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Good spelling is a concept that all 16 year old girls and 13 year old boys do not understand at all.

What qualifies as Gud Speeling on teh intarwebs?

Basically anything that involves a combination of letters that could be vaguely thought of as a word or sentence, eg:

Real examples of shitty English on the Internets

  • "OMGD!! im sO Soriie!! Ma sisdah waz awn Ma Account nd decided tew tawk bowt Jayde!! Geezzz.. i dnt knoe whea she getz dis ae.. Weo Wahz Ub?? Dis Is LATCHMI bi tha waez.. Weo Laydaz nd God bLeshh" - Some Bebo page.
  • Any Encyclopedia Dramatica article
  • Hey gaiz, i thot i wewld tel Jeremy thet i luve yew!! yew aer meh best frend and i hope u neva leeve my haert!

Real examples of good English on teh intarwebs

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