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Greville Janner is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
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With Jews, you lose!
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Greville Janner (19282015), AKA Baron Janner of Braunstone, QC, was a British politician, barrister, and paedophile who trolled the entire country for decades and then died ten minutes before he was due in court to answer for his legendary noncing. He was a friend to the famous, a counsellor to his constituents, and a rapey menace to small boys everywhere he went.

He was not only Jewish but an absolutely epic Jew of such magnitude that if he had entered a competition to find the world's biggest Jew, he would have come second because he would have got marks deducted for being such a fucking Jew -- as will become abundantly clear.

Jew Politician

Sir Barnett Janner, inventor of the hereditary MP
Urine Smeller, a bent spoon, and a bent lawyer who bent bendy boys over and was a bent bender bend

He first slimed his way into the House of Commons with the aid of his father Sir Barnett Janner (the former chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain).

In 1970 Sir Barnett was up for re-election as an MP in Leicestershire but "unexpectedly" chose to retire two days before the deadline for candidates to apply, leaving his local party in the lurch -- and meaning that his ambitious son (who had stood unsuccessfully for Parliament once before) "generously stepped in" to fill the gap. Conveniently, his father had already had his election posters printed, and they read in bold letters "VOTE JANNER." So the scheming Jews didn't need to print any new posters and saved themselves some money.

Greville took his new role as MP very seriously, looking after the interests and well-being of his constituents by

He retired as MP in 1997, got promoted to the House of Lords and became president of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism.

So, just a regular guy. It's a wonder he managed to find time to be a nonce of intergalactic dimensions. But he did. In fact, rather like someone else we could mention, it seems like he spent his entire working life pretending to be a ministering angel to the unfortunate in public so that no-one would dare speak out about his evil private life. Because if anyone had so much as breathed a word of it to anyone, Janner's Jew-gang would descend on them shrieking "Anti-semitism! ZOMG!" and drag them into court to be tried by Janner's fellow Jew-lawyers and they would be cuddling up with Bubba before they knew what had hit them.

Oh yeah, and he was a semi-professional magician and member of The Magic Circle, which gave him ample access to impressionable young boys under the cloak of being a family entertainer. There's no business like Shoah business!

Shit Gets Real

Spoiler: No, it doesn't.

Janner's paedo pal and scapegoat, Frank Beck (1991)

In 1991, Frank Beck (the director of a children's home in Janner's Leicestershire constituency) was convicted of diddling kiddies and B& to the extent of five life terms. But while he was giving evidence in his own trial, Beck accused Janner of noncing and this was supported by a witness who Janner had abused. Unbeknown to the outside world, the po-po collared Janner and interviewed him as a suspect. Janner said "No comment" in response to every single question that he was asked and the police investigation was quietly shelved. The police only told the public that 'no action' was being taken in relation to Beck's accusations. Janner's lawyer was on standby, fully expecting Janner to be prosecuted, and was incredulous when it didn't happen ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2.

But in public, Janner received cross-party support and a standing ovation in the House of Commons after Beck's conviction. In a Commons statement, delivered on 2 December 1991, he said there was "not a shred of truth" in the truth about what he had done. Since he was speaking in Parliament, which is technically a court, he had complete legal immunity for his lies. Later, Janner said he had received a letter from one of Beck's cellmates saying that Beck had been trying to frame Janner. Two years later, Beck dropped dead in prison of a suspected heart attack, so his side of the story never came out.

卐 The Jews and their lies: Nevar forget 卐

Janner was investigated again in 2002 and then again in 2004. On each occasion, no prosecution resulted. In fact, the Director of Public Prosecutions said (after Janner's death) that no files had ever been forwarded to prosecutors as a result of decisions made 'by officials in Leicestershire' ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. It later turned out that one of the officers on the case (now chief constable of Derbyshire) had been told by superiors to deep-six an investigation into Janner's kiddie-love as early as 1989 ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Webcite favicon.png2.

The Case Commences

He wasn't expecting that!

Finally, after the death of our patron saint led to the collapse of the wall of silence around high-level paedophiles, and 22 YEARS since Janner was first accused, the police sprang into action and raided Janner's home in 2013. They didn't even bother to interview Janner, which makes you wonder what they found. The entire bulging file of Janner-related evidence was sent to prosecutors ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. The file contained the (specimen) statements of 27 men claiming that Janner had abused them as children and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) stated that the case met their evidential test for prosecution on 22 counts of indecent assaults and buggery, some going back to the 1960s.

  • 14 indecent assaults on males under 16 (between 1969 and 1988)
  • Two indecent assaults on males under 16 (between 1984 and 1988)
  • Four counts of buggery of males under 16 (between 1972 and 1987)
  • Two counts of buggery of males under 16 (between 1977 and 1988)

Case Dismissed

Despite all this, in April 2015 (over A YEAR later) the CPS decided not to prosecute Janner because he had been "diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease" in 2009 ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2.

It then emerged that at the time of the CPS decision the supposedly senile Janner had written to the House of Lords stating his intention to carry on as a member ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2.

In May 2015 (another month gone by) A group of MPs signed a joint letter condemning the CPS and demanding that Janner face trial or it would look like "a whitewash" ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. This was a fucking brilliant troll because it is a centuries-old traditional joke in Britain that you have to be senile to sit in the House of Lords, and now a member of the House of Lords was claiming that he really was senile and noone believed him.

Britain's foremost journalistic legal expert Joshua Rozenberg declared that the MPs had got it all wrong and didn't know what they were on about.

Case Reopened

In your face, Rozenjew. A month later (June 2015), howls of outrage across the nation had not subsided, so the decision not to prosecute was overturned.

Animated clock.gif

In August 2015 -- TWO AND A HALF MONTHS later -- Janner was found to be in a fit state to attend court and was summoned to appear before the beak. Janner's lawyers tried every trick in the book to wriggle out of it, claiming that no, rly, he was ttly senile, honest, but in the end gave up when the Judge threatened to have Janner arrested (a shrewd strategy, since it meant that the lawyers would have to stop arguing in order to prevent the police from distressing their "vulnerable" client). Because of course it had never occurred to anyone to arrest Janner until now.

Later that month Janner appeared in court for less than one minute, acting confused and deliberately wetting his pants, before waving at spectators in the public gallery ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. Perhaps he was distracted by the thought of getting back to those all-important debates in the House of Lords that he was missing.

By December 2015 -- FOUR MONTHS later -- the presiding Judge had ruled that Janner was indeed gaga and therefore unfit to plead ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. The public's sheer fury could have powered every household in Britain for the next century. A "Trial of Facts" (in which the evidence is presented with the defendant present and a verdict is reached but no conviction is made) was then scheduled for April 2016, i.e., after at least ANOTHER FOUR MONTHS and A WHOLE YEAR since the initial decision not to prosecute.

Case Closed

Twelve days after the decision to hold a Trial of Facts, Janner suddenly died ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2. Nearly everyone in Britain went apeshit with RAGE, suspicion and disappoint.

Except for a few people who were quietly very relieved indeed.

Martin rowson janner death cartoon.jpg

Jew 'til The End

What a cunt

After his diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in 2009, which of course is totally impossible to fake by pretending to be forgetful and unable to recognise your surroundings, Janner passed 'power of attorney' to his children, meaning that they took decisions about his healthcare since he was too fucked in the head to manage it himself. After passing power of attorney on the grounds of dementia, Janner attended the House of Lords on 634 days, voted on 203 changes to national laws, and claimed £104,365 in expenses.

He stopped attending the Lords in December 2013, at around the same time the police raided his £2.5m apartment in a gated complex in Hampstead Heath.

Janner had granted his children financial power of attorney in 2011 at which point Janner no longer ran his own bank account. But he kept ownership of his luxurious home.

Or did, until March 2014, when the police raided his offices, after which he suddenly signed his home over to his children too. ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2

It was later discovered that in May and June 2014, when Janner was said by doctors to be too senile to appear in court, he was driving his own car, unaided, on trips to Parliament, paying for his parking tickets in cash and later confirming in a handwritten note to to parliamentary officials that it had been him who had parked there ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Webcite favicon.png2.

So, by the time he had wriggled out of ever being prosecuted (by dying very conveniently indeed) Janner left behind the grand total of no pounds, nil pence, and no worldly possessions whatsoever that might fund compensation for his numerous victims. Perhaps he was inspired by his political career spent fighting for handsome payments for victims of alleged atrocities.

They always say "You can't take it with you." Janner did the next best thing. And his Jewlets simply shrugged and carried on counting their new money. What you gonna do? Sue us already?

Screwed and Jewed

Miscellaneous Senile Nonces

The following paedos were diagnosed as senile, and convicted between Janner's diagnosis (2009) and his death (2015). The last two (asterisked) were 'Trials of Facts', discussed above.

Trollface merchant.jpg
  • 2010: Douglas Turner (70) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2011: Brian Ash (72), seven indecent assaults between 1971 and 1980 ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2013: John Hayford (83), from arrest to conviction in 17 months ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2014: John White (81), indecent assault between January 1985 and April 1986 (arrest to conviction in 17 months) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2014: Joseph Birtles (81), 15 counts of indecent assault on seven victims between 1972 and 1984 (arrest to conviction in under two years) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2014: Stephen Turner (65), four child porn offences and two of masturbating in front of a child (arrest to conviction in 17 months) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2014: William Chamberlain (66), two indecent assaults on a child and one gross indecency in 'early 1970s' (got eight years) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2014: David Massingham * (77), 10 indecent assaults and two 'other' (sent to mental hospital 'indefinitely') ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2
  • 2015: Roy Shaw * (68), four lots of sexual activity in front of a child and two of leading a child to engage in sexual activity (mental hospital indefinitely) ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2

The Jew Swindle Continues

The real victims in all this are, of course, Janner's children. Our thoughts go out to them as they heroically defend their vast sums of inheritance money from the vicious scavenging of fantasists who enjoy the thought of having been raped by a man who died without a stain on his reputation.

Their efforts to clear the good name of their beloved father have included insinuating that Lord Janner's victims were stirring up anti-semitism and demanding that the least credible of the witnesses should be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice.

Fortunately, Janner's children have some noble crusaders for truth to speak up on their behalf.

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Greville Janner is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
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