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Green Lex Luthor will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
Luthors, ASSEMBLE!

Green Lex Luthor is the result of Mr. Bighead's extreme S&M blenderplay with his mistress.

A reaction image spawned from the cold dark depths of a filename thread, it quickly became a shitty forced meme on /v/.

It is consistently posted in threads that aren't vidya-related, flash flooding them into a sea of luthors.

Unfortunately, the posting of this image is rarely accompanied by a sage, and SAGE DOESN'T WORK. It serves only to bump said useless threads, like stuffing grandpa full o' viagra to keep him from keeling over.

Don't encourage this faggery daggery doo.

Green Lex Luthor: Origins

File:Green ed bighead.jpg
Green Lex Luther is not pleased.

To prepare for the coming Luthorcalypse:

  1. write down a list of everything you haven't done in your life
  2. fold it into the shape of a majestic crane
  3. stretch open your asshole
  4. shove parchment up anus
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT!!!

Eco-Friendly Luthor Gallery

"Good thing I have a folder with at least 100 of these" About missing Pics
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