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GangstaElijah is a wigga-sona that is used by Elijah to flame-bait high profile members of YouTube into attacking him for lulzless personal attention. By threatening to kill 16 Year Old Girls, Elijah is giving legitimate, hard working lulz-trollz a bad name and he should be persuaded to leave YouTube immediately
Elijah in his mom's basement, showing off his plastic bling.
Cocked and ready to go.

GangstaElijah, or WangstaElijah, as he has been affectionately dubbed by his critics, Elijah Hood is a 13 year-old basement-welling wigger residing in the whites-only suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. From the safety of his mom's house, Elijah spends his time attention whoring by trolling people on the YouTube Featured Video list with thinly-veiled threats of violence (and in the case of children, rape) in an attempt to be noticed.

Frequently confronted with his faggotry, Elijah claims that all he's doing is presenting a comedic impersonation of a gangsta. After sending a death threat video to fellow faggot DaxFlame, GangstaElijah was suspended. What followed was a series of short-lived accounts, including shitty freestyle raps about combing his hair, and tales of DaxFlame sending him to prison for two years where he endured rape orgies that encouraged him to embrace his sexuality. All these accounts have since been closed, and all videos associated with the accounts rendered unavailable.

Comedic Gold

Elijah's O-face.

Elijah's brand of humor consists of:

  • Sending video responses to high profile members of YouTube in which he waves about an air pistol and talks shit in Ebonics. He firmly believes that this will generate enough drama to make him e-famous, and provide him with honorz.
  • Leaving comments on the YouTube channels of 16 year old girls threatening to kill them.
  • Repeating the phrase "u no wut am seyin'" too much.
  • Pulling out his toy gun and pretending to shoot it, and then editing in a gunshot sound effect in Windows Movie Maker.


Elijah posted a video on YouTube in late November 2006, making death threats towards Renetto and his family. Renetto mentioned the death threats, but due to the sheer number of uploads, it would be too tedious a task to wade through all the shitty videos locate it. Renetto took these threats seriously, and reported Elijah to YouTube, after which Elijah's account was promptly suspended.

Renetto is ready for GangstaElijah

After Renetto uploaded a video parodying Elijah's Wigger faggotry, Elijah immediately recognized Renetto's authority within the YouTube wigga hierarchy, and revoked the contract on Renetto's life.

YouTube Favicon.png Chase... and his King Snake ELVIS - From Renetto - 30 Jan 2007 Unavailable

Renetto Vs GangstaElijah

Elijah Gets Some Good Advice

Elijah gets some good advice.


His YouTube has some big-name sponsors.

Like most 13 year old boys, Elijah spends most of his time beating his meat to dickgirls. His only source of income is the few cents he gets from placing porn advertisement links on his YouTube channels.

White-Knight Faggotry

An accurate, true-to-life depiction of the relationship between Elijah and Leon.
Promo for his first music video.

Fellow YouTuber, LeonJeekins, decided to stroke Elijah's e-peen, hoping to ride the cum-stained coattails of attention whoredom. The video, as uneventful as it was, consisted of little more than Leon choking on his cigarette smoke and challenging Eppigy, one of Elijah's critics, to a 'fist fight'.

"Hey, if you wanna mess with Elijah.... Why don't you mess with me?"


—LeonJeekins, Internet Tough Guy.

"Check out them muscles! I DON'T EVEN WORK OUT!"


—LeonJeekins, admitting that he doesn't even lift, bro.

The video was deleted by LeonJeekins after the big meanies on YouTube made fun of him in the comments for being the assclown that he is.


According to his MySpace, Elijah thinks highly of his "music," if it can even be called that.

The best thing you eva heard. With inspired lyrics and song titles such as If You Step Up, Gangsta Live, White People, and Hey Ho, his rap reflects the hardships of his life in da hood.


—Elijah, on his music

Of course, with genius lyrics such as these, how could you doubt his talent?

You know that I'm insane, motherfucker. Smoking some blunts, mother mother fucker fucker. Y'all ain't know how I front, motherfucker.


—FreeStyleRap #1

One of Elijah's MySpace critics had srs questions about his alleged street cred, and demonstrated his superior critiquing skills in a professional and detailed manner with the following:

Evan "2tall" Schamber--Blacker than Elijah
hey u fuckin bitch ass boi fuck man u suck at rappin.u think ur all ghetto and shit but u aint look at the house u live in and look at the other houses fuck man ur a bitch ass who the fuck puts a lil chawawa fuck man that such a gangsta dog shit, u look like fuckin paris hilton shit man.and i bet the gun isnt even ur s man its ur dads or somthin and u only make videos when ur dad is away.and u cant tell u dont even have ammunition cuz u cant cock a gun more then once,shit man u fuckin r the bitggest fake i know man and look in that pic of urs wah ur so not roolin large wtf r they 20's where the fuck the benjamins at???????k im out pce


— Evan "2tall" Schamber

Tinfoil tit

Growing Opposition to Elijah's Existence

YouTube Favicon.png DEFENDIN' MY CO - From CaptainRalboon

YouTube Favicon.png Gangsta Elijah Promo Video - From JiminyCrickets69

YouTube Favicon.png Gangsta Elijah Promo Video #2 - From JiminyCrickets69

YouTube Favicon.png Re: Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make III (gangsta elijah) - From supered86 Private

YouTube Favicon.png ED welcomes you, GangstaElijah - From cambreed, aka djbb

GangstaElijah is Retarded and Not a Gangster - From Eppigy Banned on Jewtube now located on LiveVideo

Did you know that...

  • ...if you step up to Elijah's face, he's going to hit you?
  • ...if you bring backup, he's going to split you?
  • ...he'll bust a cap in your ass if you don't subscribe to his channel?
  • ...his grillz are actually made of tin foil, a clear sign of his commitment to the best value in bling.
  • ...he is actually severely anorexic, but the extra bulk of his coat conceals it?
  • ...he was wheelchair bound after a tragic ghost riding accident, yet regained his mobility with the help of the Scooter Store?
  • ...his mom refuses to tell him that he is neither black nor funny?
  • ...he masturbates to his mother / grandfather when they're in the same room as him?
  • ...he can't afford shaving cream?
  • ...he calls other people fake, and has no understanding of the concept of irony?

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