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Japanese gooks, an entire race of child molesters.
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Turning niggers into Asians? Double Nigger.

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A Gook is a derogatory term for any native yellowman of Southeast Asia or Korea. Gooks are best known for using Human Wave tactics in warfare, and owning restaurants serving the best "Hot Dog" in town. They differ from Chinks, as chinks are Chinamen.
There are 3 main species of Gook:

  • Northern Yellow (North Vietnamese or North Korean): Looks Chinese basically. Hates Americans (i.e. Vietcong).
  • Southern Brown: Dog-eating South Koreans or Southern Vietnamese Paddie Farmers. Also are shitty fighters (See ARVN). Will be routed easily in battle and immediately call for American support.
  • American Brown (AKA Boat People): West Coast Refugee families. Have 10+ Wannabe-Gangbanger Kids and drive a Toyota Previa.
Clint Eastwood has been observed pwning gooks of all subspecies.

Learn to Gook

Northern Gook is a complex language consisting of using 100 ching-chong moonspeak syllables to make 1 sentence, while the written language involves many circles and lines such as these:

  • 하얀 악마
  • 내가 당신을 죽일거야
  • 나 너무 흥분돼

Alternatively, Southern Gook takes the form of malign assbabble with squigglies above the letters:

  • tôi rất đánh thức
  • trắng uy hiếp
  • con sóng chiến thuật


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