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ShoweR florida.jpg Geoshea is an irrelevant lolcow who had long since been milked by the masses.

You can help by finding someone else to pick on, you meen-spirited cyberboolie!
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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
Geoshea IRL.png
Gabriel Garcia
Born 29th November 2000
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Pennsylvania
Ethnicity Spic (Ethnically) White devil (Racially)
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual Pedophile
Aliases MinionsYesCarrieUnderwoodNo
Occupation Getting his sex slaves to defend him and grooming kids in his grooming chamber server

Geoshea (Powerword: Gabriel Shea Garcia-Delapava) is known as the creator of the Greenyfag series Geo's World, the Pooh's Adventures reskin known as MYCUN, a wiki infested with tons of shittypastas known as Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki, and his "wiki" full of Universal ripoffs known as Ficreation.

Gabriel is a former Greenyfag turned pedophile and is a thin-skinned, retarded, perverted, fictiophillic, and autistic manchild who sent death threats to people he hated, such as Carrie Underwood for example. He used slurs like faggot a few times when he was mad on YouTube despite calling it homophobic afterwards. He frequently tard raged out at other people's opinions that he didn't like. He is extremely sensitive and a massive pussy, going to the point he warned Rainstorm all because he said "gaycha" and went as far as to ban 3 shitlords all for offensive memes and posting them in unrelated channels without warning. He once went as far as to purge about 50 messages in the copypasta channel on KBOS' Crazy Town of Weirdness all because he missed out in an act out of pure selfishness. This fucktard also allowed another pedophile faggot known as Pip Pip in his server, that Pip Pip retard groomed a bunch of underaged minors together with his partners Danny The Irrefutable and French Fry Animations.

He once online dated and groomed a female minor when she was 13 (as Geo was 16-17 at the time) and did many inappropriate things to her, such as sending her a picture of his semen, participating in erotic roleplays with her frequently, and the most disturbing one of them all - masturbating to her in a voice chat, which traumatized her. Another pedophilic fucktarded thing he did was when he drew child porn of several underaged characters both copyrighted and original back in the Summer of 2019, but some questionable art he made that surfaced dated all the way back to 2013. He claims to regret doing CP, but his behavior towards the girl he groomed contradicts this statement, as he complains and whines when exposed due to being oversensitive to the truth. He also blamed the child porn incident and other atrocities he committed on her. Overall, he pisses most users off and is not to be trusted, especially around minors. Given how this manchild has a long history of faggotry on the internets, it is no surprise he finally has a page here.

Geoshea's so-called "Art"

Pedoshea's Battlestation

Geoshea claims that he is a talented and professional artist who is able to use a wide variety of software and can draw cgi, traditional art as well as digital "art" but this is far from the truth. Despite being a 21-year-old manchild, he can't draw for shit and people much younger than him have been noted to draw much better-looking artworks than he is able to. His art looks weird, ugly, wonky and as for his "cgi" artworks, they're fucking creepy. This fucking liar claims he can make CGI artworks, yet his "CGI" artworks are nothing more than his digitalized art put under some photoshop filters made with zero effort. His art has zero consistency too, as not only are they a weird blend of photoshop, MSPaint, pencil drawings and more, but they've gotten worse. Geoshea's Child Porn drawings from 2019 are crude, ugly and made in MS Paint while his wannabe CGI artworks from 2015 were at least kinda-passable, though they look particularly shitty in a way.

Geoshea's Ideas, Fanon and Ficreation

Ficreation is a wiki created by Geoshea that is completely useless and a massive waste of time. It is nothing but a severely autistic hellhole run by a collection of the same twenty little speds all collectively jacking off on Mommy or Daddy's computer while engrossing themselves in whatever the fuck their tiny and diminutive braincells can come up with, which is all a bunch of useless whackshit. Some of the mentally retarded ideas Pedoshea could come up with include:

  • Paradoria - Some shitty Frozen ripoff starring Princess Keena and her husbando.
  • Compueropolis - This garbage film is extremely generic and its about some random dude who has a love for computers. He is sucked into the computer world and has to defeat evil viruses or hackers and blah blah blah.
  • Magina - The main character's name rhymes with Vagina and is a witch of sorts that falls in love with some dude wanting to be a pilgrim to hunt down witches.
  • Ama and the Mysterious Crystal - Its about some bitch named Ama who steals crystals and has to use them to defeat an evil witch.
  • Zina Supermoon - By far one of Groomershea's most retarded and mind-numbing ideas, its about some human female raised by aliens called Vooruians in a planet called Voorus after her home planet Earth was invaded and destroyed by a race of evil aliens called Aurks. Apparently she is the only one that can stop the Aurks or whatever the fuck they're called from stealing the Voorians' energy to prevent herself from being erased from existence.

Some people have decided to take the liberty to vandalize, ruin and make Geoshea's shitty movie posters so bad they'll turn actually good in a way! Enjoy!

Geoshea's Shitty Fanon About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fuckbuddies and Enemies

Here is a list of all the people Geoshea got involved in, including all his friends, enemies, neutral faggots and much more. Ever since Geoshea got doxxed and deplatformed, which caused his reputation to become second to none, the vast majority of his friends together with Engelbash (Engel got cut off from the Funvasion crew) and Ultriax's Funvasion Community joined forces together and created a second Anti-Ficreation Alliance.

Pedoshea's Death Cult

An accurate depiction of most Ficreatards when their pedophile overlord gets trolled and exposed yet again.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Ollyworld_Shaun - Some severely autistic pedophile apologist from Queens, New York that thinks KBOS is the spawn of Satan who somehow has a gazillion of goons and can hack wikis, websites, spoof/steal IPs and other more retarded shit born form the depths of his smooth brain and fucked-up mind. When Pedoshea got doxxed, Ollyworld_Shaun went berserk and begun threatening to dox others as well as sending obvious spy accounts to various servers in a fit of rage (despite getting snuffed out fast). He also joined the ED Discord and begun rambling like a madman in an effort to get his lord and savior FanonPedo's page taken down. He also went to Twatter and got ratio'd extremely hard there.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Damien Tran/Damienangrybirds - Some Vietnamese asspie who is best known for being the very sped that came up with his own edition of Bruh, best known as HURB. Its basically "Bruh" but reversed, pretty explaining how much of a lazy fuck Damien is. Another example of his uncreativity would be the fact he still uses the same mind-numbingly retarded Powerpuff Girls pfp made from the character creator, just showing how much of a lazy, untalented and uncreative hack that Azn faggot is.

Former Friends and Allies

Daily routine.
Geoshea and his closet butt-buddies in their secret Discord chambers.
Average battlestation of a Ficreation user.
How Ficreatards communicate to others of their kind.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Chuck Fan Media - Known also as CockFan or CuckFan, Chuck is a 20-year-old manchild from San Jose, California who does nothing but make shitty videos all day and drive everyone insane with his faggy, lispy, autistic and retarded voice. He is a major Geoshea simp and will always defend him no matter what like the truly retarded cocksucker he truly is, thus living up to his nicknames as not only does he simp for a male pedophile who has a 3-inch wang, but Geoshea is a cuck as well.
  • YouTube Favicon.png GoYT - Its been rumored that the first 3 letters of his name stand for GoY, which is what Kikes hate and basically what isn't them. Other than that, he is a massive Geoshea simp who has an obsession with his own Sonichu-esque fusion of both Shrek and Verne the Turtle that he basically uses as a profile picture almost everyday and across all his social media.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Thefunstreamer - A tryhard "mature" loser who tries to be edgy with his Scar profile icon that he uses all the fucking time. This faggot has gotten banned from a few servers after they called him out for defending the pedophilic child groomer Geoshit really was, but the dumbass still kept to sucking Pedoshea's 3-inch-penis. Fucking retard.
  • YouTube Favicon.png FineLime/Noggin Master/TheNogginFanatic - A 15-year-old pansexual nigger faggot from Soviet Canuckistan that jacks off to children's cartoons such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Noggin, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Sprout, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and The Wiggies. His nicknames include: FishLick, FuckLick, FuckLime, FishLime, Noggin Pedo, Child Porn Master and TheNogginPedo. He used to be affiliated with Engel and his goons, till the fucktard suddenly decided that simping for Geoshea was better and begun feeding Geoshea information. This caused the EngelGang to rain hellfire upon that fucking nigger, and now he spends all day sticking to what little he has left: Pedoshea.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Lewmio/Lenny/Geodesi - Used to be one of Geo's enemies, till he went full pedo apologist and joined his side after he got kicked out. What did he do? He treated Ky and xomdjl_ like fucking shit and would complain nonstop while ignoring everyone else. Now that his former friends hated him, he had no choice but to crawl back to Pedoshea like a massive pussy. Also he hates Madness Combat as apparently the fandom treated him like shit.
  • YouTube Favicon.png OisinFan62 - A dim-witted 13-year-old Irish autist who is unusually childish for his age, even for a fucking asspie. This tard frequently rages in all caps and has an annoying obsession with Sailor Moon. When banned from numerous servers because he wouldn’t stop supporting Geoshea, he didn’t take a hint and instead doubled down. What a fucking retard.
  • YouTube Favicon.png BoondockPhilipos - A massive, hypocritical pest figger who has a very bad case of Autism and Mental Retardation. He has an irritating obsession with GTA and the Boondocks and would constantly create new hashtags and add emoji reactions, even to unrelated or minor messages. His grammar is shit, he overuses slurs like some kind of try-hard pindick faggot gangster and is way too clueless for his own good. He also sends death threats, can't take a single ounce of constructive criticism, rages like a boiler, and is always being an attention whore.
  • YouTube Favicon.png malberry - One of Geoshea's simps, didn't really do much other than coping and seething over Geoshea's enemies best known as the Anti-Ficreation Alliance.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Killer Creed/AussieTiger - When Geoshea the faggot watched this disgusting child groomer's videos, he went on an autistic rampage and blacklisted Space Voyager 1701 just for annoying him. He also then proceeded to block Bloodshot Studios and blacklist him all because he enjoyed watching adult content, which is pretty much something Geoshea hates due to being a pedophile and manchild. But back on Killer (Pedo) Creed, this pedophile groomed minors just like Geoshea did and is now attacking randos on YouTube accusing them of being pedophiles to cover up his own degeneracy, similarly to how Pedoshea attacks and harasses children and smart people to prevent others from knowing that he is a pedophile.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Geoshea/Enemies.


Trolling and Criticism

man i wish i had a calmer, healthy hatedom, and not a godawful, toxic one. I FUCKING HATE DRAMA SO FUCKING MUCH THANKS TO KBOS, ENGEL AND THEIR FUCKING GOONS!!!


—Geoshea tard raging after a well-deserved raid

Like most people suffering from severe cases of assburgers, Geoshea is completely and utterly unable to take any form of criticism at all, even constructive criticism. This faggot is extremely afraid to face his past as a Child Porn Fan, being the massive pussy he is. Even though he claims he has matured and improved, he still can't take any amount of criticism in the slightest. He goes batshit at the drop of the hat, hurls death threats at everyone who even so remotely dares criticise him, his retarded friends and equally retarded wikis and ideas, and wants to live in a hugbox where no more BIG MEANIE BULLIEZ!!!1 could call him "Pedoshea" any longer, especially not those pesky Portrocks, Chesspieces, and Hookuais!

How To Troll Geoshea

Geoshea's retarded simps getting butthurt over their pedo king getting what he deserves
  • Spam him the link to his Rule 34/Paheal account.
  • Call him a nigger, spic or any other offensive term.
  • Post offensive memes, they give him PTSD.
  • Dislike bomb and raid his YouTube videos.
  • Go on his Rule 34 artworks to call him a pedophile.
  • Insult him in any way possible.
  • Vandalize his shitty art, preferably blackfacing them and adding racist shit in them.
  • Add him to group DMs together with Engelbash or KBOS, which will give him a nervous breakdown.
  • Mock Autism (he has it).
  • Be slightly offensive in any way possible, he's PC and sanitized to hide his Child Porn.
  • Tell him that he's not the victim at all
  • Mock his shitty fetishes and call him a sick fuck.
  • Reveal his secret bondage fetish in front of everyone.
  • Raid his Discord servers and spam evidence against him via @everyone pings.
  • Spam gore or other politically-incorrect shit.
  • Shittalk him on Twitter and make callouts of him there so he can get cancelled.
  • Inform him that the past is only past the past for things like robbery, drug dealing, etc and not for crimes like pedophilia.
  • Brag about never liking CP and rub it in his face.
  • Tell him to get deported.
  • Call his waifus ahd husbandos ugly.
  • Make fun of him being 20 years old and yet lives with his parents with no job.
  • Be sincere in general; he thinks the truth always hurts.
  • Criticize his hypocrisy of not allowing others to bring up his past but does it to his enemies.
  • Trash his rant video on KBOS.
  • Reveal that he's an illegal immigrant (if only that was true).

Salty Tears

Here is a hilarious gallery of Geoshea, his FORMERfuckbuddies and sex slaves bawling their eyes out after lots of well-deserved criticism that is also constructive criticism at times! Warning: You will cringe of retardness.

Geoshea Joins The Internet

Imagine Greeny Phatom, but far worse.
One of Geoshea's mentally retarded creations, featuring the one and only Geo Guy.

This faggot's legacy started all the way back in December 14th, 2010 where he joined YouTube as the user "geoshea1000100" where he was inspired by various retarded shit like the cartoons he would jack off too 24/7 as a kid and a shitty webseries known as Greeny Phatom. He created an extremely cringeworthy series known as Geo's World, which was basically Greeny Phatom but WORSE. Sooner or later in 2011, FOX would terminate that freak's old YT account with a well-deserved copyright strike. Gabriel would later go on to cope, seethe and then make a new account titled: 2000geoshea. However, that won't be his last account.

One day, the fucker decided to stupidly reveal his password for some reason somehow, and then his enemy known as Ulises Tobar/u231000, the creator of Gree City, which is mostly likely another obscure as fuck webseries or one of the many Greeny Phatom clones; to hack his accounts. Geoshea claimed that Ulises stole and copied his content, though it is very likely that its mostly the opposite happening, considering how much of an unoriginal fuck Gabriel really is. He steals plot elements 24/7 and can barely come up with remotely-passable concepts. Ulises then destroyed the entire channel of godforsaken autism. The butthurt Geoshea got so pissmad that he made a new channel: geosworld2011 on 22nd July 2011. Funnily enough, Gabriel may have been retarded enough to use the same password for his new account, which then got hacked by Ulises yet again. The channel got BTFO and Gabriel cried a thousand tears in his impotent autistic rage. Geo than made a new account: geosworld2012, which he still uses to this very day.

Upon the creation of his new channel, Gabriel started to take a growing interest in Go!Animate/Vyond, user/reaction/opinion videos and more. He later grew to regret that as they were extremely horribly-made. That dumbfuck would later go on and start autistic slapfights with the creator of Earthy's World and frequently participated in wiki edit wars at the Greeny Phatom Wiki. This faggot cannot take any criticism at all (and still doesn't to this very day) and fought a shitton of people over petty shit like their opinions on whatever is the latest autistic rubbish Dreamworks or Disney churns out. He attacked a user named OfficerShrek2013 over his opinion on Wreck-It Ralph, which is such a retarded move.

Carrie Underwood and Creepypasta Games

Geoshea's autistic fantasies all put into a single cartoon team.
Minions.exe in all its glory.

Starting from 2013, the year Geoshit turns 13-years-old and is no longer a fucking kid was the year when his autism got more severe and he begun developing a massive hateboner for the singer Carrie Underwood, and will start fantasizing about hate fucking her 24/7 and thinking she makes shitty music, when he actually didn't even listen to her music at all. That fat faggot went insane and begun spamming her, her fans and many more people who had committed the treacherous sin of "disagreeing with Gabriel Shea Garcia-Delapava" with a shitload of death threats. When he grew up, Geoshea now likes her songs and is kind of a fan of her. Geoshea gets more and more autistic every year, so in 2014 he decided to do something even crazier... Behold, Minions.exe.

Gabriel found some cheap software known as "Game Maker" and begun making a bunch of poorly made creepypasta games, including his most popular and infamous one: Minions.exe. When he posted it online, not only did he get lots of views, but there were shitloads of mean comments as well. The hate comments traumatized Geo so much that he deleted fucking everything and now gets severe PTSD from the crappy games he created. Soon enough, he created something called The Geo Team, which was basically him together with his favorite cartoon characters going on whatever bizarre adventure he can come up with using his only 5 braincells.


In 2015, Geoshit would go on to create his own bizarre Pooh's Adventures wannabe known as MYCUN or better yet as MYCUNT or MYCUM and it stands for MinionsYesCarrieUnderwoodNo. This autistic abomination is a horror beyond words, a freakazoidic fucking freakshow of epic proportions all solely fueled by massive canisters of sheer severe autism provided by some raging sped who has been watching too many fucking cartoons. It is Geoshea's ultimate power fantasy, a self-insert fantasy he most likely created while high on a combination of weed, opioids, drugs and more along with drinking at least 6 entire cans of Duff Beer from The Simpsons. All of his hateboners, loveboners, waifus, husbandos, fantasies, idiotic stolen plots, whatever retarded shit causes him to elicit a slight smile or get his dopamine brain cells pumping out all these endorphins is in it.

This is an (ungodly massive) crossover between The Legend of Zelda, Planet of the Apes, Despicable Me, Coraline Jones, Hoodwinked!, South Park, The Simpsons and many more TV Shows, web series and movies Geoshea whacks off his 3-inch microdick too along with his own shitty fanmade ideas and himself as a blatant self-insert. With stolen plot elements, lackluster, and bland art, it is no surprise that this unoriginal trilogy got severely panned and made fun of.

Sheer, Unfiltered Autism About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Geoshea's Waifus (And Husbandos)

Pedoshea wants to fap to his underaged soulmates in peace, too bad the FBI knows.

Geoshea has a wide assortment of cartoon characters that he's gotten his 3-inch microwang erect too, with most of them being underaged. These characters include Teodora from Legend Quest (13-years-old), Claire Nunez from Trollhunters (17-years-old), and the 14-year-old Hiro Hamada from Big Hero Six. There will be a full list of his waifus and husbandos below and be warned, most are underaged.

  • Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon - Geoshea's current and new mascot. While its likely that she is an adult, there is no doubt Geo may want to fuck her dragon form due to him drawing porn of a mammal and some lizard in the past. In fact, he probably gets off to the idea of her switching between her forms during sex like the satanic hellspawn wretch he is!
  • Claire Nunez from Trollhunters - a 17-year-old girl who looks like a young teen, but these are the kinds of people Pedoshea loves jacking off to.
  • Hiro Hamada from Big Hero Six - When Big Hero Six came out, Geoshea got an autistic obsession with the character Hiro Hamada and would constantly draw fanart of him. Due to being a Bisexual faggot, Geo grew a huge boner for him and then drew him sucking on Bart Simpson's cock in 2019, which received very negative attention. Geoshea called it an overreaction to a "joke", but child porn is no joke, you fucking faggot.
  • Teodora from Legend Quest - A 13-year-old girl from a show called Legend Quest that Geo has thirsted and lusted over for so many months. He is oblivious to the fact that she is only 13 and continues jacking off to her like a fucking freak. But wait, Geoshea is a pedophile!
  • Addie McCallister from The Emoji Movie - The fatass faggot is very thirsty for her, to the point he made a film. It was supposedly a stand-alone spin-off of the shitty emoji movie. Now he is using that concept for a movie called Adventure Academy. The fucking freak posted a shitton of creepy Addie pics, and a majority of the images had Addie bounded and gagged, sometimes with her feet showing. This shows just how fucking sick, disgusting, pedophilic, and perverted FanonMaker, or more accurately FanonPedo really is.
  • Marcella from Legend Quest - Geoshea's second Legend Quest waifu, most likely underaged just like Teodora.
  • Violet Parr from The Incredibles - Gabriel has a massive love for her and would constantly masturbate and jack off to her, often cumming all over the laptop screen whenever she is on-screen or when he is looking at CP of her. Violet is 13, but this doesn't phase Geoshit one bit and only makes him turn on more.
  • Peni Parker from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse - The loli from the Spiderman movie, despite the abundance of hot chicks like Gwen Stacey (she is 19), Geo instead chose the Loli due to being a pedophile. It's just like Ethan Davis all over again.
  • Eilonwy - One of the women that make ChildPornMaker bust his fat nuts.
  • Eris from Sinbad - Another one of the women FanonPedo enjoys whacking his 3-inch cock too.

2019 Child Porn Drama

In 2019, Geoshea together with his fucktarded (now ex-friend) friend, B-Master (Powerword: Andrew St. Germain) started jacking off towards their underaged waifus, most notably Violet Parr from The Incredibles. The two cummed so much it spattered accross their entire fucking rooms and they got so horny the started fantasizing about even more fucked up shit and wanted more underaged porn to jack off to, being the sick fucks they are. Geoshea got sick in the head after jacking off to child porn several and bruising his nuts in the process. A few days later, this pedo faggot hatched a brilliant idea in his feeble mind: Draw child porn of Hiro Hamada, Bart Simpson, Violet Parr, some of his underaged OCs, then drawing porn of himself, two animals, Felonius Gru and the Minions from Despicable Me along with much more.

FanonPedo then posted them in his server and on Rule 34 Paheal, thinking that the people would love his cow shit drawings. When people responded, they called him a faggot, mocked his pedophilic tendencies, trashed the comments sections and called his art trash, which is a fact. Eventually, Gabriel got called out, he dismissed it as a joke, despite CP being fucking illegal. The dumbfuck later threw his fellow pedophilic fucktard B-Master under the bus then tried framing KBOS, like the cowardly pussy he is. However, 7 people decided to raid one of Geoshea's first Discord servers, them being Logomax, Earthsam, EnzoTheGreatWare, Garrett Simmers, Gemaconda, Gary21115 and Geodesi/Lewmio/Lenny. They raided hell on that fucktard and utterly wrecked his server. However while the other 6 stayed awesome, Lewmio however decided to simp for Geo instead after he got into beef with the original gang for making fun of suicide, treating Ky like shit and wrongfully defaming Baby Lamb Creations. As they say, "birds of a feather" flock together, especially fucking tards.

Geoshea Onjohs CP About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Feud with Engelbash


In 2020, Geopedo met some Invader Zim-obsessed freakazoid known as Engelbash who already has a page here documenting the drama he gets into across multiple different social media platforms. With the Fuckdestruction moderation being shit as usual, Engel would go on to make Geonigger's life hell and constantly get into drama. However FanonPedo has the memory of a goldfish, and would forgive Engel over and over again despite the fact that the bunny-raping bitch never learns. More information can be found on Engelbitch's page along with even more lulz and funny shit.

Gabriel Garza VS Tyler Ross Black

Somewhere in late 2020, Geoshea would develop a massive hateboner against another autistic retard known as TylerTristar2IsBack, or Tyler Ross Black. However Tyler is better than sick fuck Pedoshea, as not only is Tyler not a pedophile, but at least he fucking stopped sending death threats and grew up like a normal human being would. The video got dislike-bombed shortly afterwards, which was well-deserved. Geo has now put "DISOWNED" on the video, like a pathetic fucking pussy faggot.

Geoshea's pathetic smear video on Tyler, the original was deleted, but it has now been reuploaded by another user.

The Great Downfall of 2021

This fucktarded faggot deserves it.

After Geoshea's old smart right-hand man left together with the people he bought along to the shitty Ficreation Wiki and Server (and realizing that simping Geoshea was wrong), things started going to hell for Geoshea, especially after he banned 3 massive shitlords known as Rainstorm1650, Landon/Spongetanious/YakkoUsagi and Hookuai/Hookuaie Funnimanne that gave his retarded friends well-deserved whoppings, trollings and beatdowns. When the 3 got banned for turning Fuckdestruction into a better dank meme pit full of politically-incorrect humour, they got fucking pissed and they then proceeded to expose his pedophiliac and nasty behaviors. Landon raided the wiki while Rainstorm and Hookuai begun hunting down his retarded friends on Discord while talking shit about him.

In May, a mysterious Swiss-German known as Sexton 420 begun making Geo’s life hell by sending him threats, spying and stalking him in his grooming chamber server and more. He then reported Geo to the cops, which caused the fat faggot to get so miserable that he closed down two of his shitty servers (grooming chambers soaked in cum) only to delete this third one after Engelbash somehow snuck into it to mass ping every pedo apologist in the server HARD. Geoshea later made a 4th server, and later lived in peace for a while in June, but this was ultimately false hope. The Anti-Ficreation ballooned in size and has now reached up to 200 active members, 500 allies/Geoshea Haters and 1000 to 2000 indirect allies while getting new friends such as hackers, very talented raiders/moles that could rack up thousands of pings within a few hours and more. The First and Second Ficreation Wars were long and tough, but ever since the Third War (7th July 2021), they found out TheVideoKid112 doxxed Geoshit and decided to spread the dox in order to fuck FanonPedo hard.

Geoshea's Dox

You can thank YouTube Favicon.png The Video Kid for leaking it!
The house where this pedo lives in.
The precise spot where his house is since all suburb houses are the same.
From small skirmishes in April to absolute doxxings in July, its no surprise Geoshit has fell HARD.


Geonigger the Sperg About missing Pics
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Tired of your dead-end job on Fuckdestruction?

Join the Majima Corporation today instead to build shit. You even get paid for it and exercise your own fatass.


An average day at the Geo G. Wiki, one of Geoshea's many shitty wikis that he created over many years.
  • Geoshea's penis is only 3 inches long, the same size as GalaxyRailways2199 after it (Alex) took the HRT that shrunk it's penis.
  • He is fat, gay and will die alone.
  • Geoshea is legally considered a pedophile as:
    • He was 20 when he dated KBOS, when she was a fucking minor.
    • He didn't do shit to block her and instead this fucking dumbass enjoyed his erotic roleplays with her.
    • Most if not all his husbandos and waifus are underaged, especially Hiro Hamada and Violet Parr.
    • Who in their right mind jacks off to Minions porn!?
  • His father is a homophobe, but despite that, he didn’t seem to notice about Geo’s Bisexual tendencies, and in addition to that, he’s an absolute moron as he thinks Kbos is a “40 year old man”, despite having no proof to back it up.
  • Geo graduated from high school pretty late due to his autism, now all he does is be a lonely shut-in that sits on his cum-stained computer all day so he can make shitty fanon wiki articles and also jack off to lolis.
  • He speaks with a faggy, autistic lisp like Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes.
  • He cries like an immature baby in a messy diaper very easily due to being a pussy.
  • After Landon, Hookuai and Rainstorm ruined his life, Geoshea now gets severe panic attacks, autistic meltdowns and nervous breakdowns upon seeing offensive memes.

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Sums this shit up well.

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