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Notable trollery

The Internet, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Ring Musculaturus II. Its mission: to explore strange new networks, to seek out new troll targets, to boldly go where no troll organization has gone before.

If a web app has the ability to take user input and regurgitate it for public viewing the odds are that it has been used as a trollery glory hole by the GNAA. They have countless crapfloods under their belt, and over two million unique visitors have been referred to their trademark shock site Last Measure.

Freenode IRC Spam Attacks

In early January 2010, GNAA VP of Operations Rucas embedded Javascript into Last Measure which would cause visitors using the Mozilla Firefox web browser to connect to Freenode and spam arbitrary messages. This was used to great effect by spamming links to Last Measure, whereby unsuspecting users would visit the links and send out spam, thereby getting banned themselves, and further propagating the attack. More technical details of this attack, and a more in-depth view of its effects, are available at Firefox XPS IRC Attack. This attack also lead to the formation of the GNAA's own security research firm, Goatse Security.

Slashdot/Xanga Crossruin

The GNAA was birthed as a Slashdot troll organization. In late 2004, the GNAA put together a cross-site scripting worm for Xanga, the weblogging service popular among asian trustfund sluts. They leveraged this power to implant hundreds of thousands of iframes in the weblogs of unsuspecting asian girls. The target of these iframes? A HTTP GET to Slashdot's search function, exploiting the programmatic replacement of characters which may be used for sql injection to do a SELECT *. Combine this with the comment table which had more than 4GB-- the limit at the time for key caching in mysql-- and you got an actual whole table read for every single iframe. Result: complete and total destruction of Slashdot.

Wikipedia, YHL

GNAA userboxes

Osama bin LadenThis user thinks Osama bin Laden is was the GREATEST MAN ALIVE.

^_^This user eats dog

hateThis user hates you and everyone you care about

hateThis user is a Template For Hate

pedoOMG!!! This user has been attracted to underage females while not underage himself! This user should be banned!

HighInBC, payback's a bitch isn't it? Nevar forget
09:05 &poko: funny how four little letters cause wikipedia to shit their drawers


Wikipedians shit themselves every time the GNAA is mentioned. Since more time is devoted to reverting the GNAA's edits than to writing new material, Wikipedia is doomed to being trolled forever. The GNAA article has now been put up for a vote for deletion more than any other article on Wikipedia. It has been nominated for deletion a World Record 22 times. Finally, it was deleted on the eighteenth nomination, even though a consensus had not been reached. [2] Not only that, Wikipedia article on GNAA was nominated as featured article candidate, however for some reason it did not achieve featured article status. [3]

Some dumb bitch in #wikipedia said that the GNAA should be shut down with the USA's Patriot Act. Thankfully the assembly of Gayniggers is multinational and no longer vulnerable to the actions of a single country. With the advent of enterprising Gayniggers springing up in over a hundred countries around the world, organizations like the GNAR have recently gained large membership bodies.

Rklawton doesn't like it when you use freely licensed images however you please: [1]. Why did you upload it under a free license anyway?

Wikipedians who have left due to the GNAA

Wikipedians who have yet to leave

Wikipedians on the GNAA


16:59:01 < MuZemike> Whatever. Congratulations, GNAA. You won.


I have been a Wikipedian for a year now, and because the GNAA will obviously not stop at anything to see my removal from this site, I have decided to retire. I wish the project the best of luck.



I don't feel that we've blocked someone who could ever be a productive user. We must ask ourselves: will he go on to be productive, or will he go on to participate in low-level trolling (for example, trying to get the picture heading the 'virginity' article to the front page)? I cannot support an unblock for a user who takes delight in describing Jimmy Wales as a "babyrapist... a bald, worthless narc and a boldfaced liar-turned-power hungry manchild" - even if they did so in jest. He abuses Wikipedians he is in conflict with off-wiki and described two prominent editors as a 'pedophile' and a 'Jewish cripple'. Is this really someone who we want to let loose, even after a few months?


The Cavalry, on the block of LiteralKa

Offensive to Blacks, this article does nothing to improve the encyclopedia, is a self-reference because the group was founded specifically to troll Wikipedia and other prominent websites, and it brings Foundation officials, editors, and projects into disrepute, risking funding and credibility. All previous reasons to keep this abomination should be disregarded because per WP:IAR it does not improve the encyclopedia in any way, but damages it in the several ways specified.


WPFavicon.png Selery

GNAA representative "trogg" posing as David Blaine in front of the Lincoln Center in New York during his Drowned Alive stunt.

Pissing off Apple hipsters

  • JesuitX leaked screenshots of OS X 10.4 Tiger a few days before its release. As the leak came from the GNAA, countless battles on forums erupted over whether or not the screenshots were genuine.
  • GNAA trolled basement-dwelling Apple hipsters yet again, releasing a BitTorrent ISO of a supposed x86 version of OS X shortly after the announcement that Apple would be switching to Intel hardware. Tens of thousands flocked to download the torrents only to find that their new warez merely booted an image of hello.jpg. Coverage of the hoax in old media sources like major newspapers, CNN, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGawker, and G4 may mark the first instance of the word "goatse" being mentioned on cable television.

*chan deaths

The GNAA has historically brought absolute ruin to countless chans, even killing 4chan[4] and bringing endless suffering to moot. He eventually filtered "GNAA" to "RIAA" in some bizarre way to battle spam, and to this day instabans users who link to GNAA-made web app Last Measure. This is all largely due to the 100% faggot userbases of said anime boards, and later proven to remain true on similar entity ponychan.

Clarification: We were targeted by a spambot advertising the very... elegantly named 'Gay Angel Association of America'*. They really clogged up the site which made dealing with these threads an extremely slow affair.


—*filtered because bronies hate free speech

Aspie fanboy fgtz

To the dismay of many Harry Potter fans, the GNAA were the initial propagators of The Great Dumbledore Dies Meme of 2005. They also released a fake copy of Half-Blood Prince on BitTorrent a couple weeks before the book's release. It was filled with goatse and pain series. Result: the greatest hugbox shortage in all aspie history.

The GNAA also trolled animu fgtz by releasing a copy of Gay Niggers from Outer Space disguised as some lame shit called Naruto. Result: thousands of animu fgtz had the courage to come out of the closet and are now living happy lives in which they no longer have to hide their sexuality.


Brony reaction to the GNAA-ruining of FimFiction

Bronies are terrified of the GNAA. This is mainly due to the GNAA's ruining, leading to shut downs, of, and later fimfiction with NCF. That topped onto the endless spamming of ponychat, canternet, and ponychan gave the Autists a good reason to hate all things gay and black.

<phobeus> GNAA: #gnaa  ... they're that bastards glue factory
<klaxa> i'll pay a visit as Anonymous1234
<phobeus> okay, why not
<phobeus> i've got some log of GNAA
<phobeus> they're attacking some other server now
<phobeus> we, in our czech bronies geek wing writing bot which we'll send there for


The GNAA has a long, glorious, history of dealing with Twitter users. This includes such incidents as the UK Lootfest 2011, Diego Grez, and the #WarOnBronies, but most notably #SANDYLOOTCREW and Cut4Bieber.

2012 Tumblr lulztime

Much like YouTube, Tumblr has an automated reporting system, and according to one brony the GNAA have had fun shutting down his and other bronies' pony porn tumblrs on account of them being full of 'foalcon', regardless if they actually have it since Tumblr's automated B& system is retarded.

A formal apology to my 'haters'. I’d like to express my humblest apologies to my haters. Here I’d thought you guys were the reason I kept getting banned, but it turns out there’s a much deeper and much more retarded sub-plot behind this. These “GNAA” people I just heard about through Doxy. Apparently they’ve been sending forged cease-and-decist orders to Tumblr Staff for a while, getting pony blogs blanned left and right as a “War on Bronies” with their numbers in the thousands. My various outbursts and occasional buttmad over my haters seems incredibly misplaced now that I realize that they weren’t at fault. So I apologize, haters. I thought you guys were wasting your lives reporting me anonymously several hundred times, when it turns out there’s a giant group of trolls behind it. It’s like the goddamn illuminati just happened. So, yeah. Sorry about these past few months, peoples. You’re of course free to continue hating me, I just wanted to make a big ol’ public apology. You don’t need to accept it, you don’t need to be all “Jay, you’ve turned over a new leaf, here’s a million dollars!” or anything like that. By all means, send me hatemail explaining how this changes nothing! I just don’t feel as though y’guys deserved the angry buttmad things I said about you guys in the past. Sincerely, the Jay


Judging from the whining on various brony blogs, the GNAA has shut down dozens of popular brony porn blogs - and they'll be able to continue doing so forever, since Tumblr doesn't give a shit about updating their reporting system. We can only hope that they keep up the good work.

Complete destruction of tumblr

See: 2012 GNAA Tumblr Ruin

Various ruins

Some Twitter user left butthurt after being trolled by GNAA via their mailing application Obetrol

In October 2005, GNAA member Grog received "staff" status on the Freenode IRC network from Rob Levin by posing as Greg Lehey, developer of FreeBSD and MySQL, who happened to have a similar IRC nickname. Grog proceeded to unjupe #GNAA, jupe several of the more popular channels including: #wikipedia, #linux, and #solaris, gline half the network and delink all the servers.

Then Grog told lilo that his daughter's unpatched XP machine had been compromised, got his staff access back, and did it all over again.

On March 3, 2006, GNAA member JacksonBrown DNS spoofed the wireless network at the San Francisco Apple Store, where This Week in Tech were recording their 44th podcast; the result: anyone who went to a website was redirected to Goatse. Leo Laporte briefly talked about this ordeal in the podcast, around the 05:35-06:30 mark ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive).

In October of 2012, the GNAA forced OhInternet to shut down operations after countless hours of automated vandalism until Sherrod decided it was no longer worth dealing with, and leaving it down for over 24 hours.

Hacked by kitties

LiteralKa about to get raped

On Feburary 8, 2013, GNAA president LiteralKa, a son of a 9/11 victim (yarly) brought the rest of ED to its knees when he used his mighty editing powers to shit up every article, template, user page, talk page, and practically anything else he could get his hands on, just for the lulz. Unfortunately, many EDiots turned out to be asshurt retards who didn't get the joke, because (A) most of them were too fucking lazy to read the GNAA page and figure out LiteralKa was trolling the fuck out of them for the lulz (an act any respectable gay nigger would consider as normal as breathing) and (B) most of them were unfunny shitlords to begin with.

As a result, LiteralKa had a merry time proving even the wiki meant to be a shrine to lulz housed many unfunny asshats who could dish it out but not take it, and his act of trolling caused the assholes of many butthurt EDiots to explode as they couldn't handle the mighty girth of a gay nigger in their wiki.

After being doxed by dylan, a representative of Dongforce, Leon decided he was done with ED, and has not been seen since. It is speculated he is now living in Mexico City, across the street from Joseph Evers himself.

Last Measure

See Last Measure.