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Gay rape is a stimulating hobby that faggot shit-stabbers enjoy. The 3 rules of this popular and lighthearted game are very simple, they are:

  1. The person committing rape must be gay.
  2. The person being raped must be straight.
  3. The person being raped must have no prior knowledge of the fact that they are going to get raped.

Gay rape is not to be confused with queer bashing. Or gay faggots having dirty bumsex with each other.

Gay rape was invented in 1782 by bored gay people in the back streets of London, England, and soon spread across the whole of Europe and then Murka. It was estimated in a 2011 watchdog report that as of November 2010 93.5% of all males on the planet have been raped by a gay. Judging by this data they say that if you are male and you haven't been raped by a gay faggot yet you almost definitely will be in the next two weeks. There are no statistics for female gay rape as all woman love having sex with each other all of the time and thus they break the 2nd and 3rd rules of gay rape.

Here is a popular site for people who practice Gay Rape:,0,0,0,0

His first gay sex.jpg

Famous Gay Rapists

There are many famous gay rapists. The fact-based documentary South Park recently exposed George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg as gay rapists, repeatedly raping Harrison Ford in his role as Indiana Jones.

Photographic evidence

See the evidence on Youtube

Other famous gay rapists include:

Simon Cowell grooming his next victim
Here we see WWE commentator Micheal Cole being raped by a wrestler.

Richard Nixon

Known as the "Daddy" in Gay Rape circles here we see Nixon with one of his many terrified victims.

Interestingly, ex president Richard Nixon was famed for raping all new male members of his political party, his one light witticism being "I will rape you till you bleed".

There are times when Gay Rape is necessary. I know that. When you have a black man in a suit, or a chink that speaks English



—Richard Nixon expressing his views on the need for Gay Rape

The Queen

The Queen, A Fan of Gay Rape
Prince Phillip, expert gay rapist, paedophile and General in Satan's army.
Gay Rape Failure Prince Charles with his lover
I wonder if they ever knew how close they came to getting anally pounded by Prince Charles

Head of the notoriously satanic, child murdering, Windsor Family, the queen of England is a tremendous gay rape enthusiast and facilitator and it has often been recorded by house maids and other reliable sources at Buckingham Palace that the Queen enjoys setting up gay rape scenarios with her husband Prince Phillip and watching it. It is said that she grins manically while smoking a cigar and sniffing her fingers, whispering quietly to herself “there’s a good little girl, shhhh, there’s a girl.

It is said by the same sources that tension arouse when her first born son the Prince of Wales refused to rape the Beatles in 1965 when they came to the palace to receive their MBE’s. The Queen is said to have beaten the Prince of Wales to a pulp over the incident. One source from the Palace quoted the Queen as having said "It’s not that Charles doesn’t want to, he does, he just can’t invoke the fear and physical dominance necessary to make a grown man cry and in my book if there aren’t tears then it’s just love making"


You'll like it, not a lot but you'll like it.



—British Magician Paul Daniels before raping a subordinate

I pity the fool.



—Mr. T after being raped by Gay spokesman Hulk Hogan

Don't rape too many Asians, you'll end up all slitty eyed



—Prince Philip praising Asian gay rape tollerance

At the Carter Center we work with victims of Gay Rape, and we give support to Gay Rapist heroes.



—Ex President Jimmy Carter

I like to give em flaps on their arses.



—Strong Man Geoff Capes at the 1981 strongest man competition.

The seal of approval

After being raped the victim is branded by the rapist with a red hot iron, a permanent burn mark is there forever as proof of the gay rape incident. Gay rapists take pride in their 'symbols'.

GAY RAPE FACT: If you ever meet anybody with any form of skin branding be sure that they have been raped by a gay.
Example of Gay Rape Branding, this particluliar gay rape symbol belongs to Simon Cowell and is a prized posession by many would be faggots engaged in faggotry

It is advised by all medical establishments that people wishing to avoid gay rape should endeavor to have themselves branded in this fashion and pretend that they were raped already. Then if somebody tries to rape you you can laugh and tell the 'would be' rapist that you have already been buggered senseless by somebody else. However it is only polite in Gay Rape circles that the failed victim then rape the 'would be' rapist in the mouth.


Here we see a terrified Welshman protecting himself against Gay Rape by getting his girlfriend to brand his ass for him.

Some faggots resist being branded so that they can be raped multiple times.

Goatse and AIDS

Some people are raped so badly that they end up with severe Goatse. Another benefit of Gay Rape is that it cures AIDS, unless you are a black chocolate man.

Legal Requirements

Some Pigs eating a "Hobbled" law breaker in Switzerland

It is illegal in the British Isles and most of Europe to attempt gay rape if you are not actually gay. The punishment for attempting gay rape or actually succeeding at gay rape in the poo pipe of a man if you are straight is to be hobbled. The hobbled criminal is then fed to pigs. This isn’t the case in Murka where it is assumed by all Murkans that all men are gay anyway.

Where it happens

Prison Rape

The relaxing and enjoyable game of Gay Rape is very popular amongst criminals in prison. It has come into common usage to refer to rape of inmates by other inmates, and less commonly to the rape of inmates by staff, or the rape of staff by inmates. Rape of corrections officers by inmates almost exclusively occur in the shower rooms. Rape committed in prison is thought to be more about practicing the art of Gay Rape for when the criminal returns to society. The experience of rape almost always is reported to hurt the hole found inbetween the buttocks that is more commonly known as the ass hole or shit tube. This is because the act of Gay Rape involves the raping of said hole. Psychologically worse than regular violence, the game of Gay Rape has the added benefit of allowing the rapist to dominate others socially therefore a lot of inmates take up the game and use Gay Rape to dominate other inmates. Somewhat like being good at chess or poker and using the skill to gamble and win luxury items.

In 2001, Human Rights Watch estimated that at least 6,000,000 inmates in the United States had been raped while incarcerated, and there is a significant variation in the rates of prison rape by race. Just Detention International estimate that young men are five times more likely to be attacked because they have tight hoops and that the prison rape victims are ten times more likely to be cured of any STD's they may have had prior to incarceration.

All prisoners in Great Britain are raped before breakfast by the visiting upper classes. This is known as 'taming the masses' and was introduced into British prisons in the late eighteen hundreds by petitioning headmasters from Eton and Cambridge universities, the idea being that the privileged students could hone their Gay Rape skills on working class criminals. This allowed the ruling class to kill two birds with one stone: putting the fat-tongued working class in their place, or 'taming the masses', and giving the furture ruling class an advantage in an important and socially respected art form. This explains why some of the best gay rapists are upper class Brit fags.

Here is a video of some horrible Niggas talking about the ins and outs of playing Gay Rape.

In the Animal Kingdom

Gay Rape is a cross species phenomena. here we see a Chimpanzee raping a frog, this Chimpanzee is obviously somewhat of a connoisseur deciding to rape the frog in the mouth as opposed to the frogs shit pipe; major frog lulz:

Dolphins are notorious sex pests and are some of the best Gay rapists in the animal kingdom. Footage of Dolphin rape is so disturbing that it can't even be shown on the zionist propaganda and kiddie porn website Youtube

So here is some shark rape instead:

The Guinness book of world Records

The Gay Rape Powerhouses and Comedy Duo Little and Large, Perhaps the best there ever was, is or will be!

Funny man Cyril Mead (left) better known as Sid Little, from the Former comedy double act Little and Large, holds the world record for "most Gay Rape victims in one night", that number being 235. He accomplished this amazing feat while entertaining the annual meeting of the British-paedophile-magnet-youth organization: "the Boys Brigade" at Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire England in 1986, much to the delight of its senior members...

His comedy partner Edward McGinnis or Eddie Large, another firm and dedicated gay rapist, was upset and jealous of Cyril saying: "It's not fair. Kiddies don't count!".

Gay Rape Gone Wrong

Many people when they first attempt a Gay Rape make the foolish mistake of murdering their victim. This isn't very sporting and should really be avoided.

Here is a good example of a failed Gay Rape, it's probably the worst Gay Rape I've ever seen. The rapist makes the classic mistake of murdering his victim before raping him.

Other things that can occur as a result of poor Gay Rape practice are fartleberries, dangleberries, clangers, cling ons, raging berries, blood orange hoop, hecklescakes, buttnuggets, japs eye chaffing and stink eye.

Arse candles and fuck nuts are to be avoided.

Hone your skills

Here is an educational video of how to successfully execute a gay rape.

A Classic redneck gay rape:


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