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Police.gif LOLsuit 2016 has Officialy Commenced in a Lame Attempt to Save His home Which Was Being Foreclosed on. As of 10-13-16 has Been Auctioned Off. George Filed for bankruptcy and did not save his house, he is currently squatting in THE BANKS HOUSE. Retard.

Do you have a fat fetish? I think you do. You like your women fat don't you?
Angry GG
Spinning Bird Kic.....uh
Notice George cant keep his fat greasy hands to himself
Technically there are more white people in the picture considering George weighs 5 times as much as the other 4 people in the picture combined!!!!!
Even his co-host Kevin trolls George.
How GG's comedy gold is made.
There's a public/cable access host here in Richmond, VA who calls himself Gorgeous George. He's a big fat son of a bitch with greasy hair, ill-fitting clothes and a heavy dose of self-delusion. And he also looks like L. Ron Hubbard amirite? He's sort of a local celebrity - just about everyone I know has had some sort of real-life encounter with him. He's been hosting his little call-in show for about the past 10 years, I think, although my friends and I only discovered it maybe 3-4 years ago. Anyway, needless to say, we had no choice but to prank-call him relentlessly. Unfortunately, he was only on maybe 12 weeks per year.. but we made those weeks count. During any given episode, we had at least half a dozen cellphones dialing in, the end result being that literally about 90% of the calls he received were us insulting him. - Dr. Quinn


This was the last moments of this innocent mans life right before George ate him

Gorgeous George

They give you the high five and all but then they backstab you. They backstab you in the back.


—Gorgeous George, gracing us with yet another elusive universal truth

Gorgeous George: Lookalike to one of America's greatest heroes.

George Alexander Yarid, aka Gorgeous George (born July 16, 1968), is 50 and still lived in a tri-level house with his mother (GG ate his mom) no one. It is a decent house in a decent neighborhood, but it's not the mansion George likes to say it is on TV. Alimony money pays for it and his mom must have been pretty tolerant to let her retard son live with her for nearly 40 years. Gorgeous George used to deliver food for a living. Now he drives a taxi (although no one else can fit in the van with him in it). Fun facts about GG:



—Gorgeous George

I am Wooooooooooooo, THE BABYMAKER


—Gorgeous George

One of the many truthful calls George has received
  • Although he rants against fat chicks, they seem to be the only type of girls who will show up on his show besides literal whores he paid.
  • He often claimed that his show was getting picked up by UPN while it existed. Not surprisingly, though, he's still on public access.
  • He often wears a t-shirt with his own picture on it.
  • He thinks he's God's gift to women. He also thinks he's an absolutely hilarious sketch-comedian.
  • A female Richmonder put up a personals ad on a local phone-based dating service. After a couple days, she received a cocky but friendly message in her inbox from George. The next day, another. A couple days after that, a less friendly, more aggressive message. And it went on and on for two weeks, each message getting more and more angry. "You're lucky I would even lower myself to talk to you, you stupid bitch!" and so on.
  • He is, in fact, not particularly gorgeous.
  • He is thought to be a bisexual gay.
  • He refuses to admit he's a greasy cunt wad.
  • He constantly trips on his own fat gut and bites his fat tongue.
  • In cockney rhyming slang, any person who exhibits these traits is referred to as a "cheddar" (Cheddar Gorge; Gorgeous George).
  • His constant hooting and repetition of verbal diarrhea in the form of swear words and predictable insults is most likely the result of Tourette's Syndrome and/or inbreeding.
  • He has spoken about the Church of Sollentolgy and Jehovennis Witness.
  • He fucked Rick Derris on a pool table and broke it.

But before you make your judgment about George, check out one of his hilarious skits.

Gorgeous George Plagiarizes The "Herlihy Boy" Skit

Here's a skit of GG ripping off the "Herlihy Boy" that was done on Saturday Night Live by Adam Sandler and Chris Farley (though [a different Adam Sandler/Chris Farley skit] would have suited him better.) Only to have GG ruin it by his so called "humor"

Thankfully a Goon felt they couldnt just stand back and allow for this "Tradgey" to happen without any consequences.So the goon decided to critque George on his plagiarism of the "Herlihy Boy" skit and rip him a new one. Just like GG rips the Trannies he fucks a new asshole.

Portrait of G.A.Y.

Some of The Calls

Gg DMCA.jpg
Censorship in any practa… in any, any, any verbiage, in any proximity of the word is is a blatant crime.



—Gorgeous George, articulate as usual

Gorgeous George is known for DMCAing videos faster than you can upload them

What is causing all this ?


—Gorgeous George

GG Sux fever has spread worldwide and is on every video sharing site through out the world. Recently his videos were uploaded to tudou.com which is based in Taiwan. If you know anything about Taiwan, being part of China means a blatant disregard for copyright laws. Their motto in English roughly translates into “Censorship in any practa… in any, any, any verbiage, in any proximity of the word is is a blatant crime.” Which is where GG got his expression from. Also this is the longest running GG channel on the netz (that hasn't been false flagged) and with each day that goes by GG's butthurt deepens. XD

Old uploads

GG on tudou arranged by most views

GG on tudou newest videos

Thanks to due diligence of teh trolls most of the calls have been brought back to Youtube. This will definitely cause GG to rage immensely.

Gorgeous George Show



—Gorgeous George

Jehovennis Witness


—Gorgeous George

When in Gorgeous George country, it is well advised to keep on your toes (note that this is a wax mannequin of Jodie Foster).
This totally describes George's looks.
George with one of the many hookers with STD's he has brought on his show. Notice the picture captures him for the fat pig he is.

The Gorgeous George Show is the media equivalent of AIDS crossed with ebola. The show itself is about as comedic as watching your dog die of cancer, and then engaging in unprotected penetrative anal sex with putrid porcupine roadkill with a maggot festering case of hemorrhoids (but at least that would smell better). George and his inbred lap dog, Kevin, both have severe speech impediments. The production value makes the average Christmas morning home movie look like Werner Herzog by comparison. The jokes themselves are only funny if you've never been allowed to leave your house in your whole life, and have therefore never been introduced the concept of humour until just seconds prior to seeing it. The likely result of that, would be for you to immediately develop a phobia of anything calling itself comedy or humour for the rest of your sad life. In many respects, the show provides an archetypal example of why cable access television is a gigantic failure, while simultaneously contributing the sole reason to preserve it. In any given episode, you can expect to be treated to any one or more of the following EnGorgeous George trademarks:

  • GG yelping like he's being penetrated in the ass with cactus skin condoms.
  • His retarded sidekick, Dogfucker Jones, who looks like Squeak from the Academy Award winning film, Baseketball. Apparently he's not allowed to speak much. Doing so causes small children in Africa to catch syphilis.
  • Some random black guy who looks rightfully ashamed to be in the studio.
  • Some random Asian martial arts instructor who immediately gives up martial arts for life after a karate demonstration by George, also leaving said Asian with life long night terrors.
  • Fat chicks miming Britney Spears. This has negative sexual arousal value (DErections).
  • Random female guests (almost exclusively drug addicts or prostitutes or both) whose only purpose is to sit and laugh nervously at GG's jokes while he stares at their tits.
  • The crappy introduction to his show.
  • "Gorgeous George's Donkey Penetration Extravaganza".
  • GG attempting to do karate and collapsing under his own fat.
  • GG being fat.
  • A strange white discharge lodged in his hair.
  • GG drinking his own urine and fellating a whole circus, while assorted disabled 10 year old boys rub his tank ass down in Crisco.
  • GG knowing that 99.9% of his calls are insults and yet he still takes calls.
  • George beating Kaye Lazar for talking.
  • Everyone else on the show laughing at GG and him too dense to realize it.
  • You know what? Fuck this- Gorgeous George is just a fucking mess, full stop. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares also into you. Watching a segment that does not feature him being insulted via phone repeatedly, has no point. You will just come away feeling like you've been hit by a Mack truck of pure fucking idiocy (or a pasty moist object of equivalent weight). I remember sitting down to watch it one night; I was left with this feeling I shall never be able to describe. It's worse than despairing disappointment. It is the feeling of your soul slipping away through your pores. Gorgeous George is that stray dog at the pound. You know which one. That 13 year old, mangy, parasite-infested, cobbled together mutt found chained to a post on I-80. Instead of being lovable and friendly though, it's meaner than UTI piss and just sits there all day and pisses and shits itself while barking ferociously at anything that comes near it. For the love of Jesus Fucking Christ on a Stick, I hope nothing good comes of this guy, ever, or that his sphere of influence ever expands outside of a crowd capable of grasping irony.
  • Every episode ends with a montage of GG taking an 18 inch dildo from multiple angles. This montage goes on for 25 minutes (metaphorically speaking).

The Prank Calls

As time went on and the prank calls continued and developed into a proud Richmond pastime. As more people jumped on the GG insult train, it gained terminal velocity and turned into an unstoppable lolz-train bound for dramatic trainwreck. There were several GG prank call clips released to record the lolz for those who do not have Richmond public access. These clips became immensely popular on the SA forums.

According to George's website, "These so-called internet geeks obviously have too much time on their hands. Most of them are college drop-outs or science fiction nerd computer game Star Wars goons who are all sons of bitches!!!"

Somehow Gorgeous George found out that his show was being distributed on the internet without his consent. This led to him going on an insane rant on his show about how he was going to sue everyone involved for copyright infringement, RIAA style. Thankfully GG never figured out how to make a DMCA request! Disregard that, GG sux whale sized dicks.

During this episode George stopped taking phone calls, but in the next episode he states that the public access administrators (who hate the fat cunt just as much as we do) told him that he had to take calls, and the pranks immediately resumed.

Here are some examples of the memorable calls people have made:

Pranksters Quotes










[toilet flush]



—Most frenquent prank done on the show

Hey George, I've got a relationship question for ya. My girlfriend a couple weeks ago, she started playing hard to get. And recently she just stopped responding to any of my calls. And I was wondering, did you eat her?






You live with your mom



Hey, take a bath you fat pig!



I just wanted to say happy birthday to ya, and I also wanted to say that you're very fat



I'm gonna miss your bloated ass (he was going off the air for 2 weeks)



George. Hiya Shithead.



Yeah I want to talk about gas bills man, they really screw me over you fat fu--



Is tonight your last show? If not, you're gay.



I got a story about a fraud, a bad experience I had at a store. You see, I was payin your mom for sex--



Uhh, the email address earlier, was that fat pig @--



Who nutted in your hair?



Fat Pig



Greasy pig






I have this girlfriend... and she hocked a ring I gave her for meth



Gorgeous George battles Youtube

When George False Falgs videos, he likes to get in to as much of a comfortable position as possible
Another Position GG likes to be in when flagging videos

YouTube Video Link

From time to time, George will create multiple sockpuppet accounts and argue with other Youtube users on this video. Oh, the irony...

Here's a list of usernames he has used:

  1. GGonDVD
  2. GGshowrules (he actually got this account back. So he now uses "ggshowrules" and "ggshowrules2"
  3. GGstrikesback
  4. gorgeousgeorgestrike
  5. Platinumdracula
  6. GGshowrules2 (main YouTube account. Say something witty, especially about Sue, then prepare for a witty retort and expect to get blocked.)
  7. GorgeousGeorge01
  8. Sonofatwix
  9. ReddFoxxReturns
  10. fishpotpie
  11. ReddFoxx888
  14. marley101999
  15. sandylovelace69
  16. Yanksyankshissausage
  17. MrSpamIAm
  18. Nuclearfurnature
  19. poop121
  20. dtheshank
  21. ggrespectnow
  22. gorgeousgeorgeshow
  23. ggandklazar
  24. TheMaverick
  25. NotGorgeousGeorge
  26. GGthaMAN
  27. GGSmexy
  28. TheKnobnose
  29. GorgeousGeorgeonDVD
  30. IngloriusBastard11
  31. kelly2086
  32. GeorgeAlexanderYarid

There are many more that are unaccounted for as well!

George now plans on suing Youtube!

"Looks like YOUTUBE IS GOING TO BE SUED. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED." - ggshowrules Epic LULZ will definitely ensue!

link to the page where George writes about being butthurt and confirms he plans on suing youtube

Then, in a shocking turn of events GGonDVD (the feral hog's headquarters) was taken down completely, most likely for disgusting and VILE content of George DANCING WITH A HOOKER!

George spouted some butthurt threats that were nothing the goons hadn't encountered from the fag before, this time it was more like a death keel, a squealing pig refusing to be put down.

July 20, 2010 George made a new account 'GorgeousGeorgeonDVD' reuploading some of his old videos that had got taken down on his GGonDVD account for ToS. Before you know it, this account will also get banned as well for ToS.

The Gorgeous OST's

Once thought to be lost under GG's left moob all three Gorgeous Sound tracks have been found.

"Gorgeous George - Flists In teh Mouth"

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149616 |width=100% }}

"Gorgeous George - Blue Bonnie Flag"

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149635 |width=100% }}

Put Cock Here

This is GG's favorite spot at the Fielden's gloryhole.

This is the official GG OST containing almost all the music that has been featured on his show as well some songs that have been used to troll him. Some of the songs included are the cheesy dance songs he used to dance with those prostitutes there are also bonus tracks including his theme song as well as some GG remixes.

Put Cock Here

The Day That Hometown Buffet Closed

This is the 20th buffet GG made go bankrupt today.

All songs on this album are related to GG's obesity. Not only can he pounce you with one but he can crush you under the weigh of his billion tons of that bacon grease body of his.

The Day That Hometown Buffet Closed

Inside The Closet With GG

Magic Matt before GG threw him out of the closet for back stabbing him in the back

This album centers around GG's G.A.Y.ness. Remember folks just because you were caught at a gay club sucking dick at a gloryhole that doesn't make you gay. After all it's completely straight if you want to fuck a chick with a dick, just no dudes. No G.A.Y. stuff for George on craigslist.

Inside The Closet With GG

A shit tastic night

After a long night of Nacho mamas,rubbing dongs,and working the glory hole at fieldens

All the songs on this album tell stories of his weight,lack of hygiene,and questionable sexuality. It has been said that with one giant shit tastic fart that that the passage of revelations would come to life and destroy all man kind with his ungodly presence.

A shit tastic night BALEETED!

Cab Service Ink

George getting tired of paying the man to drive around started his own taxi service. Showing off his broad intelligence and creativity called it Cab Service Ink. This "INKorporation" is not registered with the state of Virginia probably due to the fact that he has all his money is currently tied up in lolsuits. To add even further to the lulz the trolls posted George's driving/criminal record to the page. :D

Cab Services Ink on Google +

GG Gets Pwned With His Own Taxi Service

Texts from during and after the prank call.

On 09-26-14, a prank was played on George that he didn't see cumming (probably because the rolls of fat on his eyes were so heavy they glued them shut). A prank caller tried to lure George into picking him at the airport in Richmond. However, George was in a good mood and told him how to go where he wanted for free by using a taxi shuttle. The pranker called him again later and told him to pick him up at a notorious G.A.Y. bar (a place George admitted he was quite familiar with). So the pranker was going to make him wait there an hour after the pick up time that was arranged, however, he arrived 15 minutes early and texted him whining and bitching non-stop that he was there already. The guy finally broke it to George that he was being pwned and this happened.

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149634 |width=100%



Of course George being the delusional twat that he is claimed that he won the call. The pranker broke it to George later that he was a part of a live radio show which made him ragegasm, bringing lulz to the masses.

George Gets Fired From Diamond Taxi Co.

Some prankers called up GG's former place of work and learned that he got fired after receiving multiple complaints from customers and co-workers. Even his boss thought he was a despicable piece of shit saying, "If you see him, kick his ass for me."

George Has a Gorgeous Ulcer

Back on February 7th GG bawed to a troll that he had an ulcer and was hospitalized for a week. It is widely believed that said ulcer was caused by George stressing out that everyone was reuploading his clippages and winning their Youtube appeals against his false flaggings. It is also believed he got it by not anyone believing his empty threats he would send to people. e.g. this screencap where George claims he has an lawyer helping him when he is too poor to even afford Top Ramen.

Gorgeous George Has an Ulcer.png

The Massive GG Bawfest of February 2016

Thanks to George false flagging videos non-stop, he has amassed a new brigade of trolls. George being too dumb to ignore said trolls spent countless hours digging up shit on Facebook that no one cares about. In 24 hours, he uploaded five videos, providing a troll feast. The lulziest part of his tirade is when George claims these trolls have no lives and do nothing but upload videos when George does the exact same thing. The other funny thing is George is convinced after all these years that he has fans that care about what he says when the truth is only trolls watch it for the lulz.

Gorgeous George Sux The Movie

In February The GG Sux Movie was made - an fitting response to GG's non-stop flaggings. Since George was routinely losing his claims on youtube thanks to Fair-Use, an idea was conceived for George's ultimate butthurt and that was to reupload all the sux videos as a single handy video. Like clockwork, he did his usual routine and lost hence the cause for the previous set of butthurt tirade videos mentioned above. To deepen his suffering, another version was made called "The Extended Gut". Thanks to the appeal it is the first time it has been permanently on youtube since 2009.

Gorgeous George Sux The Movie -The Sequel- (No Sex, Just Lies And Video Clippages)

To make George rage even more, a sequel was made which focused on his show before the interwebz made him infamous. There are many highlights including George interviewing "Dirt Woman," a hideous trannie that makes Chris Chan look like a 10. You can see that George has the biggest shit eating grin while flirting with Shamoo (while furiously fapping under the desk). At one point, George claims to be reading fan mail which was clearly a stack of unpaid bills and collections letters. Before George was raging against individual trolls, he was bawing about feminists & rednecks showing that George was butthurt long before Something Awful phone mobbed him.

One of the highlights is the legendary Sue with her addiction to meth and Marlboros making an appearance. She confesses to the fact that the only reason she was an exotic dancer was for the money. So not only did George have the hots for a gold digging meth whore, but one that was married to some biker bozo to boot. This is the same woman George proposed to and thought she actually loved him. George deserves to get twenty rings pawned for meth for being such a retard alone.

There are also the prank calls and even before SA he would get these a lot (mostly from niggers). George's comebacks even back then made no sense and was a precursor of lulzy things to come.

Gorgeous George Sux The Movie III (GG's 20th Season)

This centers around GG's 20th anniversary where he starts bitching about dem queers getting married followed by talking about some of the trolls pranking him while he was driving his taxi. One of the most bizarre things that GG talks about in this movie is his obsession with breast milk. George admits he was a bottle fed baby (probably because his Mom's udders dried up upon sight of the fuglyness she spawned). In the second episode he talks about this for at least 20 minutes asking both Kevin and Bo what breast milk tastes like and even ponders what dog breast milk tastes like. Talk about desperate. During one episode the whole crew trolls GG over his fanboyism with the Cowboys. In a following episode he baws and claims that they are America's team. He then ends it with his version of The Christmas Carol which may only be charitably described as cringe worthy.

Gorgeous George Sux The Movie IV (The Death of Talk Radio)

Do you love the ass kissing of both Bill & Hillary Clinton? Well, George gets plenty of Bill's man goo all over his black dress.

Also George does a special radio show on his birthday and has a special guest calls in who happens to be a prank caller who he allowed to be on the air for 30 minutes total which is lulzy considering he said nigger multiple times (It is a black run station, btw) as well as other things that normally get a pranker off the air faster than a guest on CNN talking wikileaks . As a result of that show, he got his ass kicked off the air for good.

George is Getting Pwned By Youtube's Content ID

Gorgeous George Getting Pwned By Youtube's Content ID.png

In what can be described as sheer irony many of the videos that are on GG's channel have been permanently muted due to multiple content ID violations.

George, being too much of a retard to edit out said copyright music, instead reuploaded the same episodes hoping Youtube would be as stupid as he was not to notice. Needless to say, it was an epic fail as usual. It is believed that because of this that is why he hasn't uploaded his episodes from 2015.

Speaking of George being lazy and inept: he tried editing the videos on Youtube and all that happens is after the music plays the rest of the show is muted. GENIUS!

George's Desperation For Fame

For the longest time George has made many claims from a pilot he was suppose to do for UPN to the possibility of being on Young & The Restless. However it was not known until recently how George was going to achieve this.

George's plan to get famous was not doing an audition or going to casting calls like normal people. Instead George begged to a b-list celebrity on Facebook. Judith Chapman is a famous Soap Star and George was gushing like a school girl in front of her exclaiming that he loves Young & The Restless a show that is only watched by elderly women who are on life support and flamers that would put Liberace to shame. I'll let you guess as to what category George falls under.

What makes this even more hilarious is George was expecting a response as if Judy would have said, "Sure, let me get a nobody like yourself who has no experience your big break (even though I'm not a director or producer). As a matter of fact we'll give you a lead and pay you a billion dollars an episode and give you a trillion dollar sign-on bonus."

Gorgeous George Beggging Nobody For Fame.jpg

George Cyber Stalking The Ladies

Also recently unearthed was a bunch of messages GG sent to a girl which could be best described as Chris Chanesque on Facebook. It's starts off innocently enough where George asks a lady if she wants a "candle lite" dinner. Not getting the response he went on her wall a few months later asking he to visit Richmond in a Teddy. George then Loses his shit and asks her when are we going to make babies together. Smooth George!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gorgeous "Mystery Man" George

Another thing that was just found was a rare Blog Talk Radio show he did with fellow butt buddy Brenda Bradshaw. In said show George is referred to as "Mystery Man" (probably because they were afraid of GG getting recognized then phone mobbed).

Like GG's Brenda's Blog Talk show is an abortion (and equally as talented as George). For example during musical breaks you can hear George & Brenda talking in the background. Brenda gushes over George claiming he is super funny and a great impressionist.

At one point a caller comes and Brenda asks the caller what they thought of George's humor and said he wasn't funny. LOL!

Link to the dog shit show

GG The "Horrendous Troll"

This is not the first time for George making a "troll" youtube account in an attempt to cover up his rage and butthurt. A few years back George made the Ray Stretch Eppleman account in a lame attempt to get revenge. Like with Ray, George failed so hard with the Horrendous Troll account he deleted it after one comment. Probably due to the fact that he gives himself away with his trademark typos & baw.

In addition to that he shows what a noob troll he is as he breaks the most basic rules including 1) referring to himself as a troll (something that 99.9% of trolls don't do). 2) Using a troll avatar. Even when being ironic is something trolls don't do. 3) Vowing revenge. Ye who baws first loses. Amongst many simple mistakes George makes because he is mad.

Gorgeous George The Horrendous Troll.jpg

George DID NOT Die

In an attempt to troll GG out of his pig pen people started to claim that GG was dead. Was George smart enough to ignore this bullshit? FUCK NO! He didn't make just one but two videos about it.

In said videos George claims that he was too busy to make videos (yet he made two responses) says that the people who made said videos claiming he was dead were pathetic human beings. In addition to he usual rage bitch responses he claims that one of the goons know people on Youtube because he was able to bypass his false flaggings. George still likes to pretend to this very day that Fair-use doesn't exist. George then plays arm chair psychologist by diagnosing trolls which is hilarious considering how fucked in the head George is.

In the second video George tried to deny that he works as a mall cop at night even though in a video with piss4400 he admitted he was. He then tried to criticize one of the goons claiming he has tits, a low cut dress and a big chin. Also lulzy since George has on a low cut blouse, has moobs and a fat chin.

George Gets Pranked on His Precious Birthday Radio Show

Since George thinks he's Justin Beiber famous which is the furthest thing from the truth (although they are definitely both faggots) had his annual birthday show. One of the goons figured that out and called in multiple times and pranked him for more than 30 minutes by doing stuff like playing Nigger Nigger Nigger, Calling George a fat pig and other lulzy shit. The reason George kept him on so long was because he kept repeating old shit he heard from Matt Wilson which George should know by now is BS. It starts 48:18.

The station manager heard the show who happened to be a nigger and permabanned GG after he heard the shit GG said and was shocked at the stuff GG was allowing the prank caller to say. Also according to him there were many complaints about the show...mostly that it sucked. So now George is sans radio and public access show.

George Loses His Precious Mansion

Check out all that water damage on the ceiling and the mold.
You know what? I may be losing my house but at least I pay the bills.


—George not realizing the irony of his derpy statement.

For years now George has been fighting a losing battle with his mortgage because that's so hard to do with GG's six-income-figure (See Gorgeous George is losing his "MANSION" for moar info on he how almost lost it in 2010.)

With the piling bills the bank told him to GTFO in early October and auctioned his house off on the 13th.

You would think since this was GG's pride & joy and childhood home he'd have taken great care of it and you'd be fucking wrong. According to foreclosure.com GG's home was valued at only $186,150 (and two years ago it was assessed at around $250,000) which is the cheapest house currently in the neighborhood and that's because of the way he took care of it. If you have seen his videos in the past then you are familiar with how he leaves garbage on the ground and doesn't clean shit and from the look of the recent tirade videos he did the decor looks like it hasn't been updated since the '70s and it has a ton of water damage & mold. The house need to burn NAO! The funny thing is GG claims he went to the auction to try to buy it back which I'm sure the bank would totally allow him to do.

Of course the trolls found this information and when GG noticed he wasn't going to take it lying down (because this has worked so well for George in the past) and made 3 videos with the usual lulzy death threats.

Gorgeous George Files For Bankruptcy

Signed by Geoye Yanil
If you're a troll, lose this number. If you're a bill collector definitely lose this number.


—Gorgeous George's recent voicemail.

This is my childhood home. I plan to save it by any means necessary.


—Gorgeous George's recent quote from his bankruptcy document.

On October 13, 2016 (The same day GG got his home auctioned off) George thought this was the best day to file for bankruptcy even though he should have done it years ago if we go by the chicken scribble he has written down. Here are the lulzy facts that we have so far.

  • George currently has around $60,000 in debt (and before he lost his house it was close to $250k) which mostly comes from his second mortgage, loans from places that rape you (e.g. Fast Loans) and bills like Comcast & Verizon. His outstanding bill to Comcast might be one of the reasons he's not allowed to do his public access show right now.
  • According to George his show is worth exactly $0.
  • There are multiple math mistakes. For examples when he multiplied 1 X's 0 he thought the answer was 1.
  • Under the list of things he wants exempt is his Gym & internet bill.
  • Even though he lost his house that day he listed it under things he still owns even though the bank already foreclosed on it.
  • The reason George owes so much money is it appeared he took out loans to pay for the previous loans. Always a genius idea.
  • He also revealed the name of his taxi company which is Ridem Cowboy which sounds totally hetral-setual and not G.A.Y. also in his huge fleet of two cars one of them needs repairs and George is trying to write it off on the exempt side.
  • Also George disclosed that there is damage to the house which considering it looks like it belongs on an episode of Hoarders is no shocker.

GG's bankruptcy PDF

Will Markland vs Gorgeous George

In a previous video during the whole "George is dead prank" George called out two people in a video, (one of them being Will Markland) Daring them to show their face on YouTube and said he didn't have the balls to do so, and that if he did, he would pay him $1,000. Well Will Markland accepted the challenge as you can see here


Afterwards, George went quiet like the coward that he truly is and never paid up the $1,000 he owed Will. So Will decided to take it upon himself and call George for himself and ask why he hasn't paid him $1,000. During the call you will also learn that George owes thousands of dollars to random hookers in Richmond, admits that he still hasn't cleaned his fingernails, confirms his bankruptcy, contradicts himself, and overall projects his faggotry once again onto others.


LOLsuit 2017

After incessant and constant non-stop bitching and whining, the judge decided to hear George's case. George being the delusional arrogant asshole he is thinks he will get a big payday from YouTube in excess of $100 million (which is how much he is actually seeking for in "damages") because they allowed Shon Brennan and Will Markland to upload his precious "clippages" to YouTube. (Regarding Will Markland, there's another great bit of irony. George stole one of his videos and uploaded it to YouTube critiquing it. Which is what George bitches about constantly being allegedly done to him. Which again explains George not understanding the concept of Fair-Use.) What's funnier is that the lawyer representing YouTube has outstanding credentials, ranking 1st in her graduating class at Georgetown Law School in Copyright. To go with that she also has the following accolades J.D., George Mason University School of Law

   Cum Laude; Associate Editor, Civil Rights Law Journal
   B.S., Biology, Georgetown University
   Double concentration in neuroscience and biochemistry, molecular & cellular biology; double minor in psychology and inter-arts

Needless to say, George being the arrogant and delusional prick that he is, is already declaring victory and did so in a recent video on April 12, 2017. Talking about how he is going to get his "payola" while he "beats his chest" (all the while talking about current events that he has no idea that he is talking about. In one of the topics he discusses the story of the Dr. that was beaten off the airplane and George incorrectly blamed Delta airlines when it was actually United airlines). George thinks he truly has a slam dunk case and will finally obtain his "six income figure" he has so boastfully claimed he has had for many years.

Note: At the beginning of the video, George plays Queens "We Are The Champions". Another bit of irony that is the Gorgeous George saga is that he is using third party material once again (which btw George has admitted to profiting off of 3rd party material)

2018 The Death of George (Again)

The case has still not been heard, George hired a homosexual convicted of crimes against nature to assist him with his legal documents... This did not end Well, The Goons got hold of George's legal help and turned him into a Goon who ended up trolling GG along with the Goons. Marty McFly ended up interviewing GG's legal help who spilled the beans on the state of "The Banks House" and how George shits in buckets!

George tried to "change the torts" in his court case to defamation and ended up getting that part of his case thrown out, GG got butt hurt and then went on TV and accused the Judge of taking bribes

Will Markland has filed motion after motion attacking GG, including Motions to declare George a vexatious litigant and motions for discovery of his Bank Statements. None of this has gone down well with GG and he has filed numerous motions "TO STRIKE DOWN" any of the defendants pleadings because they show GG to be a moron. George has even gone as far as lying about his legal help under penalty of perjury.

George has made a small selection of mini tirade videos already, As you can see his anger increases in each one.

George got caught by a private investigator cruising the craigs list personals

George goes back to being a courier, Through Marty McFly and the Goons they managed to discover that George has gone back to working as a courier, in a bawfest recorded call GG bitches about only earning $218 a week and how destitute he is. GG has gone has far as selling off TV's that belong to other people for $100 as he can't afford anything.

For the latest join the facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/391807527905617/ - Where constant updates are posted

YouTubers Weigh In On George's LOLsuit

Word has gotten around the YouTube community of Gorgeous George's LOLsuit. Some big time YouTubers such as Phil DeFranco, Leon Lush, and Bunty King, just to name a few, have expressed their concerns about George filing the frivolous LOLsuits. Ranging from the fact George can't take legitimate criticism, to him not understanding the concept of Fair-Use, they all bring their own viewpoints to the table explaining why and how George is doomed and destined to lose his LOLsuit


George the Sexual Predator

As of the 25th of April 2018, it has been revealed that George is not only an obese failure, tranny lover and all round retard... but an alleged sexual predator as well. Back in 2017 he invited a troubled woman known as "Jaime" to stay with him under the pretence of helping overcome her drug addiction. Instead, George abused that position of trust, apparently boasting that he had simply used her for sex.

Jamie later died from an overdose, after months of George stalking and harassing her for leaving both him and his filthy house.

The Remains of George's House After His Eviction

After being kicked out finally by the bank in late 2018, George was forced to pack his shit (not the first time he had to do that) and leave his home. What was left behind was utter filth and disgust as George never took care of the place as it looked like dead bodies and rotten corpses had been laying around his house for multiple decades. The floors have black stains all over and George never updated the house. It literally looks like a place for a crime scene (and considering reports of George raping Jamie Whalen, it comes to no surprise). In the video he also has shit in his medicine cabinet dating back to the 1970's, more proof that George didn't keep up and take care of his dear and precious child hood home. Im serious, that house looks like it needs to be burnt to the ground and covered in holy water. See for yourself, but be warned, it is not for people with weak stomachs.

The Crologies of GG

We see the GG in his natural habitat ready to pounce on his target with one flist and perhaps a double dildo.












Allies of teh Fat

rovest and Matt at a Team GG meeting

Axis of Teh Fat

List of LOLsuits

Gorgeous George and His TV Show -Documentary-

Gorgeous George AKA George al Habib Osaddam Yarab

Gorgeous George al Habib.jpg

New details have come out concerning GG's (other) hidden life, thanks to the former NSA analyst turned whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden had files that revealed that it was Gorgeous George or "George al Habib Osaddam Yarab" not Osama Bin Laden, who was behind the 9/11 attacks. Yarab, who has ties to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, started another terrorist organization in Richmond Virginia. Yarab was able to gain entry to the United States with fraudulent papers (similar to the ones he used in his frivolous LOLsuits) and funded the organization from a gloryhole location in Richmond called "Fieldens". Yarab dubbed the terrorist organization he created in Richmond as "Trannies In Training" otherwise known as "T.I.T". Snowden was able to convince then "T.I.T" member Matthew Tatum aka "Magic Matt" (Who was Yarab's top recruiter in finding new trannies to train) to comply with him and revealed that Yarab was also behind the Boston Marathon Bombings. Magic Matt had mentioned Yarab once stated that he could "run a marathon if he wanted to", but when he found out the marathon was 26.2 miles, and not the " 2 miles" that he claims he can do, Yarab sent out "T.I.T" members Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased)Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to set off bombs to distract everyone and make it "appear" as if he finished the race when he crossed the line. In actuality, Yarab drove his Diamond Taxi Cab 500 yards from the finish line. Once there, Yarab gave the Tsarnaev's brothers the order to set off the explosions. Once they went off, Yarab, breathing heavily, staggered across the finish line letting out a big "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

When Yarab found out that Magic Matt "backstabbed him in the back" He dismissed him of all of his T.I.T Duties and in the process pounced him with one flist. Before Magic Matt's demise, he had also revealed that Yarab is holding Warren Weinstein hostage in one of the stalls at Fieldens to perform sexual acts on his tranny clients to help him maintain his yearly "six income figure". It is rumored that Yarab has gone into hiding, taking Weinstein with him to continue operating his gloryhole business and maintain his tranny clientele. Speculation has it that they are hiding out in Yarab's favorite eatery, "Nacho Mamas"

G.A.Y.'s Fantasies

GG is never far from the KFC bucket when fucking his hos

G.A.Y.'s secret entries into his diary entitled "G.A.Y. Tales" the following are dreams and fantasies of G.A.Y.'s

"My idea of paradise is being in the candy garden from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Where I would run around the big garden, eating chocolate and beating off, and then when Charlie Bucket strolled through the garden, I would run out and expose myself, causing Charlie's grandpa to have a heart attack. Then I would say hi to the tranny oompa loompas, stick some snozberries up my ass, and then get bored of candy and head off to nacho mamas, harrassing a few young women on my way out."

"Plenty of times I have imagined my father gassing dogs to death by shoving their heads up my mom's (Loosey's) ass and then feeding her baked beans. I then see myself masturbating furiously while watching this"

Reverend Walt Smith & George Yarid separated at birth?

Like GG Reverend Walt Smith uses his own semen to color his hair.

When you think about the chances that anyone that looks like GG having another public access show that sucks as much as his you'd probably have a better chance of being the head stud of the playboy mansion. The similarities don't stop there. Reverend Walt Smith had a co-host (the late Reverend Billy Locklear) who is as creepy and as much of an attention whore as Kevin. They also get the exact kind of prank calls where Walt gets called fat. Like GG Reverend Walt has weak comebacks and is as equally slow witted as George.

Random videos about GG

GG's life story as narrated by Tom Brokaw

Brandon Hardesty mocking GG. Once considered his archenemy, GG & Brandon are now BFFs

Second vd Bradon made about GG. Currently Bradon is gobbing GG's cone :D

Jan Terri is GG's MUH MUH. That's where he gets his talent from

RCAN Studios

GG wished being a "False Flaggot" was that cool


Gg dreams.jpg


GG's multimillion dollar mansion made with his six-income-figure.
Thanks for Doxing yourself GG :D

George Alexander Yarid

1307 Stoneycreek Drive

Richmond, VA 23238

July 16, 1968

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

His phone number isn't available for two reasons.

  • 1) He keeps changing it anytime when he gets pranked.
  • 2) No one wants to reach in the sweaty buttcrack of that beast for his cell phone after he's driven in his take-out-taxi all day.

Fuck it a number has been found 804-840-4238

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=204149508 |width=100%

"Gorgeous George "Lost" His Phone Number"


The Gorgeous Gallery

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
GG's Tire neck Gallery
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gorgeous George Torrent 2014

Since George keeps on bawing to Mommy Youtube Serious Measures had to be instituted. This torrent has virtually every video that he has false flagged off teh interwebz. Also it's 22 GB (I didn't know they stacked shit that high). All the videos you need to troll him are right here which is helpful if you are a lazy bastard. So download it nao faggot.

Gorgeous George 2014 Torrent

See Also

George is a proud member of "Bullying and those who suffer from it" on Facebook

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