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Created sometime around last thursday, this meme made its way onto 4chan in the form of an advertisement from a lost time where gay jokes were apparently taboo. Featuring two kids, the first kid is apparently shocked and appalled his adversary has exactly double the payload he is toting. The reason? Why, they're skinless of course. But even so, this shouldn't be shocking. After all, the kid on the left is apparently a retard; most normal people understand he has the classic expression of the red-headed (and hence possessor of straaaange powers) ginger quiz kid who might have gotten his face shoved in and his glasses knocked off by a Leave it to Beaver bully, but eventually won the respect of the top bully by teaching him something that came in handy.

Due to this occurrence, about 9001 renditions have been made regarding this meme.

Historical Origins

Bill's Wiener.
As far as most hot dogs are concerned, these aren't as bad for you tbh.

The ad itself is actually made by a now-dead company called Skinless Wieners. Truly, they were going for originality here. Anyway, little is actually known about this company, though there tends to be one common theme to their ad: kids fucking loving their wieners. It should be noted that most of these ads were created in the 1940's and 1950's in good ol' Americunt, where there was an absence of sugar and where wearing a sweater vest and mowing a lawn were considered fun activities.

The original purpose of this company was to get the American public to buy war bonds, bacon-flavored war bonds, to beat the skin-eating Huns into submission, because everyone knows that's cannibalism in some form or another. Their fist ad (what this article is about) was no different - read the bottom if you don't believe me, faggot, or check out the little "V" badge on his Jugghead-esque hat.

Other ads didn't fare much better, attempting (but failing) to capture the innocence of American culture. It's pointless to chase an illusion.

But, how do they make skinless wieners, you ask? Well, check it out:


In the production of wieners, the ground meat product (consisting mainly of intestinal gut) is first forced, in a relatively fluid state, into the tubular cellulose casing, after which the casing is tied into wiener-length sections and then passed through an oven for the curing or treating step. Skinless wieners are produced by treating them with an acid at a pH not more than 4 prior to cooking and subsequent processing. The acid can be sprayed over the wiener sections as they pass through a spray hood prior to entering an oven, and is preferably edible. The acid treatment causes a skin to be formed on the wiener product under the artificial casing which enhances the chewiness of the wiener and improves the peelability thereof. The oven may or may not include an atmosphere of smoke. After heating, the wiener product is cooled and chilled and the casing is removed and the wiener units are then separated and packed.




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