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Kill it with fire.

Antony "Tony" Taylor, also known as Starlight Unicorn Lord Taylor, GodofUnicorns, and NightmareMoon2010 just to name a few, is the product of his mother's drunken one night stand with a downs ridden weasel. Instead of doing the world a favor and aborting this abomination in the first trimester like a responsible woman would do; she decided to allow this poor excuse of a crotch dropping to come into this world and ruin it for everyone. Instead of spreading her legs for everyone in town, perhaps the woman should have stayed in the kitchen.

Afraid to let the fail stop there, this pile of human feces in the guise of a man eventually grew up to settle into the bastion of talent known as youtube. It was here that he immediately started making horrible music videos, sing alongs, and other general fail. This might have been where the story ended, had he not let his meager fame go to his head. Of course as everyone knows, when you have friends and subscribers on youtube, that makes you hot shit. Now, what's the next step after you've created this delusion where you're not a 30-something male with bleach blond hair and a singing voice so bad your dick fell off last Thursday?

File:A simple question asked.png
Asking a simple question...

If you said attack anyone that has even the slightest bit more talent than you then you win! (Also, you're a colossal fagot and will probably have your own ED page in the near future.) It was at this point in time Mr. Taylor came to the attention of several unnamed people and was promptly trolled. During the ensuing shit storm it came upon one person to gather more information on their target and a secret meeting was arranged. Info was gathered, chat conversations were passed around, and it came to light that our Mr. Taylor was an apprenticing Mr. Hands; but instead of being fucked by a horse he enjoys fucking them.

Straight From The Unicorn's Mouth

Below are two piles of text vomit that the subject of this article uses to describe himself to the world:

Hi i"am Starlight Lord of all Unicorns i am proud of who i am and that im vegetarian too i know what many of you will think I'm weird or strange but that dont matter to me as i know the truth and know Humans still have much to learn and see....

Well i know some spiritual people may class it as spirit or soul but in some ways thats indeed the truth as I'm in a vessel not in my own Unicorn body so what fits your human beliefs suits me too, As God gave you free will... To believe or not to believe, no one can make you believe or force their belief's upon you if thay did thay are lieing or bending the truth...

I have been sent here by God too see and feel humanity as this is the moment of grate change because we are not happy at all with Mankind what thay are doing to this beautiful world so im here to learn the best parts of being human before we make this change to Earth,i am one of the Ancient Unicorn's that lived upon earth millions of years ago but we are now in Heaven living far from humans due to human greed and selfishness,i am now here in a human vessle to understand humanity and at the same time spread a little of our peace and love and our true Magic.Me and Moonlight who is my unicorn female partner who helps me in this world and my life partner back home,we compose or remix music or edit video's that us Ancient unicorns feel suite's our ways of life & love style that we have for each other and all life all i and my love soul moonlight can only do is show you who we are by music.So enjoy our power of love and magic through music ...Love/Peace/And greetings to all from the Ancient Unicorns

True unicorn form..............

Head of a deer with a body of a horse with cloven hoofs and a lions tail.Beings of love, noble,wize purity,wisdom we tell the truth even if the truth hurts we are wild, and fierce, it is impossible to tame us. We may seem selfish but we're not we have different feelings then humans our ways of life and views are still unknown to humanity but its only because humans look upon us as fantasy but maybe one day the human race will see the truth that we are real, and embrace and live our ways of life as one with all life, creatures upon this humble earth,we are nothing like what you will find in any fantasy kids books or what many believe us unicorns too be..... traditionally humans believed that a virgin female human who was naked sitting beneath a tree could only catch us delicate unicorn's this is true but its because we are drawn to purity. Us unicorn's, who craves purity, would be irresistably drawn to a this pure girl or anything that is pure realy, we would lie down with our head in her lap but while we slept we had to be careful because humans used this weakness to hunt us, the hunter could capture us. If the girl was merely pretending to be a virgin, us unicorn would tear her apart and any human that was near to us

Version 2.0 (Better English included!)

"Hi my real name is Starlight Taylor I love cycling alot in the forest and I am a Vegetarian I love Music and love watching movies from Horror to comedy. I create Musical covers and songs in Mixcraft 5 on my Samsung N150 Netbook.

MySpace ...[1]

I love the new show My little pony Friendship is magic my Favorited ponys are Fluttershy & Rarity

List of favorite MLP:FiM characters in order. 1 Rarity 2 Luna / Nightmare Moon 3 Fluttershy . 4 princess celestia. 5 Twilight Sparkle 6 Trixie 7 Pinkie Pie 8 Rainbow Dash 9 Applejack

The other thing I am a Unicorn in a human vessel sent here to feel humanity through the eyes of a human. Their is a grate change taking place to depopulate the human race because it's killing Earth and all that lives upon her.The change will be seen in many ways from devastating Storms / Earthquakes and more to come.This is to save yourself's from killing Earth and your kind too..I have a Soul mate her name is Moonlight she still comes to me in her Unicorn form to help keep me safe and she help's me create Music and edit video's to show my love I have for Horses and our Unicorn race. "

The "Girls" in Antony's Life


Antony's mystical unicorn wife, who happens to reside in the astral plane. He's recently taken to cheating on his lovely wife with another unicorn featured below, and an actual woman (if you can call her that). While one would expect that fucking other women behind your wife's back might make her a little unhappy, what Antony doesn't know is that Moonlight has been cheating on him with several unnamed parties. This means that Antony is literally full of AIDS, but then we already knew that now didn't we?

In addition to living on the astral plane, Antony's wife is so kind as to channel her soul into a unicorn stuffed animal for Antony to stick his rancid dick into every night. Most likely he's thinking of his real mom the entire time he's fucking the stuffed animal. We also have it on good authority that when Antony feels like being the woman in the relationship, which is more times than you would think with his massive cock, he rides his wife's horn. Of course while he does this he's also weeping uncontrollably about how he wishes it was really his brother's cock.

Antony also claims to have had a child with Moonlight recently, despite not having sex with her in order to have said child. Naturally since this isn't how one actually has children, we all know who the real father is. Rumor has it that the child has recently run off with someone of a familiar description to get married and have gay little kids of their own. Antony has yet to be reached about this recent development, but inside sources say that he is communicating day and night through a totally cursed ring a real witch gave him with his wife to make sure that his child returns home safe and sound.


Not being content with simply having one imaginary unicorn in his life, Antony decided that the new love of his life would be Rarity from My Little Ponies Friendship is Magic. This not only proves that he should an hero as quickly as possible, but it also casts some serious doubts about him not being a pedophile. So not only does Antony like to fuck stuffed animals, he also likes to cut holes into pictures of cartoon characters and fuck them. Man of the year material there right folks.


There's not really much to say about this one. She lost to a horse, and rumor has it her mother wants to put her in an asylum for thinking she's a unicorn. Also she has a youtube account filled with videos like the ones below:

Unicornorb molesting a cat:
Doing the same to toads:
Showing off her "muscles" and unimpressive clevage:


Antony appears to have yet another love in his life. A horse named Betty. Presumably to rape like he does with most things. Antony should save us the trouble and commit suicide as soon as possible and as painfully as possible. Here is a video showing off Antony's new girl Video deleted.

It's Blanking Time

File:Antony's war with MysteryBot.PNG
Antony, battling MysteryBot.

It seems that Antony is not happy with this article, so in doing what so many have done before he hopes to erase his faggotry from the internet forever. Using the cleaver name of AncientUnicorn Antony was hoping with all his heart that he would be faster than our very own MysteryBot, guess the faggot doesn't realize futile when he sees it. What our special case doesn't understand is that you can't fucking blank pages, because you're a faggot and full of fail. Though lets not be too harsh on Mr. Taylor, he is providing moar lulz for us, and that's always a good thing.

Since our intrepid hero failed the first time in his lone man campaign to get this page blanked, he decided to suit up, put on his manliest sunglasses, and get serious. What he didn't take into account, however, is that MysteryBot isn't the be all end all of reverting vandalized pages; so again he failed. That didn't stop him though, as he went on to make several other accounts thinking that just maybe no one would notice the sudden influx of gay into this article. All of this only succeeded in getting the article protected, way to go hero. Though since he wants his edits to be in this article so bad we've decided to include some of the lulzier ones.

Ancient unicorn is better and clever then many will think,must be all the hevenly feelings i get from making love to a beautiful mare.....the wisdome and power of a true unicorn :P


—Trying to rewrite the blanking section.

i Ancient unicorn is kind,friendly,clever and knows what to do to freaks like Haudnotusnomen hes a wast of time and space should be put down and do us all a favor....


Second paragraph of the rewrite.

MoonlightUnicorn: it was deeper then that its like i could not stop being apart from her and she missed me too as you could see it in her eye's it's like we known each other from past lifes or something


—Clearing up a misunderstanding as to why he wanted to fuck Ribbons.

i killed a kitten because it was the best thing too do as i ran it over by misstake on my bike


—Making shit up.

because i am Haudnotusnomen a Gay Freak


—Showing his tolerance for those different than himself.

The Stupidity Lives On

Not content with just ruining his life with this article, Antony decided he'd show the world how little this page effected him by posting a video of it to youtube. Of course given the subject matter of the article the video was swiftly removed. To further show everyone how little they scared him, and how little the article gets to him Antony decided to post his supposed mobile phone number (07715 635036). This was followed with the usual childish threat of if you don't call it you have no balls. Naturally everyone is encouraged to show Antony your support in the usual fashion if you're bored or just have nothing better to do.

Not only has Antony taken to providing his cell phone number to the internet at large, but he's started making call out videos as well:

Of course Antony closed his channel and deleted the videos

Antony's not letting this get to him at all.

Chat Logs

Oh, but the craziness doesn't stop there, just take a look at a few of the chat excerpts between Mr. Taylor and an uncredited /b/rotha:

The subject of his affections.

Antony, loving horses so much it hurts:


MoonlightUnicorn: i use to work backing yearling horses for sir mark presscot

MoonlightUnicorn: and i use to drive mares to studs

MoonlightUnicorn: well its had to say i had feelings for a mare called ribbons and it was geting very hard not to show my love so i thought the best thing i could do it leave but i felt sorrow becase i had to leave her behind

MoonlightUnicorn: it was deeper then that its like i could not stop being apart from her and she missed me too

MoonlightUnicorn: as many people think you have to rape a horse to make love or thay dont think a horse can love you back or say yes to making lover

MoonlightUnicorn: but believe me im not like them people who just shags them if i could i walk down to streets had in hoof lol

MoonlightUnicorn: i hate them people who rape animals and film them selfs doing it and making money from it

MoonlightUnicorn: yea its bacase many dont think animals can love you back in the same way as a human will do thay are wrong

MoonlightUnicorn: ribbons use to push all the other mares away from me and even the other work mates

MoonlightUnicorn: she even keeped an eye on me what ever i was doing

On the end of the world:


MoonlightUnicorn: i was reading more about 2012

MoonlightUnicorn: well i know that thers a black hole and the milky way and the sun all line up with earth on 21st dec 2012

MoonlightUnicorn: and that the poles will shift becase of it

MoonlightUnicorn: and that the sun's hits its peak in 2012 too

MoonlightUnicorn: well i do know that it will bring on a new world and mankind will know that thay are not ontop

MoonlightUnicorn: and half of all mankind will die

MoonlightUnicorn: some of us will ride it out some will fall from the start

MoonlightUnicorn: i know thats y we have a better chance

MoonlightUnicorn: even my human family are not safe

MoonlightUnicorn: that is what i was tould that friends and family will die

On love:


MoonlightUnicorn: i believe in love man with man / women with women / man with women / animal and man or women and animal its all love and its ok with me but i dont like them people who touch up kids

MoonlightUnicorn: its sick very sick

On learning from your mistakes:


Starlight Unicor: i killed a kitten but saved lifes after

Starlight Unicor: its called learning from wrongs

Starlight Unicor: i killed a kitten becase it would not learn from wrong

Starlight Unicor: it made a mess every where and wiped up the floor

What follows is a transcript between the author of this article and Antony:

Haudnotusnomen: Yeah, you forgot to mention the part where you jerk off to horses and rape them.

EquusLeilani: well each too there own views if we all walked around doing the same thing it will be very boring indeed,this is what makes life and being human so wonderful no one on earth are the same or do the same things....

Haudnotusnomen: That doesn't make what you're doing right. I mean that's the same excuses child rapers use.

EquusLeilani: i think that's a little different one its a child and that is sick,animals are adults plus if you know or worked with horses you know if they don't like something they will not let you do it,one kick will brake your leg or even kill you,they are stronger then children can get away and fight back so don't put the two together...

Haudnotusnomen: No. It's exactly the same, they lack the ability to say yes. They don't have the cognitive abilities to do so.

EquusLeilani: then you don't know horses at all then do we?

Haudnotusnomen: You know just because you can groom a horse to sit back and take it just like you can a child doesn't mean it's consenting.

EquusLeilani: like i said you don't know horses at all then so why go on about stuff you don't even know? i worked with horses and even if a stallion trys to make love the mare if she don't want it will kick or bite or even run away from it,so don't give this crap they can not say no...

Haudnotusnomen: Yeah dude, they can get away when there outside, but it's an entirely different matter when you're raping them in their stall now isn't it?

EquusLeilani: it's interesting who much someone who don't work with horses think they are right and the one who worked or works with horses are wrong?

Haudnotusnomen: It's interesting how someone that claims their entire thing about having sex with horses is a lie is getting pissed when someone compares people that fuck animals to child rapers.

EquusLeilani: i never do that in the stable or even tie them up only out side in the field where they choose and are free to stand or move away that's no forcing your self on them if they have like i mile to run around in...

EquusLeilani: yea making it a fun read why not?

Haudnotusnomen: So you're admitting to fucking horses again. How does it feel to be on the same level as someone that rapes children?

EquusLeilani: @@ never mind its like talking to a brick wall,you have your views i have my truth,there will be no more talking on this as you never understand...

Haudnotusnomen: Oh I understand. It's just that you want to think that the little horsey you've been sticking it to actually likes you raping her. So how long did it take before she finally just gave up and let you rape her? Are you happy you broke her spirit?

EquusLeilani: make sure you put this up on your ed page it's a good read this;)

Haudnotusnomen: Oh, deflecting the question now huh? I get too close to the truth for you?

Youtube Videos

The only cock Antony would make an exception for.

Mirrored for great justice!

Antony, "singing along to" Forever Autumn:
An example of his music videos:

Copyright Happy Antony

Since Antony is such an opponent to the lulz, he has decided to try taking down all the lulzy videos contained in this article. What he doesn't understand is that almost all of his uploaded videos are also against copyright as his faggoty ass doesn't own My Little Pony. Granted who in their right mind would want to, but still if nothing else you can provide lulz by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Form for contacting Toei Animation Europe the copyright holder to the cartoon.

The material infringing their copyright, you know what to do.

Hasbro email contact, for even greater justice.

Antony's Rage

File:LycanDagger on Antony's fake account.JPG
LycanDagger, seeing through Antony's lies.
File:Lulzbomb1 telling it like it is.PNG
lulzbomb1 laying down the truth.

Unsettled with the trolls leaving comments on his main now deleted account, Antony screened comments before doing what all whores do and made yet another account. This new account is Antony's pathetic attempt at being an Internet Tough Guy while posing as his little brother, and has produced much lulz in the short time it's been active. Apparently our Mr. Taylor doesn't understand the fact that your rage only makes Anonymous' penis harder and so he continues to blindly pound on his keyboard in the vain hope that maybe if he cusses enough at Anonymous they'll go away. Considering this account was only opened October 22, 2010 and has produced more lulz than you can shake a stick at, this promisses to be a worthwhile investment for the foreseeable future.

Oh Shit He's Mad Now Guys

File:On the curses.PNG
Antony, talking about the curses.

Realizing there was no hope left, our Mr. Taylor decided instead of doing what all the cool kids were doing; to set a curse upon the author of this article. What follows is the curse exactly as it was transcribed to youtube:

That thou shalt be turned into a stone,
And that all thy wits shall be turned front to back,
And that over thy face the loathsomeness shall creep,
And that as in a coffin thy limbs shall be bound,
And that light shall be withheld from thine eyes,
And that thy house and lands shall be impoverished and spoiled,
And that all the nourishment shall taste to thy tongue as wormwood,
And that thou shalt be held alien from thy fellow man,
And that these things shall be so until I release thee,
There has been unfairness done to me
I summon the elements,I invoke them,I conjure them to do my bidding
The four watchtowers whall lay their eyes and minds,there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood,there shall be submission and no pity.
I point the threefold law against thee,against thee it shall be pointed
threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain
Thee shall be blinded by the fear,blinded by the pain,blinded by me,binded by me,Cursed by me,So mote it be!
"North South East West
Spiders web shall bind him best
East West North South
Holds his limbs and stops his mouth
Seal his eyes and choke his breath
Wrap him 'round with ropes of death!"

It may just be a coincidence, but shortly after seeing this curse Haudnotusnomen was struck with a steel hard on that just won't go away.

Curse 2.0 Electric Boogaloo

File:Paranoid Antony.PNG
Totally not letting the article get to him.

Seeing that his original curse had no effect Antony decided to try again. The judges are still out but preliminary results say that perhaps he should try switching to a fighting type Pokemon.

Wind in the north, run through the trees
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Sands of the east, rich soils beneath
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Fires in the south, awaken from sleep
Three times three, let them see, let them see
Water of the west, flow to the seas
Three times three, set them free, set them free
Black Spirits of the night who Riseth from the shadows of hell And tormentest sinners,
Swirl about me now And hear my command!
Go to the chambers of (Haudnotusnomen) And cause him to burn
With the fires of everlasting damnation For his sin against me
Dark familiars, take his body And knot it with pain,
With cramps that seize his throat And stifle his breath,
And do not return until you have Done as I commanded,
Or I will bring the wrath of Heaven's angels on you.
They say if you do the spell properly, don't be surprised if they die in the night.
But what ye sow ye shall reap!

Effective Ways to Troll Antony

1. Pose as an Ancient Unicorn.
2. Gain his trust and confidence.
3. ????
5. Spread his secret video all around the tubes.
6. Tell him unicorns aren't real.
7. Inform him of the fact horses can't consent to sex with people.
8. Compare him to a child rapist.

Follow these simple rules and you'll be golden.

Examples of His Faggotry

plus i think people only find it wrong because they fear it to many animals are food and pets and not love partners....


Antony, on why you should fuck your pets.

In other words, my argument is that since we slaughter and eat animals and that's clearly worse than shagging them, it's pretty hypocritical to say that bestiality is wrong.


—Completely missing the point.

well i can post you the photo of my 10inch tool if you like? :P


—On his penis, I bet he has a 140 IQ too.

your cyberbullying so your nothing better then a sad wast of time to me your the lowest forms of life driven by jealousy and hate ( a wast of my time and space )


—Calling the waaaambulance.

oh unicornguy asked me as he knows how can a mare feel me inside her as she is big and all i said easy as im well hung 10inchs thats the truth


—On raping horses.

im just sum sad 30 year old who loved being by his self and dont love human women but a sick who loves horses well rapes them


—Finally admitting the truth.

did you know mankind was put here to live as one with all life and use there big brains not to eat meat and find new meens


—On those nasty, nasty hoomans.

like i said DILLIGAF? so what if i can not type at least i know the meaning of life a innd found my self too :P


—Showing off his vast intellect.

you have no concerns of accuracy, veracity, comprehensiveness, and overall quality you only care that your right any everyone is wrong so your a narrow minded and kind of dumb then i see because if you was not you understand more where i am coming from wouldent you?


—Trying to reason with The Internet Hate Machine.

Take care in life and enjoy the time you got left because whats too come will test you indeed :P


—Making vague threats.

i know it was you them trolls i can not be friends with you your my enemy you will pay with your life.....


—To an innocent person once discovering this article.

Hay i masturbate to horses :P


—Totally not being a sick fuck.

i was the only one out of 17 lads that could settle them down plus never used a whip on my work riding and still get the horse to beat the others out of its own accord.


—Because threats of rape work just as well as a whip.

must not be lesbians because its wrong to see two ladys and no guys


—Showing his tolerance of those that don't fuck horses.

Hi as you can see,did the right thing back friends with Meka --- : )

I know now she had nothing to do with it,It was you only by your mistake you tould unicornguy,But you did not see that he was the one who created the page out of hate,Because he thought I was Gay and wanted me to be his boy friend.Because I was not what he thought he thought he take his revenge on My love life thinking people will care But"! no one really does ---- : )

I'm on MSN


—Being even more paranoid about his ED article.

His "Brother's" Faggotry

don't need shit on you if i'll come there and shit on your fuck face......


TheDogTheHunter, going to shit on your fuck face.

don't work like that fucker you need too suck mine 1st,and you wish you where dealing with my bro"don't you?


—On wanting to suck your cock, but being too scared to go first.

fuck you bich,oh you may need to cheak out your info as some has changed on him he's just tould me....


—Telling us our info is wrong.

nice one i bet he will get the viwes and subscribers now mother fucker you could have used a better photo.....


—Dishonoring the selfless sacrifice of the camera that took that picture.

fuck you bich more like your some fat freak on a pc or some ugly cow....i should come there and beat you with that pipe"! and then piss on your caved in head fuck face......


—On wanting to meet up IRL.

diffince of useing an animal for sex only and having love for them are two "Different" things as if he was just using them for sex he be having mating video's and guys shaging them all on his channel and on his pc which i know he has not because i am useing his pc,so he is no animal rapist mother fucker....


—Totally not Antony.

yea" cock sucker plus my brothers name is Tony well he changed it by law to "Starlight" i don't care what you or anyone say's he is my brother and i love him don't you love your family? i how would you feel if one of them was like my brother and some sad low life you who does not understand comes along having ago at him?


—Forgetting Anonymous doesn't have feelings, or a family.

yo"! fuck face we just started having fun with a dick wipe like you mother fucker....


—On trying to blank this page again, and again, and again, and again.

More Examples of Antony's Faggotry

Antony appears to finally considered himself a furfag and finally made himself a DeviantArt to post all of his masterpieces made in MSPaint. Found here [2]

Antony's handy work
The file Antony doesn't want you to see
Antony cheating on his original fictional lover

Antony's Dox

NAME: Antony "Starlight" Taylor

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/missprincesscelestia

ADDRESS: 70 Brookfurlong

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE3 7LQ,UK

PHONE: 0-771-563-5036

EMAIL: [email protected]

HOUSE: http://tinyurl.com/3u87r4m

PHOTO: http://tinyurl.com/3sl2fww

Dox byRimJobTheGreat

also, current Youtube channel (True Capitalist Radio affiliation) http://www.youtube.com/user/pranksterpinkiepie#p/u/13/TIqx1QcN5nI

Did You Know That Antony

External Links

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=71DXU421 The video Antony doesn't want you to see. (Not that kind faggot.) Dead link.
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WXJTLIS7 New link for the "Computer" room video. Dead again.
http://blogs.myspace.com/therealunicorn His myspace. Deleted.
http://www.facebook.com/MoonlightUnicorn His Facebook. Deleted.
http://www.reverbnation.com/GodofUnicorns His faggy account on reverbnation. Deleted.
http://www.youtube.com/user/NightmareMoon2010 One of his youtube accounts. Comments are being screened. New account found, see below.
http://www.youtube.com/user/EquusLeilani Newest account. Comments being screened. Deleted.
http://www.youtube.com/user/DivineHorses Newest youtube account. Deleted.
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissRarityTheUnicorn Yet another youtube account. Deleted.
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheUnicornMagic Old youtube account.
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDogTheHunter Another of his youtube accounts. Apparently it's supposed to be his little brother. Deleted.
http://myworld.ebay.com.sg/mylittleponyfriend His ebay. Deleted like everything else.
http://www.myspace.com/566764070 His myspace. Also deleted.
http://twitter.com/#!/moonlightuni His Twitter. Another account bites the dust.
http://newmarketracehorsetrainers.co.uk/mark_prescott.cfm Info on his previous empolyer.
http://www.youtube.com/user/MrAncientUnicorn New youtube as of 5-29-11 Comments also being screened Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMoonlightRose Newest youtube. Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/WhosBackGuessMeUFool New youtube as of 6-25-11 Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTrueUnicorn2011 New youtube. Not able to post comments. Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/GratePowerfulTrixie New YouTube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/NightmareM00n  New YouTube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissPrincessCelestia  New YouTube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessIuna  New YouTube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissPrincessLuna Newest youtube as of July 27, 2011
http://www.myspace.com/5667 His Myspace
http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPrinceStarlight New youtube Deleted
http://ancientunicorn.deviantart.com/ Antony's Deviantart
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissesNightmareMoon New youtube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissPrincessLuna New youtube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/MissLadyRarity New youtube Deleted
http://www.youtube.com/user/HighnessPrincessLuna New Youtube BALEETED!
http://www.youtube.com/user/Rapeity New YouTube BALEETED!
http://www.youtube.com/user/HerHighnessCelestia New Youtube BALEETED!
GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/107505231819871309222/about

ANOTHER GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StarlightandMoonlightUnicorns/posts

NEW YOUTUBE:https://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessLuna2012

OTHER NEW YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7Z-rWcIVYz8rLMdk4SKQw

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