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This article may cause you to facepalm, because Crazy Creationist Troll is Crazy. Feel free to 'Send Him to the God He Wishes he Knew'.

Meet Queerup

Geerup (aka "The Thinking Man's Yokeup") is a fundie creationist Christard and an acolyte of VenomfangX. His style is somewhat different from his fellow Young Earth Creationist brothers though, as he neither appeals to your emotions nor does he try to convince you with "philosophical argumentation". Instead, he just angrily yells at you. Yep, It's like watching Bill Bixby on the verge of hulking out during an episode of "The Courtship of Eddie's Father".

Geerup is an endless pit of impotent, psychotic rage that is endlessly refueled by the atheists stubborn refusal to be his impotent, psychotic rages.

His Lord and Savior: VenomfangX

What's even stranger than his irrational belief that people can be converted to his religion by watching him flail and scream liek a virgin with rage is his creepy, sycophantic devotion to someone half his age. Geerup, a grown man, is the disciple (and toady) of a little boy who barely has a single pube between his legs. Though, maybe Geerup wants to be sexually dominated by a pre-pubescent chipmonk. Back in mid 2009 when Venomfang "left YouTube FOREVAH", he handed the VenomfangX channel over to his most loyal bootlicker, thus giving Geerup an (undeserved) audience for his second-rate drivel.

Their 'Relationship' in a Nutsack

You May think I'm exaggerating about the level of barely sublimated homoerotic subtext between these two flaming closet cases....but I'm not.


What's sadder than the backwards mentor/student dynamic of the Geerup/Venomfang relationship is that Geerup has copied all of Venom's flaws without acquiring any of Venom's dubious virtues:

  • Venom is condescending, yet charismatic.
  • Geerup is condescending and unlikable.
  • Venom is irrational but entertaining
  • Geerup is irrational and insanely boring.
  • Venom hides his contempt behind smarmy attempts at befriending his foes.
  • Geerup throws his contempt into sharp relief by attacking his allies.
  • Venomfang tries desperately to make you like him
  • Geerup wants to make you emit a death rattle
  • Venom thinks he's Jesus
  • Geerup doesn't know he's Judas

AronRa Spanks Geerup

Geerup started his YouTube career as the New VenomfangX by attempting to debunk the Ida fossil. Throughout this series he tried desperately to seem calm and rational, but pretending to be calm and rational has no effect on whether or not your ideas are bullshit or not. At every step of the way, he was pwned by AronRa, who is an educated brain hiding inside the body of a Klingon Biker. It greatly amplified the absurdity of the exchange that he was being soundly debunked by a guy who looked like a cross between Glenn Danzig and Lemmy Kilminster.

And then, Geerup's sister got in on the act by pretending to be AronRa. Yes, of course, Geerup has a sister. How else is the Geerup bloodline going to be continued without a sister for Geerup to make babies with?


  1. May 31st Ida Know - AronRa tries to explain the Ida fossil hype. Naturally, Geerup fails to grasp the problem.
  2. July 9th Ida done better - AronRa corrects some drooling idiocy on Darth Geerup's part.
  3. July 12th Ida met the challenge - Part 1 of AronRa's pwnage of Geerup's first Ida vid.
  4. July 13th Ida met the challenge too - Part 2 of AronRa's pwnage of Geerup's first Ida vid.
  5. July 14th Ida met the challenge again - AronRa tries to educate the unteachable.
  6. July 28th Geerup's Terrible Lizard Classification - Geerup tries to (snort) subtly change the meaning of the word "lizard"; because his attempt to change the meaning of the word "primate" worked out so well. Yet Again, AronRa sends him back to school. Remedial classes that is.

"Just as Science Predicted, and your Superstition can't Dismiss"


—-- AronRa, summing up why Geerup Fails.

PCS1 Returns, Geerup rendered obsolete and redundant again

Unfortunately for him, Geerup's moment in the sun was short-lived and cut short when the original VenomfangX came back and reclaimed his channel (and all his subs), forcing Geerup to slink back into the shadows of his former pointless irrelevance.

Geerup and The DMCA

Up until recently, Geerup supported the DMCA. He saw it as yet another glorious +5 Holy Avenger Weapon that the truly righteous followers of the One True Jesus could wield to punish the wicked, filthy atheists and evolutionists. Somebody then decided to file a DMCA on him and Geerup became a dictionary definition of "whining bitch".

Geerup, the oppressed victim fails at humility


Notice how, even when he comes to us with his hat in his hand, asking for help, he can't suppress the urge to be a douchetastic pompous asshat!


The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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