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Gwen Gale is diddling her bug over cut off heads of contributors she blocked
Gwen GaleHeidi Wyss' big triumphant smile after her cock sucking got her past RfA. Image courtesy of Daniel Brandt.

Gwen Gale (aka Heidi Wyss) is a Wikipedia user who has enraged the community with vicious personal attacks, sock puppetry, edit warring, impersonation, breaching an Arbcom ban, and attempting to (promptly) put TOW führer Jimbo Wales in his place. After all of this, one would think this user would be permanently banned and driven out of Wikipedia land. Wrong. She currently holds an admin position, despite her history and clear disregard for site policy.

Wikipedia's Gwen Gale - Heidi Wyss - EXPOSED!

Real Name: Heidi Wyss

Wikipedia Persona: Gwen Gale, The Witch, Wyss

IP Addresses: - - - - - - -

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Occupation: Wikipedia editor for lesbian literature articles

Favourite Pet: Other women

Favourite Hobby: Editing lesbian articles in Wikipedia, trolling other Wikipedia editors, pretends to be a fairy

Wikilove : The most retarded of all wikipediots User:Daedalus969

Pic from (Hivemind)

Gwen Gale's Wikipedia story - the story of lies, nastiness, bulling,violating rulings of arbcom and abusing administrative tools

When Gwen Gale, The Witch, got her administrative tool she quickly turned the mop to a witch's broomstick. Now she uses this broomstick to fly around Wikipedia to collect heads of innocent editors while allowing trolls to vandalize.

Gwen Gale started her career in Wikipedia as Wyss. She was completely obsessed about articles on sexuality and lesbian science fiction because these topics give her orgasms.

Most of Wyss's vomiting got cleaned up later but some still survived:

"Truth be told, according to freely available public records, he was suspended for soliciting a client's wife to work in a prostitution ring, then refusing to attend his hearing on it. Many would interpret this as "disbarred" but he denies the term applies. Bauder disclosed none of this to Mr Wales when he was asked to join lawyerish arbcomm. Wyss 00:51, 10 December 2005 (UTC)"


  • About Wikipedians, this one she deleted herself when unruly user Wyss transformed to abusive administrator Gwen Gale
"Too many active Wikipedians are wankers, fiddlers, fools and trolls which includes several members of arbcomm who are more interested in publishing unsupported gay celebrity gossip than they are in writing an encyclopedia to academic standards."


In November of 2005 Wyss's sexual toys were taken away. Poor lady was banned from making homosexuality/bisexuality edits. She was even prohibited from correcting the spelling of "gay". How embarrassing! She was also placed on indefinite probation, and then Wyss made a new account The Witch because she was interrupted in the middle of her monosex and because

Witchy girls have more fun



—Wyss fucking Skepchick

She had fun alright. The Witch's first edit was made in violation of her ban for homosexuality.

More personal attacks followed:

"# Oppose, an apparent liar who pursues a strictly unencyclopedic agenda. The Witch 15:36, 17 January 2006 (UTC)"

"# Oppose, Intellectually unqualified and the worst of roleplaying. The Witch 15:45, 17 January 2006 (UTC)"


The above explains why administrator Gwen Gale does not want anything to do with the nasty Witch. She reverted this valid redirect to her user page and the user who made this redirect was blocked for vandalism.

In her first RfA Gwen Gale was asked about The Witch. She lied

For about 24 hours, two years ago, yes. I quickly decided User:The Witch was an unhelpful username so I went back to User:Wyss. You will please note the account wasn't used to evade the arbcom ruling. I don't consider this brief experiment relevant but I'll be happy to answer questions about it.


She lied. She used it "to evade the arbcom ruling".

Testimonials taken from Gwen Gale's first RfA

the people before me have more than done their job compiling loads of pure bitter nastiness that has spewed from this user's mouth. The last thing we need out of new admins is more drama. Don't bother replying here or on my talk page, my mind is very firmly made up.


I cannot support someone who replaces her userpage with "Tell the Wikitruth", followed by a rant about how we're an "autistic care group for the obese and unemployed", and then defends it in that state for months


Gwen bitterly moaned about her unsuccessful RfA.

Just five months later wikipediots allowed Gwen Gale to become an administrator - a black day for Wikipedia.

In April of 2008 Gwen Gale nominated for deletion article Leo J. Meyer. In AfD she ranted:

Conflict of interest, subject of this biographical article is not of encyclopedic interest meyerj is an SPA who created this article to memorialize his father. The subject is not encyclopedic (a routine military career), not widely noted, the article amounts to original research and its creation raises many COI worries.



CONFLICT of INTEREST. Wait a minute. Didn't Gwen Gale wrote two articles about herself a year before? The articles were flushed out but the screen shots of their history exist: History of the bio article of Heidi Wyss (Gwen Gale) and history of the article about a novel written by Heidi Wyss (Gwen Gale). She promotes her articles about herself everywhere she could

When Gwen Gale was still Wyss she had this to say about wikipedia

If one wishes to participate in an alphabetized meta-blog/online social community with a Byzantine bureaucracy which encourages sock puppets, trolls and endless references to pop culture beliefs which have naught to do with scholarship, yeah, then "pfft," I think, would be the appropriate response to any criticism that Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia.Wyss 17:50, 25 September 2006 (UTC)


So Wyss wanted to talk about "sock puppets". Let's talk about sock puppets then. Gwen Gale made quite a few appearances on Wikipedia:

2008 ArbCom election

In six months after Gwen gale became an administrator she decided she wanted more power because the more power she has the more harm she could do. One of the best places to do harm is Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee.

Testimonials taken from Gwen Gale's ArbCom bid

Gwen Gale wasn't even on my radar, positively or negatively, until this week, and then I was involved in an incident with her and her judgment gave me such pause. So for that, I oppose, and suggest she looks into how she deals with disputes. Like it or not, this is the highest community "court" or what have you that we have here, and after what I saw, I don't want her on it, probably ever.


I'm sorry, but you really sunk it for me on Talk:Rush Limbaugh. I found your arguments and sources on there to be a disgrace, frankly. Or, User:Avruch said, "I think some of your arguments have been disingenuous, and beneath what I believe your intelligence and perceptive ability to be."


aka Wyss. Formerly placed under editing restrictions by ArbCom for unseemly conduct; evaded these restrictions with a sockpuppet... Zero-tolerance attitude towards adminship makes them wholly incompatible with a role of higher responsibility that requires more creative solutions.


Gwen Gale withdrew her candidacy from the election.

December 1, 2008 was not a happy day for Gwen Gale. Not only she was forced to withdraw her candidacy from Arbitration Committee election, but both articles she and her socks wrote about herself were nominated on deletion for being not notable.

Cover up

User Wyss talk page history was deleted by Fred Bauder. When during her RfA Gwen Gale was questioned about this deletion.As usually she lied: "The talk pages were sprinkled with bits of personal information I'd disclosed about myself in causal exchanges and a certain user had homed in on who I was, where I lived and so on." In reality with the deletion of her talk page history most links used in evidences presented against her in arbitration case are gone. Try one, you'll see nothing.

More lies, more personal attacks

In July 2005 Wyss addressed to administrator Mel Etitis with this rant

Dearest troll, I don't have a second account. If you're still making the accusation, then prove it. Wyss 4 July 2005 16:34 (UTC)


"Dearest troll, you accuse me of being a sock. You have used that accusation to imply I was editing abusively and dishonestly, then leveraged it in your active, PoV editing of these articles. Withdraw the accusation or prove it (I suspect you know that any emperical examination of the two accounts would show they can't belong to the same individual). Wyss 5 July 2005 08:14 (UTC)


Maybe in July of 2005 she did not have a sock account, but she was about to make one The Witch, not to mention editing as IPs.

Gwen's reaction to 24 hours block "Too many trolls and fools after all, I guess.There are too many of them for me here, too many role-playing troll admins, too many troll sockpuppet editors. Bye then. Gwen Gale 06:29, 1 April 2007 (UTC)"

Gwen Gale - a bully administrator

This section will be continued

Recent misuse of administrative tools

After witchy Wyss became bitchy administrator Gwen Gale she's started misusing her tools to cover up her shitty history. Here Gwen Gale deletes history of Wyss's talk page "User request to delete page in own userspace: user thought this had been done years ago". Interesting she refers to herself as to some unknown to her user: "User request to delete page". She lies that this page is in her "own userspace". She deleted the only page that had talk history of Wyss. The date of this misuse of administrative tools is 16 July, 2011.

Heidi Wyss struggles in a spider web

If you missed on articles Wyss wrote about herself on Wikipedia, do not worry. She wrote a few more the same ones on different encyclopedias as well. Wyss's first user name on feministSF wiki was Spidermite. At her user page she says:

"Hey there! I'm a word witch and a lesbian separatist, third wave feminist."


Besides making some comments about Wikipedia Wyss as usually wrote two articles about herself Heidi Wyssand Gormglaith.

Everything was fine with the two articles until Wyss became Wikipedia administrator Gwen Gale. In 2008 somebody started adding to the articles reviews and links that Wyss did not like. She made four sock accounts to revert IP user

Her JoeKleon almost got banned

To be continued by me and hopefully someone else.

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