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Old-man-at-computer.jpg Although not inaccurate, this page was written by a bunch of Baby Boomers.

You can help by waiting for when they all fucking die.

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Not to be confused with Gen Zed

Jessi Slaughter serves as a prime example of Gen Z.

Generation Z is the cohort of people spawned from 1997 to 2012, although many argue this cancerous generation began in the mid to late 1990s. Using this starting range can often bring severe butthurt and lulz as many Z-fags try to deny their connection to what will probably grow up to be the worst generation on record.

Scratch that, these sensitive snowflakes can't top the Baby Boomers, their older cousins, or even Japanese basement men.

Generation Z is infamous for being atismoo-filled smartphone zombies, addicted to infantile subversive social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and numerous others. They are the most autistic generation in histor- no, THE most autistic generation in history - and the most freakishly lame and frightened one at that; if WW4 broke out tomorrow, atismoo Gen Z'ers, mad-max Millennials and demented arthritic Baby Boomers would be mostly destroyed.

They host to a shameful majority of the tumblrina cunts who get triggered over the slightest offensive word, like "Sodomy" (which means buttsecks or its kin, which sterile Gen Z'ers love), as well as supreme gentlemen such as Nikolas Cruz, a chimped-out nobody sperg who never scored throughout his shameful autistic lifetime, eventually figured the only way he could ever score was by throwing an autistic temper tantrum where he flipped his apeshit and killed 17 of his classmates with an AR-15, after catching an Uber to school that morning. Many have pinned Gen-Z as "Millennials on Steroids," poisoned by vaccines, heavy metals and junk food diets given to them by the gub' and their pathetic, soft Baby Boomer parents, and they aren't far off.

Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.



It should be noted that on the Internet, people in their 20s and early 30s often use "millennial" as an insult for "those kids these days who don't remember nor upload the opening logos of old VHS tapes," not realizing they are in fact millennials themselves.

As usual, millennials proved themselves to be supremely retarded when they decided that, instead of making up a single new word to shit on the next generation (such as replacing the word "intelligence" with "lit" to subverse every new dictionary being produced, which they actually did do)...

...they'd just reuse the term "millennial" and try their damndest to retroactively define it as "person born around or after the millennium." Then they give Gen Z'ers various bubblegum-pink confections, from pastries to cakes to trifles, alongside rosy golden doughnuts, cheesecake bars and baubles. Millennials might also offer aqua-blue pasta, popcorn and even sea-tinted cheese to their younger cousins as generation celebration gifts!

At least those three aforementioned colors, pink, gold, and blue, are still much better than gray fudge squares or charcoal-tinted ice cream. What do all these celebratory generation foods have in mind? Diabeetus.

Background & characteristics

Girl actually drinking bleach.jpg

Members of Generation Z were born between the years 1997-2012 and represent a quarter of the population of the United States. Despite being majority white, more shitskin races make up a part of this generation than any generations before it, resulting in massive problems for immobilised, ANTIFA-ruled Dumbfuckistan in the long run. Gen Z'ers have become very weak useless eaters and many aren't able to save what few regions are left of America that aren't some type of real-life Mad Max region.

The majority of the generation were the spawn of Generation X and some Baby Boomers, although several Millennials got laid and spawned some Z-tards so their offspring could attend soccer practice and some subversive infantile weekly activities. It is this aspect that demonstrates exactly why Gen Z is one of the most decadent - and subversive - generations of all time. This generation is plagued by extreme debt, severe medical/neurological deficits, environmental degradation, lethargy, exhaustion, bad parents, snowflake sensitivity, stagnant scientific innovation, and bleak job opportunities (as robots, Mexicans, and curry niggers take away our jobs EN MASSE as more than 96% of the U.S. population is very much like a character from Freaky Eaters, like Victor Munoz or the ice cream bar addict.)

If you think us millennials had it hard, most of these snowflake crybabies weren't even around for an imperialistic, pre-9/11 world before the one-world dictatorship began. This aspect of being born after the initiation of the great decline of the West has, especially amongst white people, ensured a culture of fear, emotional subversion and pussification inculcated the youth.

Being the most conservative generation, more Z-tards go to church than any generation since the WW2-era gen, as to give them some of Jehovah's wisdom before WW4 is fully implemented in YankWorld. Not that this means jack shit with regard to liberalism, since the only growth (at least in the US) occurred in "unaffiliated" or "Non-Christian" faiths. Yikes. Read it for yourself, faggot.

Gen Z has much lower teen pregnancy rates, stemming from the fact that they practice degenerate sexual activities like fellatio, buttsecks, and anal sex, even at young ages. The politically-correct media also kindly encourages mass debating, gender-grinding and buttsecks in children through mobile apps, drag queen/ drag king story hours, and the Californian hit, "Queer Kids" TV show. Gen Z-Tards are also getting really sterile from all that fluoridated water/toothpaste, SAD-diets, sugar, Pink Guy Disease, chem trails, lycra suits, and of course, heavy metals.

They are less likely to take drugs, because they're somehow 'wise enough' to resist snorting some Mexican heroin syringes offered to them by illegal aliens, yet dumb enough to eat laundry detergent and take a dump on the street because "it's fun to poop on streets!" without considering the moral/penal consequences of using the sidewalks as a loo (even while they can still use water toilets, before those get outlawed too by environmentalists for "wasting water", thus making them drink sewage water.)

They are even less likely to graduate due to schools becoming even more prison-like, militaristic, Mao-style and no longer tolerating Pepe memes, real research, scientific documents, or anything else that triggers fucking anyone. They are statistically the most educated generation as 30~50% of them end up going to college; however, they usually take useless classes like Women's Studies, Social Jackassery, Marxism, Maoism, Multiculturalism, or going to Art School to get a phony job on DeviantArt, Etsy, or other digital jackassery site to sell vintage Fire Emblem potholders.

Thus, their economic viability is VERY diminished compared to previous generations. Modern colleges enforce a strict brainwashing doctrine of Social Justice, resulting in MILLIONS of Trigglypuff/Pink Guy clones.

They are THE generation resistant to Marxism, Leftism, Alt-Leftism/Weeabooery, Islam, and Joblessness the most. A staggering percentage listen to shit music, sloppily dye their hair bizarre and extreme colors, give themselves EXTREMELY wacky hair-doo's like Laid-Back or Tons o' Braids, embrace freakish degenerate cultures like the Furry/Brony fandom, Chans, Dumblr culture, MGTOW, and more.

Many of the girls appropriate primitive degeneracy such as twerking. They have ruined the internet with all these cancerous memes of the sadistic 2010s decade. Some of the biggest celebrities embraced by the generation include such trash as: Ke$hit, Justin Bieber who sings like he's missing a nut (and is actually supposed to be "Justine"), Nicki Minaj, House Kardashian, and other retarded, ignominious filth.

Despite the rampant snowflake-ish neoteny on display, there is a shocking rise in early sexuality, despite how sterile and Atismoo-filled Gen Z is. It's not uncommon for children as young as 8~10 and even toddlers aged 3-4 to perform sexual activities, which is celebrated and glorified by the corporate liberal media who claim that young, sexually immature children are clam shells of energy in different forms, whose energy can be transferred to a host clam shell thru ButtSecks (which eventually gives 'em AIDS and Special Snowflake Syndrome).

The process of Corporate Pedophilia, where corporations market sex to younger and younger youth, has faced little opposition from the Pink Guy'd degenerate masses of society. Clothing keeps getting uglier and uglier, with Silicon-Valley's shitty Bauhaus-style clothing, Flat Design T-Shirts, two-toned pants made by mentally-deficient Gen Y minimum wage slave workers in Uranus. (At least those millennials have jobs!)

Many teenage girls (and even tweens) nowadays wear micro-shorts or skirts; it's like they barely even put on anything at all. Most of the girls buy into trash such as Diabeetus-loaded Starbucks, Hindu yoga, Yoga Pants and more. They are the result of hyper-sexualization, occultism, and dissolution of youth.

It's a common expression that Baby Boomers had an attention span of 5 minutes to spare; Millennials and Gen Z will grant only 5 seconds. Gen Y and Gen Z have baseline talent, since America's cheerfully plastic 1950's-style culture, good arts like Realism, and good books that weren't written/edited/changed by Millennials with jumbo Crayola crayons, now are almost completely obsolete. That is why Vine, Snapchat, Periscope and other idiotic millennial-made apps are so popular with the highly autistic youth of today.


Owing to the increasingly chaotic world, the destruction of moral fiber and family values, the skyrocketing costs of real estate and education, the infantilization of the youth, sexual deviancy and feminism, the future for Gen-Y & Gen-Z looks bleak. It is rather likely that divorce will reach its highest levels yet throughout the duration of Gen Z's adulthood. They will be able to afford fewer resources than previous generations and families will be much tougher to create and maintain. The possibility of World War 3 is the highest it's been since the height of the Cold War. In short: Everyone under 40 is fucked; especially the newfags.

Generation Zyklon/Homelander

Not all of the generation is made up of marxist hipster freaks like Millennials. There exists an ever growing number of teenagers, mostly male, going MGTOW or Neo-Nazi/Fascist. This generation had to grow up in the fucked up commie hippie experiments and ideas of the boomers, and due to the cultural norm being leftism and Political Correctness, not only is it cool to be literally Hitler, but at least a quarter of the generation is fully sympathetic to the idea of fascism and right-wing authoritarian extremism due to the communist ideological nonsense they were raised in. In short, they prefer an idealized past (that never really existed) framed by fascist losers to any future.

Musical taste

The following video gallery demonstrates some of the most popular music of this generation. Yes, they actually fucking listen to this shit. Do you get it at all? Neither do we.

Yes, this shitty song got 200+ million hits.

And this one got over 3 billion.

By some miracle, almost the entire world has listened to this.

This shit has it's own subculture.

Gen Z's music literally sounds like shit.

They'll probably listen to this shit, unironically.


Nowadays, The Onion is an authentic news source.
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Gallery of gayness

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Notable fags


  • ZFags: Think that Greedo shot first.
  • ZFags: Likes Episode 1~3, and hates 4~6.
  • ZFags: Can't Triforce
  • ZFags: Gave us those shitty MS-Paint reaction face comic meme abominations.
  • ZFags: Have an average attention span of only 5.138 seconds; hence why Vine is so popular.
  • ZFags: The girls commit their first sexual act at age 12 8, and suck 37 dicks by the time High School rolls around. They only suck off Chad though, as usual.
  • ZFags: Transition from boy to girl at the age of 8. Or wear makeup.
  • ZFags: Are feminist, non-binary gender, genderfluid, dragon-seal-walrus otherkin.
  • ZFags: Will have heart attacks from any MRA / Alt-right / Neonazi.
  • ZFags: Need their own Safe Space / hugbox due to inability to accept differing opinions or critique.
  • Zfags: Are pretty much Millennials on steroids.

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YouTube, Grindr, Tinder, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.. A bunch of shitty, dumbed down social networking apps, mostly used by Zfags.

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