hal's website[2] (dated 4/15/07), Hal enlightened his followers as to what he will do about the IRL Raid on the 21st of April. The summary is as follows:

  1. there is a raid going to be conducted "against" his house
  2. the raiders don't have a "Permit from the Town to protest, they have NOT applied for - or received - any permit"
  3. the raiders are
    1. "anti-racist-action holligans" (this just in: Hal either invented a word or is dyslexic)
    2. "OPP" (ya rly)
    3. "EyeOnHate crowd"
    4. "roving bands of savages"
    5. New York chapter of SHARP[3] - 250, not the ones from New Jersey
  4. supposed "threats" that he has received
    1. firebombing his house
    2. making his family heroes
    3. raping his family in front of him then killing everyone
    4. pipe bombs
  5. as precautionary measures
    1. will have "significant weaponry to be deployed in [his] home, around [his] building and have assigned several highly trained teams to take up strategic positions in the neighborhood to be able to put down any trouble from a distance"
  6. wants people to bring guns because hes afraid that his mom will get scared and send him to live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air

The Raid

Predictably epic fail. /I/ declared it win, but only in an effort to save face. Two fags came and hung out near the party van, ambulance and two cop cars there and later two ugly traps looking for weed showed up and hung out with Hal and his supporters. Absolutely nothing happened. There was no mustard gas, no remote controlled planes, no rocket launchers, nothing. Hal ostentatiously toted a gun at his waist and everyone was very polite and laughed at themselves and each other. As everyone predicted, it was the biggest hyped non-event of the century.

Of course, Hal Turner can't have that! Later that night he made an update to his site declaring that the traps infiltrated Anonymous and were working for Hal. This is bullshit because one of the traps is an op on 420chan's IRC and was one of the writers of this page. Hal was caught in yet another lie. He and his supporters then began alluding to the existence of a non-existent group of stupid Anonymous who raided the wrong house. This is more bullshit because none of those raiders have posted and the traps didn't find them (nothing to do with them still being in search of weed).

Lulz were had, but only due to Hal being his usual attention-seeking whore self. On the other hand, he declared that the best two minutes of his life were caused by nonexistent Anonymous raiding the wrong house. If making yourself look like a prick online were a national sport then it would be a photo finish between "The best moment of my life was when I made something up about some people that didn't fail to come to my house to yell at me" and "Fuck you I'm a dragon," with "The best moment of my life was when I made something up about some people that didn't fail to come to my house to yell at me" breaking four records.

Post Apocalyptic IRL Raid

MC Banhammered

Hal, finally resigned to the march of the lulz, decided to try and hide. Before leaving, he decided to make one last stand.

http://www.halturnershow.com/HTS-04-25-07.mp3 LINK'S DOWN AGAIN NOITSUP

It was full of fail and lulz as Pedro, his lover, bade Hal goodbye through one of his spic friends. However not all was lost as a loli called Hal up as well, enticing him away from his wife with her loli ways. From a source within the anon intelligence network, Hal's wife indicated that she is quite happy that Hal ditched her for the loli.

Butthurt, he set up a subscription service for only "Dedicated" subscribers, that may or may not contain members of Anon. This meant he was now finally isolated from the entire internet, especially as the redneck retards that had once made up his audience were far too poor to afford electricity, let alone re-pay to listen to his teachings of truth and enlightenment.

Final score: He was baked and then there was cake.

Portrait Of The Artist Going Stir Crazy

August: Hal has TOP SECRET INSIDER TREASURY INFORMATION that Mexico, the United States, and Canada are going to have freaky freaky vore sex and become one big country. Of course, even Snopes can see through this faggot tree, but when has Hal ever been gullible, foolish, or gay?

Quoth the champion of level-headed, objective journalism, "I personally vouch for this story and stand-by every world of it no matter how many filthy Jews come out of the woodwork to say otherwise. I caught them and they know it."

Site's closed due to AIDS

Hal is assimilated by the savage nigger beasts.

On December 30, 2007 Hal was infected with AIDS after it evolved from GRIDS deposited in his asshole from fellow Stormfront members. http://www.halturnershow.com was forced to close its pool by the DHS due to health and safety concerns. The enormous irony of this is that it happened after Hal switched to his subscription-only https:// site; he had proudly announced that "Rhe S is to keep out hackers- and unscrupulous governments." 7chan picked up on this quickly, and #insurgency at Partyvan told the g00ns all about Mr. Turner, who promptly used their actual hacking skills to take the site and release the usernames and passwords in hash of all his subscribers. They also found out that overall, he made more money from donations then he did from subscribers. They put up screenshots of his bandwidth costs, which totaled to a few hundred dollars as opposed to the thousands that he claimed to his paying customers. There was some pranking with his hosting subscription; but don't let me tell you, here it is from the man himself:


Hackery Dackery Doo

HalHacked.PNG As far as we can tell, it would seem Anonymous raped him into going back into a free service, so that they can hear our own prank calls Live from metropolitan New York City every Wednesday evening from 9:00-11:00 eastern US time, and noting that /i/ and Partyvan have gotten over the drama of last year and will look forward to a new, invigorating lulz filled year.

Anonymous Hackers discover evidence of Hal snitching for Jews !!! Where's da lynch mob?

On Jan. 1, unidentified hackers electronically confronted Turner in the forum of his website for "The Hal Turner Show." After a heated exchange, they told Turner that they had successfully hacked into his E-mails and found correspondence with an FBI agent who is apparently Turner's handler. Then they posted an alleged July 7 E-mail to the agent in which Turner transmits a death threat sent in to his site that targeted Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.). "Once again," Turner writes his FBI handler, "my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a possible crazy." In what is allegedly a portion of another of his E-mails, Turner discusses the money he is paid.On Jan. 10, as the E-mail exchange was heatedly discussed on a major neo-Nazi website, Turner suddenly announced he was quitting political work. "I hereby separate from the 'pro-White' movement," he wrote, adding that he was ending his radio show immediately. "I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it."


(Mark Potok @ SPLC)

Pool's Closed Due To Extortion


Hal Uncovers Secret Plot by the Insurgency and g00ns

As Hal put his site back up today he stuns the world by uncovering a plot by /i/ and g00ns to sell Israel and US Military technology to the highest bidder! Lolg00ns.png

Hal Finally Closed? Pt. I

Posted on his site January 9th 2008: Halturnershow.JPG

Hal Finally Closed? Pt. II

Posted on his site January 10. 2008:

The Hal Turner Show has ended.

The free market votes with its wallet and for seven years, this show has struggled to garner new listeners and financial support. I have grown weary of this battle; my heart just isn't in it anymore.

As such, it is with great regret that I announce the termination of the Hal Turner Show in its present form. If a new show airs at all, it will be entirely different than it is now.

I hereby separate from the "pro-White movement." I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it.

I will always value the friends I met in the pro-White movement and they will always be welcome in my home - all of them!

I never have and never will betray any secret I've been told, any identities I have learned or any person I have met in the movement.

You will never see me on TV or hear me on radio as some type of pathetic "reformed" whatever.

Thank you for your support in the past. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future.

Those few of you who subscribed more than a single month will still have access to the archives until your subscription expires. Links to those archives and new passwords for subscribers will be made available this weekend.

I will continue to provide web site hosting of controversial web sites through PrivateWebHosting.org

- Hal Turner

January 10, 2008 4:45 PM EST

Hal Turner Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Returns

Posted on his site January 29. 2008:


This site has been reactivated to confront and rebuke claims that Hal Turner had anything to do with the FBI or government COINTELPRO

These smears appeared just after I decided to quit my show over lack of listener support.

After I quit, my arch enemy, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a story claiming I was an FBI informant, saying I quit because I was "outed" by hackers who hacked into my web site server.

Those claims by my arch enemy, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), were mere allegations. In fact, the e-mails purportedly hacked from my server (halturnershow.com) actually bore the e-mail address of my personal ISP, Optonline.net. Such e-mails would never have routed through the server handling traffic for HalTurnerShow.com. The e-mails were fabrications!

In the three weeks since I left the airwaves, a firestorm of controversy has spread throughout the internet with every paranoid freak imaginable spinning the SPLC story for their own purposes.

I decided I cannot leave under such a cloud of controversy. My personal honor and integrity are at stake. Over the past few weeks, I have been smeared as a "rat" a "snitch" and an "informant." In spite of these smears, not one person anywhere has ever claimed that I turned them in for any illegal act. Not one person anywhere has ever claimed that I testified against them in court.

The claims that I worked for the government are false. Hence, this site is reactivated and there will be a Hal Turner Show this coming Wednesday night starting at 9:00 PM eastern US Time.

Those who are gullible enough to believe the SPLC claims of me being an informant are probably not too bright anyway, so losing them from the audience is no big deal. The smart folks - the ones who know me, will stick by me through this trying period.

Hal makes empty threats and posts pictures of his 13 year-old son's airsoft gun collection.

May 1, 2008 Zomg damn dirty commies loev May Day!

Those of us who realize political methods will no longer save America are preparing to use other means!

Quietly massing the necessary "equipment"

Put in secret locations away from homes to avoid "raids."

Lets face it, the political system inside America is so totally corrupted, so unresponsive and so out of control that we waged war against a country based upon deliberate lies!

Even worse, this year, we have three traitors to America running for President! McCain, Clinton and Obama all voted several times to grant a form of Amnesty to illegal aliens who have invaded our land, and they cast those votes in direct defiance of the expressed wishes of the American people. This is treachery;deceit. How much worse can it get before we step in to clean the nation up?

If the federal government wasn't bad enough, we have media like ABC News pushing interracial sex on Christians, intentionally putting queers in public to kiss just to see the reaction of passers-by. Other media like NBC, CBS, CNN, the AP and such are manipulating news and pushing cultural cancer in their programming.

In our grade schools, officials from Superintendents to Principals are pushing homosexuality onto kids as young as five . . . . . yea. . . . . kindergartners!

Our nation has become culturally, socially and politically sick. It is in desperate need of forcible intervention.

Some of us are preparing to intervene. Don't be surprised if or when the "clean-up" takes place.

In my opinion, folks in government, the media and the public school system would do well to consider their future behavior very carefully.

For those who think "the voters" will correct things, allow me to remind you they are the same fucking morons who got us into the mess(es) we're in.

For those in law enforcement who think anything can be done to prevent the clean-up, allow me to remind them that as easily as we can get our hands on the weapons above, we can also get armor piercing ammunition which will go right through kevlar body armor. So don't go trying to be a hero. Just stand down and allow things to go as they must.

Hal actually gone for good? 7/30/08

Last of the last? Hal Turner Show 7/30/08

http://podblanc.com/hal-turner-show-73008 122:22 (total time)

The Return of the Mack

According to Hal's Blog, his radio show will be making a comeback, just as soon as he gets begs like a nigger for some jewgold. Nothing ever changes in the world of Hal Turner, it appears.

Hal Turner Now Thinks Anonymous Is His Personal Army

Despite his public statements that he could get any information on any person, anywhere in the USA, Hal srsly attempted to recruit Anonymous to attack the Federal Reserve on his behalf.

In his Devember 12th entry, Hal tried to dangle the carrot of LULZ for Anonymous. He began by trying to compliment Anonymous for their ability to gain entry to seckret dox. Doing that, he admits that he is so infected with faggotry that he can't do it himself, amirite?

He then goes on to say that he thinks it would be, in his words, "the mother of all lulz" if Anonymous were to get into the Federal Reserve's computers and get the dox for him.

Hal then lists the IP addresses of various Federal Reserve Banks around the country, as if Anonymous either didn't have the information themselves or couldn't get them on their own.

Hal may be getting lonely since he spends his time watching TV and reading Porn magazines from Africa and trying to find extra-small sizes of condoms so his wife will have sex with him again and stop cheating on him with the garbageman.

After months of talking tough about white people taking over America, Hal wants Anonymous to be his friend and is, therefore, asking for it.

Anyone who does actually listen to Hal will now be given over 9000 anti-lulz by Your Mom.


Hal Predicts that the USA Will Lose The Game

On the 23/02/2009 Hal, still yearning to prove that he is as Batshit Insane as ever, posted a doomsday warning for the US on his blog. Apparently the current US Government will activate operation ENDGAME and kill 775,000 pre-selected American citizens in the next one or two months to leave the rest 'leaderless' and easier to control when the country is under martial law. Hal's evidence for these claims include:

  • Half a million coffins being made in Georgia - according to Hal, the government isn't preparing for a potential emergency, they plan to use them for the slaughter. Because genocidal regimes always provide coffins and lavish funerals for the undesirables they must purge.
  • A combat brigade returning home from Iraq
  • A shortage of gun ammunition in gun stores - orchestrated by the government according to Hal. However, if Hal knew anything, he'd know that all the gun ammunition is being bought up by retarded white folk that freaked out when a nigger got elected president and now are scrambling to by as many guns and ammunition as they can.
  • Information he received from an unnamed informant
  • Obama did the financial crisis

That's it, although Hal has promised more info is coming...

If they come for you, shoot it out. Shoot first and shoot to kill. If we don't stop this ENDGAME early, we won't stop it at all.


—Hal, giving advice on how to not lose The Game

The comments that Hal's usual fanbase have left below the post are as lulzy as the post itself. Read and then troll with your own comments for great justice. In fact, just go nuts and troll his whole fucking blog. Don't even bother. Hal will just delete them because, just like the government he hates, he censors anything he doesn't like. However, it is possible to get a comment past him if done Jew.

I bet you play "end game" in your shower with two well hung niggers, don't you race traitor? God you are a a stupid fucking fag. Go suck on Yankee Jim's dead dick, bitch.


A real white man doing it for the lulz


On June 4 2009, Hal Turner was arrested in New Jersey on a warrant obtained by Capitol police in Hartford, Connecticut. Turner, who also hosts a blog, was accused of inciting his listeners and readers to "take up arms" against two Connecticut lawmakers and a state ethics official, and for attempting to solicit unprotected sex with several male transvestite prostitutes. [[4]] Reactions among Anonymous were mixed. On the one hand, this is pretty much the ultimate in lulz at Hal's expense. On the other hand, it's also pretty likely that this rich source of lulz is nearly exhausted. On the other other hand, there's a new Lolcow born every minute.

June 2009, Hal Arrested, AGAIN

Only 3 weeks after being charged with inciting violence against public servants in a yet to be resolved case, Hal was arrested on 24/06/09 for making death threats against 3 judges from Chicago [5]. Hal must have forgotten that the First Amendment does not apply to threats of physical harm. Way to go Hal, being jailed twice in a month is something to be proud of.

Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty. A small price to pay to assure freedom for millions.



—Hal Turner

Hal has been denied bail, and a blog set up by his family is requesting money to help with his legal woes. His family plan to fight the charges by arguing that Hal was just exercising his right to free speech and that he would never hurt anyone. Please, go comment and comfort the Turner clan in anyway you can think of. Many of Hal's fans have written in voicing their support for him. Some have noted that it is unlikely that Hal will get a fair trial,

The sad thing is that it would be very hard for Hal to even get his constitutional right to a jury by his peers.

They allow Negroes, Jews, Mestizos, basically anyone OTHER than our peers on juries these days, and most judges have what I call a "God Complex."

And many of us including Hal will bear tremendous financial burdens just trying to stand up for what is right and proper.

Is it worth it? No, it's not, but you have to stand up for your principles like Hal is doing regardless of the consequences if you are an honorable white man.


—One of Hal's fans is butthurt

Maybe Hal should have thought about that before he incited violence against his fellow man

HAHA DISREGARD THAT he's out of jail but not allowed access to the media.[6] If he ever returns, Anonymous will certainly be there to tap this endless well of Lulz.


On August 13, 2010, Hal Turner was found guilty for making death threats against federal judges. He will serve 33 months in prison. At his sentencing he said that his was "...the first Bolshevik show trial.." in the United States and spoke for nearly an hour about how unfair the entire process was.

Hal's current mailing address is currently the same as weevs:


As of December 2012, Hal has filed a FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR counter-lawsuit against almost everyone who ever wronged him, including a dead guy, after being let off the hook for his death threats. Apparently, even the lead juror thought his posts were in ill-taste, but couldn't find enough to convict him.

The state is prosecuting me simply for uttering words and there's a problem with that, because in the United State of America people are supposed to be free to express their opinions.


—Hal Turner [7], Hal Turner's closing argument, because death threats are just a joke, guys

Fun Facts About Hal Turner

  • Hal Turner is a paid FBI Informant
  • Hal Turner runs his show, including the website, out of his house rat-infested basement in a tenement slum. The net cost to him is negligible, as he's claiming squatter's rights.
  • Hal Turner owns an expensive 2005 Lexus ES330. ("Owned" = "Stolen")
  • Hal Turner's Lexus has curb feelers because he's too illiterate to know that "Lexus" isn't the same thing as a "Lac".
  • Hal Turner has a coke habit, and while high he accidentally sucks dicks. Whether he spits or swallows is still undetermined. He swallows. I guarantee it. For more information.
  • Hal Turner's home is registered under his wife's name.
  • Hal Turner's wife runs his shit.
  • Hal Turner's wife is actually a Thai ladyboy.
  • Hal is a 5'2" 180 pound midget who has been mistaken by many illegal immigrants wetbacks as the legendary Chupacabra.
  • Hal's wife, Phyllis Turner, is 5'7" and weighs in at 270 pounds. DOB is 6-21-66, and she is allergic to watermelon. Send her several for Kwanzaa, now, y'heah?
  • Hal Turner is gay.
  • Hal Turner is nigger.
  • Hal Turner is a self-hating Islamic nigger Jew.
  • Hal Turner is retarded.
  • Hal Turner is unemployed.
  • Hal Turner owns a hugbox.
  • Hal Turner is a furry (Redundant with the above four out of five points. You choose which.)
  • Hal Turner's "penis" is actually a rabid spic dwarf who bit him in the crotch during a scuffle at a gay bar, spurring his hatred of spics.
  • Hal Turner's license plate says "Fresh" and he has dice in the mirror.
  • Hal likes making posts that keep increasing the font size
  • Hal Turner also uses parentheses quotation marks STRIKETHRU whenever he's talking about something that might be "illegal". In reality he's just trying to be "edgy" and "witty" about getting around "the law". Some might argue that Hal is "not presentable", that he "doesn't bathe often", that he is "socially awkward", or that he's "just a stupid fucktard that makes his fucktard fans think he's doing things to all those damn niggers and Jews, when in reality he's staying at home getting strap-on fucked by his wife" but in reality, Halbert Turner is a perfectly normal, respectable man like you or I.
  • Hal thinks that GG parties incredibly hard.
  • Hal wants you to play Quake. Hal posted the IP address for the 420chan Quake server over his show on March 21st 2007.
  • Hal uses an AT-4 as a dildo
  • Hal has an Aryan Cyber Militia. For a mere $20 (when you send your money order, make sure to indicate that you are requesting the "CYBER-ACTIVIST CD"; otherwise, Hal may think that is a donation), Hal will send you a CD-ROM jam-packed with Windows software that will:

1. cloak your IP address; and

2. hide your MAC address; and

3. attack the website of your choice.

  • As Hal's prostitutes bitches nurses know, he often falls victim to epileptic fits. At a quiet evening in theatre one night, watching "Fiddler on the Roof" for hate-speech material for his word-vomitshow, he came under one of his more severe fits. Upon seeing a gentlemen dressed as a lady, Hal assumed this as his mother, jumped on the stage, stripped completely naked and threw his own feces at unfortunate members of the cast.
  • HALTURNERSHOW.COM is now up for sale. Apparently, Network Solutions, LLC. thinks the domain is worth between $5,650.00 and $6,780.00. This is probably his pathetic attempt to make up for the costs of his running the site for all these years, as well as trying to make-up for the losses he sustained when the righteous wrath of Anonymous ass raped him some time ago.


Hal and his Wife's Detailed Dox

  ____ _   _    _    _   _ 
 / ___| | | |  / \  | \ | |
| |   | |_| | / _ \ |  \| |   ENTERPRISES LLC.
| |___|  _  |/ ___ \| |\  |   "i herd u liek mudkipz lol"
 \____|_| |_/_/   \_\_| \_|         -- PRESENTS --
FULL DISCLOSURE: Harold Turner -- White Supremacist, Hate Monger, Liar, Mongrel

This document is the result of extensive research by the private infosec firm
CHAN ENTERPRISES, LLC., conducted under extensive private funding provided by
Eric Bauman and Max Goldberg and their associates.

This report is divided into several key sections:

1. Contact Information
2. Family Information
3. Criminal Record
4. Previous Addresses/Points of Contact
5. Other Relevant Information

1. Contact Information
Full Name: Harold Charles Turner
Age: 44
Date of Birth: March 15, 1962 - or - August 19, 1962

Current Home Address:
1906 Patterson Plank Rd. Unit 1A #10P
North Bergen, NJ 07047 - Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/yf7ssl
Note: Address is registered under wife's name (see below)

Current Automobile: '05 Lexus ES330, color Gold
        Plates:  State of New Jersey, Plates 3N3-N8H 

Phone Service: Vonage
        Home Phone Number: (201) 348-8388

2. Family Information
Wife: Phyllis A. Turner (Beatrice)
    Misdemeanors on file:
        * Parking Ticket, '05 Lexus ES330, plates 3N3-N8H 
                10/12/2006, issued at 13:04:51
                issued by Leah Shultz for an amount of $14.51
                in Hoboken, NJ
                Issued near Sinatra Park, East Street @ 3rd.

3. Criminal Record
 13 Domestic Violence complaint 
 1 Animal Cruelty complaint
 1 Speeding Ticket
 2 Additional red flags on record.
As well, Mr. Turner has a sealed juvenile record. This data was unavailable at
the time of this writing.

Note with regards to red flags: A red flag signifies that criminal charges are
being pressed at present, and further information is unavailable from the
Department of Justice.

Summary of Domestic Violence Complaints:
 - Generally loud yelling heard by neighbors,
 - One instance was unknown person screaming, upon police arrival nothing
   substantial was found.

Animal Cruelty Call:
Witness said they observed Mr. Turner "punt" a small dog from his front lawn 
onto his patio.
July 19th, 2006 at 16:31, police arrived on-scene at roughly 17:00.

4. Previous Addresses/Points of Contact

PO. Box 58, Titusville, NJ, 08560
1721 Wood Terrace Circle, Atlanta, GA 30340 
147 Mt. Vernon St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 
1721 Wood Terrace Circle, Doraville, GA 30340 
5044 Airline Rd, Dallas, TX 75205 

5. Other Pertinent Info
Tax Information: Property was assessed at $3,349 for the tax year of 2004
        Improvement Value: $67,500
        Land Value: $19,900

Known Relatives:
        John J. Turner
        Dominic Turner
        Janice Turner
        Kathleen T. Turner

 ____  _           _ _ _       _____
|  _ \| |__  _   _| | (_)___  |_   _|   _ _ __ _ __   ___ _ __
| |_) | '_ \| | | | | | / __|   | || | | | '__| '_ \ / _ \ '__|
|  __/| | | | |_| | | | \__ \   | || |_| | |  | | | |  __/ |
|_|   |_| |_|\__, |_|_|_|___/   |_| \__,_|_|  |_| |_|\___|_|
             |___/     moar like major breadwinner, amirite?

CHAN Enterprises presents: A disturbing expose on the fiscal backing of
    Harold C. Turner's antics.

Background Info:

    Harold Charles Turner has not worked in over 6 years that CHAN
    Enterprises was able to determine. As such, the majority of his
    idiotic antics are supported by his wife. Us hard working sleuths
    at CHAN Enterprises have discovered a shocking document, documenting
    the financial mismanagement of the Turner family, in the form of a
    disturbing United States Bankruptcy Court Form B1. This is a CHAN
    Enterprises exclusive.

Subject: Phyllis A. Turner (nee Beatrice)

     SSN: <redacted>
     1906 Patterson Plank Road, Unit 1A
     North Bergen, NJ 07047

     Occupation: AXA Equitable Life, New York, NY
            Salary in 2001: $5,714.00
            -> Deductions : $2,268.00
            -> Take home  : $3,446.00

     Dependants: Turner, Harold Charles (spouse)
                 Turner, Michael (son, 6 years of age in 2001)

     BANKRUPT: Filed 02:19 PM, July 02, 2001

     Power Profile:
            Lives in a condominium at 1906 Patterson Plank Rd, Unit 1A
            Property owned by subject.
            Total assets at time of filing: $9,750.00
            Mortgage at $69,001.00 at time of filing (original: $87,400)
            15 Credit Cards ranging from JC Penny's to First USA Bank
                    Total owed: $88,163.00 (whoa.)

This has been a CHAN Enterprises production. Special thanks for financial
support goes out to Eric Bauman (ebaumsworld.com) and Max Goldberg. Without
their continuing support these efforts would not be possible.

HalNotes(tm): Death Threats, Ramblings, and other Crimes Against the English Language

Hal just gives up

Sunday, December 31, 2006

My web site has been turned off

I regret to announce that my web site has been turned off. The attacks against my server proved to be "disruptive" to the entire Class 1 data center in which it was housed.

I am, as of now, DEFEATED. Off the Internet except for this (highly-content-restricted) blog, off the air, dead in the water - with remaining invoices for thousands of dollars in bandwidth (intentionally used by the attackers,) on their way for me to pay.

I have been completely and totally destroyed by attacks emanating from a criminal conspiracy of people at 4chan.org, 7 chan.org, ebaumsworld.com, nexisonline.com and others. These criminals attacked my server relentlessly for ten days. This was criminal and civil Tort under 18 USC 1030, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. They publicly and repeatedly told me they would not stop unless I agreed to shut down my web site and shut off my radio show. This was blackmail; criminal felony Extortion. I would not give in. They called my house hundreds of times a day with crank phone calls. This was unlawful telephone harassment in violation of state and federal laws. They placed phony orders for hundreds of dollars in Pizza from Papa Johns, and two other local Pizza shops, DEFRAUDING those companies who delivered those unwanted pizzas to my house. The orders were placed by internet and by telephone meaning the perpetrators committed 3 counts of WIRE FRAUD. Today (Sun. Dec. 31) alone, three separate Chinese restaurants were defrauded by these same fake orders for food to be delivered to my house. The fraud was perpetrated by telephone, making it 3 more counts of WIRE FRAUD. They placed fraudulent orders worth tens of thousands of dollars for supplies of shipping boxes, envelopes, labels and packing slips to be delivered to my house from DHL and Ebay. These companies shipped these supplies thinking I had applied to be a new agent of theirs, only to find out when the shipments arrived that the whole order - placed via internet - was faked. These four for five separate fake orders for shipping supplies came in via internet, making the perpetrators guilty of four or five more counts of WIRE FRAUD. Since the EBAY supplies arrived via U.S. Mail, the entire fake order constitutes MAIL FRAUD.

The criminal actions of these people have destroyed my web site, my radio show and my web site hosting company. The owners of the web sites 4chan.org, 7chan.org, ebaumsworld.com and nexisonline.com were all told these acts were taking place.

Despite being told these activities were ongoing and being organzied via their web sites they did NOTHING to stop it. I even went so far as to contact their web hosting companies who did NOTHING to stop any of this.

In my personal OPINION, I believe their lack of action makes the owners of those sites accessories to the crimes listed above -- but that is just my opinion.

The "Abuse" departments at many of the ISP's took days to respond and even longer to act. In the end, most did little or nothing.

The criminals operating out of 4chan.org, 7chan.org, ebaumsworld.com and nexisonline.com have also publicly announced their intentions to do the EXACT SAME THING to:

VNN and its forum Stormfront The Prussian Blue Web Site James Wikstrom's web site

The IP Addresses which attacked my server with thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of connections were:

removed because they don't matter at all.

I am not certain where to go from here. My entire existence - short of my physical presence on this planet - has been utterly wrecked, by people I never met from places I've never been.

Hal Turner 1906 Paterson Plank Road North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900 USA

secret [email protected]

posted by HalTurnerShow.com @ 5:10 PM

Drama Rant Posted on his Blog's Front Page

------------- Hal Turner scoffs:

The AOL Police? Big fucking deal.

THe U.S. Secret Service has been "monitoring" me since the year 2000
because of the things I say about the President and VP

The U.S. Marshal Service has been watching me since 1997 when I
started make life uncomforatble for federal judges.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has had me in their sights for
more than three years as have the New Jersey State Police (Office of
Counter Terrorism).

Do you REALLY think I give a shit about AOL?

Think again.

Do you know why those law enforcement agencies watch me so closely? 
Because they KNOW I hurt people; they just can;t prove it.

THey KNOW homes and businesses have been fire bombed becuase of me;
they just can;t prove it.

They KNOW a federal judges family was killed in Chicago because of me;
they just can't prove it.

So you and your pals just keep fucking around. YOU TOO can become
just another part of a long string of people I have "dealt" with.

Hal Turner

Death and Bodily Harm Threats

-------------- Hal Turner warns:

The ONLY thing any of you are accomplishing is raising the level of
brutality I intend to use when I take revenge.

Here is how I will mete out justice according to the action committed:

1) Some of you are going to get the shit beaten out of you.

2) Others are going to be beaten to death, and finally;

3) Others are going to have firebombs thrown through the windows
of their houses WHILE THEY ARE HOME and when they - and their families
come out, their throats will be cut.

This is the price I will exact for :

1) Harassing my wife (who has nothing to do with my radio show)
2) Recording the harassment of my wife and putting it on the net and
3) Harassing my senior citizen mother.

I am so motivated to to physical violence to these people that I
don't even care to state my intentions publicly. Neither cops, nor
Prosecutors, nor Judges will be able to stop me.

Hal Turner

Continued Threats of Bodily Harm

----------------- Hal Turner responds:

You are sadly mistaken. I meant every word and I absolutely will carry
out every word. Nothing on earth can prevent it.

You dare say I put myself in this position? Fuck you. You guys called
MY show. You guys Crank Called and threatened MY wife. You guys crank
called and threatened my mother.

I didn;t start this, but I will God Damned well finish it.

Laugh all you like. We'll see how hard you laugh when my hand is
crushing your windpipe and you're drowning on your own blood.

Hal Turner

Even More Threats and Lies

After the list above was published, the perpatrators of the original
attack upon my show, found and published the home telephone number
for my family.

Around 5:00 PM yesterday, my wife began receiving call after call
from people harassing her, threatening to rape her, threatening to
rape and kill our 12 year old son. The calls continued, non-stop,
for hours. 

They even went so far as to RECORD a harassing call and put the audio
from that call on the internet, in violation of state and telephone
harassment laws and in violation of state and federal electronic
eavesdropping laws!  That single act added another felony 
to the legal action I am taking against the entire crew.

Then, things got despicable.  My 12 year old son answered the phone
and the caller told him that they were going to kidnap him, rape him
then murder him.  My sone has never, ever, been party to my radio
show or public life.  He has never attended any public funtion 
with me and to threaten him has caused me to decide the glove scome

I have always known that I am a public figure and that folks would
criticize me. I have lawsys been prepared for that.  I knew early-on
that I had to suffer the slings and arrows of spirited public
villification and I was prepared for that too.  But to target my wife 
- a woman who has absolutely nothing at all to do with my radio show
- and my son - a 12 year old - crossed a line. 

Then, in an act of utter depravity, the perpetrators of this effort,
gave out the home telephone number of my 62 year old mother in
Pennsylvania, and began making harassing and threatening calls to her.

My mom has nothing to do with any of this.  She's caring for my step
dad as he recovers from leukemia.  To call here and threaten to rape,
beat and kill her is an act worthy of death.

Snce the law doesn't seem to matter to these scumbags, then I won't
let it matter to me as I undertake revenge upon them for going after
my wife, child and mother.

There is ONE possible method for preventing my revenge upon you:  
Tell me the names and addresses of the people involved in threatening 
and harassing my son and mother.  I will forgive the harassment of 
my wife if you give to me the identities of the people who went after 
my son and mother.

Cooperate, and you walk.  Fail to cooperate and I will punish you 
with a fury you have never encountered.
Hal Turner

Shitting his Pants Over the Upcoming Raid

15 April 2007 -- 12:05 HRS EDT
This coming Saturday,
21 April 2007:
I am to be the target of some type of "raid" against my house
The same people who have electronically attacked this web site and radio show since December have announced they are coming to my home to wreak havoc

Despite being told they need a Permit from the Town to protest, they have NOT applied for - or received - any permit.

As you can imagine, the anti-racist-action holligans, OPP and EyeOnHate crowd jumped-onboard and posted "protest announcements" on their message boards for the last two months, hoping to generate roving bands of savages to assist in this "raid." In addition, "Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice"(SHARP) claimed they will have 250 skins from the NYC area here; but I received a call from the NJ groups of SHARP saying they will not attend.

Various messages, postings and e-mails over the past two months have threatened to shoot and kill me, my wife and our son. There have been threats to fire bomb my house. Other threats have been sent saying my family will be raped in front of me before we are all killed! Several other threats have claimed that pipe bombs will be planted and detonated around my building.

As such, I have made arrangements for significant weaponry to be deployed in my home, around my building and have assigned several highly trained teams to take up strategic positions in the neighborhood to be able to put down any trouble from a distance. Trust when I tell you that short of a U.S. Government air strike, we will be able to defend against anything that anyone tries to use against us. My house will be in the safest place in America for people like us this Saturday!

I refilled the barbecue propane tank and will have Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cold Cuts and salads for folks who come to stand in support of me. We'll have cold beer and plenty of soda to make you feel welcome.

If you support what I do on my show and on this site, you are welcome to attend and I hope you WILL stand with me against whatever happens this coming Saturday.

The organizers of this "raid" have changed their tune repeatedly over the past two months. First, they claimed they will be here en masse, will crash through any police lines and storm the building. The latest postings seem to indicate they will skulk-around in small groups "alerting my neighbors about my alleged racism."

These smaller groups are actually better for us because they can be "dealt with" faster and in areas the police won't see! So if you ever wanted to "do a job" on any of these pricks, this could be the best opportunity to do so and get away with it.

I reside at:
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047

The studio telephone line is 201-484-0060 and will be manned and active all day Saturday.

I may or may not broadcast live on Saturday. If I do, I will put links on this page for you to tune in.

If you want to come to stand with me, and you lawfully possess firearms, you may bring those firearms with you! New Jersey law is very strict about firearms so listen up:

If you choose to transport firearms to my house, the following laws must be strictly obeyed.

1) Guns must be UNLOADED.
2) Guns must be stored in a LOCKED box, separated from ammunition!
3) Guns must be transported in a part of your vehicle which makes them INACCESSIBLE to the driver and vehicle occupants.
4) Hollow point ammunition is ILLEGAL.

Even the slightest breach of the laws above will result in immediate arrest, high bail and a night or two in the Hudson County jail which is full of Jersey City niggers and spics. So don't jam yourself up; obey the rules and we'll all be fine.

This can be a terrific opportunity to meet like-minded people, poke fun at the losers who oppose us, and maybe (if we're lucky) kick some punk ass!

Internet Armageddon

Criminal Charges Filed Today
This web site was attacked with a severe Denial of Service Attack!

The attack launched data at more than 196 MegaBits Per Second!

While the attack could not crash the server, it DID "rape" my bandwidth by costing me $1800 in data flow charges in a single day!!

My attorneys are in the United States District Court in Newark, NJ right now (12:00 noon EST on Tuesday, December 26, 2006) filing criminal charges against "John Doe(s) 1-100" for:

Violation of 18 United States Code, Sub-Section 1030
(Computer Fraud and Abuse Act)

in that they "knowingly engaged in activity" against my "protected computer" which "is used in interstate commerce" for "communication" with the intent to "deny availability" of the system and its data, AND;

"Extortion" in that the persons engaged in this attack wrote in several places they would not halt the attack until they got an apology from me and until I closed down my show, AND;

"Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization" (RICO) charges against 7Chan.org, 4Chan.org and Ebaumsworld.com in that these places enabled, aided and abetted through their sites, an ongoing criminal conspiracy to commit the crimes listed above, AND;

"Criminal Copyright Infringment" in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright ACt (DCMA), by intentionally thwarting my archive subscription system by recording and posting to MegaUpload.com an archive of my Dec. 20 show, AND;

"Transmission of threats via interstate communications" in that I, my wife, our son and my mother were REPEATEDLY telephoned and threatened with physical attack by persons using SKYPE and other internet-based communications systems. Crank calls, harassing calls and threatening calls were received all day Christmas Eve, throughout Christmas Day and continue to this very moment!!!

According the the "International Convention on Cyber Crime" The European Union will cooperate and honor U.S. Subpoenas to compel SKYPE (based in Luxemborg) to release Customer information such as originating IP addresses, and/or customer information of folks who used that service to launch the telephone acitivites. ALL of them will be caught and prosecuted.

As soon as the charges are Docketed, my lawyers will move for "Ex Parte Discovery" to issue federal subpoenas to a whole slew of companies to obtain customer names and addresses for the individuals involved in these criminal acts.

Every single individual involved in this attack will be caught, prosecuted and then sued civilly for what they have done. I will not stop until I catch them all and bring every single one of them to court.

As of this morning, a hardware packet sniffer has been installed outside my server. It is presently capturing and logging EVERY IP address being used to connect to this machine, since the Denial of Service attack is resuming! EVERY IP will be captured, EVERY ISP will be notified and EVERY compromised machine being used as an "attack bot" will be physically disconnected from the net. EVERY person involved in attacking this site will be caught, proscuted and sued no matter how old they are, no matter what country they are in.

Hal's Lawyer Emails 7chan

(Actually, it was Hal himself who emailed 7chan, but apparently he has a squad of lawyers at his beck and call so don't fuck with him.)

 Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2006 09:45:22 -0500
 From: Hal Turner <[email protected]>
 To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
 [email protected]
 Subject: Felony Criminal threats, Civil Copyright Violations,
 Felony Conspiracy to Disrupt Interstate Commerce via your servers. . . . . 
 Please accept this communication as formal legal notice of criminal
 activity in violation of several federal laws, being conducted through
 your service and computer servers at IP address
 By this e-mail you are requested and required to SEQUESTER - pending the
 arrival of a federal subpoena - all computer server logs and internet
 protocol/presence (IP) information for all users of your services at the
 following Uniform Resource Locator (URL) , which took place between 9:00
 PM eastern U.S. time and 11:59 PM Eastern US time on Wednesday, December
 20, 2006 as publicly logged at * http://img.7chan.org/i/res/49259.html*
 Persons utilizing your service at the above URL and corresponding IRC
 Chat channel(s) engaged in criminal conspiracies and violated several
 federal laws last night as follows:
 Transmission of a threat via interstate commerce, to do bodily harm, in
 violation of Title 18, United States Code (USC) Section 875 (c), by
 posting the following threat to rape my family:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)21:01 No.
 In addition to the violation above, a second user posted a second threat
 to crack my skull open as follows:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)21:23 No.
 File: 11666786054049587.jpg
 <http://img.7chan.org/i/src/11666786054049587.jpg> -(/42 KB, 800x563/)
 Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
 49587 <http://img.7chan.org/i/src/11666786054049587.jpg>
 Hal is getting owned. He's fucking oblivious.
 In furtherance of the threats above, a third participant/conspirator
 posted my HOME address so as to enable the previous threats to be
 carried out, as follows:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)22:21 No.
 Hal Turner
 1906 Paterson Plank Road
 North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900
 needs moar boxes
 While the threats were being made, other users of your service announced
 they were willfully violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
 (DMCA) by making recordings of my radio program and offering those
 recording to the public for free, thus intentionally thwarting the
 subscription service I implemented for such audio archives as follows:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)17:18 No.
 i record the show every week so there will be a rapidshare url about
 12:30-12:45am eastern time.
 After announcing their intention to violate my Copyright and the DMCA,
 they did, in fact, perpetrate such violations as posted here:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)22:31 No.
 Full Show rip
 In addition to the crimes above, the users of your service then
 conspired to maliciously disrupt my talk radio show, which is intentional
 disruption of Interstate Commerce, as evidence by the following:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)23:25 No.
 i recorded the show thank me later

 If the criminal acts and violations listed above weren't enough, other
 users of your service are conspiring to commit FRAUD by impersonating me
 and having goods, services shipped to me and fraudulently billed to me,
 as evidenced by the following:
 >> Anonymous 06/12/20(Wed)23:30 No.
 Fire up tor. Sign him up for free shit that gets sent to his house.
 STD info, Viagra/Cialis samples, ANYTHING you can think of,
 magazines, cd/movie clubs, boxes, etc.
 He will post shit on his website about the flood of shit coming to
 his house and whine next week.
 I'm personally a racist and anti-semite, however Hal Turner's
 audience is the rebel flag flying, beer drinking, beer can crushing
 on the head, 33" mud tires, wife beating, daughter raping rednecks.
 It gives intellectual racists a bad name.
 Last, but certainly not least, another user of your service posted
 false and defamatory accusations about me as follows:
 >> HAL TURNER Anonymous <mailto:[email protected]> 06/12/21(Thu)01:53
 No. <http://img.7chan.org/i/res/49259.html#49747>49747
 I own the Turner Radio Network and host a very popular talk show on that
 I intend to use the full resources of my network to launch criminal and
 civil actions against every single offender mentioned above to make an
 example of them.
 To that end, you are hereby requested and required to sequester server
 logs and IP addresses of the users identified above, pending the arrival
 of federal subpoena(s)
 Please be advised that willfully discarding such information after
 having been notified herewith of pending criminal and civil legal
 actions, would be Obstruction of Justice and Destruction of Evidence in
 violation of other federal laws.
 In addition to Sequestering logs and IP information, I also ask that you
 enforce you Acceptable Use Policy and/or Terms of Service by immediately
 revoking the ability of such users to continue violating your rules in
 the future and by removing the material above from public view.
 Thank you,
 Hal Turner
 1906 Paterson Plank Road
 North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900
 Tel: 201-484-7809



NORTH BERGEN, NJ, Apr. 21, /PRNewswire/ -- In what's being described as the most epic of all raids, ever, against anyone, spanning all time, Anonymous participated in a real-life raid against Internet comedian Harold C. "Hal" Turner on Saturday.

"It's a beautiful day for messing with the greatest Internet troll of all time," said Anonymous #2103, his erect, throbbing penis glistening profoundly in the morning sunlight. "I first learned about Hal when he posted that bogus story about government keyloggers inside Dell laptops. Little did I know he'd grow from such humble beginnings into the sexy, full-blown bag-o-laughs he is today."

Raid Ops Manager #3, a nigger, commented on the management team's planning: "You see, the genius behind this raid was that it both existed and didn't exist at the same time. A true-to-life 'grey area'. And we certainly didn't want to give up any names on a permit."

After his fat black lips took a bite of Kentucky Fried Chicken, he continued, "We knew that we had to provoke Hal, but Internet hilarity only takes you so far. What better way than to have the entire police department show up at his place and have him on pins and needles for the entire weekend? You always get the best laughs out of Turner when he's cornered. Listen to his last few shows. No, actually, just check out his website today! That's pure gold, man!"

As of this writing, the manager's assessment about Turner's reaction seemed to hold true, with over 90.00% of Turner's website dedicated to topics other than white nationalism.

Remarked Anonymous #1286, "I saw him! I actually saw the guy! Jesus Christ, has he put on weight." When asked why he was surprised at Turner's appearance, the Anonymous replied, "I thought we'd have the slick, youthful, clean shaven, shirt-and-tie wearing, voice of the common man Hal, you know? His hand perched flirtatiously on the desk, headphones on backwards, and eyebrows raised with playful allure as he talks valiantly into his oversized overhead 90s microphone. Not some balding, squinting fatass who looks as defenseless as they come."

Another member of the management team, ambiguously homosexual Raid Ops Manager #2, lisped that Turner "lacks the mental capacity to deduce what will succeed and what will fail. Everything comes up roses in the mind of Hal Turner. A really intriguing plus for us was that this effectively solidifies Turner's relationship with the fans that showed up."

When pressed about how this adversely affects Turner, Manager #2 replied, "It's a give and take. We give and we take away. We've successfully taken Hal's network away from him, so we needed to solidify his relationship with his fans to keep it all going. I mean, we don't want to kill this thing. Hal's a major entertainment gravy train for us. In some circles this guy is a cult hit. This thing has spread like wildfire, especially among high schoolers. You don't have kids listening to Milli Vanilli or playing their Sega anymore, they're all listening to the Hal Turner Show. It's fucking crazy, babe."

With the operation in full swing on the ground, Turner engaged his internet radio feed. But according to suspiciously Caucasian and heterosexual Raid Ops Manager #4, that may have been Turner's worst mistake: "Normally Hal has his Shoutcast servers up for only a few hours at a time. What we effectively did was force him to keep them open for an entire day. My job in all this is to maximize the financial damage against Mr. Turner, and I can say that this certainly helped me reach and bypass my weekly, and even monthly, quota for bandwidth leeching." When asked about the raid's possible impact on the community, Detective Karl K. McKay from the North Bergen Police Department responded, "Unfortunately, since Hal Turner is a private citizen, I can't legally comment on him. But if I were you, I'd stay away from that coke-snorting faggot."

Turner's shirt, reading "Six Million More" and containing a Star of David, clearly failed to incite those in attendance, instead prompting requests for the shirt to be made available for purchase.

"What Hal doesn't understand about us is that we're very much racist", said Anonymous #3738. "We're racist against everyone, even whites. Anonymous, more racist than Hal Turner? I wouldn't have thought it possible, but there you go!"

In conclusion, when asked how Turner would react to the deception, Raid Ops Manager #1 remarked, "The Hal Turner raid as a whole, the whole 4-month thing, has been nothing short of epic. We learned from that big-time. The part of Hal Turner's persona that we exploited for this real-life raid was his tendency to believe, unchecked, whatever pops into his head."

He continued, "You know that Hal ran this real-life raid through his head every way possible, with glorious images of him provoking hundreds or thousands of people. You know that he genuinely thought he was important enough to warrant a massive turnout. Instead, Hal's ego imploded as reality came crashing down. You see how, even now, this late at night, he's still trying to milk it on his website."

When asked to elaborate, the manager continued, "Hal's days are over. These days it's about people like Jake Brahm. Jake got his name and face on every TV newscast in America and most of the world for just a few paragraphs of copypasta. Hal Turner has been shooting his mouth off for years and the government just doesn't care. He's insignificant! And what did he get? Some tiny picture in a local newspaper? That codifies his insignificance."

"You have a quote from one of our guys saying that we're more racist than Hal Turner. I'd say it goes deeper than that. In 20 years, when all the white nationalists have died off, we promise to keep racism alive and well for them. In effect, we are the new Hal Turner. We're the evolved Hal Turner. We're the smart Hal Turner. We do it better than Hal could ever dream to. Why? Because we are epic."

Turner, who allegedly performs a radio show every Wednesday night, was in tears as he declined comment. His wife, Phyllis Gertrude Turner, said that her husband was busy "unlying the beans".


Now this is a story all about how,  
Hal's site got flipped, turned up side down
And I'd like to take a minute, just don't go yet
I'll tell you how Hal became the Fresh Prince of Snugglenet
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIn eastern New Jersey born and raised
On the internets were where he spent most of his days
Chillin out, maxin, racists are cool
Postin on some vboards full of Nazi ghouls
When a couple of chirpers who were up to no good
Started making trouble in his e-neighborhood
They made some little crank calls and his dead mom got all scared
He whistled for his mob but it came near 
The license plate said 4chan and there were lolz in the mirror
If anything you could say that this own was rare
But the trolls came together, yo holmes he's on-air!
I turned on his stream about seven or nine
But all I heard was "more money!" in his whine
Looked at my kingdom I was finally done
To sit on my throne, Anonymous has won.

Hal Zimmerism


To sum things up

Turner Show 2: Electric Boogaloo

So as of late 2015, Hal Turner has returned to do radio shows after he was released again from the JIDF tolerance-enhancing indoctrination clinic, and some anons from 8chan's leftypol board have taken the chance to troll him. However, they only called in twice, and only resulted in pure fail.


Yankee Jim becomes an hero
Longtime caller and former lover, Yankee "Niggerface" Jim caught his wife sleeping with someone only known as "nice man." He promptly blogged about it, choked her to fucking death, and became an hero.

Norwayfag VS Hal

Ricky from Ohio vs. Hal Turner

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