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Ooooh shit!111 Interesting Fact:
This article needs moar ginger an heroes. You can help by adding general failure and self-pwning by those freckled fucks. Aside from the freckles and flaming hair Gingers are recognized by their empty cold facial expression which reveals that they are devoid of empathy.

Today public humiliation has replaced the witch burnings that took place in the past.

"Better to be red than dead!" - Osho

It's true that gingers are evil but so is everybody else. See Feminism for details.

Through the ages retardation has been a huge problem. Whereas most societies put their retarded babies in a sack filled with bricks to dispose of in the nearest river, the civilized West tries to integrate the less-abled. This has turned into a problem with the greatest form of retardation, Gingervitis. Scientists speculate that most children afflicted with gingervitis are the mule offspring of albinos and humans.

Jerhi-curl negro hair with a flaming red hue serves as a warning to everyone that the person inflicted with it is not to be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.


The Rougeois are easily distinguished from their surrounding environments.

Now how do you spot a ginger? Well this really isn't hard thanks to their glowing heads. But there are two different types of ginger, and it is important to know how to distinguish between the two:

  1. The first type of ginger is your regular type, the one you see out only on very dull days - or if it is sunny they will have their skin completely covered. They have bright orange hair (as do all of them) along with freckles (and lots of acne) on their faces, but their skin is also a very pale white meaning they are unable to go out in sunlight as it burns them.
  1. The other type of ginger is nearly identical, but it has a normal skin tone allowing it to come out into the sunlight without protection" this sub-species of gingers are called "Daywalkers". It's also believed that all gingers have freckles all over their bodies but no-one knows for sure. You see, no-one has ever seen a ginger without their clothes on, seeing as how they are souless, their gentaila is often non-existent and/or deformed and they never wash.

Gingers do not live in regular houses like normal people, rather they all dwell in dry caves on hillsides and mountains much like bats. You can spot a ginger habitat by the bright orange glow coming from it. Never enter a ginger habitat, the effect of looking directly at so many fire heads is equivalent to looking directly at the sun through a magnifying glass on the brightest day of the year, your eyes and face will be permanently burned and you will be blinded. Some gingers even have secret magic that they use to seduce non-gingers. Even Harry Potter lost out to Ron Weasley, for instance. Could it be related to a sense of humor? Nahhh.

Terminology and Pronunciation

A Ginger attempts to attract a mate.

Gingers are also known as Gingas, Ginga Ninja, Fire nuts, Fire Crotch, Nightwalkers, rangas, or, the politically correct term redheads.

Most of the world says Gin-ger, like the drink. However, in the natural environment of Gingerkind - the terminally inbred United Kingdom, it's pronounced Ging-er, like Ping. This is because the ginger is actually cockney rhyming slang for minger, the English term for growing pube-like hair all over one's body and a common trait of all gingers.


File:Rsz tumblr let1earxhu1qc634co1 400.png
A male ginger comes of age and contemplates whether he enjoys giving or receiving anal sex.

Contrary to popular belief, gingers do often have sex. Gingervitis is caused by having sex with a woman while she is on the rag, hence it is often much safer to use the dirt track. This is not a problem since female gingers are rare, and male gingers prefer using a different hole.

Males: The size of the average ginger penis is not known. Interestingly, ginger (the edible root) is supposed to be an aphrodisiac. This may explain where the myth of gingers having a half-decent sex life came from.

Females: Not surprisingly female gingers are often whores, as the vast majority of male gingers are homosexuals and no straight man who values his dick is willing to put it in a fire ant hill. Jokes about female gingers coming into heat are common, but unfunny.

Gingers really let themselves go after attaining a mate.

Connections with Vampires & Furries

Gingers are the closest living relatives to vampires today, unlike otherkin, who simply claim to be. In fact, in the past, people often killed Gingers because their skin color did not allow them to go outside whilst the sun was up. This is a very similar disability to the trait vampires possess - which is why you can see how many people got confused.

Health Problems

Gingers aren't only retarded, they're born with AIDS.

Along with being unable to expose themselves to sunlight, gingers have a whole host of other health problems. Most, if not all, gingers are born with many diseases, which include H.I.G. (Highly Infected Ginger), Hepatitis G, Gingervitis, and Ginger Syndrome. No cure has been found for these illnesses. It's a good thing.

Many gingers are noticeably fat - coincidentally the genes that cause them to eat until their tongues bleed are the same genes which give them red hair, as proof that God has marked them as unholy fucktards who should be sterilized at birth.

It is also a proven fact that all gingers have yellow teeth, because, like their hair and pubic regions, their teeth are also ginger.

Their lack of a Soul

Notice the Empty, Vacant, Soulless Eyes.jpg

Don't be fooled by the fact that Gingers seem to be able to move around under their own power and cleverly simulate the behaviors of a sentient being. They are actually soulless automatons. In the following video, a red-haired flesh golem randomly runs through a series of pre-programmed rebuttals to the undeniable fact of the soullessness of the Ginger.

Looking into the fat kid's vacant eyes is like looking into the emptiness of the abyss. They're soulless and black like doll's eyes or the eyes of a great white shark named Bruce.

With the proper corrective treatment and psychosurgery, gingers can create something akin to robo-funk. Observe:

Isn't it adorable? It thinks it's people!"

Ginger Culture

Gingers love orange soda. Were you surprised?

If You Want To Know Why Gingers Have No Souls Blame The Jews

Lilith by John Collier

The answer has to do with Jewish Mythology. When G-D created man, HE picked up the Earth in each hand and blew life into it. It was from this Adam and his first wife Lilith were made.

To shorten the story and avoid theology, Adam was a dick and didn't like that Lilith was made in a way similar to his, making them equal to each other. Lilith didn't like being made to look at the ceiling during sex, having to make Adam sammiches while he was getting her from behind and balancing a can of beer on her head. What she wanted was to ride the cawk cowgirl making Adam her submissive or rather her Cuck.

Lilith runs away and becomes queen of the devils and G-D, this time, had the sense of mind to put Adam to sleep so he couldn't see how Eve was made.

So what does this have to do with the Jews?. In Jewish legend, Lilith is almost always portrayed as a red head.

This tradition can be seen in western and modern culture such as paintings and books. Play most any vampire game and if it has Lilith in it, she will be ginger.

This comes from the belief that when Lilith left Adam, she became a bride of Samael (Pronounced Sam-A-Elle, not Samuel) or Satan. Lots of differant myth here but it all comes down to Lilith gave up or Lost her soul somehow and runs around killing babies. Over the years, because of red hair's rarity and the Lilith myth, people started to associate gingers with witches and other dark characters. Over time, with the passing of and creating new stories of similarity - this is how people realized that gingers have no soul.

Fun Fact: It's ironic that so many dikes and Feminazis use Lilith as a symbol of feminine power because she is known for killing babies. If a newborn dies from SIDS, Lilith sucked its soul out killing it.

Some dikes and feminists argue that she stood up to Adam and that's why she's their symbol of power. Again, Lilith is the devil's bitch and is bent over and taking it in the ass while, at the same time, making him sammiches in hell.


File:Angry redhead.jpg
The hot ass ginger, approach with caution

File:Tumblr p61i0gP9SU1wrjjjto1 1280.jpg
Gingers are usually either Communists or Nazis.

Gingers can be divided into different types or classes.

  • The Hot Ass Ginger - Always female. This one almost always comes as a surprise to everyone. Remember that angry ass red-haired girl that was ugly as fuck and ran around beating everybody up Just Because then one day, about 3 days after her 16th birthday she got hot as Hell? This, some people like to call G-D's practical joke because ginger girls will usually have a small window of hotness that starts when the turn 16 and starts closing fast when they hit 33. If, like Vampires they stay out of the sun, they can usually make this window last until their mid or late 40s. You might be attracted to that creamy white skin now but when she hits her mid 40s it will be a frekeled terror of skin blemishes and wrinkles. Famous Hot Ass Gingers: Karen Gillan, Gillian Anderson,
    • The Hot Ass Ginger Librarian - A sub sterotype of the above. In Porn, the hot and horny librarian that will fuck everyone but you in half is usually a ginger.
      • The Hot Ass Ginger Girl Is Always The Smart One - As shown with the librarian stereotype ginger girls are, for some reason, always seen as nerdy but sexy in an approachable and unthreatening way. In Tv, Animu, cartoons and other media when you have a group of three girls consisting of a ginger, a blonde and a brunette the ginger is always the smart one. See also: Totally Spies, The Powerpuff Girls
  • The Joker - Like fat bitches, these gingers attempt to be funny their whole life to make up for their disability. In reality, everyone knows the only thing that makes people laugh is their appearance. Famous Joker Ginger: Conan O'Brien.
  • The Emo - These gingers usually try to dye their hair black, but due to the intense heat of the hair this usually fails and it just becomes scorched around the edges. Emo Gingers are generally no different from regular emos, except they have more to whine and cut about. Famous Emo Ginger: That fag from Harry Potter.
  • The Chav Ginger - Usually bleaches the repulsive hair to blend in with peers. Unfortunately for them this results in what gingers-in-denial claim "Strawberry Blond" isn't. This class may also become a hybrid with The Joker in a futile effort to "fit in." This is of course impossible: everybody hates gingers, and no normal person could get turned on over that repulsive skin. Famous Stud Ginger: Ronald McDonald.
  • The LaxKing - The Gingers are really timid inside but have a hard outer-shell, both physically and psychologically. They tend to participate in really manly sports and beat up on everyone, completely unprovoked. Famous LaxKing Ginger: Paul Scholes.
  • The Furry - Like to dress up as popular browser-logos in daily life. Famous Furry Ginger: Lindsay Lohan.


All hail Gingeus Christ!

All Gingers hail to the same god and his name is Gingeus Christ. This religion, also known as Gingerism, started at the dawn of time, when Gingeus created the first ginger man and woman to corrupt the human race. To the right is an image of the Ginger God himself.

As gingers have no souls, once they die, they do not have to worry about whether they go to Heaven or Hell. The ginger itself ceases to exist. What does happen, however, is the fire demon residing in the ginger's hair is released from it's physical bonds. After a violent spontaneous combustion from the now-dead hair it settles down in a newly formed fetus, devouring the developing soul within causing the child to be born as a new ginger. This is why gingers are kept separate from other patients in hospitals, and especially from the maternity ward.

All the villains in the Bible (including Judas) had red hair. That's not a joke.

Gingers` lack of souls, on the bright-side, make them easy to rape. Hence most ginger females (who by the way are ALWAYS Asking for it) procreate with non-ginger males which thankfully reduces the population of the much- unwanted, soulless Ginger subhumans.

Satanic origin

Red-haired people are the result of the influence of the Devil at the time of their conception. That's why they have red hair = the color of Hell and Satan. If the Devil assumes the form of for example a dog or cat and is present in the room when a child is conceived, the child will be born red-haired with pale skin and freckles. All red-haired people should be killed or satanic powers are going to win and form a communist one world government which will enslave all of humanity.


Luckily, we will not have to worry about Gingers for much longer, as scientists claim they will be extinct by the time humanity gets its shit together.
The vast majority of gingers have already been wiped out. Neanderthals were shown to have the ginger gene (light skin et al.), which explains why many people see these creatures as sub-human.

The Red Haired Step Child

If you ever have the misfortune of being hard-up and Marrying a woman with a ginger child, the only advice I have for you is to follow the path of Bing Crosby and pick up a belt and beat the red out of them.

Edit: That's some terrible advice! Bing spent most of the 1950s beating ginger kids. It was the style at the time. But look where all of his efforts got him! In today's twisted world he is not seen as a hero but a child abuser...


Legally you can't get into too much trouble for raping a ginger male as many would consider it the best attention he's gotten all year.

55% of Gingers are often Hermaphrodites and/or secretly Homosexual.

Although the idea that most ginger men are gay may be due to a misconception: Many men would rather screw a ginger male instead of a ginger female with the feeling that ginger males deserve it more.

How To Handle Them

File:Carrot top.jpg
Orange people are very violent
File:Ct 2.jpg
Beware their disguises.
lolling at the umbrella

Although they will not be around much longer as the section below details, we should do our best to keep them as low as possible on the social totem pole to ensure that no bitches will mate with them and propagate the species. Girls are blind and aimless creatures. They seek out the alpha male in the pack, trying to achieve some combination of status, wealth, or another type of personal gain to further themselves. Make sure to humiliate any and all gingers on the fringes of your social group to ensure that the fact they're porcelain-fleshed freaks remains steady in the public eye.

Alienating Gingers

While not difficult due to the fact that they're inherently alien, there are methods to ensure they know their place in society:

  • When one walks up to a conversation, look at him, and say like he is a fellow blonde or brunnette, that you despise all gingers. Be as nonchalant as possible, as if you don't even realise he is a ginger. When he gets angry or starts arguing immediately apologize and simply tell him that you thought he was being ironic with his dye-job ever since they gassed all the gingers.
  • Bring a pitchfork and a torch to any social gathering where one may be found. Be sure to bring enough for everyone else as well.
  • Don't make eye contact with it.

Did You Know?

  • 98% of Goths are actually Ginger. Due to a lazy hair dying routine, most Goths end up with what is known as a "Ginger Halo".
  • Their emotional state switches between Goth and Vampire; they are so laid back that they seem to be in a coma or they explode into fits of unholy rage.
  • Ginger is an anagram for "individual of the black persuasion." Gingers are essentially the abbos of the UK, hence it is so.
  • In areas that they are passionate about; they are geniuses yet often don’t know what day it is. For example Boudicca, the most ferocious Vampire Queen, defeated the Roman armies yet failed to seize the Roman Empire and went home poor.
  • The Blade series was originally written about a ginger, but was changed by a Jew-troll into being about uppity niggers.
  • Science has proven that gingers are more closely related to Neanderthals than regular humans.
  • Gingers are not all bad, some can overcome their beastly nature present themselfs in a normal "human" order. With cons and pros, just like an everyday person. Can't be too careful tough. So make sure when they arn't looking, please kindly shove them off a large cliff or

stab and/or rape them with a machete. Burn the body and throw the ashes into the Indian Ocean for good measure.

  • Once a Ginger, always a ginger.

Hug a Ginger Day

On the 27th of December of each year the special event of "Hug a Ginger Day" takes place. This is the day when the moon blocks the sun and the gingers transform into normal humans for 24 hours, with 24 hours of a human beings body the gingers can take place in normal activities, such as touching, hugging, having human rights, not being lol'd at, not blowing up in the sun and many other activities which the normal human being would do everyday.

What to do if You are a Ginger

...who are in turn not huge fans of obese gingers
File:Naked nazi.jpg
note: a real ginger

Be a progressive role-model: commit public suicide.


1. Chavs will forever pick on you if you live in the UK, meaning you have carte blanche to kick their faces in.

2. No one ever came up with an original insult about gingers. Ever. It's either "hey Ron Weasley!" (regardless of your actual level of resemblance to Ron Weasley) or "Ginger bastard/cunt/wanker!" To the former, ignore and wonder why they thought comparing you to an insanely famous character played by an insanely rich actor is a bad thing. To the latter, sarcastically congratulate them on not being colour blind.

3. You get to claim racism on anyone giving you hassle. Srsly.

4. Gingers are usually descended from either the Irish, the Scottish, or the Danish Vikings. So either you can hold your drink, you can hold your drink and have superbly cold resistant balls, or you're descended from the hardest arseholes of the Dark Ages.

5. You're not a black person.

6. Ginger1.jpg

note: not a real ginger


If you are a Ginger and any of the above offended you please leave your comments here for review and verification.

Nobody was offended. Nobody cared when M.I.A. began executing gingers in 2010. They just cared about her misuse of the American flag.

Video Documentation...

How Gingers view themselves.
Crazy-ass Ginger telling y'all motha fuckas off.
Not Ginger.

List of famous Gingers

Winston Churchill as a young man.

-The entire British royal family.

-Sam Hyde

-Winston Churchill

-That is all


Examples of Acute Gingervitis About missing Pics
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