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"The working class in Australia needs to stop feeling so entitled."

Gina Rinehart is an Australian hambeast, billionaire, terminal sufferer of USI and professional verbal masturbator. She has been on and off for the last few years gaining media and internet attention for making speeches to the Australian public that are so blatantly stupid that it makes this man look like Einstein next to her.

Similar in looks to Girlvinyl (No really) and motivation, she can be found constantly whining about the working class, despite being worth more than them by a factor of about 20,000 and the fact she is now worth over $18 billion AUD because of the working class, working for her company.

To put it another way: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, suicide bomber…whichever disease finally rids the planet of this sea donkey should be given a gold star.

Life before inheritance

Rinehart was born an only child and sent to boarding school once she turned four. These factors gave her a great insight into the importance of other people in her life. At school, nobody gave a fuck about her on the grounds she was a fat ginger fuck. Her father, a billionaire mining magnate that sent his only daughter to boarding school and believed the indigenous population needed to be forcibly sterilized, was also similarly equipped for putting himself into the shoes of other people.

Upon completing her schooling, she went to the University of Sydney to study economics, before dropping out to take a major role in her father's company. This is believed to explain why she thinks coal is an infinite resource and that Africans should be paid $2 a day.

In 1992, when her father finally died, she was sad for about 5 seconds before entering into a 14 year legal battle with her gold-digging, Filipina whore stepmother about who controlled the family's company and wealth. Unfortunately, she won. Even more unfortunately, she spawned a brood.

In 1999, a mountain range the size of her lardass was named after her.

Speeches - Master of irony

Sterilize the poor

See Also: Adolf Hitler

Turns out this idea to sterilize the poor was actually all a hoax, but because of what she she has said to the public it was widely believed to be fact for about a month, before being exposed as a lie.

However it should be noted that her father did in fact propose an ideology to contaminate the water of aboriginal people that didn't work to make them sterile. When he said "didn't work" he was referring to the ones stopping him from ripping up most of Northern Australia for it's iron ore, in a fit of exceptionally butthurt speech he actually gave on TV.

We here at ED, have on numerous occasions proposed eugenics as a solution to several groups in society all in the name of satire. But this man was in fact serious about the idea of sterilizing the people that got in his way of of what he wants and had the wealth to back it up.

Australia is in debt because of the poor

This happened in real life! Once again showing she has about as much common sense as a career politician and as much empathy as a rampagingpsychopath, she lashed out at the people with the least amount on money in Australia (coincidently, most of the people that work for her company to make her a billionaire also fit this criteria) and to the left wing as dragging Australia in to debt.

When considering this statement, please remember a number of key points that render her argument completely invalid:


Yes this woman actually believes that Australian workers should be paid at slave labor prices because Africans are happy to work for $2 dollars a day. This is if you ignore African workers protesting for a higher wage. She has also responded to Australians being "jealous" of her by saying if they want to be millionaires they should drink, smoke and socialize less and work more. And be the only child of a cunting billionaire from the get go. As proven by her mammoth corpulence, she has never done a day's labor in her life, unless you count waiting for her father to die so the could inherit the multi-billion dollar iron ore fortune as "work".

It should be noted that while she wants people to work for $2 a day, she personally made $19 billion in 2013, or approximately $52 million dollars a day; 26 million times more than she says workers should be paid. That is, another way over $600 per second. Please remember when you read that statistic that using the average Australian income of $72,800 annually that they make just over 5 cents per second. It disgusts this woman that it is over 5 cents.

Political views

Puppet master

Not a puppet.

Rinehart's level of puppet faggotry within Australian is so great that it's quite surprising the Wikipedos have not written her up a Long Term Abuse page yet. It is a well known fact Rinehart is one of the numerous corporate whoremasters of Tony Abbott, each having at least one finger stuck up his anus to give optimum sockpuppet controlling pleasure.

Fun fact: even the centre-left Gillard Labor Government were being controlled by her and other minerfags to some extent as proven by the fact she was actually allowed to import labour from the 3rd world and pay wages at 3rd world rates, and passed legislation to implement a mining tax that raised no fucking money.

Our federal and state governments must know that now, more than ever, we must lift our international competitiveness just to stay as well-off as we are


Worth $18 billion, still worried about losing money


The Abbott Government managed to scrap the mining tax so mining magnates like Rinehart and Clive Palmer can slightly expand their already large profit margins. The Australian Labor Party tried their best to make this as hard as they possibly could so Rinehart would continue to cry over a few more million lost in taxes, but unfortunately failed. This was to be expected because at the time the Palmer United Party held the balance of power in the Australian Senate and the Australian Labor Party - once a very powerful socialist force and party of the people, is today the political equivalent of a beaten, used up whore. Beaten, used up whores (like your missus) are submissive and now so is the ALP, Australia's resident class-cucks. Social Democracy is class-cuckoldry and don't you forget it, comrade.


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