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GardenStatement, also known as Liz or Lizisforlovers, is possibly the dumbest bitch and worst fanfiction writer on She 'considers herself royalty' which proves that she is nothing but a big attention whore. She is probably a vegetarian and most definitely a Jew.

Doing the fat girl angle shot wrong

She fangirls over bands like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy and writes fanfiction about them. Since the population of Quizilla is made up entirely of 16 year old girls who have never read anything of actual intelligence, her works seem to be teh awesum even though all the same, with emo Mary-Sue characters and half-assed dialogue. She claims that her college professor told her that her writing was "amazing", but he only said that after she blew him.

Her fanfiction has been praised over 9000 times by her whiny emo friends that kiss her ass, which ups her ego even though she is still just a fat dyke who fails to realize that no one really cares.

Drama and Lulz

Liz's fav band EVAR obviously love the cock

During the summer of 2007, a Quizilla user of higher intellignce posted a mock-fanfiction about how much the subjects of user italicizedLIES' fics love the cock, and how the user herself and her friends were attention whores. Overnight, most of italicizedLIES' fat dyke friends had gone batshit crazy with spam in the offending user's public chatbox about what a bitch she was for writing the mock-fic in the first place. After a while of pwning, the user and friends became bored until Liz came in sticking her fat Jew nose where it didn't belong, and the lulz ensued.

Not ugly or fat. LOL

Not only did she get pwned to shit, but she proved to many other users that the internet is indeed serious fucking business. After realizing that attacks on others' fiction wouldn't work, the personal attacks began. Insults on intelligence were useless against her opponent's insults toward her fat girl angle Myspace pictures, to which she responded, "Hahaha. That's funny. I'm glad that I'm ugly and fat? Which both are definitely not true" when it is certain by looking at her one display picture alone that both are honest facts. At least TRY to Photoshop that shit, amirite?

Getting pwnt.

She only decided to shut her fat trap after telling one user that she would never have the balls to offend her in person because she is t3h jesus, to which the user replied "No, if this was in person, I'd have probably just punched you out a long time ago." She then got offline to go tell her mommy (because IRL conflict is too scary) and to shave her balls.

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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