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HACKERS ON STEROIDS is another winning meme from the lollercaust that was a Faux News story in the summer of 2007 in which they attempted an exposé of Anonymous.

On the fateful day of July 26th (which also happens to be ZonDay) the LA Fox News affiliate released perhaps the most lulzy piece of journalism they ever shat out of their arseholes. After Fox got raped by Anonymous, they did their usual over-the-top propagandist reports describing Anonymous as domestic terrorist hackers on steroids using UNDERGROUND HACKER SECRET WEBSITES (lol, public).

How It Went Down


For fair and balance see Internet Vigilante Group on the flip-side of Anonymous.

The news report included unearthing the fact that there were pages of MySpace users dumb enough to get their accounts phished, nigras, some emo kid with a love for gay secks pictures, and Anonymous's contempt for Habbo Hotel.

Fox's old media shill also held up an entire ream of blank paper that a staff intern had recently bought at a local Kinko's, stating that they found "THOUSANDS OF OF STOLEN PASSWORDS" on teh UNDERGROUND H4XX0R TERROR WEBSITES. Hacking is to FOX as terrorism is to W. It featured a reporter attempting to explain "lulz" (resulting in epic fail) and later using the phrase "epic lulz".

There were also multiple live "demonstrations" involving dramatic, repeated playback of a yellow van exploding, threats to blow up football stadiums, and attempts at spoiling the ending of the latest Harry Potter book. The internets is now (officially) a Die Hard re-enactment. (Is this awesome? y/y). At least 100% of fat housewives who watched the report immediately flipped out and canceled their AOL subscriptions. Hooray.

Just moments after this news report aired on Fox, something quite peculiar happened to /b/; users were unable to create new threads, or post images. It's said that FOX called the Feds on /b/ to have them rape 4chan's servers. However, with the ability to post again after a day or so, many lulzy memes sprung forward, including INTERNET HATE MACHINE, Buy A Dog, Exploding Van and 'Corruption of LOL'. It was also revealed that the lulz traitor in the video is none other than Reverend Jim Bob, a Bob Dobbs cocklover and Subgenii piece of shit found here http://www.c-h-u-r-c-h-o-f-b-o-b.com/foxnews.html.

More likely for the Fox informant is Alex Wuori.

The Raid

Anon was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.

In retaliation to the video, Anon decided to flood MyFoxLA and MyFoxDC's Message Boards, causing their admins to shit a collective amount of bricks. Quickly, the admins on both sites deleted fucking everything, ensuring Anon's victory. It's said that this attack on the forum might provoke a follow-up report on Anon, which will only serve to make Anon's e-peen harder.

eBaum's masquerading as Anonymous also discovered that the administrator section of FoxNews.com was left wide open because the retard who worked the site didn't know how to use CHMOD or even .htaccess. The admin directory of FoxNews contained a UNIX script for an FTP account to ZiffDavis.com, where Fox downloaded their stories. Anonymous logged onto the FTP and downloaded 1.5 million people's personal information and left their mark claiming affiliation with EbaumsWorld. This is most likely true because EbaumsWorld is known for causing havoc and chaos for everyone indiscriminately. It took them at least 100 hours to fix the security issue.

Additionally, Anon, in a thread of epic lulz, OWNED the LA Fox News studio by ordering over 9000 Pizza Hut Pizzones via their online website, along with numerous gay exotic dancers, sushi, take out Chinese food, massage therapists, and the like.

Moar MySpace Hackers

FOX is closed due to steroids.
When will people learn not to mess with anon... FOX has just commited suicide.

On November 14th, Fox News covered another story on the Hackers on Steroids (this time "Your Friendly Neighborhood Hackers" in a failed lulz attempt), both one and many, and while certainly taking a less direct approach, the video states they're calling for urgent, immediate, nation-wide attention, going as far to say that the White House needs to get involved.

MyFoxLA.com Reports on MySpace Hackers

"Cyber Bullying"

Fox boards closed due to AIDS.

On January 31st, 2008 Fox 11 News did yet another story on Anonymous, this time on Anonymous' "cyber bullying" through www.stickam.com. Features hated enemy of the lulz Goronchev.

Butt hurt, acne ridden basement dweller

A typical victim after being trolled

Video found: Please re-upload if it is removed.

His butthurt response

Faux News Gets JewTubed

Domestic terrorists who do it for the lulz? We report, YOU decide!

We Are Anonymous REMIX!

Internet Hate Machine REMIX! Turbo Double Upper

Bonus Mixes


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