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A gif war is a flame war done entirely with images. Although JPEGs and PNGs are allowed, GIF is preferable because it allows animation. A gif war can be executed using regular images or image macros.

There are only two ways to end a gif war:

  1. One of the sides concedes that he has been pwned.
  2. Fifty Hitler Post

Note: This entry is filed under Drama-generating techniques, but it really is a Drama-escalating technique.

The Game

It took time to find a picture of a dead penguin, but it was worth it to further the campaign of a gif war.

Soon after the coining of the phrase "gif war" (believed to be coined by jameth), the game appeared. Here are the rules for the Lj-favicon.png gifwars community, which is dedicated to the gif war game:

  1. One of the moderators posts a picture (only a few people can post entries).
  2. You reply to the post with a picture that "beats" that picture. Examples:
    1. A picture of a fat chick beats a picture of a malnourished child.
    2. A picture of a Stairmaster 2000 beats the picture of the fat chick.
    3. A picture of a bucket of water beats a picture of a forest fire.
    4. A picture of someone peeing in a river beats the picture of the bucket of water.
    5. A picture of a dead penguin beats a picture of a live penguin.
    6. Et cetera.
  3. Even though this community is called GIF Wars, the pictures do not have to be GIFs. They can be anything.
  4. A GIF War will go on as long as it has to.
  5. If someone posts something like Chuck Norris or any other old, unfunny meme they're to be immediately b&.

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