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Not to be confused with The Gunt

A typical male gunt, this one sporting a mangina
File:Gunt demotivate.jpg
Gunts, not unlike their owner, have been known to devour panties whole.
In some cases, the fat forces the forgotten penis into the anal cavity.
Some women like vagoos on their gunts, wearing them like a badge of honor

The gunt is the area between the gut and the cunt, usually dominated by hair. The gunt is usually the pride and joy of fat people, being that it is the sexiest part of their body. It's also sometimes called a "FUPA" (Fat Upper Pussy Area)

However, as seen on the sides, the gunt is not limited to those with a vagina. In the case of obese males, it is called a guck, the clever fusion of gut and cock. Gucks are the massive overhang of fat which completely cover the penis, often resembling manginas.


Ross Everett Comments on the Gunt

. . . it's also known as the fupa


Ross Everett


This is when one confronts a youngish girl who has potential to be pretty but is beginning to show the signs of gunt growth to try and set her back on the right path. When a female's concerned friends warn her of the growing risks of eating too much - namely that all of her fat is going to collect in her pussy and gut, making them bulge out farther than her boobs. By the sheer number of gunts in the world, either the interguntion was not performed fast enough, and the gunt continued to expand to its owner's horror - or the interguntion was not listened to, and the owner continued to eat oblivious to the fact that she could no longer see her feet.

Gunt In Pop Culture

Gunt is a shitty band.

Kickspit Underground Rock Festival: Yes. Yes. And also yes. This was a pitch-perfect parody of the Insane Clown Posse's Gathering of the Juggalos, the commercial for which seems to have blinked out of existence on YouTube. I saw it a while ago, and now all the videos have been marked Private. Boo. Anyway, trust me, it was already ridiculous enough to look like a sketch from SNL but I'm glad the show took it to the next level. Mrs. Potato Dick, Ass Dan, Gunt and everybody getting pitchforks were some of my favorite bits. Maybe the first and last time "gunt" is ever spoken on network TV. Awesome.

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