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The man dragon himself, inflating his own ego and strutting his ponyhawk.
Gothzilla's fursona engaging in some furry erotic auto cannibalism! Can you say "waste of a good artist"? nothing of value was lost.
Some of Gothzilla's sick fuckery, though this time its sicker than usual.
Gothzilla finds out he made the front page (again), and responds with a shameless trace of the LOL WUT pear. Also, apparently Gothzilla reads ED, I can tell by the color of some of the links and having seen many ED screenshots in my time.
Yeeeah, baaaaawwh, dis here how troo kay-juns do they vore down on da baii-yoo.

What is Gothzilla? Well..... Gothzilla (Powerword: Ayudaqualosga "Age" Tsu-na, pronounced: uh-yu-duh-kwuh-los-guh age joo-nah) claims to be a 19-year-old gay/goth/punk/furry/vampire/dragon/otherkin, he always calls himself a dragon, even though he wears fake fucking vampire fangs, and constantly points at them and screams "I HAVE FANGS, THAT MAKES ME A VAMPIRE!!!!11!1! AND I DON'T SPARKLE, SO VAMPIRES DON'T [email protected] YOU'RE ALL GAY AND UGLY!!121!" He's a youtube ranter, furry artist, necrofur, and he's either the spirit of the internet incarnate, the saddest excuse for a human being in the history of existence, or the greatest IRL troll who ever lived. We may never know.

But what we do know is that wherever Gothzilla goes, lulz is sure to follow.

100 years ago there was a previous Gothzilla. Hot topic needed some money to help build their emo empire so they got hired to stop the Godzilla problem in Tokyo. Since Hot topic was full of nerds and angsty fan girls, they could not defeat Godzilla. Fortunatly there had an idea. They put emo makeup on Godzilla and renamed him Gothzilla. Because of the loophole in their contract they got their moneys. So next time you see an emo remember that it was all thanks to Gothzilla that they came to be.

The Artist

While YouTube is where most people who know Gothzilla know him from, his art is 500 times less TL;DW, and at least 100 times more lulzy.

He draws furry guro, and a plethora of other fucked up furry shit. His art is usually characterized by shaky lineart, flat colors, sameface, and fail, but in all honesty, I don't even have to describe it. His art speaks for itself.

His Art...If you Can Call it that About missing Pics
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As for hate art...well, since Gothzilla is relatively new to the internet, there isn't much hate art for him (or by him). You can rectify this problem by drawing some and/or pissing him off enough for him to draw you some.

Hate art, both by and for him... About missing Pics
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The Photographer

Most people know Gothzilla for his videos and/or art, but recently (as of late 2011/early 2012) he has shown an increasing interest in Cars and automotive photography.

His Photography About missing Pics
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The Ranter

Gothzilla joined youtube on August 06, 2008 as RevengeofGothzilla. Originally he was sort-of a gothic Chris Crocker, with videos like Gothzilla Rants About My Chemical Romance, Gothzilla's Ponytail and Cradle of Fail. Though, over time, he has digivolved into a typical vlogger/ranter/faggot/every-single-person-on-YouTube, with a super-awesome and totally original "pony-hawk".

Typical Videos

They See Me Trollin'...


A reoccurring theme in Gothzilla's videos is him ranting about how some STUPID FUCKING PIECE OF HUMAN SCUM pwnt his bike with their car.

Much cussing, rage, and specist remarks fill these videos. Why doesn't he have a car? BECAUSE DRAGONS CAN'T DRIVE, SILLY!


Many people over the years have decided to start shit with Gothzilla, though none of them ever finish it.


In mid 2009, his video Cradle of Fail managed to spark a lollercaust when some gay, Canadian, metalhead watched it and decided to make a video response and send his personal army to attack Gothzilla's channel. This however grew old very fast, and eventually degraded into back-and-forth video responses that could all pretty much be summed up as "NO U!" And eventually they both gave up.

Distorted View

In late 2009, Tim Hansen of Distorted View took notice of Gothzilla, and actually took his videos seriously. Tim started including Gothzilla in the "YouTards" portion of his podcast, and of course, Gothzilla, being the experienced internet detective that he is, found out and started making videos taunting Tim and egging him on, and Tim, being the pussy that he is, hasn't mentioned Gothzilla since.



TheeObsidianReaper, while not as insane or fucked up as Gothzilla, he is nowhere near being goth, let alone goth enough to call Sleeps-With-Corpses a poser.

He honestly believes that by making videos about his life, claiming to be in the Marines, and writing shitty poetry, he will become UBERGOTH. In reality, it just makes him a faggot.

Anyways, his beef is that he thinks Gothzilla is making goths look bad. See: Irony.

UPDATE: Reapie recently deleted all his videos and he and Gothzilla now both work for iChan. See: More Irony.


Gothzilla does believe in the steadfast internet tradition of DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING, Gothzilla deletes everything, especially when he is being made a fool of and dosn't have a witty come back. So take those screen caps!

Oh, quotable

Find a good Gothzilla quote? This is the place to put it. Go on. HE'S FULL OF THEM.



—Gothzilla, telling it like it is.

my dream piece of ass is something like you with a large knife through the heart and 2 weeks of decay.


—Gothzilla, on his love of necrophilia.

Don't worry. I'm just going to have myself cloned. Mating is overrated.


—Gothzilla, giving us some reassuring consolation.

"Original art" in MY deviantART? Bullshit. 100% of art on this site is traced even the photos and 3D art.


—Gothzilla, on deviantART.

Hi! My name is Gothzi-SILENCE!!!!! I BLOCK YOU!!!!!


—Gothzilla summing up a typical conversation with InSaNe-REYNARD.

May ninjas rape you in your sleep tonight and thank you for shopping at Walmart.


—Gothzilla proving that he isn't even cut out to be a Walmart greeter.

Exactly. I am a product of science; engineered to be perfect, thus I am infallible.


—Nothing like the smell of megalomania in the morning.



—Gothzilla on himself.

Being an adult does suck, but I haven't fallen victim to the system, so it doesn't suck as bad as it could. Just remember MONEY IS WORTHLESS GREEN PAPER, CARS ARE JUST PILES OF ROLLING SCRAP, A HOUSE IS JUST A MEAL FOR TERMITES, A JOB IS A JUST NICE WAY OF SAYING SLAVERY, FAMILY IS JUST A FANCY WAY OF SAYING MORE MOUTHS TO FEED, AND LOVE IS AN STD. The American dream is a lie, don't believe a word of it. Study the teachings of Dr. Steel. You won't regret it.


—Gothzilla, trying to corrupt him some children.

I'm proud to be a dragon and not one of you fuckers


—Gothzilla, on his species.

you're as straight as a rainbow and as threatening as an Asian penis.


—Gothzilla, on you.

Ice cream sandwhiches are actually made from compressed cow patties and frozen bull semen.


—Gothzilla, on just how BATSHIT FUCKING INSANE he is.

The scholarship Gods are not going to be pleased.


—Gothzilla on his grades.

Tell that to Encyclopedia Dramatica.


—Gothzilla, on Rules 1 and 2.

SRSLY. I'm a faggot and I'm horny 24/7.


—Gothzilla, on why should watch your ass around him.

This was going to have 2 characters me and whats-his-face (ya know the metalhead fox that's a shitty artist, but is somehow more popular than me), but I spilled Dr.Pepper on it, and completely fucked the other half up (thank god)


—Gothzilla, being a living oxymoron.



—Gothzilla, being a sick fuck.



—Gothzilla's immediate response to everything.

Existence is futile.


—Gothzilla, on existence.

The 360's games are all exactly the same, and the Wii is just a fucking baby toy, the PS3 is the only real console of the bunch


—Gothzilla, on the PS3.

The Camwhore

A collection of particularly stupid and/or embarrassing photos of Gothzilla.

The "Dragon" IRL

While Gothzilla has created much drama OTI, he has created created more than his fair share of drama IRL. Most notably at Richland Collegiate High School. Though, he has started going to conventions, and is suing his own mother as well.

Richland Collegiate High School


SUED ME? SUED ME?! The only reason I haven't sued them for the mental trauma they put me through is because I can't afford a lawyer. I was perfectly sane before I entered that hellhole. For MONTHS I couldn't sleep. The only way I could sleep was by passing out due to lack of oxygen from laughing and crying at the same time for no reason at all. For weeks I would sleep walk and wake up MILES from my house. The mere MENTION of Richland give me nightmares. I hope you get AIDS and die.



What happens when you throw a batshit insane otherkin into a school full of talented, and gifted high school kids, run by a principal who has *GASP* RULES[email protected]!!?!?! You get a lame attempt by some goth kid whose mommy never loved him, at trying to go columbine on his school, USING A 3 INCH POCKET KNIFE INSTEAD OF A GUN!

Needless to say, his feeble attempt at murder-suicide was stopped very quickly, due to him lacking the proper equipment and sufficient tools, an he was quickly turned over to the proper authorities. One week later, he was released with a full, industrial-sized bottle of Paxil, an ankle monitor (pointless since he never leaves his house), and a certificate which says he is completely, irredeemably, criminally insane.


This all started because the principal of his school wouldn't let him dress how he wanted, because he wanted to look like a black metal transvestite. Which, in any sane person's eyes is a perfectly reasonable cause to throw the book at someone, but in Gothzilla's eyes it was because the school was run by GOTH-HATING, HOMOPHOBIC, NAZI-FASCIST CONFORMISTS!

So how does he go about fighting the system?

By wearing 20 times his weight in spikes, wearing baggy pants that kept sagging lower and lower, and wearing belly shirts that kept getting shorter and tighter, and, eventually, wearing no shirt at all.

He made everyone's life shit. He joined the robotics club, and spent all his time there taking everyone's picture 50 times with the flash on, fucking up whatever they were working on beyond repair, until they finally told him to GTFO because nobody likes him. If you had food, he would Jew. He was supposedly the treasurer of the D&D club, though he never showed up (not that it mattered, though, since the position of treasurer is pointless, because D&D nerds have no money, in addition to having no life). He was a member of the anime club, and spent the whole time drawing gay furry guro and/or bitching about how much all the anime sucked. Not to mention he failed all his classes because he spent the whole time either listening to Linkin Park or cussing out the Asian professors for their bad English.

His hobbies at the time included dressing like a fag, ranting about how everything was a conspiracy and how everyone was out to get him, not showering, stalking people, and smelling like a landfill covered with dog shit and dead homeless people.


The old media never got wind of what happened that Monday morning in that pathetic excuse for a community college, due to some persuasion by the principal, but the internets weren't so easily silenced, and Facebook exploded with that video, many lulz were gained at the expense of pseudo intellectual yuppies, and for one week, it was a trollercoaster of awesome, but like all good things, it eventually came to an end.


Last Thursday, Gothzilla announced that he was suing his own mother because her boyfriend, a homicidal ex-con, tried to pwn him IRL, resulting in Gothzilla doing something amazing: BREAKING A PAIR OF NUN-CHUCKS WITH HIS BARE FIST, WHIPPING A BADASS EX-CON WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER, DODGING 50 POUND BARBELLS BEING THROWN AT HIM, SMASHING A GLASS STOVE TOP, SAVING HIS HIGH SCORE ON TONY HAWKS UNDERGROUND 2, AND THEN MAKING A BREAK FOR IT BEFORE THE COPS SHOWED UP. At first glance this sounds like something that would make Chuck Norris look like Violent J after seeing a pelican, but in reality, it was more like kicking an autistic kid crying on the floor.

What really happened? Well, first of all, Griff, the "badass ex-con" is actually fat and dumb as a cucumber, not to mention he, as Gothzilla himself put it, "punches like a girl." Second, the nun-chucks were most likely cheap plastic, and Girlf most likely had no clue how to use them. Third, Gothzilla ran away, like a pussy. Fourth, the cops never came. Fifth, a cat got hurt in the process, and that's just not cool.

Even so, he's still filing a restraining order against his mom and suing her for custody of his little brother, and also her SUV. Though, this all begs the question: he's got 0 gold and is unable to finish a single quest, how is he going to support a Level 11 Star Wars fanboy? In fact how does he afford to live in a real 2-story house with real laminate flooring rather than his mother's trailer in a completely different city? Simple, it isn't his house. It belongs to his grandparents who let him have it until he graduates college. Why would they do something as stupid as giving a schizophrenic otherkin with bipolar disorder and a fetish for dragons ripping out their own guts their house? Elementary, my dear fucktard, they're loaded, have two houses, and want to keep the psychotic hellspawn their daughter produced inside and away from anyone sane. If Gothzilla wins his custody battle then they'll probably be paying for their daughter's other demonchild while Gothzilla raises him to be a batshit insane furry gurofag just like his big bro.

But hey, if K. C. Tsu-na grows up to be even half as much a lolcow as his older sibling, then we're all in for a treat.

There are three four videos on this and you need to watch them all to get the full experience...

Update: THIS JUST IN! Gothzilla traded his integrity AND his little brothers well-being for a shiny, new hatchet and a couple pitchers of iced tea. Nice one, big bro. However, knowing that Gothzilla is an hXc injun dragon, he probably just took the axe so he can go back later and scalp them, rather than beating them to death with a 9-iron, like he originally planned.


Yes, Gothzilla has recently started going to conventions, which may provide future IRL lulz (due to the fact that many of the people he's trolled go to those same conventions).

Anime Fest 2009

Nothing particularly lulzy here, except that he spent the whole time stealing shit. The proof (screencapped from the comments on Re: FOR THE FURRIES THAT ARE INTO YIFF):

Proof that Gothzilla went to Anime Fest and got himself some goggles.
Proof that aforementioned goggles are stolen.

AKON 2010

He spent the whole convention getting dunk, stumbling around, and running up to random people and screaming "YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!", so nothing exciting.

Oh, except that he trashed his friends' hotel room, then ran away, and left those Arab to pay the bill and explain why there was blood and cocaine ground into the carpet. Real nice.

Dream Job

Gothzilla is a faggot. This is a fact. He also hates stereotypes, but, lo and behold! Stereotype of stereotypes! HIS DREAM JOB IS TO BE A CLOTHING DESIGNER!

What qualifies him to be a clothing designer? Other than the fact that he's absolutely fabulous? Not a damn thing. However, he claims that all the clothes the furries in his drawings wear are all-original designs, and this qualifies him to be one.

Lets take a look at his designs...

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Speaking of jobs.....

Real Job

Gothzilla, much like Dragoneer, has claimed to have many different jobs and has never put forth any evidence to prove that he has ever worked any of them. He has claimed to be a computer repairman, a funeral comedian, an amateur clothing designer, a busboy, and a flea market clothing vendor. With the exception of the last two, Gothzilla isn't qualified to work any of these because he is uneducated, untalented, unfunny, and uncreative, but, seriously...

Gothzilla - Blech.png
That's why Gothzilla is a "self-employed" "domestic wealth re-distributor".

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