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When God is pissed off, good things usually happen

Genocide is the particularly lulzy act of systematically eliminating an entire race of people because they smell funny and talk different than you. Genocides have been a prominent part of human history since the dawn of man, with many different peoples and races having been targeted over the years, most notably the Jews, who are perpetually hunted down by the rest of humanity due to the fact that they are Jews. It should be noted that since nothing is more American than killing people that are different than you, large scale Genocide is by default the most patriotic act one can do.

Notable Genocides Throughout Human History

Genghis and crew doing what they do best

  • Sodom and Gomorrah- Not surprisingly enough, God was the mastermind behind the second major genocide, when he wiped out the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were full of filthy Arab who enjoyed looking at Goatse a little too much.

  • Carthage- The Roman's finally got tired of Hannibal's lulzy trollage of them and enacted an Operation Final Solution that resulted in the Carthaginians being curb stomped out of existance and the history books.

  • The Mongols- Genghis Khan and company often went for the high score by raping entire nations out of existance. After the Mongols smashed through the Great Wall and were buttfucking the city of Peking, a terrified mother asked Genghis why he was doing all this as he ate her children. His only response was "for the lulz," making him one of the earliest pioneers of trolling.

Lulzy Conquistadors trolls doing what they do best--killing Injuns for Gold and converting them to Christ for the good, old Catholic church!

Notice the one with his mouth wide open. The Turks were also hardcore necrophiliacs

Cherokee "Monkeys"...Cherokee "Apes", So proud to breed, so proud to DIE! Spread your flu-pox on them Injuns, they got no immunity, watch them get sick and die.

  • Aborigines/Black War- Not much to say here that hasn't already been said much betterer Aboriginal.

Some Khmer soldiers with a souvenir from the massacre

  • China- China holds the highest score for killing people, with numbers between 49-78,000,000,

because of Mao Ze-Dongs batshit insane policies. Ironically, the PRC still exists when perpetrators of smaller genocides do not.

  • Cambodia- The Khmer Rouge, led by the famous rapper Pol Pot, finally got sick with all the nation's Buddhists constantly rambling about enlightenment and decided to take a little initiative by setting the entire country on fire, together with brother #2 Nuon Chea, killing 25% of population. When in doubt, flame out.

It's like Jonestown in here! Lots of black bodies lying everywhere! Good food for the vultures!
  • Rwanda- What was that one movie where that one black actor had to save all those people from a gruesome death, putting his own life on the line and shit and being an total hero? Oh yeah I remember now, it was Snakes on a Plane.

  • DRC- The various factions of the Democratic Republic of Congo were able to briefly unite under the banner of hatred for the Pygmy people, an adorable race of tiny niggers who live in little mushroom houses and ride around on squirrels. Apparently the DRC was pissed off at the Pygmy's because they kept sneaking into people's houses mud huts at night and stealing their underwear.

  • Darfur- The current cause of all hipsters and scenefags who want to look like they actually care about something worthwhile. Unfortunately since autonomous Darfur, populated with color people, is in the Sudan and the Sudan is in Africa that makes the whole shenanigan worthless. Try again fags.

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