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Pool's closed Foo'!
From the May Invasion, nevar forget!

During the summer of 2006, instead of going outdoors, getting some sun, having random sexual partners and enjoying their aids, the /b/tards at 4chan decided to take over Habbo Hotel in a recent revival of blocking, however several Something Awful goons are attempting to claim that the Habbo raids were the work of Something Awful, and not 4chan, in addition to this YTMND is also attempting to claim itself as a leading contender for providing most of the Nigras which participated in the raid, however Raisinbrancrunch.com is in truth responsible.

Excellent briefing, well-planned scare-tactics with a huge invasion force to reckon with, causes not only outstanding confusion but also major grief among regular Habbo users.

The Habbo Way

Congratulations, you are a failure at life.
Nigra conga

Blockading places in Habbo Hotel is definitely not recent news but there has been a surge of renewed interest as users of 4chan's /b/ imageboard have united in an army that is becoming serious business. Pool blocking has become a tradition for many /b/ users as early as 1684. 4chan has some influence over Habbo Hotel as the words "harbl"(4chan's term for "penis"),"Nigra"(The /b/lockers on Habbo), and "mantrain" were even censored, and as of July 12, the word "aids" has been censored.

Pedos? In MY Habbo Hotel?

A dress code has been commisioned consisting of a nigra with a formidable afro, in an Armani suit and footwear of choice. Other options include a red afro (popular amongst oldfags), "undercover" pre-raid dress with a paper bag over head, or posing as a loli. Recently, a group of people that go by the moniker "cKRABS" have been having gang wars with the Nigras, additionally the "cKRABS" were originally "Jeax's Army" with the mission "Jeax's Army Recruit"

If you need to know what they look like, watch the show "The Smurfs".

Image of the cKRABS/Jeax's soldier.


Nigra conga
Mod block

The Habbo nigra's mission is to ensure that nobody catches AIDS from the pixel pool or, that the pool ladder is repaired. Such partaking to secure the safety of the habbos are ignored and instead seen as a threat. THE POOL HAS AIDS. Do NOT swim in it!

Recent interest in pool blocking came into effect when the epic blockade group that formed on the 27th of May, created a stir in Habbo Hotel by their sheer force. Groups consisting of 40 nigras were large at the time but have since become the standard for attendance. The 5/27/06 block was memorable because no one got banned, there were no mods on duty, blockings lasted more than 30 minutes and it was also recorded[1].

These swarming masses of nigras wreak havoc over the Habbo Hotel and it doesn't take long before the 16 year old girls and other 40 something men acting as pixeled Habbo teens trembled at their feet, cowering in fear. A well-applied stratagem has been to block the pools, exits and hallways (generally anything that covered up 1 or 2 path blocks). It is still a mystery as to why the hell everyone so desperately wants to spend their online time in a set of blue pixels (instead of a REAL POOL), or to even pay for such useless features. But then again, people who are paying for some crappy online game to get their vulgar needs at some nubile pixel teenbodies shouldn't even be considered human (or even socially productive).

Anyhow, the Habbo population has been torn in pieces by an unstoppable machine gun rattling of 4chan memes, strikingly odd prophecies about AIDS in certain pools and unanswered calls to just stop the fucking black person madness. This obsession with blocking has gained a reputation on the internet as seeing Afro men in suits become a daily sight. In the meanwhile, the scarce amount of moderators banned at least 100 Habbo niggers (and occasionally furry scouts) whenever they found the time during endless masturbation cycles in front of a set of broken mirrors, handing out 2 hours bans as if it were syphilis in Burundi.

The bans on Habbo are machine based, but can be easily avoided when deleting some Shockwave logs, changing your IP address, uninstalling Shockwave or creating a new account (in the UK for example).

One Man Raiding

Furni bull market

Though less effective, much lulz can be had from single Nigra Raids. Mods are less likely to notice. Easy locations for a 1 Nigra raid are the Reward TV Station (Standing in front of the camera blocking it results in EPIC lulz from RPG players who are trying to make Movies. Don't forget about private rooms, Especially LAPD SWAT JAIL, because it's linked to other rooms via transporter, the Owners are rarely there and 1 man can block the entrance for hours. There is yet other good place for blocking,which where the info bus waiting line starts. More lulz if you remember the habbofags that bus is open only on mondays.


Whenever a nigra invasion becomes too large to handle, moderators reset the rooms in Habbo Hotel. It is determined that a block is successful whenever this happens.

Another tradition is to create swastikas (卐) in the public rooms which serve to confuse bystanders and make a political statement. Habbo Hotel has also proven to be racist as anyone who is black and is in the room is consequently banned during a blocking. Many blockers have been banned for a number of reasons which covers blocking, rape threats, hate speech, spamming, and harassment.

Foreign missions

Aids in the pool
This is how nigraz learn their trade

Upon discovering the many Habbo Hotel's oversea websites, 4chan's /B/rotherhood has mobilized on Habbo Japan, Habbo UK, and the bitchy Habbo Australia (where the pool is known as "'ool"). Foreign languages do not prevent the nigras from registering. It is in fact a plus as the habbos are unaware of the statements.

Raid the swedish hotel!!!

Lessons in Blocking

  • Unless you're doing a sleeper attack, don't stand around, block when you can.
  • Make back-up clones. Extra nigras make a big difference.
  • Real swearing is censored and it alerts moderators. Do as such: Fuck = Fu.ck, Cunt = Cu.nt, Nigger = Ni.gger. Or if one is sly, there are terms on Habbo not censored such as "SHITTINGDICKNIPPLES" and "CHINKS". Or if you're smart, you'll cuss in all caps and replace a capital I with a lowercase L: SHlTTlNGDlCKNlPPLES. Then you can sit back and watch the habbofags attempt to imitate your seeming disregard of the bobba filter.
  • Spread out. Dont concentrate in one area. If the pool is getting blocked, then block a dance floor or rooftop pool.
  • It takes at least 17 habbos to make a visible swastika.
  • Habbit is a delicious unbanning tool.
  • Do not participate as a white character or you will be kicked and ignored from all of the 4chan blockings. A loli is fine too.
  • To see who's in a room (lol Mod), hold down the Shift key and click on the room.
  • Always save Habbo Denmark for last, so you and your nigra brothers can make a swastika.

"Pool's Closed" THE MOVIE

Also on July 9th, 2006 it was announced that there may be a short internet live action film based on the /b/lockades; as well as recent happenings on /b/.

A few of the plot details include

  • Desu, the main character does in fact steal Mitchell Henderson's iPod.
  • The War between YTMND and /b/ accumulates into a finale Pool Deck showdown between Las Nigras, the Mods, and the YTMND.
  • Main Characters, all played by Anonymous:

-- Nigra --

-- Mod --

  • MOD-JoeyBishop
  • MOD-Cleo
  • MOD-Lionheart

-- YTMND --

A tentative release date is set at August 22nd, 2006 never.





  • (Please note that those are not the Live Action "Pool's Closed" movie. While funny, they were made with "The Movies" for PC)

Legendary Raid

Aids in the pool

Pool's closed for good

On 4/20, after countless warnings from nigras, Habbo decided to listen to the warnings, and closed the pool for good. Incidentally, 4/20 is Hitler's birthday.


Pool's Closed About missing Pics
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