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This person is dying of terminal old. Please comfort them in their final moments by reminding them they will soon be a rotting corpse that nobody cares about.

George Soros (real name: György Schwartz) is one of the most powerful, richest and corrupt old kikes in the western world and a well known Neoliberal Globalist Capitalist cuckold and godless anti-white (who's ironically white) Oligarch who is the epitome of kikery and far-leftism, going so far as to fund leftist hate groups such as Black Lives Matter and other SJW-supported organizations. Soros is also a popular target for conspiracy theories, where he seems to be behind everything and is apparently a real life supervillain. He was one of the biggest donors of Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign, funding any widespread protests in her favor in the name of the Democratic establishment.

During World War II, Soros collaborated with the Nazis against his own Jewish people, and nearly broke the entire country of Britain by swindling the country's bank. He is known there as "the man who broke the bank of England." He also funded the riots of Ferguson, sent protesters to trigger the Baltimore riots and perpetuates the greedy Jew stereotype. He also funded butthurt protests against The Donald's presidential win and thinks these are going to change the election results, even after the election was well over.

He has been married three times, and divorced twice. His current wife, Tamiko Bolton, is likely getting fucked by other men as he watches. He has been partly responsible for the rise of Antifa (which he funds; he also funds its pedo apologist wing By Any Means Necessary), a group of faggots aimed at trying to bring back communism and anarchism, two ideologies that have failed every time. He has a son, Alex, who will likely inherit the reins when he inevitably kicks the bucket within the next few years.

In a nutshell

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The Open Society

Soros's "think-tank", through which he funnels billions to spread liberal degeneracy comprises a global network called the Open Society Foundations.

The name is a reference to the schemes hatched by (((Karl Popper))) in the mid-20th Century. In his treatise The Open Society and its Enemies, Popper envisioned a civilization with no purpose or destiny, in which no-one conducted any face-to-face transactions and cash had been abolished, rendering the world's population entirely reliant on new communications technology.

Affiliation with US Democratic Party

In 2004, a secret summit of (((billionaires))) took place in Aspen, Colorado. The chairman of the summit was Peter B. Lewis . Attending were Herb and Marion Sandler and (((George Soros.))) The aim of the meeting? Finding ways to weasel round 2002 legislation about political donations, and finding new ways to buy influence with the Democrats.

Tracked to his lair, Soros provided some interesting insights into his political views.

If I want it, I own it.



—The key takeaway from what follows...

I decided the most important thing I could do to foster global open societies was to get Bush out of the White House



—Soros, siding with Bin Laden

[My views] put me at odds, somewhat, with the general public. But I didn’t worry. I am old! I don’t have much to lose. It’s a luxury, a reward for having been successful, that I can now risk that success.


—Translation: "Who cares what the goy think?"

These aren’t normal times. The ends justify every legal means possible.



—Soros, explaining why he is against Bush

Bush was just chosen as a figurehead, an acceptable face for a sinister group, Cheney is the Capo



—Soros, decrying secret political networks

I play by the prevailing rules, and our lawyers said that what we did this year was legally permissible



—So that's OK then

I regard Bush as [a] danger. And I am sure he holds the same opinion of me.



—Even Bush isn't retarded enough to think you're his friend, George

I’ve been trying to exert some influence over our policies, and I hope I’ll get a better hearing under Kerry.



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