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Pussies Fighting.gif Graeme Stephen Tucker is in an internet sissy fight with Nick Chaleunphone.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
"He sees you, and your underage relatives too."

Graeme Stephen Tucker aka 47+ aliases like RogueOneKiwi on YouTube, is a ugly, bald, hypocritical, pedophile and prolific vlogger. This epic lolcow got ditched by his wife and all his children, and even attempted to kill his neighbour documenting the whole thing on Youtube in the process. His hobbies include making CP videos of children naked[1][2] clipped from documentaries and medical literature photos, talking about his children in a disturbing pedo way, trolling everyone, doc dropping teenagers and making butthurt videos about how his parents used to beat him up.

He once hired a prostitute to pretend to marry him in one of his videos so that his fanbase of middle age fat women[3], would squirt but the whore couldn't keep a straight face when she saw that he had fake plastic balls. He even one time made a video where he came out of the closet and admitted molesting children when he was also a child, then renegged deleting all the videos. At 24 Tucker had his balls removed and replaced with two plastic ones (this shit is true).

He even rang the Father of one Youtube user after hacking their number. He is President of Gary Glitter's fan club & its only member. Nowadays he is involved a full out battle with Diaper wearer Nick Chaleunphone (again, this shit is true) for no real reason and is also involved in many other flame wars.

Now, this boy is just two years old!


—Graeme Stephen Tucker

Graeme's pre Tubes life and rise to e-infamy

In around 2000 Graeme's wife and children left him after years of being a loser, he was left all alone in a small bungalow with a steel shanty roof, and a piss stained mattress on the floor.

Tucker worked part time as a gardener, that business went belly up. He then went batshit over a neighbour called Robert Derek Baker (see next section).

Whilst all of this was happening he forged a e-peen relationsex with Youtuber GMPNY and sent her nude vids, it's soo not lulz but there's the odd lulzy quote so here for your amusement:

On his e-lovelife - "Hey there YouTube employee cunts ... I uploaded an unlisted video of me naked to that channel and shared it with just one person who requested it and I know she didn't red flag it cunts, so cunts restore my supposedly unsearchable video that was not meant to be viewed by any person other that the person I sent it to cunts, do you understand cunts?"



Tucker went batshit over a neighbour called Robert Derek Baker. Nobody cared but then Tucker tried to OJ Baker with a shotgun. Tucker was arrested and taken to court. Deciding that this was unacceptable Tucker bitched about it on Youtube constantly, until said Court got wind of it and threatened to incarcerate him unless he deleted it all, stat.

FUCK DA PO-LEECE: Tucker almost goes to jail. About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fortunately, the streisand effect failed hardcore because lots of shitty Youtube mirrors still have all the text and pictures from his videos cached.[4]Not content with almost killing this poor guy living next to him, he called Baker's wife a slut in several videos on youtube, as well as insulting and intimidating other witnesses. This made Graeme a seasoned IRL troll.

Graeme's CP hobby

After almost killing his neighbour he focused purely on youtube and launched a new career to become the best youtube troll. He has lulz adventures creating CP from old BBC documentaries and Holocaust photographs. By lulz we mean fucking sickening masturbation sessions. His YouTube videos now complain obsessively about peaceandparty (see further down) and that people are flagging him for the CP and that Youtube are cunts for banning him for said CP.

Videos and websites of nasty shit:
banned videos website - Graeme actively keeps a site hosted by German company Magix where he displays Vimeo uploaded material he has created. Typically they consist of illicit CP. Vimeo seem lax and are not deleting the material like they should.

YTask & Young Tubers United Member

Tucker was an admitted member of Ytask's fan club and sent several private videos to ringleader Irish282 from Young Tubers United which became exposed when the private video function bug affected Youtube. Tucker quickly deleted several videos that were private and deleted several of his channels which you can see by going down to the channel list below. One of the screenshots of Tucker naked is taken from a video sent to Irish282.

Tinker, Tailor, Garden Services 4 Kids Retailer

In between masturbating to his numerous self made videos of CP that he uploaded to YouTube and as well as this video. He makes psychotic ranting diatribes insulting anyone who points out he is batshit crazy. To prove them all wrong he is building a outdoor garden maze for children (we're not making this shit up, yet again) in a Pedophile act unprecedented since Michael Jackson created Neverland.

The Peace and Party Years

Tucker has been in a Youtube flame war since September 2008 with nemesis peaceandparty over how many Steroids they both use for their medical conditions (srs. YAWN). The debate turned ugly and now each person regularly makes videos calling each other a cunt. Because of length of the war many youtube users have been dragged into it and most end up deleting their own Youtube account as a last resort. There are Over 9000 videos of them attacking each other in the war.

YT user peaceandparty

peaceandparty - he does his own make up.

Graeme often mistakenly accuses random users on Youtube to be peaceandparty. Like MissPretty62 whom made the unfortunate mistake of subscribing to Tucker's channel and then leaving the comment "Cool channel, I subbed you. Cheers, mate. Lynn." Graeme made a video claiming MissPretty62 was a sock account belonging to Peaceandparty.

In Christmas 2011 what did Graeme think of peaceandparty?

As you can tell Graeme had a change of heart!

Another Youtuber, The Mad Shangi got in touch with loads of youtubers and created video proof with photos and a sound recording of their voices to prove that they were all different people -- and that the fucking idiot just accused completely random strangers of being his nemesis. Tucker responded by flagging the video out of existence, then when it was mirrored on another channel (TuckersAGoof) he filed a DMCA claim against it.

2012 - the war continues - Well he is allowed to change his mind ;)

This wasn't edited at all.

MadShangi/Patrick John Doran

Graeme's other nemesis is a YouTuber known as The MadShangi. Graeme tried to befriend him by responding to a video called "MadShangi Defends ChristianU2uber, a 12-year-old boy that got butthurt for being called a homosexual and made the infamous "Stop Calling Me A Homo" video. Graeme was using the boy as a ruse to draw outsiders into his flame war with Gavan, and also fantasized about dressing him up as a schoolgirl and having his way with him.

After chats with Tucker, Shangi worked out that Tucker was batshit and outed him in a video called "My Final Thoughts on Graeme Tucker." Graeme then became utterly obsessed with him and continues to rant about him in his videos, often for no connected relevant reason, referring to him as a "thug."

Tucker loves to use Shangi's real name (Pat) over and over again in his videos, because he believes that if he says it 3 times, Patrick will visit him in his dreams for erotic fun. He found out Shangi's real name after a troll, and pedophile named Cornish83, a 26-year-old glue-sniffing loser did a Google search on the Shangster and found his Facebook page. Cornish83 contacted Graeme and shared this information with him, as well as documentary footage to make CP, which lead Graeme to rub his hands profusely and lick his semen covered lips. He then revealed The MadShangi's name in a video called "Mr. Patrick John Doran."

"Well, according to Gavan Coleman, if you really want to find out about someone you CAN find it. So who IS The MadShangi," Graeme began, whilst rocking side to side excitedly; "Well The MadShangi is a fellow by the name of Patrick John Doran - and he lives in Calgary, in Alberta..."

Graeme claimed Shangidoobala was posing as a 14 year old named Frank and that the channel IIFrabJII was really him impersonating a teen, even though he made his own videos which are about Runescape with thousands of Subscribers. Frab wrote "That guy [is] a tool." Soon, Graeme showed up on the boy's channel only to be ignored, which sent Tucker into a flying Rage. So after he finished beating off to Justin Bieber, he left a comment on his page claiming that his channel belonged to the Mad Shangi.. Frab outed Tucker by making his own video and Graeme got flamed by a bunch of teenage Runescapefans.

Offical Music Video

YT user Mad Shangi raps about Graeme

He's a asshole and a bad father.'


Graeme Attacks a Pregnant Woman

One of Graeme's most retarded moves (words used literally) involved his harrassment of Temptations2, a woman who was arguing with Nick Chaleunphone, about their medical conditions (noticing a pattern?), which Graeme used as an opportunity to pit the two together. So after a twenty-minute session of rubbing his hands together profusely (we assume, as it took 20 minutes after the argument began for Graeme to join in because Tucker is on the internet 24/7). Graeme made a video called 'Temptations2 vs. Nick' which he patted himself on the back about. When it became obvious that she was not interested in being involved in whatever flame war he was in, Tucker became enraged and accused Tempy of talking to some other guy that Graeme was in a heated argument about medical conditions with. Graeme then proceeded to make several videos ranting about her and using images of her son to scare her. He does love pictures of kids tho, iznit?

The woman pleaded with Graeme to leave her alone saying that her friend died recently and that she's pregnant. Graeme would have none of that, he made a video called "I Don't Believe You Madame (Temptations2)" where he claimed to not believe that she really was pregnant or that her friend died. He then followed that up with the most retarded Youtube video ever made: "Stress Makes Babies Mentally Retarded" which was clearly designed to scare her and harm her unborn child.

Attempts to Take down this page

Graeme has since found this page since its creation, he was soo butthurt he made 4 edits deleting blocks of text from the page. Graeme thinking he was such a internet tough guy and invincible faced the banhammer and hasn't been seen since.

UncleFestaRidesAgain Graeme's fuck buddy found he was mentioned in the page and was also butthurt, he tried to delete his link and the lemonparty pic (now gone anyway) because he didn't want anyone seeing him and his lover naked.

Graeme's Poses

YouTube Sock Puppet Channels

He has hundreds of sockpuppets because he is frequently blocked and suspended by Youtube, including:

[-+]Other Channels

[-+]Trollin' partners

Graeme has a number of trollin buddies that troll for him or troll with him on his behalf. His trollin partners are sometimes doing his work for him and are kissing up to his ass as well. So here are the list of his trollin buddies and their sock accounts:

[-+]Closed Trollin' partners


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