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Elizabeth "Globelamp" La Fey
Born 1989
Nationality Orange County, California, Jewnited States of Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Florida, Jewnited States of Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png (previously: Washington and California)
Ethnicity White girl pretending to be a spic and a wicca
Gender Female
Religion Wicca
Political Preference Libtard
Sexuality Straight
Pronouns She/Her is preferred, It/Its is also acceptable
Occupation "Musician," "Witch," and Overall Freak

Elizabeth "Lizzie" La Fey Gomez (born in 1989), also known as Globelamp, a name she chose based on her favorite childhood lamp[1] and FairyTeaParty, among numerous sockpuppet accounts, is an Americunt "musician" who is really a degenerate libtard Feminazi vegan egirl whore that thinks she's a spic. She is known for spreading various kinds of propaganda on the Internets and bitching about people more famous than her despite being an absolute nobody compared to them. No one gave a single fuck about Lizzie until she started spreading accusations about Taylor Swift and various other singers for supporting her "abuser" with no proof whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, this made many 13 year old girls start spreading hate on her without even knowing who she is.[2][3]


Lizzie was born in the state of California to redneck parents who made her think she is a spic just because of her birth name, which led to her claiming to be an adopted Puerto Rican many years later[4], despite not having any evidence of it. In 2000-something, she decided to move on with her life and left her family to move to Washington and take classes at the Evergreen State College. Proving yet again that the school system is a failure, someone convinced Lizzie that she could sing when she arrived to ESC, and she decided to post videos of her performing original songs she wrote on the JewTubes. She later moved to Florida, which is the perfect place for a crazy bitch like her to live.

Lizzie's "art"

Lizzie started making music as Globelamp in 2010, releasing various albums that consist only of her incredibly annoying high and nasal voice accompanied by her terrible guitar playing. The music has a shitty audio quality that makes black metal look like mass-produced pop in comparison, and she has the guitar skills of that one dudebro who whips out his guitar at parties or a 7-year-old who just learned basic chords. Aside from this, she also posts original songs on Instagram, which sound even worse, and has released covers of songs by dead people that would make the original artists rot in their graves.

Despite her horrible attempts at artistic fame, she gained a strangely large following of 13 year old girls who don't know what feminism or real music is when she joined TikTok in 2020. Lizzie's TikTok profile consists of the following four things, posted at different times each day, that are also posted on her Instagram:

  1. "Music," of both the "original" (probably written by a ghostwriter, because she doesn't have that many braincells) or butchered cover kind.
  2. Reading feminist essays and giving her opinions and "critiques" on them.
  3. Libtard rants about Donald Trump and other kinds of white supremacists.
  4. Witchcraft. Seriously. She's a witch.

This somehow got her a larger following than before.

An example of her TikTok "content."

She was also a part of the hipster trash creators Foxygen, when they went on tour, and dated lead singer Sam France for a while before abusing him, falsely accusing him of sexual harassment, and being a pathetic bitch about it.

As of last Thursday, she now uses OnlyFans to post pr0n of her 3/10 anorexic ass body. Including "fake" blood to make herself play victim, proving that she is a sick fuck. Because nobody should be exposed to this, there won't be any proof on here. Just trust us.

Listen to Her "Music"

An example of her typical music. No real talent to be found.

The worst editing on any music video.

She's apparently performed concerts. For real, paying audiences.

Her Drawing and Photography "Skills"

Like all the worst musicians, Lizzie makes her own logos and album art. The "art" is devoid of any artistic merit and gives gives Christian Weston Chandler a run for his money for god-tier Crayola art and incredibly blurry or poor quality photos. Bonus points go to her album artwork and logo, which is made in MS Paint.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

A gallery of Lizzie's "Modeling"

Because that's all her Instagram really features.

Instagram posts that make you wonder how it hasn't been deleted yet About missing Pics
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Because being dark and edgy = wicca, obviously.

Aside from claiming to be a musician, Lizzie is also a wicca and incredibly proud of being one. That being said, real witches have constantly disregarded her and told her she isn't even a real witch despite her practice of witchcraft. It's like a battle of who's a crazier bitch. She constantly claimed to be one on her tumblr account. In reality, however, what she does isn't even real witchcraft, just attempts at manipulating people to follow her[5]. There are no spells to be found.
She also befriended a singer named Phoebe Bridgers over their similar interests in witchcraft, but Phoebe defected from Lizzie upon hearing about the horrible things she did.

She even pretends to look the part.

Things Lizzie did despite claiming to be "innocent"

Ever since she started using the Globelamp name, Lizzie has gotten into a ton of drama on a constant, regular basis regarding people she met and people she wishes would give her the clout she craves deeply. This is all due to her wanting attention despite her lack of talent and has, unsurprisingly, led to her Facebook and Twatter accounts getting suspended multiple times.

Abuse allegations

Proof Sam France is real and that Globelamp is a psycho bitch.

After getting kicked out of Foxygen for having no talent, Lizzie was dumped by the lead singer, her then-boyfriend Sam France (rightfully, due to being a psycho bitch), Lizzie started attacking him and claiming that he abused her despite having no evidence aside from things that would obviously incriminate her. This included posting revenge porn of Sam and claiming he "raped" her, [sending many unsolicited pictures of her tits and pussy, claiming he knocked her teeth out and being homophobic towards the bisexual Sam[6]. It escalated, which included mutual court hearings, but proved nothing more than Lizzie being an Attention Whore who will do anything - ANYTHING - for fame. She has not improved one bit, and claims that she's proud for "speaking out" against Sam's alleged abuse[7].

She started to make sympathy grabs surrounding her "situation" by tweeting at various female artists to support her, claiming "feminism" as the reason to this. They all realized that what Lizzie said was bullshit, though, which led her to go berserk on Twitter and spout petulant attacks on them.

Hall of Sam Drama and Attempts at Sympathy About missing Pics
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The result?

Sam was successfully given a restraining order, despite Lizzie's belief that the California circuit court would listen to her because SHE HAS BOOBA!!![8]

Lizzie spreading hate on Sam and convincing her "fans" to threaten him.

Lizzie doing it again but towards one specific fan. Five years after the initial alleged "abuse".

Lizzie doing it YET AGAIN but encouraging fans to bully Sam as well as the singer of Best Coast.

The "Smellanie Fartinez" fiasco

In 2019, Lizzie befriended Timothy Heller, a "tranny" singer who, like Lizzie, can't sing at all. This was around the time that Timothy accused Melanie Martinez of raeping him when he was a kid, and Lizzie started spreading hate towards Melanie and encouraging others to attack her for being a pedophile without any real proof (sound familiar?) and coining the nickname "Smellanie Fartinez" for her. As a result, Melanie's fandom called her out on her bullshit and put her in her place. Proving that, for once, a fandom did a good thing - even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Hall of Smellanie/Timothy Drama About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Everything mentioned in this entire article so far is summed up here, with an attack on Melanie.

A Melanie fan calling Lizzie out on this shit.

Her GoFundMes

This existed.

Between 2012 and 2013, Lizzie got her teeth busted by drunkenly falling off of a shopping cart[9]. Wanting to extort money from others, and being the opportunistic witch-whore she is, she decided to use GoFundMe to "repair her broken teeth" and made up an entire story about how her ex-boyfriend Sam France punching her in the face and hurting herself to pretend to be injured by Sam. Continuing to hold this grudge, she continued to make additional GoFundMes for this after it kept getting removed, making all the moneys they donated her in 2013.

Where is She Now?

After getting kicked out of Washington in 2021, Lizzie moved to Florida, where she lived with and fucked a nigger younger than her named Niko House who used to work for Bernie Sanders' campaign in 2020. After dating Niko for a while, Lizzie decided to relapse into her old tard antics and falsely accuse Niko of raping and abusing her while also calling him a "Commie bastard," despite none of this being the case according to Niko's side of the story (it really, REALLY seems to be otherwise). She was probably drunk, and is probaby a hobo now.

Other retarded shit

Lizzie wrote her own Wikipedia page, with numerous instances of her trying to pass off sockpuppet accounts as "fans" despite the admins seeing through her bullshit and banning her ass rightfully.[10][11][12][13] These obviously bad sockpuppet accounts have been going on for years on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia, as well as literally every platform, and it's easy to tell that she really has no fans whatsoever.

She has also attacked many musicians and social media users who were initially trying to help or sympathize with her. One of these included Phoebe Bridgers, who initially thought of Lizzie as a friend before blocking her.

Will she ever improve?

Probably not. Lizzie is an egotist, a narcissist, a femcel and Feminazi, and a manipulator. Even Sam has moved on.

She believes that everything she says is true because she wants moneys. Her fellow musicians and relatives don't want her. Nobody wants her for now.

She should admit her faults, and try to improve, and read this page for help.

Artists Lizzie has had feuds with

She starts fights with almost every female pop or indie artist. Almost none of them know that she exists, though.

  • Taylor Swift: Initially called out by Lizzie for being an "industry plant," later the subject of slander and libel by Lizzie and her "fans" on Twitter for anything imaginable.
  • Melanie Martinez
  • The members of Best Coast: Their lead singer was an old former friend of Lizzie's.
  • Kimya Dawson
  • Katie Crutchfield
  • Sky Ferreira
  • Dorian Electra
  • The members of Pussy Riot
  • Sean Lennon: Tried to support Lizzie but then she called him a rapist because he's a guy.
  • Phoebe Bridgers: Befriended Lizzie before hearing about all her bullshit from her fans.
  • Olivia Rodrigo: Harassed her despite Olivia being underage at the time she started, proving Lizzie is just a basement-dwelling cyberbully.

How to spot Lizzie's sock accounts

Lizzie's sock accounts. Including her real account.

She has many, MANY socks. They all spam her on Twitter and instagram.

  • The account claims to be one of her "friends" or "supporters."
  • The account constantly makes baseless threats to Sam France or any female pop artist under the sun.
  • The account reposts Lizzie's content or has new content she's never posted.
  • The account constantly praises Lizzie and comments saying she is "beautiful" and "stunning" on her social media.
  • The account is the only person who gives a fuck about Globelamp. is a forum dedicated to support against, and the calling out of, Lizzie's abusive behavior. Go there to dive deeper, or get some help if you've unfortunately encountered her.

How to troll Lizzie

More of Lizzie's sock accounts.
  1. Call her Lizzie.
  2. Tell her Sam France is innocent.
  3. Tell her you're a Melanie Martinez fan.
  4. Pretend to like her "music."
  5. Call her out for being a fake feminist.
  6. Show her real feminism.

Threads About Lizzie


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