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Perhaps you were looking for Gooby pls, see Uncle Dolan
The gooby face was invented in 2002 by some wanton who stole an msn emoticon and transformed it so that you can use it. It's mostly seen on VampireFreaks to represent gofik emo kid's malconcealed mirth. The gooby is not to be confused with the fuzzy weird looking bear

Contrary to popular belief, Jet, the midget webmaster from VF was not the creator of this silly subterfuge. In fact, he has stolen dozens of facelings off sites such as deviant art, and lolcats.

Cats often use the gooby after having done some grammatically incorrect lolaction, thus giving the gooby a rather cattish visage. Nonetheless, hoomans use it most often. Especially those who write more incoherently than the poor icanhazcheeseburger cats.

In Australian philosophy, the gooby is a form of thought, and realization of our existence. Through the gooby do we truly reach self actualization and realization that we as a society have wasted our lives on the internetz, in the name of lulz. Nonetheless, all Australians use the gooby when talking on internet, okay mate? okay.

Germans believe the gooby to be God's face on the internet, and pray to him by chatting and flashing people on cam. Suck on that Nietzche.

To VampireFreaks users, it is the face all underage kids see when Jet puts on one of his condoms seeing as it is the print on the tip of them. Thinking it is a happy lollipop the children then flock to his penis and suck on it. With this failed subterfuge, Jet is therefore ruled by the sucking children, rather than just enjoying himself. Pedobear approves of this, and does hope to ensue drama.



  • A strange or awkward appearance.
  • A silly and lovable person.
  • The male reproductive gland, aka the penis
  • Your Scientologist mother fucking a hippo.

Proper Usage

To express joy at the sight of n00dz or when you're friend catches their sadomasochist parents playing gender reversals in the backyard of their trailer park, before being brutally ass raped by a flashlight.

The Gooby and Shakespeare

Though the gooby was created physically on the internetz, various scholars have found a link between Shakespeare and the gooby face. It has been suggested that the first appearance of the gooby was during the first showing of the play Twelfth Night which happens to be about trannies. At the site of this male, dressed as a female, pretending to be a male, the audience would have shown the first signs of goobyness. Thus, through the Renaissance, did we acquire this facial trait.

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