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DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? 95% of all Americans are scientifically proven to not believe everything they're told?? DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

Really, look!
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Although this word is is well-known to speakers of the English language, gullible is not in the dictionary[1][2]; however, it is written on the ceiling. No really, look.

On one level, the whole of Encyclopedia Dramatica is an exercise in gullibility. This is because we are all filthy Furries.

The "gullible isn't in the dictionary" joke can sometimes be defeated by agreeing with the person who tells you this, saying that you already looked and it really wasn't there. If they look, you win.

Also, if talking OL, you can tell poor spellers that "Gullable" isn't in the dictionary (which is true) or that "Gullible" Literally isn't in the dictionary (which is also true).


  • Gullible is also a kind of fish in the north Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Nazis invented Badmiton Bamidton Badmnitmon FAGGOT TENNIS.
  • America, as the home of most UFO sightings, had the word Gullible invented.
  • A Danish company sells pillows under the brand "Goulibel".
  • Leaving housepets around furries is both morally wrong and will summon Goatse and Tubgirl to gangbang you.
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