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Geoffrey Lenard and Josef Fritzl; The Ultimate Australian Tag-Team



Geoffrey checking out some YOUNG BOYS

Geoffrey Leonard is a prominent Australian pedophile, He was arrested for anally raping devout catholic, William Irvine, (Northern Ireland, Larne) YOUNG BOYS and has since attempted to whore his books, written about 'boy love' to choir boys. He nearly ate the head of a reporter who did a story about him on national TV. He is Australia's most dangerous sex offender, and has admitted to numerous additional sexual molestations of young boys when he got out of prison. These boys will not testify, for fear of him raping them again.

Geoffrey has recently teamed up with renowned sexual predator Laura Egan in an attempt to revive the pedophile ring created by Josef Fritzl in 1999.

He lives at 5 Rosamond St, in Hornsby. Numerous times since his crimes were comitted, this estate has been vandalised by 'lads' gangs, usually by grafitting. Leonard has promised to 'diddle' and possibly rape these boys if they are black persons and he ever catches them.



The dark lord Geoffrey Leonard was born in New Sodom, a suburb in northern Sydney, Australia at least 100 years ago and soon rose to god status.

When he was 10 years old he was chosen as the poster boy for N.A.M.B.L.A (National Australian Man-Boy Love Association) where he was continuously sodomized by the camera man and other N.A.M.B.L.A officials in between photo shoots. When he realized how much he liked it, when at home alone he would stick Star Wars action figures into his anus while singing "High, high above the rainbow". Geoffrey has been known to sniff his own pants.

Geoffrey Leonard was convicted of molesting two boys in 1990 in Australia before Australian law caught up with the rest of the world and passed legislation to make sick fucks register as cool guys. The law was not passed as retroactive, so Geoffrey remains unregistered. This makes him an hero in the pedophile club of Australia. He is also well liked and respected at pedophile support website M.A.K.O.. After his prison sentence Geoffrey moved to Perth, Western Australia, he now lives in the suburb of Langford[sauce plz!?!1!] where various complaints from neighbors have been made about him. During Geoffrey's last interview he described how he was developing a taste for small Asian children.

Remember: He is not not not not not NOT sorry. He makes it a point to strut past his victim's house everyday wearing thick rimmed shades, blue jeans, cowboy boots and a leather jacket with the collar popped. At the time of his conviction Geoffrey was 55. Today he can be found masturbating to /b/ while snorting Viagra and defending his stance that children can be as young as 5 for him to love. Geoffry was interviewed again on the 2/1/10 where he was discussing plans to move near Kenwick primary school to prey on small children.

After eating young boys for breakfast, lunch and dinner Geoffrey was taken into New South Wales Hospital in order to have a Gastric Bnad placed in his stomach. Luckily Geoffrey when woken the next morning was surrounded with girfts and money and also the nurses treated him to a young boy. He is now living digesting smaller batches of young boys fluids.

Geoffrey Leonard now has an Official Fanclub Geoff's Fanclub

Quotes of Geoffrey Leonard

"I have not, not, not... NOT-"


—Ol' Geoff on The RAPE

"You... you are a shithouse!"


—Our boy Geoff on people who aren't 13 year old boys



—Geoff trying to make friends

"They're about all sorts of things.. they're about MOLESTING YOUNG BOYS. HOW TO DO IT... Ahhhh"


—Geoff contradicting himself about having not, not, not... NOT doing the rape

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